Corporate Awards or Recognition Plaques Which is the Best for your Employee Award Event

Corporate Awards or Recognition Plaques Which is the Best for your Employee Award Event


Crystal Plaques Or Crystal Awards Which One Will You Buy for Employee Award Ceremony?

Why the companies are spending thousands even millions for corporate awards event? Why your business organization or company need to recognize employees? Why you purchase high-end recognition awards? Many research have done on this in the past years and it is now theoretically and statically proven that when employees recognized and appreciated with a best quality recognition plaques or awards for the extra-ordinary job they have done for a company, it will make employees happy and boost their moral. Motivated and happy employees are the real asset for any companies, business organizations and vendors. Recognized, happy employees and highly inspired workers can move your company to the next level of success because they always value their time and effort. Employees will not only work for money but will work from their heart. As the days go by, this impact your business tremendously. It will then dramatically increase the rate of return and improve the brand value as well. Corporate awards, recognition plaques and corporate trophies provide people with a symbol of their accomplishments. These could be awards for excellence or as plaques of appreciation. A corporate plaques or awards is not simply an award or gift to honor staff achievements. It is more than that. Besides, recognition and appreciation, an employee awards can also be used to say “Thank You” to employees for their special accomplishments. With a personalized corporate awards and plaques, a business owner or CEO can make a happy workspace that help them to reach business goals with an ease and in no time.


Recognition Plaques and Corporate Awards are Better than Money

Employees are not always looking for good handsome salary, incentives or other benefits. Besides, these modern days, employees want appreciation for their special achievements, they want to be the part of organization and on most occasions, they want to know how much they value for your business. An engraved recognition plaques or awards can give them what they are looking from you. When employees show their name engraved on corporate plaques or awards with your brand it means a lot to them. It also give them lot of courage when you handover an engraved awards in the corporate awards night in-front of other employees, guests and audiences with lots of praise and applause. Furthermore, each employees will feel so proud when receives the recognition plaque and get the chance of handshake, and five-minute speech slot. This employee recognition culture will surely improve employee engagement and increase entire workforce performance across your organization. These days, every companies are well aware of the importance of employee recognition or staff appreciation. So many corporate organizations, companies, event organizers, media companies and brand publishers, aren’t hesitate to host corporate awards event or arrange an employee recognition ceremony annually, half-yearly, monthly and even quarterly. As they knew employee recognition is key of business success.


Reward Employees the Right Way

Your company may organizing employee awards program for years. Or, your management is going to host a corporate awards function for the first time. To make your upcoming recognition program a successful one, you may looking for corporate awards supplier to provide you top quality recognition products such as: awards, trophies and plaques. But the question is which recognition items will you choose? Which recognition pieces will be widely accepted by your recipients? But, more importantly, which recognition option will fit with your recognition programs and budget? Usually, corporate awards, trophies and plaques seems to us almost same and designed for any kinds of company awards show. If things are getting complex to you or if you can’t make your decision whether you need to buy awards for employees or need to purchase plaques for employees. Don’t worry! Let Creative Crystal Awards, explain this in details as we are in the recognition awards industry for more than 4 decades. This employee recognition article will clear things up and you will easily make your decision on which recognition pieces will you pick for your upcoming employee prize giving ceremony. Corporate Awards or Recognition Plaques?


If you are in dilemma whether you buy Crystal Awards or Plaques then check these


Brilliantly designed Crystal Recognition Plaques and Crystal Awards that will make your corporate award shows unique


crystal recognition plaques and corporate crystal awards 

Crystal Awards – Crystal Plaques – Corporate Awards – Recognition Plaques



Custom Plaques are the Elegant Way to Show Appreciation to the Employees

A recognition plaque is a sign that memorializes a person or event, such as the plaque on a building noting the person it’s named after or the year it was built. Plaque comes from the French word for “plate,” meaning not a dinner plate, but a tin and flat plate that can be hung on a wall and can placed on a desk or shelf. They are used to recognize a special achievement or to show appreciation. A desktop plaque engraved to commemorate an event. A recognition plaque can be made up with many materials such as: crystal plaques, glass plaques, metal plaques, wooden plaques, acrylic plaques and many more. But if you are looking for unique plaques with modern design and custom shapes then Crystal Plaques is the best recognition option fit with any recipients and corporate awards function. Custom plaques are ideal for corporate recognition, sports achievements and employee appreciation. However, here are some important facts that help you to understand when and why you need to buy employee recognition plaques for your upcoming employee award ceremony.


Crystal Plaques offer Large Engraving Space

Personalization makes recognition plaques a memorable keepsake to its recipients. On the other hand, personalized crystal plaques looks brilliant than crystal glass plaques without engraving. To engrave your corporate crystal plaques, you need to put recipient name, date, congratulatory text and your logo on to the body of the award and the base. Sometimes, you need to engraved crystal plaque awards with large texts or art work. Crystal plaques would be the ideal recognition option for you. Custom crystal plaques offering ample engraving space for engraving.


black glass mirror plaque with crystal globe 

Black Mirror Glass Plaque with Crystal Globe


Best High-End Crystal Plaques : Recognition Crystal Plaques



Preserve Your Artwork Inside Crystal Plaques

These days, sublimation crystal plaques is the modern way to recognize employees. Full-color coated sublimation imprinted crystal plaque award is the very popular awarding opting used by the many top brands and vendors. With the help of UV sublimating printing, you can put any your favorite photo, image, graphic or artwork on the backside of crystal and your photo/image will clearly visible through the solid piece of crystal. Coated sublimation photo crystal plaques will looks stunning when placed on shelf or desktop. In addition, full-color imprinted sublimation photo crystal plaques can be used as a crystal picture frame or crystal photo display stand. Each time when you need to award your employees for special achievements, you need to give them an achievement certificate i.e. for 25 years of service award. Why not, attached the achievement certificate with the A4 size crystal block and make a nice certificate frame plaque award with the sublimation printing.


coated sublimation photo crystal plaque 

Sublimation Photo Crystal Frame


Best High-End Crystal Photo Plaques : Sublimation Crystal Plaques



Crystal Plaque Awards are an Affordable, Smart Way to Show Appreciation

According to custom crystal awards and custom trophies; custom crystal plaques are the cost effective employee recognition idea. When you need to give recognition awards to a very large group of employees, you need to stay within your budget. Furthermore, crystal plaques can also be used as a memento, keepsake or souvenir. Great and smart way to promote business or brand that makes an elegant and impressive statement to your clients, vendors and associates. If you want to impress employees, attract clients and corporate vendors is an inexpensive way then customized crystal plaques would be the right choice for your upcoming recognition event.


real estate crystal plaque award 

House Shaped Crystal Plaque


Best High-End Crystal Plaques for Employees : Crystal Real Estate Plaques



2D/3D Engraving for a Unique Recognition Crystal Plaques

Usually, crystal plaques offering many custom shapes with enough space for engraving which means besides regular text based laser engraving, your crystal award plaques can be leaser engraved with 2D or 3D drawings. Any of your custom artwork, graphic, portrait, photo/image or 3D drawings i.e. 3d building, 3d models, 3d artwork, 3d object can be deep etched engrave inside or backside of the solid piece of crystal block. Your 3d drawings will looks floating inside transparent crystal block and give you a more detail views from every angle. However, another stunning 3d crystal plaque award idea is 3d laser etched crystal iceberg plaque awards which is now is great demand and in very popular crystal recognition plaques these days. Let graphic designer create 3d image from your desired photo and laser etched on the back of the irregular shapes of crystal iceberg plaque award by 3d laser engraving machine. For example: you can check our: 3d crystal lion award, 3d crystal tiger award, 3d crystal owl award and many more.


3d building inside crystal arch plaque 

3D Laser Engraved Crystal Arch Plaque


Best High-End Crystal Plaques with 3D Engraving: 3D Crystal Awards



Make your Business Stand Out with a Custom Crystal Figurine Plaques

Want to make recognition plaques with the theme of your business? Custom crystal figurine plaques will make your business stand out. Let us say for an example: If you want to buy custom recognition plaques for the aviation sector, airline industry, aerospace companies or for the airport staffs and workers then you would like to order custom airplane tail shaped crystal plaques or custom aeroplane wing shaped crystal plaque award for your next recognition award ceremony. Another great example is: if you are looking for custom military recognition plaques for the U.S. military then you would love to purchase American flag themed crystal plaques or crystal shield plaques for veterans and army. On the other hand, if you are searching from best recognition plaques for golfers then you should pick golf ball crystal plaques to recognize golfers. When you recognize someone with custom crystal figurine plaque awards and it will not only impress its recipients but will market your brand to other companies and clients.


airplane tail shaped crystal award 

Airplane Tail Shaped Crystal Plaque


Best High-End Crystal Glass Plaques : Crystal Figurine Plaques



Crystal Awards are a Magnificent Way to Express Gratitude and Recognize Employees

Want to award your special employees with a very special awards? Corporate crystal award is one of the best and classic way to commemorate employee’s achievements. Recognition crystal awards are timeless, gorgeous and elegant in design; have both classic and modern look; can produce sparkling and prismatic effect; giving out brilliant rainbows when it comes to the light. The wonderful designs and colors of optical crystal awards give any award presentation event a professional appearance. Whether it’s employee recognition, business recognition or sports achievements. Customized crystal recognition awards are suitable for many types of occasions, celebrations or events. The brilliance of crystal corporate awards have a high perceived value which adds significance and stature to your corporate award presentation ceremony. The beautiful light refraction, awe inspiring design of gleaming crystal award make it the best recognition product of all time.


Crystal Awards are more Versatile and Attractive

No other corporate trophies and awards are as eye-catching than optical crystal awards. Your highest achievers should be recognized with the high end crystal awards. The sparkling brilliance of top quality optic crystal award will surely create the WOW factor and the magical shiny reflections will attract guests and audience at your corporate award night. When recipients receive personalized crystal awards, it will give them feelings that they are awarded with something precious and meaningful. Custom crystal awards are one-of-a-kind corporate crystal award trophy designed specifically for an organization’s event or recognition program. One statistic shows more than 95% of the companies or business organizations using crystal awards to recognize their employees. This big percentage also tell us the popularity and the demand of crystal awards in the awarding sector.


3d laser etched crystal tiger award 

3D Etched Crystal Iceberg with Tiger Sculpture


Best High-End Crystal Iceberg Plaques : Crystal Animal Iceberg Awards



Crystal Sculpture Awards will Impress Every One

Maybe you already done a lot of research work to find out the best crystal awards for your upcoming recognition award function. If not then choose crystal figurine awards that match will your business. For example: If you are in the automotive industry or a car dealers or going to arrange auto shows then why not choosing crystal car models or crystal auto awards rather than choosing regular corporate awards for your upcoming car shows event. Skilled craftsmen can make almost any custom models, shapes, figurines form optic crystal. A crystal sculpture award looks brilliant and super gorgeous than other flat face crystal figurine plaques. To make your employee award ceremony successful, you need to impress each and every one who attend at your corporate award presentation ceremony.


3d crystal auto award 

3D Crystal Car Figurine Award


Best High-End Crystal Car Awards : Crystal Figurine Awards



Crystal will Make Awards Meaningful

Recognition awards you choose should be meaningful to the recipients. If you buy expensive recognition awards but don’t look that corporate, it will not carry any special meanings to the recipients and to the persons who see this. For example: You want to award employees for 10 years’ service. You will see many cheap awards like: rectangular or circular glass plaques engraving with the appreciation wording for 10 years work anniversary. But this will be a very old style awarding concept and can be a very ordinary recognition items specially for the employees who worked for your business for more than 10 years. But you can represents their special milestone achievement in a meaningful way with the custom number shaped crystal awards. Yes! Instead of purchase regular years of service plaques, buy crystal 10 years of service awards and deep engraving on the front of the award for a special and meaningful touch. So, compare to other plaques and trophies, corporate crystal awards are meaningful and beautiful mementos of important occasions or achievements.


crystal 20 years of service award 

20 Years of Service Award in Crystal


Best High-End Crystal Anniversary Awards : Crystal Long Service Awards



Crystal Award is sure to make an Unforgettable Impression

When you want to make a lasting impression while recognizing employees, choose unique crystal awards and create a memorable recognition experience on its recipients. Let us explain this with an example: You are the doing real estate business and are planning to award your special employees. So, you were bought some metal awards for your recipients. After couple of months, your employees forgot about their awards because, for some reasons, your real estate award failed to make lasting impression. On the other hand, another real estate agency going to recognize their employees with a custom crystal hose shaped awards and engraved their real estate theme awards with congratulatory text and recipient name. This custom crystal hose award will not only make their recipients happy but it will be treasured, memorable keepsake to them and leave a lasting impression for many years to come. Even after many years, when your recipients look at their awards it will not only bring many wonderful memories to them but they will regularly be encouraged and motivate them to continue applying themselves and working hard for the future achievement.


crystal house award 

3D Crystal House Award


Best High-End Crystal Real Estate Awards : House Shaped Crystal Awards



Custom Crystal Awards will Improve Corporate Brand Image

There is no doubt about that crystal award is the best recognition product of all time. Crystal will not only make your recognition award attractive but gorgeously designed crystal award will improve brand image. When a company recognize their employees with prestigious crystal award it will carry a special meanings to all of them. However, crystal award is the best way to promote your brand while honoring employees, vendors and clients. Here is a great example how a company can market their brand with their employee recognition award. We many know all about the company Xerox. Last time they award their employees with a custom logo cut crystal award / custom letter X shaped crystal award. It make their recipients so proud to receive crystal Xerox logo in their recognition award. Furthermore, the recipients who receive custom crystal letter X award (Xerox award) will always proud to display their achievement by place their award on their desktop or shelf. In these modern word, many giant companies like to design their employee recognition award with the starting letter of their company name. Tech giant Google using crystal letter G award while Facebook using crystal letter F award to recognize their employees. So, for your brand, don’t miss this superb opportunity to market business with the dynamic crystal letter awards.


letter X crystal award 

Letter X Shaped Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Letter Awards : Letter Shaped Crystal Awards



Every recognition award that is given for the special achievement must be carefully selected. There are many other things that need to be considered while selecting the material, design and shape of the awards and trophies. Both crystal awards and crystal plaques have some limitations and advantages. So, it doesn’t matter whether you buy custom crystal awards or custom crystal plaques for your upcoming employee award event. The big fact is that recognition item you choose should be beautiful and well receive by your recipients. With crystal plaques and awards, employees are likely to hold on to (and remember) recognition for years to come. Compare to crystal plaques, optical crystal awards may be a little more expensive but considering their beauty, elegance and the way they speak for themselves they are absolutely worth a few more dollars. So, the decision is yours whether you buy engraved crystal awards or engraved crystal plaques for your next corporate award function. But, if you keep in mind above facts and figures before manufacturing recognition plaque awards for your corporate events then you will definitely get the right recognition items for the for right recipients and it will make your corporate celebration successful.



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Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier of Crystal Plaques & Crystal Awards

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