9 Fantastic Corporate Award Ideas for 9 Major Global Industries

9 Fantastic Corporate Award Ideas for 9 Major Global Industries

In this modern, creative and dynamic world, we know, how much recognition culture is important to each and every sector and industries. Practicing employee recognition culture is a regular basis will not only keeping an entire workforce happy but in the long run it will increase brand value as well. As we know, happy employees mean good service and good service mean profitable business. So, HR managers and event organizers giving their best to make their corporate award program meaningful and successful. There are hundreds of ways to recognize those very special performers. You can think about for incentives, gifts or awards. But a corporate recognition awards would be the best than all recognition items. Sometimes, to pick the right trophies or awards could be a challenging task as it will vary person to person and organization to organization and even industry to industry.


So, the custom awards and custom trophies you are going to purchase or manufacture for your next recognition event should not only match with your recipient’s choice or expectations but also need to reflect your industry, brand, product, or service. Let us make it clear for you. Say for an example, you are planning to recognize employees who have been working with your Car Sales Center for more than 25 years.



Industry is = Automotive Industry


Employee will be recognized for = 25 years service.


Now, the question is what type of recognition awards will you choose for them? We are pretty sure, most of them will may buy an attractive corporate awards, or contact with a corporate award manufacturer and order for custom crystal number 25 shape long service awards.


But if you people are smart thinking, creative in mind and focusing your industry or brand then definitely you may like to get something very unique and creative award rather than regular or very common award ideas in the corporate award industry. Yes! Personalized Crystal Car Awards would the best possible recognition award idea you can go with to honor those special recipients in your organization.


In this competitive world, you need to focus on your brand and also need marketing your brand wherever possible. You can even promote your product, service or brand by choosing industry specific awards rather than other regular or unusual corporate awards and it would be a very smart thinking. Your business will get enormous benefits when you recognize individuals with an industry theme specific awards category your business is enlisted. Your recipients not only love to receive this special awards but also proud to display it on their office desk or home. That beautiful award piece will then surely draw the attention of guests and help them to understand more about of your business, products or service in a flash.


CreativeCrystalAwards.com the leading award company and trophy manufacturer in USA. We have decades of experience in designing custom trophy award to suite your business and industry. Our corporate award catalog contains hundreds of handmade award trophies which are designed for various industries and you will find these more than recognition awards and would love use these s a marketing tool for your business.


9 Amazing Corporate Crystal Award Ideas for 9 Leading Industries


industry themed awards 

Industry Themed Awards – Company Award Industry – Industry Theme Crystal Awards


1. Oil & Gas Industry Awards

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sector in the world in terms of dollar value and annual revenue. Plenty of large multinational oil and gas industry companies operating their activities and play an influential role in the global economy. There are millions of employees, engineers, executives, industry workers are involve in exploration and transportation of oil and gas. Creative Crystal Awards manufacturing and supplying large number of recognition crystal awards, corporate crystal gifts for the top international oil companies, gas companies, oil & gas transportation and oil distribution companies. In our product line, we have stunning selection of bespoke crystal oil & gas awards and trophies specially designed for the oil & gas company awards event.


Oil & Gas Theme Awards & Trophies:
  • Art Glass Oil Drop Trophy
  • Blue Art Glass Flame Award
  • Blue Crystal Flame Plaque Award
  • Crystal Flame Trophy
  • Flame Shape Crystal Plaque Award
  • Yellow Crystal Flame Trophy
  • Crystal Oil Barrel Award
  • Crystal Award with Oil Drop
  • Crystal Oil Drop Shape Plaque
  • Art Crystal Flame Sculpture
  • Golden Crystal Flame Award
  • Oil Tanker Crystal Award
  • Crystal Oil Field Trophy
  • 3D Crystal Oil Tanker Truck Award
  • Sublimation Photo Crystal Award with Offshore Oilfield Oil Gas Field, Platform Jack Up Rig, Oil Drill Rig Models Derricks.


Oil & Gas Theme Souvenir Gifts:
  • Crystal Oil Barrel Paperweight
  • Crystal Paperweight with Lucite Oil Drop.



oil & gas industry awards 

Custom Crystal Awards for Oil Industry

Best High-End Crystal Energy Industry Awards : Crystal Oil and Gas Awards



2. Casino Industry Awards

There is no doubt about that gambling and casino industry is another biggest industry compare to other. There are more than thousands of casinos in USA and Las Vegas is the home of all casinos. Creative Crystal Awards is the big name in manufacturing casino theme awards, casino style promo products, Las Vegas theme casino trophies for gaming industries, casino shows and poker tournaments. In our product line, you will discover exquisite range of casino style award trophies specially designed for gamblers, poker winners, pokers players, slot machine winners, poker professionals, casino card players and stunning casino crystal promo products for casino lovers and casino business promotions. However, we are highly specialized in manufacturing custom crystal casino awards and can supply any unique style casino crystal awards for your next casino awards show.


Casino and Gaming Industry Awards:
  • Crystal Dice Trophy
  • Crystal Playing Card Award
  • Crystal Casino Cards Poker Awards
  • Crystal Poker Chip Award
  • Crystal Poker Spade Trophy
  • Crystal Poker Trophy
  • Crystal Slot Machine Trophy
  • Full Color Sublimation Crystal Poker Award


Casino Crystal Promotional Gifts:
  • 3D Crystal Dice Keychain
  • Crystal Playing Card Paperweight
  • Crystal Spade Paperweight
  • Crystal Slot Machine Wine Bottle Stopper
  • 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Dice Paperweight
  • Crystal Dice Bottle Stopper
  • 3D Crystal Casino Card Paperweight
  • Crystal Playing Card Wine Stopper
  • 3D Crystal Casino Slot Machine Souvenir Gift



casino industry awards 

Custom Crystal Awards for Casino Industry

Best High-End Crystal Casino Awards : Gambling Industry Awards



3. Glassware Industry

The global glassware market is holding a dominant position in the crystal tableware, barware & kitchenware industry and is expected to maintain this position in the future. In the corporate world, the demand of crystalware & glassware is huge and mostly used as corporate gifts or promotional products. Creative Crystal Awards is suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders and wholesalers of industrial glassware mainly for hospitality industry, restaurants, hotels, bars, casinos, pubs, clubs, glassware retailers, online retail gift shops, crockery shops, vendors and for sports industries. Our crystal glassware section contains fantastic selection of barware, glassware, crystalware, drinkware, tableware, beverageware, stemware, bar tools and drinking accessories. We produce our glassware only from high grade lead free crystals which are skillfully handcrafted and hand polished. Let our engravers personalize your crystal pieces with laser engraving for FREE to make it a memorable awards or gifts for your recipients.


Personalized Crystal Glassware:
  • Crystal Champagne Glasses
  • Lead Free Crystal Champagne Flutes
  • Crystal Toasting Flutes
  • Lead Crystal Wine Glasses
  • Crystal Drinking Glasses
  • Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses
  • Crystal Beer Mugs
  • Golf Ball Base Whiskey Glass Set
  • Square Crystal Whiskey Glass Sets
  • Golf Ball Shaped Crystal Whiskey Glasses
  • Square Crystal Whiskey Decanters
  • Crystal Whiskey Decanter with Whiskey Glass Set
  • Square Crystal Golf Ball Whiskey Decanter
  • Crystal Drink Coasters
  • Crystal Wine Pitcher / Crystal Wine Carafe
  • Crystal Ice Bucket with Handle or Glass Wine Cooler Bucket
  • Crystal Wine Stopper
  • Lead Free Crystal Bottle Stopper
  • Custom Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper
  • Personalized Crystal Bowls
  • Engraved Crystal Vases



glassware industry awards 

Lead Free Crystal Glassware

Best High-End Crystal Drinkware : Lead Free Crystalware Gift Award



4. Real Estate Industry Awards:

The real estate sector is one of the biggest and fastest growing industry in the world. The US real estate industry includes about 351,000 companies with combined annual revenue of about $469 billion which is the center for the development of an US economy. Demand for real estate is driven by population growth, personal income, employment rates, interest rates, and access to capital. Companies in this real estate sector buy, rent, or lease real estate, manage residential, commercial, industrial properties and provide other real estate related services, including: appraisals, property and investment management, mortgage, insurance, banking, housing, land development, building constructions, building apartment, property developers, property preservation, land surveying and mapping, brokerage services, leasing, valuations, relocation services, and research. Clients include property owners, investors, home buyers, and renters. Real estate companies typically specialize in either residential or commercial properties. Creative Crystal Awards the leading recognition award suppliers in USA, proudly manufacturing real estate themed trophy awards for small to large real estate companies in USA and around the world. While visiting our crystal house award section, you will find extraordinary range of real estate crystal award trophies and plaques ideal recognition awards and gifts for employees, staffs and other professionals working in real estate business, housing industry including: realtors, real estate brokers/ dealers, construction engineers, building architects, home or office interior designers, land owners, property sellers / buyers, clients or others.


Custom Real Estate Awards & Trophies :
  • Crystal Champagne Glasses
  • Crystal House Award
  • Crystal House Shaped Plaque Award
  • House Shaped Crystal Award
  • House Crystal Award
  • Crystal Light House Award
  • House Shape Crystal Plaque Award
  • 3D Crystal House Paperweight
  • Crystal House Shape Award Plaque
  • Crystal Home Award
  • Crystal Real Estate Sign Award
  • Crystal Key Award
  • 3D Laser Building Sculpture Crystal Award
  • 3D Crystal Building Award



real estate industry awards 

Engraved Crystal Real Estate Awards

Best High-End Crystal House Awards : Real Estate Crystal Awards



5. Trucking Industry Awards:

The trucking industry is a cyclical sector comprised of companies that provide logistics services, shipping services, transportation services, moving services, using trucks, containers trailers, 18 wheeler long haul trucks, semi-trailer trucks, pickup trucks to customers, which are usually commercial businesses. There are also dumpster trucks and disposal trucks, garbage trucks used by the recycle industry and waste management companies. So, there is no doubt about that this trucking industry is very big as well as very competitive. Owners and entrepreneurs of the heavy vehicle companies spent a lot for truck driver awards, truck driver safety awards, and trucking business promotions. Over the decades, Creative Crystal Awards manufacturing and supplying custom crystal truck awards and truck driver recognition awards for some of the big brands in the world. Our truck crystal awards category contains impeccable selection of custom glass trophy awards ideals for trucking company, logistics company, cargo company, freight forwarding company, shipping company, transportation company, moving company, international courier company and parcel delivery company and many more. We can make any of your business model truck souvenir deal toy in high quality optical crystal for your truck driver recognition awards ceremony. Our 3d crystal truck souvenir gift would be an excellent piece for any truck shows.


Engraved Crystal Truck Awards & Trophies :
  • 2D Crystal 18 Wheeler Long Haul Truck Award
  • 3D Crystal Disposal Trucks Award
  • 3D Crystal Cargo Delivery Van Award
  • 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Garbage Truck Award for Waster Management
  • Truck Driver Crystal Award
  • Crystal Oil Tanker Truck Award
  • 3D Crystal Truck Sculpture
  • 3D Crystal 18 Wheeler Truck Figurine
  • Crystal Truck Driver Trophy



trucking industry awards 

Personalized Crystal Awards for Trucking Industry

Best High-End Crystal Truck Awards : Truck Driver Recognition Awards



6. Education Industry Awards:

The Education Industry comprises establishments whose primary objective is to provide education and training. These establishments can be public, non-profit, or for-profit institutions. They include elementary schools, secondary schools, community colleges, universities, training institute, and ministries or departments of education. There are millions of educators, teachers, professors, lecturers, graduates, scholars, training professional, instructors are serving in the education sector. So, the demand of recognition awards, appreciation gifts is extremely high. Creative Crystal Awards the largest supplier of education crystal awards for great for every occasion. You will discover a superb selection of crystal education awards ideals for teachers, students, staff or alumni. Whether you are looking for crystal teachers appreciation awards or need to make bespoke crystal academic awards for your upcoming academic event then no need to think twice. Contact Us today and lest us create unique crystal awards for academics of all ages and backgrounds.


Crystal Education Industry Awards:
  • Crystal Book Award
  • Crystal Book Trophy
  • Book Shape Crystal Plaque Award
  • Crystal Apple Award for Teachers
  • Crystal Apple Shaped Plaques
  • Crystal Apple Trophy
  • Crystal Merit Award
  • Education Theme Crystal Award


Education Industry Crystal Gifts:
  • Crystal Paperweight
  • Crystal Ruler
  • Crystal Card Holder
  • Crystal Apple Paperweight
  • Crystal Bookends Pair Gift Award
  • Crystal Desk Clock
  • Crystal USB Flash Drive
  • Crystal Certificate Frame
  • Crystal Desk Pen Set
  • Crystal Desk Name Bar



education industry awards 

Crystal Award for Education Industry

Best Crystal Academic Awards : Academic Crystal Awards



7. Music Industry Awards:

For many of us, music is a nearly constant part of everyday life. The music industries are rapidly growing decades after decades. The music industry is a collection of artists in the creation, performance, recording, promotion, and managing the profitable business of music. Creative professionals are the heart of the music industry. Creative Crystal Award is proud to be the part of making crystal music theme awards and trophies for those talented musicians, rock bands, vocals, guitarists, singers creating new songs and pieces and arranging live concerts and shows, audio and video recordings, compositions and sheet music. We have outstanding collection of music crystal awards and recognition crystal gifts you would love to buy for your upcoming music competitions, stage performance or live concerts and music shows.


Crystal Music Awards:
  • Crystal Guitar Award
  • Crystal Electric Guitar Award
  • Crystal Acoustic Guitar Award
  • 3D Crystal Piano Award
  • Crystal Disk Trophy
  • Crystal Microphone Award



music industry awards 

Creative Awards for Music Industry

Best High-end Crystal Music Theme Awards : Music Crystal Awards



8. Automotive Industry Awards:

The motor industry is a key contributor to the global economy. The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. Huge number of employees, staffs, mechanical engineers are working in this automobile industry. The award business is highly dependent on the motor vehicle industry. Creative Crystal Awards is the big name in manufacturing and supplying large number of auto industry awards in the automotive industry. We are delighted to supply crystal automotive awards to some of the top brands and vendors around the world. In our collection, you will find some spectacular automotive crystal awards, crystal auto trophy designed for car shows, car dealers, car rental company, auto shows, car sales & service centers, auto dealers and for all occasion. What a wonderful way it would be to recognize and celebrate diverse automotive talent, key players and the amazing success of automobile businesses’ in the motor industry with this crystal automotive awards. However, our crystal auto trophy also ideal for car drivers, car racing tournament or a decorative centerpiece for any car lovers and car enthusiasts.


Crystal Automotive Trophy Awards:
  • 3D Crystal Car Award
  • Crystal Auto Award
  • Crystal Car Show Award
  • Crystal Car Trophy
  • 3D Laser Crystal Auto Trophy
  • Crystal Auto Show Trophy
  • Crystal Car Dealer Award
  • Auto Dealer Crystal Trophy
  • Racing Car Crystal Award
  • Crystal Motorsport Trophy
  • Crystal Racing Car Trophy
  • Crystal Auto Sport Award
  • Crystal Piston Award
  • Crystal Model Car
  • Crystal Car Model
  • 3D Crystal Car Souvenir Deal Toy
  • 3D Laser Crystal Car Sculpture Award



auto industry awards 

Custom Awards for Auto Industry

Best High-End Crystal Automobile Awards : Crystal Car Awards



9. Sports Industry Awards:

Sports is an important sector of world economy. The global sports industry has been growing at a compound annual growth and created a global market worth of $488.5 billion. The sports industry is fast-paced, exciting, and full of diverse opportunities. It’s also big business. The sports industry in today is known as “the most profitable industry”, it to blow the new industry of the whirlwind spread all over the world. The sporting industry continues to be one of the most dominant players in media and entertainment. Almost each and every single awards and trophy business 100% dependent on sports industry. Sport industry is an industry in which people, activities, business, and organizations are involved in producing, facilitating, promoting, or organizing any activity, experience, or business enterprise focused on sports. Creative Crystal Awards #1 manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and distributor of crystal sports awards for various sporting clubs, pro sports shops, sports stores, sports academy, sporting events, schools, colleges, universities, corporate sports events and sports competitions around the world. In our crystal sports trophy collection, you will see unique and brilliant collection of all sports crystal awards which includes: crystal soccer awards, crystal football awards, crystal golf awards, crystal fantasy football awards, crystal baseball awards, crystal basketball awards, crystal volleyball awards, crystal poll ball awards, crystal tennis awards, crystal hockey awards, crystal cricket awards and crystal rugby awards. Whether you need custom crystal sport trophy or need crystal sports ball souvenir gifts, we can provide the right sports tournament awards or sports championship trophy at reasonable prices. Order our sports crystal trophy awards and congratulate winning sports team, sports players, athletes, coaches, winners, in grand style with our sports theme crystal awards, trophies and plaques.


Crystal Sports industry Awards & Trophies:
  • Crystal Soccer Trophy Award
  • Crystal Football Trophy Award
  • Crystal Baseball Trophy Award
  • Crystal Basketball Trophy Award
  • Crystal Golf Trophy Award
  • Crystal Volleyball Trophy Award
  • Crystal Rugby Trophy Award
  • Crystal Fantasy Football Trophy Award
  • Crystal Hockey Trophy Award
  • Crystal Tennis Trophy Award
  • Crystal Poll Ball Trophy Award
  • Crystal Cricket Trophy Award
  • Crystal Sports Trophy Cup
  • Sublimation Crystal Sports Trophy
  • Crystal Boxing Trophy
  • Crystal Motorsports Trophy
  • Car Racing Crystal Award
  • Crystal Sport Ball Trophy
  • Crystal Sport Ball Awards
  • 3D Laser Crystal Sports Awards
  • Crystal Skateboard Award



sports industry awards 

Custom Awards for Sports Industry

Best High-End Crystal Sports Industry Awards : Sports Crystal Trophy Awards



Industry Award Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier of Company Awards & Trophies


CreativeCrystalAwards.com is the best industry award makers in USA and one of the big name in award and trophy business. Since 1982, we are manufacturing high-end corporate crystal trophy awards, custom recognition plaques and crystal promotional gifts for the small organizations to Fortune 500 companies. All of our crystal pieces are manufacturing in our overseas crystal factory and supplying all over the world at factory direct prices. We are family owned business and 5 star ratings wholesale award supplier & distributor. In addition to this, we are also ASI, SAGE certified award distributor and crystal trophy award retailer. We are in recognition award industry for more than 4 decades which means, we are highly specialized in manufacturing custom trophies and awards and can make almost anything in crystal and art glass. All of our crystal recognition pieces are producing in our crystal studio. Each of these crystal pieces are handcrafted and hand polished by crystal craftsmen. Furthermore, we have professional engravers and your award piece will be 2D/3D laser engraved inside the solid piece of crystal. However, we do offer full color coated sublimation printing in crystal, using modern and high quality digital printing. Your art work will look fantastic in crystal and will clearly visible even through the solid piece of clear optical crystal. Our online trophy shop contains more than thousands of handmade crystal awards, sports trophies, recognition plaques, hand blown art glass awards and promotional corporate crystal gifts which are made of high quality pure optic crystal. As we are factory, we supply our trophy awards at factory direct wholesale prices. We are the manufacturer and make our crystal recognition items in our own factory. Creative Crystal Awards mainly producing corporate crystal awards & sports trophies in bulk but we do offer flexible MOQ with bulk order discount pricing means the more crystal award pieces you will purchase, the shipping cost will be that much low and the per piece award cost will be drastically down. Our factory is well capable of producing bulk awards and trophies within very short time frame. Please remember, before going to any mass production, we always sent you FREE Sample, to show you the quality you will get and we always impress our clients by showing our crystal art work or paper proof for free.


If you are searching for trusted corporate award supplier then you may not look further, Contact Us today with your award requirements, awards handover day (approx.) with minimum number of award pieces you need. One of our support specialist will contact with you as soon as they receive your email or phone call. You will then receive quick price quotation with very reasonable price and we strongly believe no other industry trophy supplier or trophy makers won’t gave you better price than us. In addition to this, we only produce awards, plaques and trophies using genuine flawless optic crystal. We give you quote based on the high quality crystal materials. Furthermore, when you placed orders for your award trophies, you will get free shipping, free engraving, free gift box and free setup.