Art Glass Awards Trophies

Murano glass awards are eye-catching, artistic, colorful and more unique than any other employee awards and recognition awards. Recent days, blown art glass awards trophies are very popular for many award categories but mainly for employee recognition and executive gift awards because these are handcrafted, elegant, artistic and each award is unique that will carry a special meaning to your recipients. If you are planning to recognize hard working employees with something extraordinary than personalized art glass sculpture would be the right choice for you. Murano inspired art glass award are gorgeous enough and it not only use as an exquisite award but many of them would like to get these lucrative art glass sculptures as collectible decorative centerpieces for their homes or offices. Here at Creative Crystal Awards, you will find many unique selection of Italian Murano inspired blown glass awards and glass art trophies which are come in many brilliant designs, colors, shapes and sizes. Below, you will see some of our recent blown glass sculptures, art glass figurines that we made for our premium customers.



Italian Style Murano Inspired Hand Blown Art Glass Awards Trophies

Creative Crystal Awards, proud to have a Murano glass master from Swedish background with more than 45 years experience in making artistic art glass sculptures including, crystal art glass animal figurines, art glass fish awards, art glass bird trophies, art glass tear drop awards and blown art glass vases that can be used in any recognition award event. Furthermore, we have plenty of unique art glass award ideas for your recognition event and our glass master can produce any custom glass sculpture awards that will meet with your vision and will fit with your budgets as well.

Moreover, our uniquely designed artistic art glass sculpture also used as decorative centerpieces in various jewellery gallery, homes, offices as a part of interior decorations. In addition to this our unique and vintage murano glass collectible items are selling in many gift shops in USA.

If you are in search of art glass award suppliers to supply you bulk glass awards for employees and colleagues to recognize them for their success, contact Creative Crystal Awards, today and let our glass master and glass engravers produce fantastic hand blown crystal art glass awards and wholesale glass sculptures for your rich occasions.