8 Wonderful Crystal Awards Ideas for Great Teachers Who Deserves Recognition

8 Wonderful Crystal Awards Ideas for Great Teachers Who Deserves Recognition

Teaching is one of the oldest professions which started near 500BC and still a challenging and the most respectful one throughout ages. We all got some worthy teaching professionals who deserve applauses for their devotion in the field of education. It will be a great honor to recognize their credit with a meaningful recognition trophy awards or plaques. Personalized crystal awards would be a fantastic ideas you can think about to show your respect and gratitude to those teachers in your school who really deserves recognition. Throughout our lives we get to meet these amazing individuals who inspires our student life along with their peers who learns from them and believes them to be role models to whom everyone looks up to. Engraved crystal awards can be presented to appreciate any individual from education sector like the teachers, principals, administrators, staffs, librarians, counsellors of your school or institution. It is not only just for the honor of appreciating them but also to encourage them for keeping it up by polishing their professionalism. A custom crystal teacher recognition awards will boost them up when they are exhausted struggling and guiding our children during the recent hard times. CreativeCrystalAwards.com want to acknowledge all educators from instructors to professors, who are at different stages of their career to reward them for what they have achieved and also to make sure that they will be contributing in the future.


You might be a parent, a student, a school authority or a teacher yourself and understand the importance of some teaching personalities impacting our lives. Our teachers make a huge difference in our communities. They give all the effort to shape the minds and character of all individuals. Teachers are concerned of every child and their well-being that they are looked after, supported and refined. During the difficult situation of the pandemic also the teachers have not stopped, instead they are giving more time, energy and love. It is the educators who not only takes the responsibility of studies but also of the mental health of the young confined minds. Not only in the real life but also, they played the role of good guardians in the virtual life. They change the lives of millions of students every day with their immense work and influence. And with the closure of physical school year, our teachers have gone that extra mile to continue education with virtual classrooms and learning from home. This is to ensure that every student get the tools they need to utilize their full potential. They have gone through all the hardships of adapting to modern technology and trained the students to get used to it too. This is the reason that you show heartfelt gratitude by thanking them for everything they do. Let’s be honest that teachers are using all their skills and transforming learners worldwide still and you can keep in mind these teacher appreciation award ideas to recognize your talented and hardworking teachers in your next school award presentation event. It is not necessary to organize an event in person to honor the educators since the option of delivering the rewards to them is always open.


There are so many occasions and opportunities to let your teachers know that you care for the extraordinary teaching staffs, which include retirement days, back-to-school, teacher’s day, thanksgiving, year-end programs, teacher appreciation week or annual achievement parties. Since 1980s, the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is there to serve as a great opportunity to recognize educators across schools in America. Teacher Appreciation Day is observed on the Tuesday of the first full week of May and is the main day of the appreciation week. On that day, employees of the schools can be honored so that they get rejuvenated, all their dedication and hard work throughout the year is then paid off. There are more than thousands of appreciation awards for teachers for celebrating the Teacher Appreciation Week and you need to choose wisely the one which will be loved and cherished by all educator for a long time. We might often thank our teachers every day, but it’s during Teacher Appreciation Week when we would love to pause and genuinely show our love for the teachers in our institutions. Creative Crystal Awards is encouraging you to tell the educators that you acknowledge how much effort they put in the virtual classrooms just like the real ones. Besides, show them that you believe they are committed to their duties as a teacher in every situation and make them feel special by expressing their importance in a vulnerable world. Teacher Appreciation Day is described by the National Education Association (NEA), which leads the weeklong event, as a day for glorifying teachers and recognizing the lifelong contributions they make for our education. This year you can offer your teachers something very unique like crystal plaques, crystal awards or crystal trophies to make your teachers feel all the appreciation we have for them.


The teachers are the one who awards us with medals, certificates, treats and so on and it is high time that we pay tribute to them with some creative items. It’s always necessary to look for those chances when you can teach something to your children by setting an example. Most parents and elders try to teach kids certain fundamental values, for example- generosity. One of the amazing ways to demonstrate this is to appreciate or offer a gift to the child’s teacher. You might want to restrict it to special occasions, or you might like to give random tokens just to let the teacher know you acknowledge their roles and care about them. Teaching is often called a thankless job; hence an appreciation reward shows that you are grateful for all the responsibilities the teachers carry out throughout their life. It is always a good idea to put some extra thought into Excellence in Teaching Award. It is better to make sure they are appropriate and something the recipient will adore. The common items consist stationery items, chocolate and cookies or just flowers and cards, but there is nothing unique in very common items. The teaching awards may be something exceptional the teacher can have for personal use or for the classroom, they can take home to enjoy, or an object to put on display on school trophy shelf or award banquet. Many teachers have warm memories of their experiences in the classroom, and souvenirs type crystal trophy awards hold a special place in their hearts. Engraved crystal teacher appreciation plaques can be an effective way to present something like that and show someone that you value all of their effort. Crystal plaques are very ideal for teacher’s recognition and are easy to customize with any personalized design according to themes and different tastes, perceptions or interests.


Take a moment and think that if plastic, metal or wooden plaques are really what you want for adorning the teacher’s office or living room. Crystal recognition awards have clear precision and shiny reflections that grab attention and can make feel anyone special and valuable. Education theme crystal awards have an appearance that is immensely different from anything ordinary recognition items, it sparkles and reflects light from wherever they are displayed and shows off their existence. Creative Crystal Awards designing bespoke crystal recognition plaques for teachers to have many purposes and serve various school award functions like recognition, gratitude and motivation. Because of its highly perceived value, high quality optic crystal is accepted as a trophy material and it gained popularity replacing other items of marble, metal, plastic and glass. Most of the custom crystal awards created for commercial purpose are produced from optic crystal, which is lead free. Our optic crystal recognition plaques are flawless, clean without any bubbles or distortions. You can categorize teachers and staffs of your institutions who you think deserve the awards of appreciation. The focus can be on the ones who excelled in performance, leadership, skills, discipline and knowledge and the ones who are contributing to the various development, supportive and creative ones in the aspect of arts, culture, sports and so on. A language instructor can be nominated as the teacher of the year or a new comer coach of your school’s basketball team can be announced as the best counselor. Select the educator who has made an extraordinary contribution in supporting children, staffs and colleagues in their education setting and extensive school community and the one who has pioneered innovative projects to encourage work experience, trainings, academia or any career pathways. To sum up, make sure that all categories of deserving teachers get the recognition prizes.


If you are searching for education awards then you can hardly find anything that spells achievement louder than the sparklingly beautiful optical crystal awards collection from CreativeCrystalAwards.com. The variety of elegance and the original clarity of exclusive optical crystal make these crystal plaques perfect for recognition and appreciation gift awards. Our crystal items feature substantial engraving areas and allow sufficient space to include the logo of your institution, wish notes or quotes. We have some special theme-based plaques for the school workforce including traditional fruit themed like apple and peach, stationery themed like book and pencil and others like globe, light bulb and puzzle themed. Each of them will be provided in luxurious gift boxes.


Creative Crystal Awards is excited to share some unique recognition plaques for teachers and high-grade optical crystal awards for the contributing educators around us. Each of these crystal awards are handcrafted, has its own meaning wrapped in a sparkling texture. These eight wonderful school teacher awards are designed for the favorite educators for their prominence in teaching, leadership, shaping up the society, their talent and for developing the educational sector.


To grab you the best awards for teachers, we have searched a lot and rounded up these


8 Unique Education Theme Teacher Recognition Awards every school would love to buy for their dedicated teachers.

personalized awards for teachers educator awards 

Teacher Awards – Educator Awards – Teacher Appreciation Awards



1. Crystal Apple Award

Crystal apple shaped award is a traditional one. “An apple for the teacher will always do the trick, when you don’t know your lesson in arithmetic, an apple for the teacher will meet with great success…” is the famous song by Bing Crossby in 1939 which shows a historical connection of apples with teachers. During that time apples were presented to teachers due to the nutrients and uses of the fruit. Apple became the symbol of knowledge being associated with teachers. The custom crystal apple award is designed with a red crystal apple with a green leaf mounted atop a black crystal base perfect for keeping on desks. The shiny apple glorifies the success of a teacher who can be announced as the best teacher of the year. The passionate and enthusiastic commitment of an educator can be well paid off with a sparkling apple and a powerful note engraved on the base. Each of these red apple crystal award comes in an exclusive presentation box.


red apple award 

Crystal Red Apple Award

Best High-End Crystal Apple Awards : Crystal Apple Fruit Awards



2. Crystal Light Bulb Award

You must have some teachers on your mind who is the top thinker with brilliant ideas, the brightest star among your school instructors. The teachers who are innovative and who enlightens everyone with their inner aura, the individuals who are the heart and soul of your institute must be selected for this incredible light bulb crystal trophy award. The educators who can light up the darkness of our minds by sharing thoughts, giving guidance and helping with many information required for both academic and personal life can be compared to a light bulb. The bulb which is lit up to show us the path of achievements, knowledge and experience deserve this light bulb crystal award. The clear transparent bulb figurine is elevated atop a black crystal base with ample space for engraving your appreciation note, institution logo etc. Choose this shiny piece which comes with a decorative gift box for the sharp teachers in your school, for promoting creative concepts and breath-taking ideas among them and others.


3d light bulb crystal award 

Bright Idea Light Bulb Award

Best High-End Crystal Light Bulb Awards : 3D Crystal Light Bulb Awards



3. Crystal Peach Award

The peach fruit symbolizes longevity and good fortune. It is also believed to be the sign of a virtuous heart and tongue. Hence, virtuous teachers can be recognized with a peach fruit crystal trophy. Our crystal artists during renaissance symbolically handcrafted peach sculpture to represent heart, and an attached leaf to the fruit denoting the tongue which implied speaking the truth from one’s heart. Pick this smooth, slimy plaque for the truthful and genuine ones of your school who have a significant influence over the school community behind the scenes, who acts as favorite role models. This optical crystal peach tower award is constructed with top quality, sparkling peach with a leaf mounted on a small pillar shaped stand which is around 10″ tall. The stand is having a rectangular flat front where you can etch it with grateful appraisals for the candidates and present them in our good-looking presentation boxes for each of these.


crystal peach fruit tower award 

Crystal Peach Fruit Tower Trophy Award

Best High-End Crystal Peach Awards : 3D Crystal Peach Fruit Awards



4. Black Glass Mirror Plaque Award

World globe signify a wide influence, a vision that is beyond boundaries, a role that has major effect, a solid position in the group, or express that the individual is categorized as someone at the top of the world. This black crystal plaque with globe would be a nice teacher appreciation plaque can be ordered for the best educators who is not only best for your school or institution but also best of a global standard. The mirror glazed black crystal award is rectangular in shape where it features the globe at the top center. This can be an excellent choice being modern, elegant and budget friendly for the best ones. This black mirror glass plaque with world globe comes in different sizes and can be displayed on desk or hung on the wall. Gracious appreciation message can be engraved with gold or silver fill on the front and an aesthetic presentation box is presented with each piece.


black glass mirror plaque with globe 

Black Crystal Plaque with Crystal Globe

Best High-End Black Glass Plaques : Crystal Plaques



5. Apple Crystal Award

From the mediaeval time, teachers are treated with apples for their beauty and health benefits and with time this fruit became the symbol of knowledge and today many of us had heard about the Apple Award Program of different foundations for honoring teachers. CreativeCrystalAward.com is delighted to include a crystal apple shaped award to add a gorgeous hue to that notion. For this award of excellence in teaching, select the school teachers, principals, professors, instructors, director, school board members, coaches who excelled in patience, dedication, merit, energy and a lot more giving life to your institution. This attractive crystal apple fruit sits on flat rectangle crystal crystal base. Order this wonderful treat to the eyes for the remarkable contributions of the teaching prodigies. These clear crystal apple award beauties can be personalized and can play an ornamental role in any teacher appreciation award event.


clear crystal apple on flat crystal base 

Clear Crystal Apple Award on Flat Rectangle Crystal Base

Best High-End Crystal Apple Fruit Awards : Custom Crystal Apples



6. Crystal Pencil Award

There are educators who are amazing authors, classroom designers, best in arts and crafts and a pencil shaped award is best for recognizing their distinction and hard work. Pencil is a strong symbol in the field of academia where excellence in literary contribution can be related with this. The pencil crystal award is specially hand crafted with high grade optic crystal for recognizing the meritorious teachers of your school. The dazzling crystal pencil figurine is elevated on a strong black crystal base where you can engrave thoughtful words and customize this according to your need. The crystal pencil trophy is around 12″ tall which comes with a gift box worthy of each pieces.


crystal pencil award 

Pencil Shaped Crystal Award

Best High-End Crystal Education Awards : Education Theme Crystal Awards



7. Crystal Puzzle Piece Award

Another unique crystal award piece by Creative Crystal Awards is the crystal puzzle piece award. You must be wondering what kind of teaching personalities are worthy of a stunning puzzle piece crystal prize. A puzzle is connected to expressing love, importance and also mental health awareness at times. Nominate your best ones for their immeasurable roles in the campus who spreads love and care to the young minds. The three-dimensional puzzle piece crystal award is crafted from high quality optical crystal. The puzzle piece structure is vertically attached over a black crystal base which is thick and spacious. The congratulatory message can be easily engraved on the black base with the logo of the institute. This award can also be given to a team of teachers from your school who worked great for an educative project, seminar, fair or workshop where all the members were valuable and irreplaceable puzzle pieces for the programs. Our puzzle piece shape crystal plaque award will be supplied with a deluxe gift box for each of them.


crystal puzzle piece award 

Puzzle Piece Crystal Award

Best High-End Custom Crystal Awards : Crystal Brain Power Awards



8. Crystal Book Award

Everyone is going to agree that books are the most sophisticated and brilliant entity in academia. The book crystal award plaque is ideal for education awards as well as the recognition awards for the students, graduates and mentors. This book crystal award is handmade with flawless optical crystal which feature a smooth book shape crystal plaque with beveled edges in the form of around 5’’ tall crystal book which is in its closed state. They can be personalized on the clear and spacious front of the award with engraving a thanks note for a teacher who is a walking Wikipedia, a scholar, a librarian, writers or the professor who write amazing books, journals or articles. The symbol of book goes perfectly well with a teacher to whom everyone including students and staffs can go with questions on a wide range of topics and receive a guaranteed explanation. This crystal book shape award will be even perfect for lifetime achievement which can make the teachers feel acknowledged for all the knowledge they showered on others throughout their teaching life.


book shape award 

Book Shaped Crystal Award

Best High-End Crystal Book Awards : Book Shape Crystal Awards




Recognition awards are common in any sort of industry and education cannot be an exception. A whole range of teaching personalities can be taken into account from kindergarten to tertiary practitioners in college and universities. Many teachers might be in their retirement but their involvement and efforts continue in the sector by giving consultation to students and young teachers, establishing educational programs and institutions, publishing books etc. You can find out so many deserving educating gems if you look around. The teachers are always there to appreciate us for our good result in academics, sports, projects, culture and so on with various prizes including the gold trophies in many of our living room, why not we consider something amazing and appealing for them? This will be a great opportunity for you to show something to your next generation from where they can learn to observe this too. We try to pass down some vital principles like benevolence and empathy into the new minds and one of the extraordinary ways to determine this is to acknowledge and recognize the success of teachers. You can choose any occasion, special day or the last day of the year to give the shimmering crystal recognition awards for teachers from Creative Crystal Awards just to acknowledge the accomplishments of the teachers. Prove that teaching is not that much thankless occupation as it is often said, by presenting appreciation rewards especially themed for teachers which expresses your gratitude for every duty the teachers maintain well throughout their life and showing that you care for them. You will be loved for putting some extra thought into educator awards and for making sure that they are something like our gleaming crystal awards & plaques which will be treasured by the teachers.


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