17 Types of Crystal Award Ideas that Work Best for any Recognition Award Program

17 Types of Crystal Award Ideas that Work Best for any Recognition Award Program

Its award season! Season has come to recognize the noteworthy performances of your valuable employees and staff with some distinguished corporate crystal awards and employee recognition crystal trophies in order to motivate the rest.

Overlooking even a tiny detail might sometimes have a detrimental effect on staff as they strive for getting appropriate attention from the employer. Admittedly, appreciation often reduces the amount of wrongdoings as people tend to work hard after being appreciated for their labor and efforts. Here are a few corporate awards and trophies which employers might use to identify the talents and inspire the staff.


1. Outstanding Teamwork Award

Once there was time when an organization relied heavily on one or two particular employees, but nowadays team efforts is a must to achieve a collective goal which will eventually bring huge financial gain at the end. For instance, marketer may promote the product whereas production also includes some other aspects like design and distribution. On the other hand, there are always multitude options and ways to collaborate a number of teams for achieving different sales target. In that case engraved crystal awards and teamwork recognition awards would add flavor to recognize their rewards for showing great team work and set the example specially when group of employees from any office, unit, department, group of staff within an office, cross-functional group of volunteers or committee members who have worked together in an exceptional manner to perform an assigned task.


For example, Justin and his team were working on the design and illustration of the newsletter for their latest product. After working night and days for several days at last they come up with some unique commercial ideas and able to promote their product which grab immediate customers attention. To recognize their achievements, they have been given with a stunning team excellence award on which their name and achievement is written bold.


Crystal Handshake Award
Crystal Handshake Award
blue crystal pyramid award
Blue Crystal Pyramid Award
corporate crystal award
Corporate Crystal Award for Teamwork Activities



Check for corporate crystal award ideas that can be given for outstanding team work



2. Hard Worker Award

Hard work and dedication are the bedrock of every great achievement! Thus, every of your employees hard work would be recognized. If rewarded, it will not only motivate all your employees but will give entire workforce a huge boost to perform even better that will bring immediate business success. Once great way you can do it by giving your dedicated employees a personalized crystal recognition plaques. Besides, human nature loves attention. Noticing employees’ hard work and give periodical recognition will not only encourage them but also stimulate others to follow their path. There are different section and various departments in an organization which need constant monitoring. Annual recognition awards along with bonuses will undoubtedly motivate staff to go an extra mile for the corporation.

For example, Stefanie always comes in time on duty and she never minds to work over the regular time slot. Apart from the financial consideration, she really cares for the completion of the project. To recognize her dedication she has given a hard worker crystal award plaques from her department.


3d crystal eagle award
3D Laser Etched Iceberg Crystal Eagle Award
Raging Bull Award
Blown Art Glass Raging Bull Award
Crystal Horse Head Award
Optical Crystal Horse Head Award



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3. Award of Excellence

Multitasking employees are asset for every organization which should not left unnoticed. Versatile characters work with different ideas simultaneously which leads company to gain optimum success and profits. Awards of excellence can be given for any corporate recognition programs or to celebrate efforts and many business achievements like: individual’s superior performance and dedication, innovating new project under $15 million, exceptional contributions to hospital medicine or even for competition recognizes the breathtaking design and master craftsmanship and sometimes can be given for ‘Exporter of the Year’.


For example, Henry Johansson works in HR department, but at the same time he always gives suggestions to design and create models for upcoming product which help production department to materialize the item. To recognize his all rounding performance, he has given honor ‘award of excellence’ with the brilliance of optical crystal globe award.


crystal octagon tower award
Optical Crystal Octagon Tower Award
Crystal Globe Award
Crystal Dome Inset Globe Award
Crystal Diamond Tower Award
Optical Crystal Diamond Tower Award



Here are great selection of crystal corporate awards that fit with any award program



4. Years of Service Award

Nowadays, youngsters often want to switch their jobs and experiment with their career graphs with different responsibilities and risks which deter them to anchor in a particular job for longer. But to understand the company’s culture and the way your employer works would need a certain amount of time which cannot be attained in a limited period. Here comes the role of extraordinary years of service award or corporate crystal anniversary awards for employees and staffs who worked for the organization for a long period of 10, 15, 20, 30, 35 years or more.


For example, Jonathon worked for 15 years for his company and during this tenure he had got proposal of hefty amount from other organizations, but he never left and always tried to upgrade his performances. In recognition for his contribution, he has given a crystal service award in front of executives, other employees, staffs and corporate guests in an annual corporate award ceremony program.


crystal 10 years service award
Crystal 10 Years Service Award
crystal 15 years anniversary award
Crystal 15 Years Anniversary Award
Crystal 25 Years Anniversary Award
Crystal 25 Years Anniversary Award



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5. Customer Service Award

This kind of awards can be given to the customer care executives who ensure returns of regular customer by their professional excellence in customer service and behavior along with potential ones.


For example, Emilee always attends different kinds of customers with utmost care and tries to facilitate the best solution possible. So, customers give good reviews to the service provided and to recognize her that skill, she has given customer service award of the year for her department.


6. Volunteer of the Year Award

Nowadays, many organizations arrange various social activities and welfare services for their employees, which not only help them to do something for the community but also help staff to earn qualities like tolerance, perseverance and upgrade their resume. Volunteer of the year awards will encourage your employees to get involve with such voluntary works with generosity.

For example, Natalie worked with disable people for 40 hours in a year and also completed her regular responsibilities in the real estate office. To recognize her that capability, she has given volunteer of the year award.


7. Employee of the Year Award

Employees are the key of your organization. As an employer one must assure employees his constant support and guidance along with time to time recognition. By acknowledging employees’ performances and recognize their skills and dedication, an owner will definitely earn their gratitude and service for the year ahead. Sometimes bonuses or verbal praise doesn’t work as much as an elegant crystal award or plaque does, which can be displayed to be noticed by others. Employee of the year award is the very popular to all small companies to fortune 500 companies.


For example, Michael has been always dedicated and worked hard to meet the product launching deadlines along with several other responsibilities, which brought him the employee of the year award for two consecutive years.


Crystal Sunflower Plaque Award
Optical Crystal Sunflower Award Plaque
Crystal Pillar Award
Diamond Cut Crystal Pillar Award
Crystal Diamond Globe Award
Diamond Crystal Globe Award



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8. Employees Retirement Award

In recognition of the service they have given to the company and sacrifices often they made for making job responsibility as their first priority, elderly personnel should be honored with some stunning retirement awards which will have personalized design, engraved with their name and designation. After employee of the year award, employee retirement gift awards are the second most popular awards for any organization. While selecting retirement gift awards for your honorable and senior employees, you need to be very choosy as retirement awards are mostly used as a timeless memorable decorative pieces for recipients home. There are numerous exquisite corporate awards options are available but personalized art glass sculptures would be a fantastic choice.


For example, Sidney Smith has been worked for 25 years for his company and at the time of retirement his colleagues decided to tribute her with a Murano art glass award as retirement gift for her extraordinary service to the organization which stands the company in a good stead.


art glass water drop award
Green Art Glass Tear Drop Award
Murano glass vase award
Murano Glass Vase Award
Hand blown Art Glass Eye Award
Hand Blown Art Glass Eye Award



Explore amazing selection of blown art glass awards that makes a great retirement gift awards for retiring employees



9. Award of Completion

Each and every successfully completed project not only brings turnover to the company but also works as a pathway to motivate employees and make them ready to go an extra mile for the vision and mission of the company. These kinds of recognition awards could be given to the teams together after completing an intricate and complicated assignment, which could also create a healthy competition among different teams in a corporate setting.


For example, Susanne and her team worked for couple of months to update their customer’s record software and after all these hard work they have become able to install the updated version. In recognition their talent and dedication she and he team has given award of completion with a personalized crystal circle award in the corporate award ceremony.


10. Rising star award

Creative ideas are always welcome in any organization. A young and enthusiastic employee, who knows recent trends and brings unsullied technology and concepts, deserves to be recognized in order to get motivated for the future prospective service. Different departments in an organization may have numerous rising stars who work unselfishly for their sectors. Engraved crystal star trophy awards would be the perfect choice to reward those start performers and for top achievers.


For example, Ronnie has joined his company not so long ago, but took no time to seize the attention of his supervisor by finishing multiple easier said than done projects. On the other hand, as a keen learner, his regular attendance and wholehearted attitude towards job made him the perfect choice for this year’s rising star with a brilliant crystal star tower award.


crystal star award
Crystal Star Award with Blue Crystal Base
Clear Optical Crystal Star Award
Clear Optical Crystal Star Award
Blue Crystal Star Award
Blue Crystal Star Award



Here you will see some magnificent choice of crystal star awards collection



11. Perfect Attendance Award

Companies rely on employees to be punctual and present at work each day, so the work load can be evenly dispersed. There are some individual who particularly cares for the company culture and never miss a day on leave. Workers who attempt to be at work during every programmed shift and never come in late be worthy of to be recognized by the human resource department. A unique and special way to salute this extraordinary efforts you could choose some exceptional crystal employee awards to honor their perfect attendance record.


For example, Kimberly never absent for last year and always come in due time to his office. In recognition for her this quality, she has given the perfect attendance award from her department.


12. Outstanding Leadership Award

A watchful protector, whose constant supports and guide enables employees to stay on track and focused, deserves to be rewarded in a special way. CEOs often work as a mentor to the employees on whom they may depend for unbiased assessment and service rewards. Likewise, when time comes to pick up selected candidates worth for giving promotions or increase the pay scale, a true leader always take the wise decision and never left skilled personnel very last. As employees always work for company advancements, head should also be by their side whether it is returns or failure.


For example, Mr. Mendez cares his employees as his family members. Oftentimes arrange surprise party to rejuvenate his employees and even visits ill members of his team at the hospital so that they could feel their working environment at home and concentrate entirely on projects only. To recognize his exemplary leadership and vision, he has given an exceptional leader award to portray his outstanding role.


crystal circle award
Optical Crystal Circle Award
Blue Accented Optical Crystal Obelisk Tower Award
Blue Accented Optical Crystal Obelisk Tower Award
Blue Crystal Tower Plaque Award
Blue Crystal Tower Plaque Award



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13. Outstanding Sales Award

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people get accustomed to do everything on the internet. Nowadays, people shop online. That’s why e-commerce sites are working hard to reach potential consumers. On the contrary, there is still need of traditional marketers along with digital marketing. Therefore, this is crucial for any employees to achieve his or her sales target set by the department to keep the career testimony smooth. By contrast, employees should also be recognized for achieving their sales goal. Sales awards are the very popular corporate award choice given by companies to their in recognizing their top salesman and the sales persons who achieved their targeted sales volume within very short period of time as every business in the world want increase their revenue and business growth by selling their products and services.


For example, Shannon always comes up with new ideas to marketing their products and achieves her sales target frequently which brings the company a real good fortune. To recognize her contribution, she has given a sales award for outstanding salesman of the year with a personalized crystal sales achievement award.


Clear Optical Crystal Tower Award Plaque
Diamond Cut Clear Optical Crystal Tower Award Plaque
Blue Optical Crystal Plaque Trophy Award
Blue Optical Crystal Plaque Trophy Award
Clear Blue Crystal Drop Award
Clear Blue Crystal Drop Award



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14. Employee Recognition Awards

When revenue is the ultimate priority, employers should not left skilled employees unrecognized who worked dedicatedly in went process. But recognition may vary from company to company and depends solely on the respective organization’s vision and culture. In addition, annual budget allocated for the training and entertainment purpose is also necessary to consider. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to recognize their gifted and dedicated employees annually or quarterly, even in the middle of the year, any particular celebration would motivate the whole team. Other than bonuses, shopping voucher, handwritten thank-you notes or verbal praise there are plethora of crystal awards options and plaques to choose from to appreciate significant roles behind each and every successful venture. You may have thousands of employees working with your company who are doing their best effort days after days and your business are getting the best from their timeless effort. It should be a very smart decision to recognize each and every of your employee for their hard work, dedication, achievements and top performances. A brilliantly designed employee recognition awards will to all the magic for you.


For example, for top to down recognition program, employers could select multifarious shapes and colored, engraved crystal awards customized with deserving employee’s name, designation and his special achievement. On the other hand, for peer to peer recognition, crystal made plaques, pen stand even paperweight would also shine the desk and display section of the recipients.


Crystal Decagon Plaque Award
Crystal Decagon Plaque Award inset Crystal Globe
3d laser engraved crystal car award
3D Laser Engraved Crystal Car Award
optical crystal diamond tower award
Optical Crystal Diamond Tower Award



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15. Outstanding Achievement Award

No matter how big the event or how much the amount, achievements should be recognized to encourage the persons behind. Employees are always striving for the growth and economic development as well as the reputation of the company they work for and this contribution often neglected which sometimes turns into troublesome or difficult situation to deal with. Talented employees are highly likely to quit the job and leave their current organization due to improper recognition of their accomplishments or lucrative offer from outside. Thus, in order to deter them from switching, escalated pay rise or additional bonuses may fail to meet the expectations, which are suitable recognition of their service and commitment. As we know, each and every project, publication or production involves hard works of several souls, after completion of the assignment some inspiriting attempts are also prescribed to motivate them for the future tasks.


For example, touching a milestone would be a reason for celebration and 10, 15 or more than those years of service achiever could be honored at company’s year-end program along with several other perfectionists from different departments. Top marketer to best software maker, idea generator to sales executive everyone should get the occasion to thrill and chance to have an award devoted to their performances.


Crystal Globe Trophy Award
Crystal Globe Trophy Award
Crystal Owl Award
Etched Crystal Owl Award
Crystal Award
Blue Accented Clear Optical Crystal Recognition Award



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16. Teacher of the Year Award

These days, teachers no longer deliver lectures only or make notes, but facilitate and create a thorough learning environment for the betterment of the students. Teachers, on one hand discipline children and on the other hand, ignite their curiosity to know and search for the truth. Teachers carefully choose their teaching aids and subject materials which will enable students to learn something new at all times. A teacher inspires excellence in students and also helps slow–learners to achieve expected performances. Hence, oftentimes we deprive their dedication and contribution towards the socio-cultural development of the human race. Admittedly, teachers are the mentor and guide to our future generation. On the contrary, educational institutes are also organization which needs reputation to grow and good reviews to become admired among parents. Therefore, it is crucial to honor their talents and dedication with some stunning awards to hold their credit and pride. Like any corporate organization, principals or directors of the schools can also arrange annual awards giving ceremony for their most successful teachers, educators, principles, professors, lecturers.


For example, Mr. Manuel is highly praised by his students for his prepared lessons and regular present in the classroom. It is he who drives the laziest as well to do laboratory work and write assignments for every experiment. Because of him, this subject holds 100 percent students attendance record. In addition, everyone loves him for his well mannered and down to earth behavior which made him ‘teacher of the year’ in popular category with a outstanding crystal teacher appreciation award.


Crystal Apple Award
Crystal Apple Award for Teacher Appreciation
Round Crystal Plaque Award with Clock
Round Crystal Plaque Award with Clock
clear optical crystal book award
Clear Crystal Book Award



Here you will see gorgeous selection crystal appreciation awards for teachers.



17. Student of the Year Award

A youngster who has a perfect mix of scholastic attitude and aptitude might become the example for his peers and could be titled and awarded with a stunning crystal for his or her academic achievements along with personal developments. These days schools are always arranges numerous co-curricular activities so that learners could attain skills such as work in a team, stress and time management, which are few examples needed for their future career. Thus, students will be able to come across with the real world scenario and out of these involvements they will discover their hidden talents to be nourished and practiced. Therefore students from different grades having these qualities would surely be motivated by rewards such as awards and certificate or plaques to be displayed and preserved for future references. In addition, sports and inter style competitions are also necessary in order to help them relax from their daily monotonous class, assignments and examinations schedule. Hence, students who are champions could also be awarded to inspire their interests and hobbies. Personalized crystal plaques would be the appropriate academic award for those brilliant students and graduates.


Crystal Flame Award
Blue Accented Optical Crystal Flame Award
Crystal Column Award
Tower Crystal Column Award
Crystal Peak Tower Award
Crystal Peak Tower Award



Explore more or our crystal academic awards here.



To recapitulate, a dependable relation between employer and employees is a must to ensure a steady growth of the organization and by recognizing deserving workers’ contributions and dedications, employers would gain their loyalty for good. On the other hand, inspiring rising stars and honoring elderly and experienced employees would always bring a steadfast turnover to the companies for sure.


Corporate Crystal Awards and Personalized Crystal Recognition Awards

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