8 Vibrant Colored Crystal Awards and Trophies that Catches the Recipients Eye First

8 Vibrant Colored Crystal Awards and Trophies that Catches the Recipients Eye First

Everybody loves to receive and want to collect crystal pieces because of its clarity, transparency, gorgeous shining and sparkling effect specially when it comes to light. Solid crystal are very popular to trophy manufacturers as it can easily be transformed into many custom shapes besides, crystal artists could easily bring out its inner beauty while cutting and polishing by their hands. That’s why hand crafted crystal awards and trophies are elegant, luxurious and more precious than any other custom trophies and awards constructed for other materials (i.e. glass, metals, woods, acrylic, marble stones, etc.)

Clear optical crystals are one of the popular and highly used material specially in manufacturing corporate awards and engraved sports trophies but if you are very keen to incorporate your corporate brand color into custom corporate awards, trophies and plaques then it would most probably the best smart decision you are going to make so far. It is very wise to keep concentrate brand color that put that special color for while making order for custom employee recognition award pieces. For example, if your brand color is blue then you could buy blue awards and blue accented trophies for your recipients. It will definitely increase your corporate brand value. Furthermore, colored awards awards and trophies are getting more and more popularity these modern days.

So, why not adding a touch of color to your custom crystal award or crystal trophies? And it is only possible, when you placed your order for producing custom corporate trophy awards from high grade optical crystal. A beautifully designed vibrant colored crystal awards & trophies will surely attract audience and guests eyes in your next corporate award celebration night.


Here are the 8 full colored crystal awards and colored crystal trophies that will take your corporate award event to the next level.


colored crystal awards custom full color crystal trophies

Custom Full Color Crystal Awards and Colored Crystal Corporate Trophies



1. Blue Crystal Awards

This beautiful blue crystal pyramid award depicts, how beautiful a blue colored crystal corporate award could be for your award event. We can offer you big selection of uniquely designed custom blue crystal awards and blue crystal trophies particularly when you are thinking of buying blue accented optical crystal awards.


blue crystal pyramid award
Blue Accented Crystal Awards

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2. Green Crystal Awards

Look at this our fantastic green accented crystal corporate award. We all love to see green, love to eat green, want to live in green world and definitely wishing to get some green in hand by winning green optical crystal corporate awards. We can provide you many custom green colored crystal trophies and awards as per your choice.


green crystal award
Accented Crystal Awards

Discover our wide range of Green Optical Crystal Awards and Trophies Here




3. Golden Crystal Awards

You wouldn’t find that golden color crystal awards over the net but we have this rare golden accented crystal awards in our collection. Here is a brilliant golden crystal flame award recently designed for our client. But we can produce any custom shaped golden crystal trophy award according to your needs.


golden crystal flame award
Gold Accented Crystal Awards

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4. Red Crystal Awards

If you are thinking of buying red crystal awards or red color crystal trophies? As a sample you can check our red crystal apple award. Isn’t it that beautiful? We are specializing in producing this true red accented crystal for your custom red color crystal awards.


crystal red apple award
Red Accented Crystal Awards

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5. Multi Colored Crystal Awards

Besides, single tone colored crystal awards, we also produce multi-colored crystal awards. Here you will find many custom crystal awards and custom trophies which have two or more colors in its design and some of them have multiple colors. Have a look at our rainbow crystal pyramid awards. A great sample of multi-colored crystal awards which produce different color in different angles.


multi colored crystal pyramid award
Multi Colored Crystal Awards

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6. Pink Crystal Awards

What a lovely color is this specially when you are thinking of purchasing custom crystal trophies and plaque awards for female employees. You couldn’t find better soft color than pink for her. As a sample, we are introducing our most popular pink crystal heart awards but here you will find plenty of choices to pick some custom pink color crystal awards and pink crystal trophies for your employees.


pink crystal heart award
Pink Accented Crystal Awards

Don’t forget to see beautiful collection of Pink Optical Crystal Awards and Trophies for Female Employees and Executives




7. Black Crystal Awards

Black crystal awards have corporate and exquisite look as you will get the options to engrave brand logo and texts with gold or silver fill which will makes a simple yet but elegant corporate awards for your events. Check our black crystal circle plaque award as a sample. We have real big collection of black color crystal awards and trophies in our store.


black crystal award
Black Accented Crystal Awards

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8. Clear White Crystal Awards

Clear crystal awards are top class, spectacular and just brilliant, an elegant corporate awards that will fit with any of your recognition program whatever the occasion it is. Which is a neutral color and will easily match with any corporate brands in the world. The beauty of clear optical is, a hand polished and cut crystal awards will create extra shines and produce gorgeous sparkling effect when it comes to the focus of light. We offer thousands different models of fine collection clear crystal awards to choose from. If you ask for a sample of custom clear crystal awards then check our clear optical crystal dice award with large clear crystal pyramid base.


clear crystal dice award
Clear Optical Crystal Awards

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