11 Crystal Corporate Gifts to Wow Your Employees and Corporate Clients

11 Crystal Corporate Gifts to Wow Your Employees and Corporate Clients

Without having employees, no company in the world couldn’t get any satisfactory success by itself. Whether you are operating small organization or managing large multinational companies around the world with thousands of employees. For both cases employees are the most valuable assets for any business organization and they all together can bring success for your business. What is very important is to give employees big thanks by not simply paying salary or giving them a small incentives. Do you now cheap corporate gifts works even better than bonus or incentives. Whether you are going for small startups or planning to send corporate promotional gifts for very large group of employees and staffs as a business promotions, corporate crystal gifts would the perfect option for you that will be not only a cheap promotional gifts to offer but it will be gorgeous, meaningful and useful corporate gift options as well. Besides, custom crystal gifts will let you to personalize it with your corporate brand logo, color, texts that will help you to show your appreciation and it will surely motivate the entire workforce as well.

Creative Crystal Awards know the importance of engraved crystal promotional products for your business thus we are going to introduce some of our finest collection of unique corporate gift ideas that will surely WOW your employees and bring great business success according to your expectation.


11 Stunning Unique Corporate Crystal Gift Ideas for your next corporate gifting


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Corporate Crystal Gifts & Custom Crystal Promotional Products



1. Crystal Clock Office Desk Gift

Optical Crystal clock would be a great corporate gifts for your employees. It is very useful office desk accessory your employees should have but gorgeously designed personalized crystal clock would be a amazing decorative gift item for any office desk.


Crystal Clock Corporate Gift
Engraved Crystal Clock Gift Award

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2. Crystal Bookends Award Executive Gifts

Crystal bookends gift awards have an elegant and executive look than any other executive gifts. If you are looking for business gift items specially for top employees and executives, educators, teachers then engraved crystal bookend pairs award would be the appropriate option you can think about.


crystal bookends corporate gift
Faceted Crystal Bookends Corporate Gift

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3. Crystal Business Card Holder for Office Desk

Crystal business card holder is one of the very essential office desk accessory item as each and every of your employee should have one in their desk. Why not think about to order for engraved crystal card holders in bulk for your employees which could be a very useful corporate gift item for them. A nicely designed colored crystal bookend awards would be a fantastic decorative gift items for their desk as well.


crystal business card holder office desk gift
Blue Crystal Business Card Holder Employee Gift

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4. Crystal Pen Holder Office Gift

In you looking for cost effective promotional gifts for your employees and corporate clients then crystal pen holder may be the ideal option for you. This stunning optical crystal pen holder featured inlaid clock. A very useful office desk item that every of your customers and employees would like to get one for their desk.


crystal pen holder
Optical Crystal Pen Holder with Inlaid Clock Corporate Gift

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5. Crystal USB Drive Employee Gift

What a great corporate gift item it would be for your employees and clients. Very essential office accessory items for small to very large organizations and users. Crystal USB flash drive would be a cheap promotional product specially if you want to give it to a very large number of employees. This crystal USB drive is very modern, sleek in design, elegant and perfect for any kind of corporate gifting.


crystal USB drive
Optical Crystal USB Flash Drive Promotional Crystal Gift Award

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6. Crystal Key Chains Promotional Gift

Another beautiful and very useful crystal promotional gift item you can give your employees. You will get a wide variety of customized crystal keychains available for your business promotions, specially for those car dealers, car sales center, car show event organizers, car hire companies, car rentals companies, auto manufacturers and other automobile & automotive companies. Crystal key chains can be a exquisite promotional gifts when engraved with world’s top car brand logo (i.e. BMW, Hummer, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, etc.).


wholesale crystal keychain promotional gift
Optical Crystal Keychains Corporate Gifts

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7. Crystal Ashtray Promotional Gift

A wonderful corporate gift items specially for hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos clients and employees. You can offer this brilliant optical crystal ashtray to any of your employees and clients because it would be a nice decorative gift item for those even who are not habituated with smoking.


Clear Optical Crystal Ashtray Promotional Gift
Optical Crystal Ashtray Corporate Gifts

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8. Crystal Memo Pad Holder Desk Accessory

An excellent office desk gift item perfect for any of your corporate gift needs. Crystal memo pad holder is very essential desk accessory and fantastic enough to attract guests eyes. Sometimes, crystal notepad holder can be used as a paperweight. An engraved crystal pad holder also use as a nice decorative piece for any office desks.


Crystal Memo Pad Holder Corporate Gift Award
Optical Crystal Note Pad Holder Promotional Gifts

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9. Crystal Ruler Corporate Promotional Gift Item

This is our one of the very popular crystal promotional gift item perfect for any business organizations, schools, colleges and universities. Besides, using a as a regular ruler, anyone can uses it as a paperweight. A cheap crystal gift item which is lucrative enough to impress employees.


crystal ruler office desk accessory gift item
Optical Crystal Note Pad Holder Promotional Gifts

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10. Crystal Ornament Christmas Gifts

We offer great variety of crystal ornaments for your holiday gifts needs. An excellent gift items you can think about for any of your corporate and promotional gift purpose. Crystal Christmas ornaments is a very cost effective crystal promotional product specially when you are thinking to order bulk corporate holiday gifts for thousands of your employees and clients.


Crystal Ornament Promotional Gift
Optical Crystal Ornaments Corporate Gifts

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11. Crystal Nameplates for Desk

Every employees within your organization would love to show their name along with title wherever possible. It boost their motivation level, know the importance of their service and it makes to feel them more prestigious. There are several ways you can show your employees name with designation. You can put your employees name in your business website, you can provide them business card but the best way you can easily wow your employees by sending them personalized crystal nameplates for desk as a wonderful corporate gifts. Besides, engraved crystal desk nameplate also help your clients to find out the right individuals without asking or disturbing others.


engraved crystal desk name plates wholesale
Optical Crystal Name Plates Office Desk Gifts

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Wholesale Crystal Corporate Gifts Supplier

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