Give your Crystal Awards & Trophies a Striking Look with Elegant Crystal Base

Give your Crystal Awards & Trophies a Striking Look with Elegant Crystal Base

The crystal awards and trophies you are going to purchase for your special employees should be special too. In other word, we can say, your superior employees need to be rewarded with something attractive, exceptional, elegant and gorgeous that will carry a special meaning to them and at the same time it will motivate them and inspired them to give all their best effort for your organization. A custom made fine crystal trophies and awards surely works for you. While planning to purchase crystal recognition trophy awards for individuals, the first thing that you need to take into your consideration is, don’t think about budget too much. Think like, the employees who have been working for your company say for an example for 20 years or even for 35 years, gave a lot for your organization. They definitely will expect something very special from you for all their dedication, they can even deserve something precious as a recognition gifts that value their hard works and achievements. A gorgeously designed crystal corporate awards not only make your recipients smile but it helps to feel them proud too. Sometimes, they intends to place their recognition crystal awards in prominent place to attract audience or guests eyes. A brilliantly designed personalized crystal trophy award will make them delighted and bring back those wonderful memories that will ensure good everlasting relationships with existing employer.


clear optical crystal owl award
Crystal Owl Award on Clear Optical Crystal Large Pyramid Base
laser engraved optical crystal car award
Optical Crystal Car Award on Black Rectangle Crystal Base

blown art glass tear drop award
Art Glass Drop Award on Black Crystal Pyramid Base



As you will see, corporate crystal awards are the most popular and heavily using for employee recognition, achievements, appreciation and have a great demand using as corporate recognition gift awards. Meanwhile, we understand the importance of giving corporate awards to those top achievers and best performers. For this reason, you may always searching for renowned corporate award suppliers who offer all fine quality recognition crystal trophies, engraved crystal employee awards, recognition crystal plaques, and employee crystal gift awards. Sometimes, event organizers and awarding company searching for corporate award manufacturers to produce custom crystal awards and trophies specially when they need corporate awards in large quantities for employees and very large group of professionals. But quality of corporate trophy awards depends on various factors.


Here are 5 important things that you must think about while dealing with trophy makers for your custom trophies and awards.


1. Material: Material in very important for a prolific corporate awards. Definitely, optical crystal trophy awards and the best than cheap glasses, metals, woods or acrylics.


2. Shapes & Models: This is another very important facts which put major impacts that also need to take into consideration as the awards you planning to purchase should closely match with recipient’s achievements. For example, for anniversary gift awards, you can buy crystal numeric figurines awards i.e. Number 25 shape awards for 25th anniversary awards. For the persons, who are going to be retired, you can offer blown Murano glass sculpture awards as you will find wide variety of glass figurines and custom art glass sculptures which are exceptionally beautiful and unique in shapes.


blown art glass deep sea fishing trophy
Art Glass Fish Award on Flat Black Oval Crystal Base
art glass angelfish award
Art Glass Angelfish Award on Clear Crystal Rectangle Base
art glass twist award
Art Glass Twist Sculpture on Large Black Crystal Cylinder Base



3. Engraving and Personalization: The awards you are going to provide should be personalized nicely. Only gorgeously designed employee awards don’t carry any special meaning to the recipients unless you offer engraved recognition awards to them. There are plenty of modern engraving technologies are available that will make your trophies even more stunning. Besides, recipients name, better to put some inspirational message to put into awards for them. In that case crystal plaque awards would be the perfect choice for you as crystal award plaques have plenty of room for engraving. Creative graphic artists (art works) and skilled engravers do all the tricks for corporate trophy manufacturers & suppliers.


4. Budget: If you want some fine quality awards and trophies then don’t think that much about budget. Because, the employees who are going to be rewarded already gave their timeless effort for your business organization in past. So, why will you go for cheap solution? Remember, never get that quality trophies form any custom trophy supplier if you intends to spend small amount of money. On the other hand, it is advisable, not to buy 1 piece award as award manufacturers may charge you almost double because of not to meet minimum order quantities. Please note that though it is possible to order some specific 1 piece trophy item from online trophy shops. What is recommended is, always try to purchase large quantity of awards and trophies directly from wholesale award manufacturer and suppliers then you don’t have to think about your budget as per piece award cost will be dramatically down and sometimes you get your bulk awards as low as wholesale price. Moreover, you can avoid all other additional charges (i.e. shipping, engraving, setups, gift box) while making your order for corporate awards in bulk. So, you can control budget for your awards, trophies, plaques and corporate gift items very smartly and efficiently.


5. Base: Some awards must have base and other awards may not have, that’s mean freestanding awards. Base is not only the very important part of your award but the beauty of awards fully depends on base. It makes the award piece heavy, stunning and help the award standing tall.


art glass vase award
Art Glass Vase on Blue Round Crystal Base
art glass sea shell award
Art Glass Sea Shell Sculpture on Round Clear Crystal Base
Murano art glass swirl sculpture
Art Glass Swirl Sculpture on Black Rectangle Base



Now, it’s time to deep digging more about “bases” of the awards or trophies. It’s your wish whether you like to add base with your trophy award or not specially when you order for custom awards and custom trophies. But the question is whether you add base to your awards or select ready stock trophies or awards without base?


Here are 8 very useful facts that will definitely help to make your decision before make order for custom award pieces which will have base or not. These are as follows:


1. Awards with base not only looks extremely beautiful but it also improve the overall appearance and quality of any awards. You will find an award comes with base is more elegant, corporate and have that striking effect which is good enough to impress any audience.


2. Awards with base stands strongly with pride. Basically, base is much heavier and wider block piece that ensure your award piece stay on it’s position even if any strong vibration or jerking and the is no minimum chance to fall from it’s position if any incidents may happen by chance. On the other hands, the award don’t have any base may have a chance to fall even with a faint or little touch.


3. A base makes award or trophy pieces much heavier which is very important. When recipients lift their award in-front of thousands of audience and guests, that special moments makes them proud. A heavy award piece do the tricks behind scene. Because, a heavyweight award is much more precious than other lightweight trophy award. Besides a weighty trophy is a symbol of elegance and prestige.


crystal decagon plaque award with crystal globe
Crystal Decagon Award Plaque with Globe on Blue Crystal Base
crystal apple award
Crystal Apple Award on Flat Rectangle Crystal Base
crystal sunflower award plaques
Photo inside Crystal Plaque Award with Black Triangle Crystal Base



4. A base not only helped any awards or trophies stand tall with pride but base is also works as a holder. You may seen in corporate award ceremony, recipients lift their trophies by hand griped the base and the spectators clearly seeing the main portion of the trophy award clearly and properly. On the other hand, the real problem of the award piece which don’t have any base is recipients find it difficulties to hold it properly. Sometimes, the palm of the hand cover the main portion of the award piece which may not make any good impression to the guests. Besides, because of the absence of the base, recipients have to hold in the main body part of the trophy piece that puts several finger prints on that award which is a bad thing. As we know clear optical crystal award in gorgeously beautiful, have sparkling effect and have the 100% clarity. A base once again save the award pieces from all these bad things and works fine for your brand.


5. Who won’t take double chance? If your award comes with base then if you have get 2 spaces to put your message and elements for engraving. Base is a very popular portion for engraving and it ensure that the main award portions will remain clean and clear which is really required to produce that sparkling and shining effect when it came in-front of light. If you decided not to add base with your trophy awards then, you won’t get sufficient room for personalization and will disturb the body portion of that trophy.


6. Color contrast is very important that will bring out the real beauty of any corporate awards. Besides, for clear optical crystal awards & trophies, there are also many other possible color accented crystal trophies & awards available (i.e. green crystal award, blue crystal award, pink crystal awards, black crystal award) that you really need to closely match with your brand color. A colored crystal base would come into the action and help you to produce fantastic trophy awards with great combination of colors. For example, if you planning to buy clear optical crystal car awards then black crystal base with gold or silver foil engraving text would be the perfect color contrast for your crystal auto awards. Because that black crystal base will bring out all the beauty of that clear optical crystal car model. Very similarly, if you looking for hand blown green art glass tear drop awards, then you definitely would choose black optical crystal base for that kind of art glass drop awards.


crystal wolf award
Crystal Wolf Award with Large & Heavy Black Crystal Base
optical crystal star award
Crystal Star Award on Blue Crystal Triangle Base
Pink Crystal Heart Plaque Award
Optical Crystal Heart Award with Pink Crystal Base



7. Add more variety to your corporate trophy awards with the amazing shapes of crystal bases. Besides, colored crystal base, there are also have wide variety of custom shape bases (i.e. diamond faceted crystal base, pyramid crystal base, pedestal crystal base, etc.) available to give your award a stunning design.


8. Give your corporate crystal trophies that tall executive look with the help of tall crystal base. Winning team love to receive tall crystal sports trophies and even truth for employee recognition trophies as employees in your organization would love to receive tower crystal corporate trophies. Tower crystal base will do the trick for you once again. Fox example, if you are planning to purchase golf trophies approx. 10” height then you can add three layers of crystal bases for that custom golf ball trophies.


  • Put a medium pyramid base at bottom.
  • On top pyramid crystal base you can put round diamond faceted crystal base.
  • On top of round faceted crystal base you can also put tall crystal column base.
  • And finally, you need to place crystal golf ball set on top of that tall crystal tower base.

We believe, these are good enough to describe the importance of crystal base while thinking of your own custom awards and trophies.


Creative Crystal Awards manufacturing corporate crystal awards and trophies for more than 4 decades. All of our corporate recognition trophy awards produced form top quality optical crystals and we design all your crystal trophies and awards in our own factory. Beside, manufacturing and supplying awards, trophies and crystal promotional products, we also manufacturing blank crystal bases for trophy awards and exporting directly from our family owned factory to every corner of the world.


Here are some category of the crystal bases we produce in our factory and sourcing for your trophy shops.


Crystal Peak Tower Award
Crystal Peak Tower Award with Round Black Base
Crystal Dome Inset Globe Award
Crystal Dome Inset Globe Award with Black Crystal Base
Clear Optical Crystal Star Tower Trophy Award
Crystal Star Tower Trophy with Round Faceted Crystal Base

crystal peach tower award
Crystal Peach Tower Award with Tall Crystal Pyramid Base



Color Accented Optical Crystal Base

We offer wide variety of color accented crystal base that will give any custom awards a gorgeous look. If you are in need of blank color crystal base in large quantities for trophy shop then have quick look of the color crystal base for awards and promotional gifts we are producing in our factory.

1. Clear Crystal Base
2. Black Crystal Base
3. Blue Crystal Base
4. Green Crystal Base
5. Pink Crystal Base


Custom Shape Crystal Bases

We produce fantastic quality custom crystal bases which may come in wide variety of shapes and sizes. Here you find some custom shapes of crystal bases we can sourcing you in bulk quantities for your trophy award shops.

1. Square Crystal Base
2. Round Crystal Base
3. Rectangle Crystal Base
4. Triangle Crystal Base
5. Pyramid Crystal Base
6. Crystal Pedestal Base
7. Diamond Faceted Crystal Base
8. Tower Crystal Base
9. Multi Beveled Crystal Base
10. Base with Led Light
11. Rectangle Beveled Slant Crystal Base


Blank Crystal Bases

At our own crystal glass factory, we are manufacturing blank crystal bases for engraving companies, various trophy shops and gift shops as low as wholesale price. We are the largest wholesale supplier of crystal bases for awards, crystal bases for trophies and crystal bases for promotional crystal gifts.


Above article covers the benefits and importance of crystal bases for any custom types of awards and trophies. Whether it can be corporate awards, recognition trophy awards or sports trophies, base is the most integral part of any trophies or awards. So, display your awards with stunning crystal base to impress your recipients, audiences and guests.


golden tennis player trophy
Golden Tennis Player Trophy with Flat Rectangle Crystal Base
Crystal Golf Trophy with Pedestal Base
Crystal Golf Trophy with Pedestal Base
crystal obelisk award
Crystal Obelisk with Black Crystal Base
clear optical crystal globe trophy award
Crystal Globe Award with Cut Crystal Pyramid Pedestal Base



Wholesale Supplier of Crystal Bases for Corporate Crystal Awards & Trophies

Creative Crystal Awards the largest corporate crystal award suppliers in USA. We are manufacturing top quality blank optical crystal bases for crystal corporate awards, recognition crystal plaques, crystal sports awards, blown art glass trophies and crystal promotional products for more than 4 decades. In addition to this, we offer extensive line of optical crystal awards and custom crystal trophies wholesale price. Our team consists with experienced glass master, skilled craftsman, qualifies engravers and creative graphic designer. We have award winning support team lead by experienced award specialist. Our production unit is well capable of producing very large quantity crystal awards within very short time frame. We have very good negotiable rate with international courier companies like FedEx. We do supply 40” container full load with awards, trophies, plaques and corporate gifts items via reputed international shipping lines. We never compromised with the quality of our crystal products. No other crystal award suppliers wouldn’t give you that fast and cheapest price quotation than us as we love to offer all our valued customers factory direct price. We do have our own payment method which is very secure, fast, easy and convenient for all of you event if you want to pay online from different continent of the world.


Please feel free to Contact Us today for any of your custom crystal awards, crystal recognition trophies, personalized crystal sports trophies, engraved crystal plaque awards, hand blown art glass awards and wholesale corporate crystal promotional product needs. With each of your bulk awards and trophies, we will offer you free ground shipping, free engraving, free setups, free paper proof, free art work, free gift box and even free led light bases. We make presentation gift box for crystal items ourselves in our factory which will come with purple velvet lined and we will be happy to engrave your presentation gift box with your brand logo gold or silver line which is absolutely free of cost. We proud to give you white glove service that’s means you won’t see any finger prints or other unnecessary spots in your beautiful crystal pieces. There will be no other hidden costs and addition extras that will worry you. Our support team is always online to give you instant free price quotation and other assistant that will definitely deserve while we making your customized awards and trophies. We would love to send Free Sample for large order quantities that will help you to understand the quality of optic crystal awards you will get and also able to see final award piece in your hands that we send you free of cost for your approval. We believe, all this great offers will feel you happy and all your sparkling finished products will landed to your door well before your corporate award ceremony that will really make you one of our another satisfied customer.