13 Beautifully Crafted Crystal Paperweight Corporate Gifts

13 Beautifully Crafted Crystal Paperweight Corporate Gifts

Add a little sparkle to your office desk with our personalized crystal paperweights. Engraved crystal paperweights are one of the very popular corporate gift items and widely used by small companies to large multinational organizations.

Here are 5 important facts that makes crystal paperweight a great promotional products:

  • Crystal paperweight is very useful office desk accessory
  • Very cheap corporate gift awards option, specially when you are planning to gift large number of employees or corporate clients
  • Have variety of unique custom shapes available.
  • Crystal Paperweight have plenty of room on it’s surface for engraving
  • A stunning gift awards that will nicely match with any of your corporate and promotional programs.

Over the years custom crystal paperweights are heavily used as a office desktop gift items. But this modern days, every business organizations intends to award hand crafted personalized crystal gift awards as a corporate gifts for employees and vendors during various gift giving seasons. The great feature of optical crystal paperweight is, it not not only works as useful office desk item but at the same time engraved crystal paperweight works as a decorative pieces for any office desks.

Creative Crystal Awards provides the best selection of quality optical crystal paperweights at the lowest prices which includes, crystal globe paperweight, crystal star paperweight, round crystal paperweight, hexagon crystal paperweight, octagon crystal paperweight, 4 sided crystal paperweight, rectangle crystal paperweight, square crystal paperweight, oval crystal paperweight, colored crystal paperweight, cube crystal paperweight, crystal dome paperweight, crystal globe paperweight, gem cut crystal paperweight, crystal heart shaped paperweight, crystal diamond paperweight, crystal dice paperweight, crystal playing card paperweight, crystal golf ball paperweight, crystal apple paperweight, crystal clock paperweight, crystal toe paperweight and many other unique ideas available to choose from.


Here we introduce you 13 most popular crystal paperweights that we manufactured thousand of pieces for our clients last couple of weeks.


corporate crystal paperweights wholesale

Crystal Paperweights Gift Awards


1. Blue Crystal Round Paperweight: Blue crystal are unique and much impressive than any other clear crystal paperweights. You definitely would like to order this diamond faceted blue crystal round paperweights for your employees and vendor clients.

blue crystal paperweight

Faceted Blue Crystal Paperweight



2. 5 Sided Crystal Paperweight: This is another unique crystal paperweight you can give to your corporate clients and employees. The diamond faceted areas will create extra sparkling when it comes to the light. A great gift awards you can use for any promotional gifts purpose.

5 sided crystal paperweight

5 Sided Crystal Paperweight



3. Globe Crystal Paperweight: This beautiful clear crystal globe paperweight made from high grade optic crystals. Prefect desk gift award for teachers, educators and employees. Definitely will be a nice addition to your recipients desk.

crystal globe paperweight

Crystal World Globe Paperweight



4. Crystal Diamond Paperweight: This diamond shaped crystal paperweight would be an excellent corporate gift item you would like to purchase for the someone specials in your organization. Looks like as genuine as real diamond that will give your employees desk and extra ordinary look also will attract audience eyes. Besides, check out our pink crystal diamond paperweight.

crystal diamond paperweight

Crystal Diamond Paperweight




5. Gem Cut Round Crystal Paperweight: This gem cut round crystal paperweight would be an excellent gift options for your upcoming corporate award program. If your budget is tight but looking for something elegant then this gem cut crystal paperweight should be your first choice.

gem cut crystal paperweight

Round Crystal Gem Cut Paperweight



6. Star Shaped Crystal Paperweight: Star Crystal Paperweight will make your promotional gifts more meaningful to your recipients. Our clear optical crystal star paperweight could be gorgeous corporate gift awards for individuals you want to give gifts. This is freestanding gift award. So, beside using as a paperweight, anyone can display this crystal star on their desktop as a self standing crystal star gift award, when they wish.

crystal star paperweight

Crystal Star Paperweight Gift Award



7. Round Crystal Paperweight: You will find our round crystal paperweight very simple but yet a classical one. Would be a very cost effective solution if you are looking for cheap corporate gifts for very large group of employees and corporate clients. The edge of this round crystal paperweight will be beveled, that makes an elegant gift award which will looks very beautiful on any office desk.

round crystal paperweight

Crystal Round Paperweight Corporate Gift Award



8. Faceted Crystal Paperweight: This faceted diamond cut crystal paperweight is another very popular crystal item among others in our product line. A fantastic crystal office desk accessory you may like to buy for all your employees and personalized it with our brand logo. Besides, a cheap promotional gift items, you can think to order for your vendor clients. You may also like our pink crystal faceted paperweight for your female employees.

faceted crystal paperweight

Diamond Cut Crystal Faceted Paperweight Gift Award



9. Optical Crystal Cube Paperweight: This optical crystal cube paperweight is one of our most popular corporate crystal gift items produced from pure optical crystal and which are available in three different sizes. A beautiful desktop gift awards that sparkles in the light. This clear crystal cube gift award features a flat on one corner to make it free standing and have ample room on the back side for personalization. Truly a fantastic and unique corporate gift ideas you would like to buy for your very special employees and customers.

crystal cube paperweight

Optical Crystal Cube Paperweight Executive Gifts



10. Optical Crystal Octagon Paperweight: Our optical crystal octagon paperweight is appropriate gift for any business promotions or corporate award programs. This octagon shape beveled edges makes make a wonderful desk gift items. If you are thinking to send your clients a gorgeous corporate gift items then this could be a fantastic option for you.

Optical Crystal Octagon Paperweight

Clear Crystal Octagon Paperweight Office Gifts



11. Crystal Round Slanted Paperweight: This gorgeous multifaceted crystal round slanted paperweight enrich our paperweights collection more special than others. Our multifaceted slanted gem cut round crystal paperweight is elegant, thick, heavy and like diamonds that makes this gift awards truly bold and beautiful. Ideal office desk gift items can offer specially to top executives, educators, teachers, business women and for very special individuals in your organization. Pink slanted crystal paperweight is also available in our collection.

slanted round crystal paperweight

Crystal Slant Top Faceted Paperweight



12. Crystal Playing Card Paperweight: For gaming companies we bring this special casino theme playing card crystal paperweight for the customers of your gaming industries and for employees. An ideal crystal promotional gifts specially designed for casinos, gaming companies, gambling businesses, bars, casino events, gaming shows and specially for Las Vegas companies. Our crystal poker card paperweight is gorgeous corporate gift awards that will surely impress your employees an corporate clients.

crystal playing card paperweight

Laser Engraved Crystal Playing Card Paperweight



13. Crystal Dome Paperweight: You will find our classical dome crystal paperweight in low price but constructed from high quality clear optical crystal. This crystal dome paperweight is perfect for any corporate award or product promotions. A wonderful crystal gift item which is relevantly much cheaper in price but elegant and economical that makes a great corporate promotional gift for any company.

optical crystal dome paperweight

Clear Crystal Dome Paperweight




Explore our Pink Crystal Paperweight Corporate Gifts for women executives and female employees


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