8 Eye-catching and Unique Crystal Awards that will Leave a Lasting Impression

8 Eye-catching and Unique Crystal Awards that will Leave a Lasting Impression

Recognize Employees with Shimmering Crystal Awards and it will be Cherished for Years

Employee recognition is very important and for the sake of business employees should be recognized quarterly, monthly half yearly and annually. By recognizing employees and team, you can keep employee motivated and able to create a happy workspace. Motivated employees and happy workplace will lead your business towards great success. Sometimes, successful employee recognition can be a bit challenging for you specially in this fastest growing and competitive world. An effective employee recognition depends on various aspects. Employees are the key of your business. They are sacrificing their time and doing all the hard work for your business. So, when time comes for recognition, they expect something very special as a token of their special accomplishments. So, give them the best recognition that they deserved with unique crystal awards that will give them truly unique winning feeling. Optical crystal awards the highly prestigious and widely used recognition item in the awarding industry, used by the many companies. Your employee recognition strategy can be successful:

1. When awarding your employees with meaningful crystal awards and that carry a special meaning to them.

2. When your presented awards widely accepted by all of them and

3. When your engraved crystal awards create beautiful memories years after years.

In the past, we discussed above mentioned point no. 1 and 2 in details but here we are very keen to discuss point no. 3 and this is the toughest part. Let us make it easier for your with a real life example. Let’s think, you are doing business in the automotive industry and planning to recognize your car dealers with personalized crystal awards. If you choose crystal rectangle plaques or crystal circle plaques then it will be quite difficult for you to achieve above no. 3 point. Because these crystal plaque awards are very common these days and those dealers may already receive these type of crystal awards in the past. Instead, you can recognize their auto brands in more unique and elegant manner. Choose our crystal car awards and when your car dealers receive our crystal awards in car shape, it will be an unforgettable recognition piece to them. They will value your crystal auto awards as it will make a great positive impact on their auto brand in the long run.


Make your Recognition Awards Memorable with the Magic of Custom Crystal Awards

To make awards memorable to your recipients, you need to choose category/theme specific awards or industry specific awards and it will not only easier to make your awards thoughtful but also make it impressive to its recipients. When they look at these crystal awards, it will bring many wonderful memories to them and your brand will be remembered for many years to come. CreativeCrystalAwards.com is the industry leading corporate awards supplier in USA. We are in the awards business for more than 50 years and we are the creative awards maker, making high end crystal awards and trophies for various industries and sectors. We understand employee recognition is important for you as well as brand recognition and that’s why, we are making that kinds of thoughtful awards in crystal that you really need for your teams and for your brand. Our crystal awards are completely handmade, unique and stylish. Here at creative Crystal Awards, you will find vast range of real estate awards, automotive awards, marine awards, wildlife animal awards, sea life animal award, casino awards, aviation awards, trucking awards, sports awards, fruit awards, music awards, academic awards, hand awards and many more. These corporate crystal awards are not only modern and attractive but also comes in competitive prices than other trophy suppliers in the market. When you bring these awesome crystal trophy awards in your employee awards presentation event, these will surely impress your guests and audience. Your employees will feel very proud to receive these magnificent crystal awards from your hand and also love to put in a place so that their special achievement and your brand will display gorgeously in shimmering optic crystal lifelong.


From our bunches of crystal recognition awards, we specially selected these

8 Breathtaking Crystal Awards and Trophies that you definitely love to buy to make your brand and message of appreciation unforgettable to everyone in the long run.


unique crystal awards eye-catching crystal trophies 

Corporate Crystal Awards – Employee Recognition Awards – Custom Crystal Trophies



1. Crystal Frog Award

Get this creative and unique frog crystal iceberg award for someone special in your company. Use this amazing 3d frog crystal award to show them your appreciation. This leap frog crystal trophy award is a brilliant crystal masterpiece great for every achievements, corporate occasions and recognition events. If you are searching for river or aquatic animal awards then our crystal frog trophy would be an excellent choice for you. Our crystal frog mascot award is designed for frog lovers, parks, zoos and for those frog brands. Our craftsmen produced this crystal frog iceberg award from high quality optic crystal that features a highly detailed three dimensional frog artwork laser etched on the back of the crystal iceberg. The 3d frog crystal iceberg placed on a black crystal base. The base can be deep etched engrave with your logo, recipient name, message and year. Engraving is completely free. This 3d frog crystal sculpture award in ready for rush delivery. Each of your 3d crystal frog sculpture award comes with a nice presentation box. In addition to our crystal frog figurine award, you can also see our bestselling aquatic awards such as: crystal turtle award, crystal bass fishing award, crystal alligator award, crystal gold fish award, crystal dolphin award, crystal manatee award, crystal otter award, crystal whale award and more.


3d laser crystal frog iceberg award 

3D Laser Etched Crystal Frog Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Animal Trophy Awards : Crystal Animal Awards



2. Crystal Service Award

Show your appreciation and express your gratitude in a majestic way with this impressive crystal years of service award. This service award in crystal ideal for employee work anniversary, corporate anniversary, milestone achievements, retirements and more. What a great way it would be when honor your loyal and dedicated employees with this uniquely crafted number shaped crystal service award. When you recognizing someone special with a crystal service award in number shape it will create a significant impact on that extraordinary achievement. This employee long service award is masterfully hand-crafted from top quality optic crystal with meticulous attention to detail. Featuring a golden crystal number figurine stands on a black crystal base. A faceted crystal diamond peak plaque attached on the back of the crystal number sculpture that symbolizing brilliance and exemplary achievement of excellence. This years of service crystal award offers two engraving area. Your logo, recipient name, recognition wordings and year can be engraved on the diamond plaque and on to the base. When you handout this elegant crystal anniversary award to your longstanding employees for years of service it will shimmer on their hand and looks truly magnificent. This service crystal award is fully customizable means this employee service anniversary award can comes in any numbers and in any colors. Each of your engraved crystal years of service award will includes a free gift box. We also selling crystal 5 years of service award, crystal 10 years of service award, crystal 15 years of service award, crystal 20 years of service award, crystal 25 years of service award, crystal 30 years of service award, crystal 35 years of service award, crystal 40 years of service award, crystal 45 years of service award, crystal 50 years of service award and custom crystal service award by your own number.


employee long service award 

Crystal Long Service Award


Best High-End Crystal Years of Service Awards : Crystal Anniversary Awards



3. Logo Shaped Crystal Award

We know employee recognition is very important and brand recognition is even more important. In this competitive world you should consider both while recognizing employee and business partners. Yes, with the beauty of crystal logo shaped award you can impress your best employees with unique recognition award and promote your brand stylishly. When employee recognition awards made in the shape of logo, it will make your awards unique and colorful but more importantly it will increase your brand value by displaying your brand exquisitely in the competition. That’s way, these days many companies are interested to award their employees, team and vendors with custom logo cut crystal award. For logo crystal awards, just share your logo with us and our craftsmen will create your logo shaped award in optical crystal and then your full color logo digital printed on the back of your crystal logo figurine award. Each of your crystal logo sculpture award includes a matching crystal base for engraving. Engraving is always free. Recipients will love to put on display their crystal logo award on desk and your brand will be remembered for many years to come. To make your custom cut crystal logo shape award extra special, we will provide you a free individual presentation ready gift box. Beside, manufacturing custom made crystal logo awards, we are also supplier of crystal number awards and crystal letter awards. They are both great for corporate recognition and brand recognition.


custom crystal logo shaped award 

Custom Cut Crystal Logo Award


Best High-End Crystal Logo Sculpture Awards : Logo Awards in Crystal



4. Crystal Apple Award

Apple symbolize good health, wellness, wisdom, education and innovation. If you are searching for best gift award for teachers then our green crystal apple award makes a perfect teacher’s appreciation award. Use this green apple crystal award to honor and respect outstanding school teachers, educators, mentors, scholars and distinguished persons who have help us, guide us, shape us and make a big difference in our lives. Apple shaped crystal award is the most prestigious and unique way to appreciate extraordinary accomplishments special in education sector. However, our crystal apple statue award is also ideal for apple lovers, makers of the best apple desert, apple growers, schools, colleges, universities, fruit businesses, fruits processing companies and for those apple brands. Whether you want to commemorate a milestone or express gratitude, our green crystal apple trophy award is the perfect choice for any special occasion, celebration or recognition event. This crystal apple shape award lovingly handmade from high-quality, pure optic crystal. Featuring a green crystal apple figurine with clear crystal stem and leaf that creating a stunning visual appeal. The green crystal apple sculpture mounted on a black crystal base. Let us engrave the base by the choice of yours that will make this crystal apple figurine award a thoughtful and memorable gift award to its recipients. This green crystal apple sculpture award is available for quick shipping. Each of your green apple crystal trophy award is individually packaged in a foam lined gift box with satin that make this apple shape crystal award a great choice for gifting. Beside, crystal apple awards, we are the supplier of crystal fruit awards, offering some of the bestselling crystal fruit trophy awards including: crystal peach award, crystal pear award and crystal tomato award.


green crystal apple trophy award 

Green Apple Crystal Trophy Award


Best High-End Crystal Fruit Theme Awards : Fruit Shaped Crystal Awards



5. Crystal Playing Cards Award

Step up your next casino card game event or poker tournament with this exquisite crystal poker award that will casino gaming event more exciting. Our casino playing card crystal award is a timeless way to celebrate outstanding achievements in casino games. What an impressive way it would be when congratulate big poker tournament winner, poker players, poker champions, casino enthusiasts and celebrate their victory with this awe-inspiring crystal poker trophy. This crystal playing card trophy award is also ideal for Texas Hold ’em championships, card tournaments, casino award shows, corporate poker events, or spirited Friday night poker contests. This casino crystal card game trophy award is fully handmade. Produced from fine quality optic crystal features, 5 clear crystal royal flush playing cards stand on a black crystal rectangle base. Let us engrave the base with your logo, winners name, message and award year that will make your casino playing cards crystal trophy unique. You will enjoy free in-house engraving for a fast and efficient service. When you purchase this playing card crystal trophy award, your will also receive free branded presentation box engraved with your logo. This is a one-of-a-kind Las Vegas themed casino crystal trophy that will create remarkable casino experiences in the long run. Creative Crystal Awards is the best casino crystal awards supplier and we are offering some of the bestselling crystal casino awards including: crystal ace of spade trophy, crystal dice trophy, crystal poker trophy, crystal playing card award, crystal ace of clubs award, crystal poker chips award, crystal slot machine award and many more.


Las Vegas crystal casino playing cards award 

Las Vegas Casino Playing Cards Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Casino Theme Awards : Casino Theme Crystal Awards



6. Crystal Light Bulb Award

Our brain power light bulb shaped crystal award is a unique crystal masterpiece designed for the brightest and the sharpest individuals in your company. The bright idea light bulb crystal award is the perfect recognition award for those exceptional employees who bring creative ideas or generate innovative ideas for your business. Our light bulb crystal trophy is a modern recognition idea great for any corporate occasion and recognition programs. Pick this unique crystal light bulb trophy to recognize innovation and bright ideas also appropriate for software companies, engineering companies, technology companies, robotic companies, science clubs, chess clubs, math clubs, various event at schools, colleges / universities. This brain power light bulb crystal trophy can also be used as an innovator award, ideation award, creative award or as a brain power award. What a brilliant way it would be when you recognize your top thinkers, team leader with bright ideas and creative peoples with this exciting light bulb crystal award. Our crystal artisan artfully constructed this crystal light bulb statue award from finest quality optic crystal. Featuring a solid piece of clear crystal light bulb figurine stands on a black crystal base. Let us personalize the base with your choice and it will lighting up its recipient special accomplishments forever. Promote exceptional ideas and great invention by awarding this stunning light bulb crystal award and it will be a shining example of creativity. This crystal light bulb figurine award is available for quick shipping. Buy this crystal light bulb sculpture award from rush awards section and get free engraving and free elegant gift box. Our crystal puzzle piece award can be a great alternative to this crystal light bulb shape award.


brain power light bulb crystal award 

Bright Idea Light Bulb Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Brainpower Trophy Awards : Brain Power Awards



7. Crystal Star Trophy

This year, handout this spectacular crystal star tower award to your very best employees and tell them “You’re a Star!” Recognize stellar performance of your star performers with our exquisite crystal shooting star trophy and let their brilliant achievement shining like stars. This shooting star crystal trophy award designed for the high achievers who wants to reach for the stars. However, this star shaped crystal tower award can be an ultimate recognition choice great for employee recognition, team recognition, leaderships and corporate recognition. When you recognize your super stars with this sparkling crystal star award it will inspire them to reach new heights. This shooting star crystal award hand-crafted out of superior quality optic crystal, featuring a star shaped crystal column evolved towards top to make slanted face. This crystal star column stand on a clear/black crystal base. Your logo can be deep etched on the slanted area and recipient name, text and year can be engraved on to the base. This crystal star pillar award can comes in three different sizes and in any colors. Use this tall, heavy and solid feel crystal star column award to honor your brightest stars and it will deliver WOW factor at your upcoming corporate awards presentation ceremony event. When you purchase this star shaped crystal award, you will avail free engraving, free setups, free nice gift box and your engraved crystal star trophies will landed your door at quick timeframe. Creative Crystal awards is the custom crystal star awards supplier and we are offering some the bestselling star crystal awards which includes: golden crystal star trophy, blue crystal star award, red star crystal award, crystal triple star award, star shaped crystal plaque award, slant face crystal star award, crystal star column award, crystal star plaque award, gold metal star crystal trophy and many more.


slanted crystal shooting star award 

Shooting Star Crystal Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Star Trophies : Crystal Star Awards



8. Faceted Crystal Diamond Plaque Award

Give the best recognition with the elegance and the brilliance of the faceted crystal diamond award that displays countless appreciation to employees and clients who do excellent work. Whether it is employee recognition or corporate recognition, diamond crystal award is perfect for milestone achievement, leaderships, outstanding sale performance, service anniversary, retirements and more. When you recognize employees and business partners with majestic crystal diamond peak award, it will show your message of appreciation in an elegant way. This diamond peak crystal plaque is perfectly made out of premium quality optic crystal with great attention to detail. Featuring a clear, faceted crystal diamond peak plaque award with large engraving area. The faceted areas will create magical colors when capture the light. This is a freestanding crystal diamond plaque award but a clear/black crystal base can include upon request. Your logo and personalization texts will looks brilliant when deep etched engrave on the diamond peak crystal plaque award. Engraving is completely free. The striking design and elegant looks can be an instant attention-grabber. Your recipients will surely going to cherish it for many years to come. Each of your engraved crystal diamond peak award includes an individual gift box which is also free. We are crystal diamond awards supplier and selling unique crystal diamond trophies and awards including: clear crystal diamond award, blue crystal diamond award, black crystal diamond plaque award, red crystal diamond award, crystal diamond tower award, diamond crystal column award, crystal diamond on pillar award, crystal diamond trophy award and many more.


faceted crystal diamond plaque award 

Faceted Crystal Diamond Plaque Award


Best High-End Crystal Plaque Awards : Crystal Plaques



We are delighted to bring these unique and meaningful corporate recognition awards that will not only amaze your recipients but also works as a lasting reminder of their unusual achievements. Furthermore, in our collection, we also have many unique crystal awards ideas that you will definitely love to get for your next corporate awards ceremony. However, if you need to make specific crystal awards then our crystal award designer can create your custom awards at fast turnaround. Contact us today and let us supply completely handmade crystal awards that will make your next corporate awards event meaningful and memorable.


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CreativeCrystalAwards.com is proudly supplying custom crystal awards to some of the renowned international companies, multinational companies, fortune 500 companies around the world. We are mainly wholesale crystal awards supplier in USA, manufacturing and supplying customized crystal awards in bulk at wholesale prices. However, we are offering flexible MOQ and big discount on bulk orders. When visiting our crystal awards online, you will discover thousands of unique awards in optical crystal and art glass. These are handmade, unique and modern in design but more importantly designed to suit with your budgets and needs. Sometimes, you may need to buy engraved crystal awards quick and even in 2 or 3 days time. Don’t worry, we are the America’s online retail awards supplier, selling crystal awards and trophies online. To meet up your rush awards needs, we stocked some of the high demand, popular and bestselling crystal awards in our Florida showroom. These rush crystal awards are 100% ready for sale and your personalized crystal awards will be shipped in the same day after payment and artwork approval. Creative Crystal Awards are very proud to have thousands of happy customers worldwide and we strongly believe, you will get high quality crystal awards as lowest prices and you will get tremendous satisfaction while working with our team. If you are searching for trusted wholesale crystal awards suppliers and want to make custom crystal awards then you are in right place. Contact with us and share your ideas with us. Let our crystal craftsmen create bespoke crystal awards, engrave professionally and ship well before your business awards ceremony. These gorgeously designed crystal awards & trophies will make your awards program successful for sure. Please note that, we are the manufacturer of crystal awards and making our own crystal award trophies, so, it is recommended to contact with us as early as possible. So that, we can get minimum amount time to produce your custom awards and make delivery in advance.