7 Glistening Golden Crystal Awards And Gold Accented Crystal Trophy Ideas

7 Glistening Golden Crystal Awards And Gold Accented Crystal Trophy Ideas

Special Characteristics & Influence of Golden Color

Gold, named after the precious metal. Gold, also called golden, is a color. Golden yellow is the color halfway between amber and yellow on the RGB color model. Metallic gold, such as in paint, is often called goldtone or gold tone, or gold ground when describing a solid gold background. Gold symbolizes wealth and prestige. The gold color is the color of success, achievement, and triumph. The color of wealth and high status. It is associated with luxury, quality, reputation, sophistication and elegance as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour. Bright gold catches the eye and represents inspiration and activation of spiritual energy. The color gold is a warm color that can be either bright and cheerful or somber and traditional. The color gold is cousin to the color yellow and the color brown, and is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. Golden is associated with male energy and the power of the Sun. Compared with silver, which is related to female energy and the Moon. So, you may understand why you need to go for golden crystal awards specially when your brand color is other than golden color.


Create a stunning Corporate Awards with Gold Accents

Popularity of golden color is increasing dramatically day by day. Because, golden color is the special color which is very gorgeous and can attract peoples. Even a very cheap and simple object can looks expensive or gorgeous when coated with golden yellow color and golden glitters. Furthermore, Golden color adds richness and warmth to everything that it comes in contact with. It illuminates and enhances other things around it. It is optimistic and positive. That’s why, the color golden is using everywhere not only in print media but also in creating and coloring sculptures, figurines, objects and models. For example, if you go to a souvenir gift shop you will see many corporate gift items coated with gold accents. Many shoppers like to get not only high quality items but also like to get that piece which is eye-catching. In the corporate award industry many trophy award manufacturers creating recognition items with gold accents due to high demand in the recognition award market. These days, many companies would like to recognize their employees with colored crystal awards and trophies rather than regular white/transparent/ clear glass awards which are color less.


Give your Recognition Events a Prestigious Look with Golden Crystal Awards & Trophies

Optical crystal awards are the very popular recognition items used by the many top brands, major vendors and giant companies. Because the clarity and purity of the optical crystal award trophies are truly awesome. Gleaming crystal awards are well known for its magical sparkling effect. Can you imagine, if the clear crystal awards produce that brilliant impression than what can a golden optical crystal awards do for your upcoming gala corporate awards night. Yes! If you not only want to amaze your recipients and guests but also want to move your employee recognition award ceremony to the next level than gold accented crystal awards will do the trick for you.


Creative Crystal Awards is the leader in the corporate award industry. Besides producing clear crystal awards, we are also making golden yellow crystal awards and trophies. Our collection of amber crystal awards combines a flair of elegance to optical crystal award pieces by accenting them with amber gold colors. Gold amber optical crystal awards are truly an innovative combination of colors great for any corporate awards function or recognition presentation ceremony.


Today we are going to introduce you these

7 Gorgeously Glistening Golden Crystal Awards and Gold Accented Crystal Trophies that will be a stand out at your next corporate awards ceremony.


golden crystal awards golden crystal trophies yellow crystal trophy award 

Golden Crystal Awards – Golden Yellow Crystal Trophy Award – Optical Crystal Awards with Gold Accents



1. Golden Star Crystal Trophy

  • Choose our optical crystal golden star award to recognize your star performers or special employees in your company.
  • This gold accented crystal star award is an extraordinary corporate award designed for extraordinary achievers.
  • Our golden yellow crystal star trophy award is unique and breath-taking award piece that will impress everyone.
  • Skillfully hand-crafted from premium quality optic crystal, features a golden crystal star attached on top of a curved clear crystal stand which stands on a black crystal base.
  • Beautiful golden amber crystal star award is tall and large perfect for many recognition occasions and achievements.
  • This gold optical crystal star trophy has two engraving space which can be deep etched engrave with gold color fill.
  • As always engraving is absolutely free!
  • Each of these personalized amber crystal star trophy award comes with a deluxe presentation gift box branded with your logo.


golden star crystal trophy award 

Golden Crystal Star Award


Best High-End Crystal Star Trophies : Crystal Star Awards



2. Golden Crystal Obelisk Award

  • Pick this large, tall and impressive golden crystal obelisk tower award to recognize those who stand tall above others. Truly a fabulous corporate award great for any highest achievements.
  • Gold accented crystal obelisk tower award is one of our most popular recognition award in our crystal tower trophy section.
  • The iconic golden optical crystal obelisk trophy is impressive in its presentation, height, and weight. The crystal trophy is 14” tall and made of solid crystal.
  • This monument crystal golden tower obelisk award entirely hand-crafted from fine quality optic crystal, features a gold amber accented obelisk shaped crystal piece glued on top of a black crystal base. Its base color corresponds with the level of win.
  • When personalize, this monument crystal amber obelisk award, it will be treasured by its recipients for many years to come.
  • Engraving is always free plus when you purchase this gold obelisk tower crystal award in bulk, you will receive free setups, free elegant presentation box with fast shipping.


golden crystal obelisk award 

Golden Crystal Obelisk Tower Award


Best High-End Crystal Obelisk Tower Trophies : Crystal Obelisk Awards



3. Golden Flame Crystal Award

  • Grab this magnificent optical crystal golden flame award for those innovative individuals and organizations who keep the flames of success burning brightly.
  • Gold accented crystal flame shape award is a great corporate award idea when recognizing inspirational excellence and outstanding achievements. This clear and yellow crystal flame award would be great fit with oil and gas companies, power & energy companies, firefighting companies and more.
  • The elegant and modern looking flame shaped crystal award with gold accents is a handmade piece, made from high grade optic crystal. Featuring a clear optic crystal and amber gold crystal piece hand-cut into the shape of burning flame and glued with each other to give it a fame shape design. The crystal flame sculpture placed on top of a black round crystal base. The beautiful combination of clear and golden crystal make this flame sculpture award a unique masterpiece.
  • Let our engravers personalized this golden yellow flame trophy award with the choice of yours (i.e. appreciation text, recipient name, year and logo) and leave it a lasting impression.
  • This clear crystal with amber gold accent flame trophy award is a beautiful, fresh design. Available in multiple sizes for the multiple winners.
  • Order this modern golden crystal flame trophy award and add a ‘spark’ to your recognition awards ceremony.


golden crystal flame award 

Crystal Golden Flame Award


Best High-End Crystal Flame Trophies : Crystal Flame Awards



4. Golden Crystal Diamond Plaque Award

  • Congratulate achievers for special achievements or celebrate a special occasion in style with this exquisite gold optical crystal rhombus diamond shaped plaque award.
  • This optical crystal diamond peak plaque with amber gold base represents sophistication on a budget.
  • It’s simple classic plaque made with genuine optic crystal. Featuring a tilted/rotated clear crystal block attached in the middle of the two golden crystal triangle bases.
  • If you need a commemorative crystal plaque or crystal memento with large engraving space then this crystal peak award with amber base award will best fit with your award giving ceremony.
  • The shiny clear crystal diamond plaque on top and elegant high-gloss, reflective golden base creates a unique and beautiful recognition piece.
  • Gold accent crystal base of this diamond crystal plaque, sparkling beautifully specially when it comes to the light.
  • This high-quality diamond crystal plaque with golden base award is the timeless choice for many formal events including: employee recognition, employee retirements, employee appreciation, years of service, company anniversary and many more.
  • Personalize this gold amber diamond peak crystal plaque with appreciation message, recipient name, year and brand logo by deep etched with silver color fill.
  • Buy this optical crystal diamond award with golden base and enjoy free engraving, free setups, free elegant gift box with quick shipping.


crystal golden diamond plaque 

Crystal Diamond Plaque with Golden Crystal Base


Best High-End Crystal Peak Awards: Crystal Diamond Awards



5. Crystal Golden Torch Award

  • Golden torch crystal award is the superb way to recognize leaders who set great example by leading the entire team from the front and showing the path of success.
  • Beside employee recognition, this crystal golden optical crystal torch would be an excellent choice to honor national heroes, politicians, government officers, political figures, scholars, teachers, professors, mentor, educators and more.
  • This amber gold accented crystal torch award is hand-crafted by skilled artisan. Featuring a tick crystal piece hand-cut nicely in the shape of a flame torch and a stylish curved fat crystal piece attached in-front of the torch award that give an addition support so that torch award keep standing always.
  • When personalize, this golden torch crystal award will look stunning and recipient will proud to display their special achievement to their guests.
  • This optical crystal golden flame torch available in many colors.
  • All of your personalized crystal golden yellow torch trophy award will comes inside a luxurious gift box that adds the beauty of the crystal.


crystal golden torch award 

Golden Crystal Torch Award


Best High-End Crystal Torch Trophies : Crystal Torch Awards



6. Crystal Golden Globe Award

  • This stunning optical crystal golden globe award is ideal for top achievement, world class performance, global achievements or the winners of various international competitions.
  • In addition, this gold accented crystal globe award would be an impressive recognition piece when you need to give someone “world of thanks”.
  • The golden world globe award is made out of genuine optic crystal that features a multifaceted round crystal plaque leaser engraved with a world globe map. The diamond faceted world globe plaque mounted atop a black crystal base. The real beauty of this world globe crystal trophy award is, at a first glance it looks like a 3d round crystal globe award. But, it’s actually a flat face golden globe trophy which is extremely beautiful specially when you need to buy a budget friendly globe award.
  • The multi-faceted edges giving this golden optical crystal globe award a vintage appearance. Complex cuts diffract light into a brilliant spectrum of colors, adding to its timeless appeal.
  • Choose this beautiful yellow gold crystal award and impress best employees at your corporate award program.
  • This gold accented crystal world globe trophy offer includes: wholesale price, free beautiful gift box, free setups with fast shipping.


crystal golden globe award 

Golden Globe Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Globe Trophies : Crystal Globe Awards



7. Golden Crystal House Award

  • If you are searching for unique crystal house awards to recognize highest achievements in real estate sector then you can think about to buying this gorgeous optical crystal house award with amber gold accents.
  • This golden color crystal house shape award would be a wonderful recognition gift or award for housing company, realtors, real estate dealers, property brokers, mortgage company, banks, insurance company, security company, building development company and more.
  • Our craftsmen produced this house shaped crystal award from high quality optic crystal that features a thick golden and black crystal hand cut with perfection and then attached with two crystal pieces each other to give it a real house shape design. The surface of the house engraved with black color fill. When this gold house figurine award catches the light, it produce golden color reflection magically.
  • Let us engrave your golden crystal house sculpture award with the choice of yours.
  • All of your golden amber accented crystal home award will be delivered inside a gorgeous gift box branded with your logo.


golden crystal house award 

Crystal Golden House Award


Best High-End Crystal House Shape Awards : Crystal House Awards



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