7 Fantastic Ideas of Black Crystal Awards & Trophies

7 Fantastic Ideas of Black Crystal Awards & Trophies

In the corporate award industry, the elegant design of Black Crystal Awards creates a rich recognition that demands attention. Successful accomplishments will be proudly remembered with stylishly designed black optical crystal awards. Clear and black accented crystal are one of the beautiful combination are joined together to make an elegant and unique black accented crystal awards & trophies. These stunning black optical crystal plaque awards contrast clear and black crystal for a look that is beyond striking.


Black can have a different symbolic meaning for everyone and every individual can have a different reaction to the color.


  • Black is Elegance
  • Black is Power
  • Black is Rich
  • Black is Beautiful
  • Black is Gorgeous
  • Black is Corporate


That’s why: in most occasions, people love to wear black dress (i.e. women in black dress and men in black suit and tie) in special gala night; most of people intends to buy black car instead of white car; and a special award ceremony means a “Black Tie Event!”


The color black has some powerful effects and can be associated with a sophisticated lifestyle, just think of a person wearing a little black dress or a formal dinner suit. Black is associated with power, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, authority, rebellion, and sophistication. Black is required for all other colors to have depth and variation of hue. The color black affects the mind and body by helping to create an inconspicuous feeling, boosting confidence in appearance, increasing the sense of potential and possibility.


Black is power – Black is linked to power. It’s an intimidating color that shows that the person wearing is setting themselves apart from others and it’s a color that indicates strength and discipline. Black doesn’t usually express many emotions, rather, it conceals them, giving the person in black an air of superiority.


Black is elegance – Black is a color that is quite elegant and simple at the same time. A black outfit be elegant compared to a colorful one. It’s a color used for special occasions or when a person is trying to look a little more appealing to the eye.


Creative Crystal Awards manufacturing corporate crystal awards and trophies for more than 4 decades. We uses black optical crystal some many times while producing customize awards and plaques. Our product line contains huge selection of crystal trophies and awards produced with black accented optic crystals and black art glass. These Black optical crystal trophy awards combine clear optical crystal with black crystal accents with black crystal bases for a truly stunning black crystal award.


We bring these 7 Fantastic Ideas of Black Crystal Awards, Trophies and Plaques you can choose to recognize the highest achievements.

This collection of black glass awards is sure to make an impression at any awards presentation event.


black crystal awards 

Black Crystal Awards – Black Optical Crystal Trophies – Black Accented Crystal Plaques



1. Black Crystal Drop Award

This Black Art Glass Drop Award is one the fantastic artistic glass masterpiece in our product line. If you are searching for custom drop shaped crystal awards or blown glass droplet sculptures & figurines i.e. art glass water drop awards, art glass teardrop awards, art glass oil drop awards, art glass water drop awards and art glass rain drop award then our unique collections of drop art glass awards & trophies will perfectly match with your requirement and budget. Our glass artist produce this black drop art glass award from artistic glass and optic crystal. This eye-catching art glass drop shaped award is mounted on black crystal base for personalization. All art glass drop trophy awards are hand made to ensure no two pieces are identical. With a variety of sizes, designs and colors, each drop shaped art glass award trophy piece is supplied in a gorgeous presentation box. Truly a superb corporate award option ideal for multinational oil companies, oil and gas industries, energy companies, firefighting industries and petroleum companies. Choose this magnificent black glass drop sculpture award to recognize your special employees and distinguished person in your organization as it will fit almost with many of your corporate award ceremonies and recognition programs.


hand blown black crystal drop award trophy
Black Glass Drop Trophy Award 

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2. Black Crystal Circle Trophy

Choose this spectacular Black Crystal Circle Trophy Award for honoring an individual achievement, top performers, or the whole team in your organization. This round crystal black circle trophy will take your corporate award to the next level. Sleek, corporate and elegant black crystal round award is a sophisticated award choice. Constructed entirely from flawless gold and black accented optic crystal. This black circle crystal trophy award features a golden bordered black crystal circle plaque mounted on a tall and heavy black crystal base. The black circular crystal trophy is really tall and heavy crystal trophy piece that offers ample etching area that can be deep etched with silver or gold color fill. This circle shaped black crystal trophy award is one of the luxurious corporate trophy recently added into our product line. Each of these elegant black optical crystal round circle award trophy will comes with a gorgeous gift box. This circular shaped round crystal award trophies are perfect for everything from small office celebrations to large scale corporate events. Whether it’s corporate achievements or sports achievements this circle shaped black optical crystal trophy will definitely impress your recipients.


black crystal circle trophy
Round Black Crystal Circle Award 

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3. Black Crystal Rectangle Plaque Award

Showcase your appreciation message in style with this spectacular Black Crystal Plaque from Creative Crystal Awards. This beautiful Black Crystal Rectangle Plaque is a great choice and perfect for all kinds of employee recognition events and corporate celebrations. The black optical crystal plaque award constructed with the beautiful combination of clear and black optical crystal, features a thick black crystal vertical rectangular plaque. A clear crystal triangle block nicely attached both sided of the black crystal rectangle shaped plaque. This black rectangular crystal plaque is a freestanding award and has huge engraving space which can be personalized with your congratulatory message, texts and logo. The beautifully angle cut design of this rectangular shaped black crystal plaque gives this crystal desktop plaque an elegant prism-like that will look superb on any desk or award banquet. This black crystal rectangle awards available in three different sizes i.e. large, medium and small. It also comes in customizable colors to match with your brand color.


Black Crystal Rectangle Plaque Award
Black Crystal Vertical Rectangle Award 

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4. Black Crystal Tower Award

This distinctive Black Crystal Tower Award is a wonderful way to recognize the ultimate in achievement. Perfect recognition award ideas can be used for honoring distinguished service, special performance or outstanding achievements. This simple yet elegant black optical crystal tower trophy awards will have your recipients feeling like true champions. Tower shaped crystal awards are for employees who stand head and shoulders above everyone. We hand-crafted this black crystal tower plaque award from high quality optic crystal that features a wedge shaped black crystal tower with much thicker and heavier at bottom that narrowing towards top. This is self-standing tower crystal award and is about 12 inches tall. The black crystal tower plaque award has ample personalization area. Both golden and silver color fill engraving will looks fabulous. This black tower crystal award plaques are comes in three different sizes. Each of these personalized crystal tower awards will be supplied inside a gorgeous presentation box.


black crystal tower award
Black Optical Tower Plaque Award 

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5. Black Crystal Circle Plaque Award

Congratulate your employees with this beautiful black crystal circle plaque form CreativeCrystalAwards.com. This round shaped black optical crystal circular award is perfect for honoring those who’s contributions have helped your company come full circle. Our craftsman skillfully hand-crafted this black crystal circle award from superior quality optic crystal that features a beveled crystal wedge shaped standup circle award with a flat polished bottom. Recipients who received this beautiful black crystal round award will proud to display it on their desktop and it will make a long lasting impression. This exclusive circular shaped crystal awards perfect for all occasions and events including: recognition awards, appreciation awards, milestone achievement awards, retirement awards, sales awards, service award and retirement awards. The round shaped crystal circle award has great personalization area and can comes in customizable sizes and colors. Each of these personalized crystal circle beveled award circle round shaped crystal awards will comes inside a deluxe presentation box.


black crystal circle plaque award
Crystal Circle Trophy Award Circle Round Shaped Crystal Awards 

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6. Black Crystal Diamond Award

Reward success at work or show your honor and gratitude with this striking brilliance of Black Crystal Diamond Award. A modern twist on a classic crystal awards. This classic diamond crystal trophy award is a medium for conveying the feeling of accomplishment and appreciation that will accompany this black crystal piece when it is presented to a hard working individual or team. The black crystal diamond shape plaques are made in optical crystal with thick beveled edges and mounted on a black crystal rectangular base. The flat front of this diamond crystal plaques provides a large area for engraving with your event or achievement details. Our artisan produce this amazing crystal diamond award plaques by hand and hand-polished beautifully to ensure that your customizable diamond crystal award will truly stand out and impress its recipients. Designed for employee recognition, achievement awards and all kinds of corporate celebrations and award ceremonies. This diamond peak crystal award is tall and heavier than other regular crystal awards and can comes in customizable sizes or colors. All of these engraved crystal diamond shaped plaques will be individually packed inside a gorgeous gift box.


black crystal diamond award
Black Crystal Diamond Shaped Plaque Award 

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7. Double Sail Black Crystal Trophy Award

This beautiful Black Crystal Double Sail Award is made with the brilliant combination of clear and black crystal. Present this classy custom black crystal trophy at your next corporate event. This double sail shaped crystal award makes a stately statement for corporate excellence. If you are searching for personalized crystal sailing trophies and awards then our black crystal double sail trophy award would be a wonderful crystal trophy award perfect for any sailing events, sailing races and sailing championship. This curved shaped crystal sail award features a double sail nicely place on top of a black crystal base. The sailboat theme crystal award has large engraving area. This unique custom crystal sail trophy will stun any recipients, winner or champion. Our sail shape crystal awards comes in various design styles, sizes and colors. Whether it’s sailing competitions or corporate presentation ceremony, this custom crystal sailing trophies will make your corporate award night a successful one. All of these engraved crystal sailing awards will be delivered inside a luxurious presentation gift box.


Double Sail Black Crystal Trophy Award
Double Sail Shaped Crystal Award  

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