9 Creative Nautical Theme Awards & Trophy Ideas for Marine Industry

9 Creative Nautical Theme Awards & Trophy Ideas for Marine Industry

Bring The Ocean Into Your Corporate Award Ceremony with Maritime Awards

Summer is officially here and the weather is truly glorious! We are dreaming of days at the beach, dipping our toes in the sea and collecting shells. Many of them are planning to enjoy their summer days by fishing. Many of them will enjoy the unseen under water beauty by scuba diving. Many travelers will enjoy the seas by traveling on super yacht and some of them may participating in sailing regattas boat racing competitions. Many of them will spend their days with deep sea creatures. Which means, there are lots of fun activities are waiting for the ocean lovers and marine enthusiasts. But in the corporate world, many of the employees and staffs may going to miss these summer fun and adventures due to busy business activities and tight schedule of job life. So, if your employees and workers going to miss to make a trip to the beach this year then you can still bring the sea beach to them by recognizing them with nautical theme awards at your upcoming corporate awards ceremony. These marine theme award ideas will make them feel like they are enjoying a summer day at the ocean. When your guests, recipients and audience see or receive these spectacular ocean theme awards, they will smell the sea, feel the breeze and hear the ocean, embark on an emblematic maritime cruise with your nautical themed awards.


Give your Recipients the Ultimate Ocean Experience with Sea-Inspired Recognition Awards

Ocean, marine or nautical theme such a versatile theme, with such iconic details like as: ships, compass, marine steering, anchors, lighthouse, coastal elements (sea shell, pearl, star fish, etc.), sailing boats, deep sea fish, marine life and many more that can be applied to any corporate award shows or recognition program. Creative Crystal Awards is the specialized in manufacturing bespoke crystal awards and trophies. Over the years we have designed and delivered lots of ocean themed awards, trophies and plaques to the top companies in the marine industry or marine sector. No time to go to the beach and soak in the ocean life for a day? No problem, as you have come to the right place. Let our creative award designer bring the sea experience to you with lots of ideas for hosting the perfect recognition awards function! Hopefully after seeing some of these unique nautical awards you will get an idea of how you can incorporate them into your own nautical theme recognition event and create a fun and unique recognition awards that your recipients and guests will be talking about for a long time.


So, if you are searching for ocean or sea theme award ideas then capture the real feeling of summer and sea with these

9 magnificent Marine Themed Awards and Trophies


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1. 3D Laser Etched Crystal Whale Award

  • Let your recipients dive into the bottom of the seas with this impressive 3d laser crystal humpback whale award.
  • 3d whale crystal award is one of the very popular recognition award perfect for all celebrations, occasions and events.
  • This crystal whale award features a highly detailed humpback whale sculpture 3d etched on the back side of the irregular shapes of crystal iceberg plaque. The 3d whale sculpture will looks brilliant in 3d crystal iceberg. An additional matching crystal base (black/clear) can come with this 3d whale crystal sculpture iceberg award.
  • Let us personalize the base with recipient name, data and logo. As always engraving is absolutely free!
  • 3d laser engraved crystal whale iceberg award would be a great recognition item for the scuba divers, whale lovers, aquarist, marine researchers, marine biologists and others.
  • Each of these 3d laser crystal whale animal award will comes with a deluxe presentation box.
  • Our 3d crystal iceberg awards category contains many other marine life/ocean life/sea life animal awards including: 3d crystal otter award, 3d crystal bass fish award, 3d crystal turtle award, 3d crystal seal award, 3d crystal manatee award, 3d crystal dolphin award, 3d crystal crocodile award, 3d crystal penguin award, 3d crystal frog award and many more.


3d laser etched crystal whale award 

3D Crystal Whale Sculpture Award


Best High-End Iceberg Crystal Awards : 3D Laser Etched Crystal Iceberg Awards



2. Crystal Light House Award

  • A lighthouse is a beacon, a tower that points the way. This optical crystal lighthouse award is a symbol of direction and leadership. A perfect recognition award for those with vision like leaders who guide one to their goals.
  • Presenting this delightful lighthouse shaped crystal trophy award for superior marine accomplishments.
  • Imagine the expression of the recipients who receive this crystal beacon award in your recognition program. Spirit rock lighthouse crystal award specially designed for sailors, ship captains, marine engineers or other professionals in the marine industry.
  • This clear crystal spirit rock lighthouse trophy award features a hand-crafted crystal lighthouse sculpture mounted on a black crystal base.
  • The surface of the lighthouse crystal tower award is leaser engraved in detail to give it a realistic look.
  • Let our engravers personalize the base of your choice.
  • Each of these engraved crystal light house shape award will comes with an elegant gift box.


Lighthouse Crystal Award 

Light House Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal House Awards : House Shaped Crystal Awards



3. Crystal Sailing Award

  • Whether on land or sea, this optical crystal sailboat award is a perfect choice for any special winner. This sailing crystal award would be a perfect recognition award for the team leader who sailing entire team towards success.
  • Pick this brilliant crystal sailboat shape award to recognize and impress sailors, ship captains, regatta racing winner and the special sailboat lovers. However, this crystal regatta sailboat award can be used for many wide variety of corporate occasions.
  • This sailboat shaped crystal award designed for regatta racing event, sailing competition, boat racing event and more.
  • Our crystal sailing boat trophy is a handmade piece, entirely constructed from finest quality optic crystal features a solid clear crystal piece cut in the shape of a sail which is placed on an angle cut blue crystal base that makes a nice crystal sailing boat sculpture award.
  • There are plenty of engraving space as the surface of the sail and the blue crystal boat both can be deep etched engrave with your congratulatory text, winner name and logo.
  • When you order this crystal sailboat figurine award you will receive free engraving, free luxurious gift box, free setups and fast shipping.


sailing boat crystal award 

Crystal Sailboat Award


Best High-End Crystal Sailing Boat Awards : Crystal Sailboat Awards



4. Crystal Anchor Award

  • Complete your nautical look with this bold coastal decor sculpture featuring an excellent finished crystal anchor.
  • If you are searching for unique nautical awards then choose this impressive crystal anchor award and WOW your recipients.
  • Anchor crystal trophy award is an excellent recognition award idea for great achievements in marine industry.
  • Use this crystal anchor trophy to recognize ship captains, marine engineers, sailors, anchorman and to recognize the ultimate success in fishing, boating and sailing.
  • This crystal anchor shaped awards entirely constructed from flawless optic crystal, features a clear crystal anchor sculpture placed on a flat, black crystal rectangle base.
  • The black crystal base can be engraved with your own choice.
  • When you award someone with this custom crystal anchor figurine award it will surely surprise them and they will be proud to display buy putting it on their desk or shelf.
  • All of your crystal anchor replica will comes with a very attractive presentation box.


crystal anchor award 

Crystal Anchor Sculpture Award


Best High-End Crystal Nautical Themed Awards : Nautical Awards



5. Crystal Sea Shell Award

  • Recognize special achievements in a stylish way with this fantastic beach seashell crystal award.
  • Optical crystal seashell award is great for any recipients and events.
  • This seashell shaped crystal award is very attractive so any recipients who receive this beautiful crystal seashell figurine award, would love to place in their home and office to enhance their workspace.
  • Our craftsmen skillfully handcrafted this crystal seashell replica from genuine optic crystal, features a large clear crystal sea shell with a white artificial pearl. The crystal seashell sculpture mounted on a very large black crystal base.
  • The base can be deep etched engrave with your appreciation text, recipient name and brand logo.
  • When personalize this crystal seashell statue award it will be a treasured keepsake to its recipient for many years to come.
  • Purchase this crystal shell award (MOQ*) as low as wholesale prices. Offer includes free engraving, free gift box, free setups and quick shipping.


seashell crystal award 

Seashell Crystal Award


Best High-End Maritime Awards : Ocean Themed Awards



6. Art Glass Conch Shell Award

  • An exceptional achievement deserving of an exceptional award. If you are looking for beach themed awards then grab this Murano style hand blown conch shell award that is sure to impress.
  • Conch shell art glass award is a great recognition option when you want to add unique and colorful awards for recognition program.
  • This artistic glass conch shell figurine award is more than an award. When any recipient place this blown glass conch shell statue award it will bring the beach environment in their home or office. However, anyone can collect this Murano style glass sea shell sculpture as a centerpiece decoration. It would be the perfect addition to any hotel, resorts, beach house or a lake house!
  • Our conch shell art glass sculpture is designed by Murano inspired glass master. Each of this glass shell sculpture piece is individually hand blown so every piece is completely unique in design with slight changes of color variations.
  • Each of these hand blown conch shell art glass statue award will comes with your logo engraved presentation ready gift box.


conch shell art glass sculpture award 

Conch Shell Art Glass Sculpture Award


Best High-End Art Glass Figurines : Art Glass Sculptures



7. Art Glass Sail Boat Award

  • Searching for unique recognition awards for the employees or colleagues who is going to retire? Choose this exquisite regatta sailboat art glass award and say “Good Luck on Your New Journey for New Adventure!”
  • However, this voyage art glass boat award perfect for sailing event, regatta racing event, yacht racing competition and more.
  • A great nautical or maritime motif award idea or sailing trophy suggestion for those who love sailing and boating.
  • When you award special recipients with this delightful regatta boat art glass award it will truly impress them. This art glass sailing award is hand blown piece design by our experienced blown glass master. Featuring a sail boat art glass sculpture placed on a round crystal base.
  • Spectacular colors throughout this one of a kind artist creation. Such a wonderful art glass piece that will revamp your recipient’s home or office with stylish appeal.
  • Each sailing art glass award is individually hand blown so not two pieces are identical.
  • Beside recognition piece, this sailing yacht art glass figurine award can also be used as a modern decorative centerpiece.
  • All of your engraved art glass sailing boat trophy award will deliver inside a gorgeous presentation box.


sailboat art glass award 

Sailing Boat Art Glass Award


Best High-End Art Glass Sailboat Trophies : Art Glass Sailboat Awards



8. Art Glass Fishing Trophy

  • Art glass sea fishing award is a great way to celebrate the winner of fishing event, fishing trip, fishing tournament, fishing competition. This sea fish art glass trophy is sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient!
  • Our blue art glass deep sea fish sculpture would be a great fishing trophy to recognize a big catch.
  • This glass fishing award is made out of high quality crystal glass, features a large blue glass sea fish statue placed on a black crystal base.
  • Each of these fish art glass sculpture are individually hand blown so no two pieces are alike.
  • This artistic glass fish figurine would be a fantastic centerpiece specially when you want to bring of sea life in your home or office interior. When someone place this unique art glass fish sculpture on desk it will surely attract guest and audience.
  • Each of these sea fishing art glass award will comes with a nice elegant presentation box.
  • Order this fishing art glass trophy award and get free engraving service with fast shipping.


fish art glass award 

Deep Sea Fish Art Glass Sculpture Award


Best High-End Art Glass Fish Sculptures : Art Glass Fish Awards



9. 3D Crystal Container Ship Award

  • Want to recognize employees and co-workers in the shipping industry then you can choose this 3d laser engraved container ship crystal award.
  • This 3d ship model crystal award is an excellent option when you looking for ship themed crystal awards for international shipping companies, ship building companies, ocean transport companies, cargo companies, ocean freight & logistics companies, navy, coast guard, offshore service company and more.
  • This 3d crystal ship award features a highly detailed three dimensional large cargo ship laser engraved inside the large crystal rectangular cube which is placed on a blue crystal base.
  • 3d model ship will looks floating inside crystal cube and will creates a stunning 3d view from every different angles.
  • We can put your own ship model inside crystal. Simply provide us the 3d drawing files of your ship. Or, let our 3d graphic designer produce high quality model ship from your images.
  • Let our engravers personalize the base and surface of the rectangular cube with your own choice. Engraving is always free!
  • Each of these 3d cargo ship crystal award will comes with a branded presentation box.
  • When you purchase this 3d crystal container vessel awards with MOQ*, you will receive free engraving, quick shipping, free gift box and free setups.


3d laser crystal container ship award 

3D Container Ship inside Crystal Cube Award


Best High-End Ocean Theme Awards : Nautical Theme Awards



Now, you understand that bringing the ocean into your corporate awards event is not as hard as it sounds. Whether it is a corporate awards program or employee recognition events these ocean themed awards and trophies will ensure an under-the-sea adventure for all your recipients and guests in your next corporate award party.


Searching for unique Fish Awards or custom Fish Trophies? Check out these

Hand Blown Art Glass Fish Sculptures & Fish Art Glass Figurines

perfect for any recognition events that will add a very descent look in your recipients home / office rooms.


If you want are interested to design your own marine awards with sea life/ocean life/marine life animals then check out these

3D Crystal Animal Sculpture Award Ideas

and let your recipients display and keep the sea life alive in the surface of sparkling crystal for many years.



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