7 Brilliant Ideas of Blue Crystal Awards

7 Brilliant Ideas of Blue Crystal Awards

Blue is the favorite color of all people. It’s nature’s color like the ocean and the sky, blue crystals have the power to soothe and calm but they are also extraordinarily powerful with the ability to take someone to great heights and depths. The blue color is cool, smart and corporate. It’s the premium color that will nicely match with almost any corporate brand color. Crystal awards are normally manufactured with clear optic crystal. But it can be colored in the manufacturing process to match the brand logo. Blue is the most requested color in the corporate awards sector. The blue colored crystal trophy awards will shine brilliantly, particularly when the blue crystal awards catches the light. Besides, Blue Crystal Awards looks gorgeous and sparkling than clear crystals. In the employee recognition award industry blue is one the popular color mostly used to design optical crystal awards, custom crystal trophies and recognition crystal plaques. If you are thinking of producing custom crystal awards for your next corporate award ceremony, try to put some blue accents in your custom awards. The beautiful combination of clear and blue accented crystals will create a stunning alluring and luxurious effect that will surely impress your recipients.


Creative Crystal Awards pride ourselves in offering a large range of high quality blue crystal trophy awards which are very best in unique and creative in our product line. Our blue crystal figurines contains some fashionable forms include apples, pyramids, diamonds, globes, stars, sailboats, whales, fishes, obelisks, vases and many more. Blue optical crystal awards are extremely popular in this modern days. In our collection, you will see various shades of blue crystals including cobalt blue crystal awards, dark blue crystal awards, sky blue crystal awards, ocean blue crystal awards and other custom blue accented crystal awards & trophies. While visiting our online award shop, you will see great selection of 100% blue colored crystal awards and some collection of awards constructed in mixture of clear and blue accented crystals. However, our blue art glass awards are the best in the world.



Here, we selected 7 Fantastic Blue Crystal Awards and Blue Crystal Trophies from our Blue Crystal Awards section that you may like to purchase for your next corporate award function.

blue crystal awards 

Blue Crystal Awards – Blue Optical Crystal Trophies – Blue Accented Crystal Plaques



1. Blue Crystal Pyramid Award

This stunning multi-dimensional Blue Crystal Pyramid Awards are hand crafted out of perfectly blue optical crystal to create unique pyramid shaped crystal award that make a bold statement. Sleek triangle sides coming to a stunning peak make the blue accented crystal pyramid award great for any recipients and celebrations. The stacked triple tier design of the blue crystal accolade pyramid award represents the ascent to success. This blue glass pyramid is one of the stylish pyramid shaped award in our collection. The blue optical crystal pyramid award shining brilliantly as light reflects off of it specially when it come to the light. This puzzle like blue pyramid crystal award features a three solid block of blue crystal cut into the shape of pyramid and glued each other with the slice of blue crystal that creates a brilliant optical crystal blue pyramid award. Climbing to the top is often awarded to recipients with a crystal pyramid award. A classic design, the pyramid shaped crystal award makes outstanding recognition awards for any corporate achievements including: leadership awards, teamwork awards, milestone achievement awards. Buy these superb blue crystal pyramid trophy awards and get free shipping + free gift box + free engraving + free setups.


blue crystal pyramid award 

Crystal Blue Accolade Pyramid Award

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2. Blue Crystal Globe Trophy

Choose these magnificent Blue Crystal Globe Awards to recognize and appreciate recipients whose efforts and dedication make a global impact. Blue crystal world globe awards and globe crystal trophies are a wonderful corporate award ideas can be used to reward a variety of outstanding corporate achievements. This beautiful world globe crystal trophy award entirely constructed from high grade optic crystal, hand-cut and hand-polished by skilled artist. The blue optical crystal globe award features a blue crystal world globe with white continent mounted on a large crystal base. The clear crystal base has enough room for personalization which can be deep etched engrave with silver color fill. You won’t find these uniquely hand-crafted optical crystal blue globe awards to other trophy suppliers. Creative Crystal Awards producing handmade crystal glass globe awards and custom globe trophies that are sure to inspire your employees, enhance your event, and reinforce your brand. This world globe crystal award trophies can comes in customizable colors and sizes to fit with your needs and budget.


Blue Crystal Globe Trophy 

Blue Globe Crystal Award

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3. Blue Crystal Diamond Peak Award

Show your appreciation in style to those highest achievers who reached the peak of success with this stunning design of Blue Crystal Diamond Peak Award. The blue crystal peak award is very elegant in design and have contemporary look. This blue peak crystal awards would be the perfect recognition awards great for all occasions and events. The blue diamond peak crystal awards made of thick piece of blue crystal that features a large beveled edges arrow head shape crystal plaque sits on a clear crystal base. The crystal arrow head award has ample engraving space as both the blue crystal peak plaque and the base can be personalized. This blue crystal peak award plaque is available in 3 sizes and can be personalized with any crest, logo or wording to create an award that is sure to take pride of place when put on display at home or at work and it will surely makes a long lasting impression for many years to come. Each of these blue peak crystal trophy awards supplied in a gorgeous presentation box.


Blue Crystal Diamond Peak Award 

Blue Crystal Diamond Shaped Peak Award

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4. Blue Crystal Hexagon Tower Award

Blue Crystal Hexagon Tower Awards represent success, so use these blue accented hexagon crystal tower awards to recognize employees in tall fashion. These spectacular crystal hexagon tower trophy constructed from superior quality optic crystal. The blue glass hexagon tower award features a hexagonal tower design with diagonal plane cut from the top that will makes it easier for engraving. Our blue optical crystal hexagon tower award is 12 inches tall and available in three sizes (i.e. large, medium and small). The crystal hexagon column award is a great corporate award to appreciate those that have and will continue to go the extra mile for your company. Each of our blue crystal hexagon pillar award piece is hand polished and beveled to perfection to achieve a mystical refraction. The hexagonal shaped crystal tower trophy award also comes in wide range colors including: clear, black, blue, pink, green and amber. This tall and classic shape blue crystal hexagonal shaped crystal tower awards is anything but old-fashioned but to its contemporary sub-surface mirror base design. The Blue Optic Crystal Hexagon Award makes a perfect trophy or prize for any corporate occasion and is one the very popular corporate award option great for all kinds of corporate presentation, recognition programs, celebrations and events. Each of these hexagon shaped crystal tower trophy awards come with a deluxe gift box.


Blue Hexagon Crystal Tower Award 

Blue Hexagon Tower Crystal Award

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5. Blue Crystal Circle Award

Recognize employees with this round, clear and blue crystal circle award is perfect for honoring those who’s contributions have helped your company come full circle. The blue optical crystal circular awards are elegant and very stylish, they are hand crafted out of perfectly clear and blue optical crystal. This is a freestanding circle shaped crystal plaque award made with the beautiful combination on blue and clear crystals. The edge of circular crystal award is nicely beveled and with a flat polished bottom that makes it a standalone crystal award. Whether its personal achievements, corporate achievements or sport achievements, thee luminous blue crystal circle award will fit perfectly with any of your recognition programs or corporate celebrations. If you are planning to reward a large group of employees or teams then our azure circle award blue optical crystal round circle plaque awards would be the cost effective option for you. A handsome elegant presentation box is also included with these blue crystal round awards. This cobalt blue crystal circle award will be a great addition to your recipient desktop or shelf and it will makes a long lasting memories.


luminous blue crystal circle award 

Blue Crystal Circle Shaped Crystal Awards

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6. Azure Diamond Blue Optical Crystal Award

Buy this Blue Ocean Diamond Crystal Award to recognize someone special at your upcoming corporate awards presentation. This fantastic azure diamond crystal trophy completely handcrafted by our skilled glass artist. The blue crystal azure diamond trophy award takes on new dimension with fascinating and brilliant cuts, topped with a shimmering blue diamond. This blue diamond crystal award produced from high quality blue crystals that features a blue crystal azure diamond standing beautifully on an optical crystal base. This exclusive blue optical crystal diamond award trophy will certainly thrill your recipient. The azure diamond shape crystal trophy is ideal for rewarding dazzling achievements. Azure diamond award selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade, luxurious award pieces from our shops. The faceted areas of the blue accented glass diamond trophy sparkling brilliantly when it catches the light. This impressive custom crystal blue diamond trophy will surely draw the attention of guest, audience and will impress them when it place on desktop or award banquets. All of these crystal blue diamond awards delivered inside a gorgeous presentation box.


blue crystal diamond trophy award 

Artistic Blue Accented Diamond Art Crystal Glass Azure Diamond Trophy Award

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7. Blue Crystal Star Trophy

Show your honor and gratitude to your star performers with the striking beauty of Blue Crystal Star Trophy from Creative Crystal Awards. This gorgeous optic crystal blue star award is a great option when you need a star shaped award in your employee recognition program. We offer a plethora of exclusive star theme crystal awards and trophies that feature star design. Celebrate top achievers and performers with our original collection of blue crystal star awards. This brilliant blue accented crystal star award made of flawless optic crystal. Hand-cut and hand-polished carefully to give it an excellent finish. Our blue optical crystal star trophy features a blue crystal shooting star sitting atop a weighty clear crystal trapezoidal base with ample area for laser engraving. The blue star crystal trophy is one of the impressive corporate crystal award in our crystal star collection the perfect statement for awarding stellar performance. This star shape crystal award are a modern design to suit all budgets and is available in customizable sizes and colors. Star awards are popular awards for employee awards, sales awards, customer service awards, top performers awards, hospitality awards, contest winners, and a variety of vendor and supplier award categories. Each of these crystal blue accented star trophy awards supplied in individual presentation boxes. This awesome star crystal award will be the real star at your next event.


Blue Crystal Star Trophy 

Blue Star Crystal Trophy Award

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