7 Elegant Slanted Crystal Awards Designed to Celebrate Great Achievements

7 Elegant Slanted Crystal Awards Designed to Celebrate Great Achievements

Slant Top Crystal Awards are the Best Recognition Option to Acknowledge Outstanding Achievements

For your next corporate awards ceremony event, you not only need to buy gorgeous and eye-catching awards for employees but the employee awards you are going to purchase should be meaningful and widely accepted by its recipients and audience. For example, if you want to award your fastest earners in your company then auto racing car crystal awards would be the perfect fit or if you are planning to honor educated individuals then crystal owl awards would be an amazing option as owl is often a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Hope you got the point. However, you can any consider other corporate awards ideas but in these modern world, it should be a good practice to recognize individuals with the awards based on the category of the awards, awards title or the type of achievements. Sometimes you need to purchase elegant crystal awards for top performance or highest achievements. On this occasion, slanted crystal awards are the kind for employee recognition awards that you may love to order to recognize top performing employees in your business. When you acknowledge outstanding performance with crystal slanted awards, their special achievement will be highlighted in an appealing way and this will surely move their confidence level higher and higher.


Recognize Top Achievements is Tall Fashion with Slant Top Crystal Tower Awards

To honor top performers, you need large crystal awards and top quality engraved crystal awards from the top ratings corporate awards supplier. CreativeCrystalAwards.com is the USA’s largest crystal awards manufacturer and supplier. We are supplying best quality slanted crystal tower awards more than 50 years. In our crystal slanted tower awards category, you will find vast range of slanted crystal trophies and awards which are comes in attractive design styles, unique colors and sizes. These slanted crystal trophy awards and designed very carefully so that they can fit nicely with various corporate occasions and budget. All of our slanted crystal column awards are totally hand-crafted, made from high quality optic crystal and hand-polished perfectly. They are extremely beautiful, will shine dramatically under the light and create magical colors. These brilliant crystal pieces has many unique features that you really need specially when you are going to celebrate success or to congratulate best individuals in your company.


From our wide range of slanted crystal pillar awards collection, we hand-picked these

7 Awesome Slant Top Crystal Tower Awards that you can choose to present your top employees.


slanted crystal awards 

Slanted Crystal Awards – Slant Front Crystal Tower Awards – Crystal Awards with Slant Face



1. Slanted Crystal Pentagon Award

  • This blue crystal slant face pentagon award is one-of-a-kind recognition award great for every achievement, occasion, accomplishment, or event.
  • Recognize your special employees with this pentagon shaped crystal tower award and it will surely impress them.
  • This crystal pentagon shaped tower is a handmade crystal award. Produced from premium quality optic crystal. Featuring a blue crystal pentagon tower award with a slanted top. This is a freestanding tower award.
  • The large slanted area allow to put your logo, recipient name, text and year. Your engraving artwork will be deep etched in silver or gold fill. Engraving is always free.
  • Our slant front crystal pentagon column award can comes in multiple sizes and in different colors.
  • Each of your slant face pentagon crystal award will be delivered inside an attractive presentation box.


slanted crystal pentagon award 

Blue Crystal Slanted Pentagon Award


Best High-End Crystal Slant Top Tower Awards : Crystal Pentagon Awards



2. Slanted Crystal Star Award

  • We bring this slant face crystal star award for super stars, sports stars, rising stars, star performers, star achievers and for those shining star employees in your company. This slanted crystal start shaped tower award is perfect recognition award for recognizing stellar performances. An ideal choice for recognizing and encouraging talented professionals.
  • What a brilliant way to acknowledge five star performance with this beautiful, bold, sleek and corporate star shaped crystal tower award with slant top. The top surface is uniquely slanted so that it can captures and refracts light, signifying the excellence of achievements.
  • Featuring a slant front five sided crystal star column evolved towards top. The slant top crystal star pillar stands proudly on a black crystal base.
  • Let us personalize the base by the choice of yours. Engraving is always free.
  • This slant front crystal star trophy award will shine bright like a real star when put on display on desk or shelf.
  • Buy this crystal slanted star award from our rush awards section and get your star awards in 2 days. Each of your crystal star tower trophy awards presented in a foamed lined gift box that will adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to any presentation event.


slanted crystal star column award 

Slant Front Crystal Star Tower Trophy Awards


Best High-End Crystal Star Tower Awards : Crystal Star Awards



3. Slanted Crystal Cylinder Award

  • This slant top crystal cylinder award is simple yet elegant corporate crystal award appropriate for extraordinary achievements, events and budget.
  • If you need to recognize employees and team with an affordable awards then slant cylinder tower crystal award can be a very good choice.
  • Our slant crystal cylinder award is completely handmade. Featuring a large sized clear crystal cylinder shape award with a slanted top. This slant front crystal cylinder tower award is self-standing, tall and heavy in weight. However, a matching crystal base can include upon request. Let us deep etched engrave your logo, recipient name, congratulatory text and year to make this cylinder shaped crystal pillar award a unique recognition piece for your employees.
  • This crystal slanted cylinder award is available in three different sizes for multiple winners i.e. large, medium and small.
  • Each of your slant face cylinder crystal column award will be individually boxed.


slanted crystal cylinder tower award 

Slanted Crystal Cylinder Column Award


Best High-End Crystal Cylinder Awards : Crystal Tower Trophy Awards



4. Slanted Crystal Rectangle Award

  • This sloped crystal rectangle award in another beautiful example of slanted face crystal award. It’s stylish and contemporary design will WOW everyone.
  • We produced this slanted crystal rectangle tower award from finest quality optic crystal that feature a thick, black crystal rectangle with the top surface prominently slanted.
  • This slant font crystal rectangle tower award can be customized to match with your needs.
  • The large sloped offers ample engraving area and your logo and texts will looks spectacular specially when engrave on slanted area.
  • When you purchase this rectangle crystal tower award you will receive free engraving, free high quality gift box.


slanted crystal rectangle tower award 

Black Crystal Slanted Rectangle Tower Awards


Best High-End Crystal Rectangle Awards : Black Crystal Awards



5. Slanted Crystal Diamond Award

  • This spectacular sloping crystal diamond column award is a sleek and modern masterpiece that embodies excellence. Use this slant face crystal diamond pillar award and it will be a unique way to recognize outstanding achievements.
  • If you need classic design and cost effective corporate award then you can choose this slanted crystal diamond tower award.
  • Expertly hand crafted from genuine optic crystal. The top part of the award is plane diamond cut. This is a standalone crystal diamond award with slant face.
  • Let us engrave this slant top crystal diamond award to make it truly special for its recipients. When personalize is will be cherished for years to come.
  • Our slant front diamond crystal pillar award can comes in wide range of colors.
  • Each of your diamond crystal tower award will be supplied inside a gorgeous presentation box.


slanted crystal diamond award 

Slant Front Diamond Crystal Column Award


Best High-End Crystal Diamond Pillar Awards : Crystal Diamond Awards



6. Slanted Crystal Heart Award

  • Express your wholehearted appreciation to your special employees with this beautiful slant top crystal heart award at it will make them WOW.
  • Slant front crystal heart column award is a prestigious crystal award you can use to honor those staffs who have worked them from their heart for your company.
  • This slanted crystal heart shaped award finely manufactured from genuine optic crystal and is a truly solid piece of crystal. A freestanding crystal heart tower award with slant face that offers ample engraving area that makes a perfect corporate award for any occasion or event.
  • The sloping front face of the crystal heart shaped award can be personalized with your logo, recipient name, recognition wordings and year of award. When personalize, this crystal slanted heart award create an everlasting impression.
  • Our slanted heart crystal pillar award available in different sizes to suit with your budgets.
  • Buy this slanted crystal heart column award at lowest possible price from our crystal trophy shop online and get your engraved crystal awards at quick turnaround with free engraving and free branded gift box.


slanted crystal heart column award 

Slant Top Crystal Heart Column Award


Best High-End Crystal Heart Trophy Awards : Crystal Heart Awards



7. Slanted Crystal Hexagon Award

  • This premium quality slant front crystal hexagon award is the perfect way to reward your top achievers. One of the most popular employee recognition award suitable for all occasions. This stunning crystal hexagon tower award is designed to impress.
  • Give this slanted crystal hexagon pillar award to those who display daily achievements and a commitment to success.
  • Produced from finest quality optic crystal. Features a premium crystal hexagon award with a sloping face.
  • The sloped face on the top of the hexagon crystal award can be deep etched engrave by the choice of yours. With an elegant slanted top, your logo and engraving texts will be brilliantly displayed.
  • Our hexagon shaped crystal column award can comes in 3 sizes and wide range of colors.
  • Buy this blue crystal hexagon column award from our crystal awards shop online and avail free engraving. Each of your engraved crystal hexagon award will be landed to your door with a nice foam lined presentation ready gift box.


slanted crystal hexagon award 

Blue Crystal Hexagon Pillar Award with Slant Front


Best High-End Crystal Hexagon Awards : Blue Crystal Awards



Crystal slanted pillar awards are an excellent way to mark employee’s top achievement. By recognizing employees with astonishing sloped crystal awards, you can take your top employee’s motivation to the new stage. Beside these 7 awe-inspiring crystal slant front awards, our online crystal trophy store contains even more exciting crystal slant top awards for every budget. However, if you need to manufacture custom crystal slanted trophy awards in your own style, color and sizes then Creative Crystal Awards are ready to make custom crystal slanted trophies according to your requirements. Simply, visit our contact us page, send your requirements and let our skilled crystal award designer make your high quality slanted crystal awards for your next corporate awards presentation ceremony event.


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