7 Red Crystal Awards that will Instantly Spice Up Any Recognition Awards Program

7 Red Crystal Awards that will Instantly Spice Up Any Recognition Awards Program

American Actor Bryan Batt said that “Red is such a passionate color that every flag of every country pretty much has red on it. Its power, blood, strength and life.” One of the first colors that humans perceive is red and it is the color that we see first after our birth before any other, and the first color you will see after going blind temporarily followed by any eye or head injury. Scientists got evidence that hunters and caveman used red clay to paint their body and cave ages ago in the prehistoric time. Arts and culture from the time of Stone Age was heavily influenced by the red color. Drawings of creatures, nature, and people were made by painting red on potteries and walls. Red is the color of blood and heart which connected it to love and trust in different cultures throughout the world. Some even consider wearing red jewelry and accessories as an auspicious color of love and attraction which made red the most used prominent color at weddings, where various cultural belief says it’s a color which brings good luck at a new start or new journey. Red is also symbolic in Christian world as cardinals wear red robes. The color was also adapted by Middle Age kings to express their right showing that they were anointed and since then red became the color of royalty, majesty and power. Red objects attract people more than anything else as it is a physical stimulant which increases energy giving strength and hope for working hard and success and it is professionally used to capture attention, provoke emotion, and produce confidence in any individual. Sounds interesting right? Think about Red Carpet Awards Show. Red is everywhere in that gala event. Celebrities wear red dresses, red jewelries. Some of them even wear red heels or shoes. Guests and audiences seeing Red everywhere they look around. Red is gorgeous! Red is for gala night! Is your corporate brand color is “red”? We are pretty sure you are using red color everywhere possible including office stationary, corporate vehicles, employees uniform, office interior, etc. Now, we have a question for you. Did you ever purchase Red Crystal Awards for employees? Or, using very common clear crystal awards normally used by other vendors?


There are many beautiful colors like: red, blue, black, green, pink and yellow that can be used to design crystal award for employees. But the question is why you still need to choose the color “RED” while manufacturing custom awards to celebrate employee success specially, when your brand color is not red? Studies shows that red color makes people win any contest easily than other colors and that is why players use this color more in their stuffs. For this reason, red is the color of winners! Creative Crystal Awards will be glad to present you magnificent red crystal awards for such winners of your organization. Red is one of the most visible colors in the color spectrum due to its long wavelength. It can easily catch anyone’s attention and people can denote the color from a long distance and hence its definitely going to spice up annual corporate awards program. In color psychology, red is attached to the strongest human feelings and emotions and it is considered the warmest hence used to symbolize passion and love. So, we see how highly significant is the color red. Red colored crystals can be used to reinforce and support the body and mind. These are to endorse bravery, supremacy and energy that helps us to overcome all kinds of trials. A symbolic significance of carrying red crystal is to revitalize your body and help rejuvenate your spirit to support you facing everyday challenge. For this amazing essence of energy, red crystals are believed to have their own beneficial properties. They work as a huge motivation keeping you focused and determined. They are considered to be psychologically intense, which will excite you with a boost of energy and increase your eagerness, interest and passion. Red crystals are often suggested to be kept near when there is a situation that requires enthusiasm. They will be very useful when someone need to be dynamically involved with energetic action and contribution. Hence, you can understand what great value our red theme crystal awards & trophies might carry.


Red crystal is not that easy to craft and considered precious in corporate crystal awards due to the added creativity and uniqueness to produce red crystal. The coloring of the crystal is so gorgeous that it adds more beauty to the cut and clarity of the crystal. Red optical crystal trophies are graceful and due to their elegance, it is highly adorned by the recipients. We are sure you believe that your efficient employees are worthy of some of our brilliant red crystal plaques. If you are not then let us convince you why employee recognition awards are so important and mostly making them special and tempting like ours. Studies found that well-recognized workforces have more ambition and willpower, healthier work relationships, enhanced personality, and stronger connections to their workplace. Employees believes that appreciation expressed through attractive award or plaques evidently shows off value of their hard work in front of all others. They will feel the company felt their existence to be as precious as the gorgeous colored crystal awards look like. When their satisfaction and productivity increases, it shows that they believe their company appreciate their dedication. They are interested to keep that up and improve their work standard. All organization strives to achieve and stand out in a progressively tough and changing market and award ideas like our striking red accented crystal awards can set a company apart from other contestant organizations and distinguish the value of its accomplishments from others. Visibility can be achieved through eye-catchy awards making recipient name and corporate brand more noticeable. Our red crystal trophies can make your organization name and logo more visible. They can attract new clients, patrons, investors, stakeholders and vendors by giving an organization an advantage over its rivals. The awards serve to recognize a worker, and that it’s not only just to reflect its luster, but it is also respected by others. And this is such an act that appraisals are written on gleaming red crystal awards showing heartfelt appreciation making all the difference. It will not only boost up the moral of that individual, but that of the entire association.


Our collection of red optical crystal awards gives a touch of elegance to pure crystal pieces by infusing them with raw red colors. It becomes a graceful amalgamation of shine and color in each pieces of the crystal plaques looking marvelous for all corporate award presentation ceremony. Red accented crystal trophies pair up with age-old bold appearance of optical crystal trophies with excellent bright red accent in optic crystal. All our red theme crystal plaques are built from pure crystal and having a clean polish reflecting light which sparkles from any corner with brilliant cut and bubble-free clarity. Our red crystal award collection can give you amazing custom employee recognition award ideas which can be a genius way to enhance your workforce by building strength and pride in your team. Appreciating your employees by expressing that their hard work is noticed and valued by the management will go a long way towards keeping up morale and inspiration. The powerful and helpful aura of red crystal will instill energy, bravery and passion into the mind and spirit of all the individuals, teams, guests present at the award function and especially the employees having their name on it who will grab it and carry it to their home or office with honor. Remember, the key to a spectacular award program is what type of recognition awards you give to your employees.


It is important to take into account that your corporate staffs have gone above and beyond in helping everyone in the company to be skilled and grow around the workplace. Observing one individual going far and pushing limits will encourage others to do the same, but if we do not acknowledge this, it will most likely diminish at some point. If one of the office workers is working harder and staying extra hours to assist others on certain projects and assignments that they are not officially assigned to, let them get appreciated with our special red crystal arrow shaped or circle shaped award for taking that extra load. Announce that your employees are getting appraisals engraved on our red theme crystal plaques of a heart or diamond shape for managing difficult situation, which is both valued and respected, and likely others will follow this act in the future. One of the important qualities like leadership should be noted not just so that you can promote it, but so that certainly in the future these employees are kept in knowledge while executive promotions are on the line. Putting in the additional effort to complete typical work is a feature but still too rare, but integrating and reassuring it within the culture of your business with a gorgeous star shape red crystal trophy can lead to some incredible results! Another quality like loyalty is hard to come by in today’s competitive corporate world so recognizing those who have stayed true to the corporation for a prolonged time, with a business service award like our red accented crystal trophy which can be of a flame theme, will go a long way toward making them feel treasured and cheering up others to endeavor for the same target.


Creative Crystal Awards strongly believe that your employees, executives and staffs will feel proud, highly respected and encouraged when they receive our custom awards in red crystal, keeping trust in the aura of significant and exotic red crystal we have put together a list of seven worthy red color crystal award, red colored crystal trophies and recognition plaques in red crystal for the employees to help build a supportive and hopeful notion in your organization.


Creative Crystal Awards delighted to bring these

7 Gorgeous Red Crystal Awards & Trophies that will instantly spice up your employee recognition awards event and turn your corporate event into a gala night.


red crystal awards and red crystal trophies


Red Crystal Awards – Red Optical Crystal Trophies – Red Optical Crystal Plaques



1. Red Crystal Heart Awards

Designed from flawless optical crystal, a red heart shaped accented crystal luster is curved out, one of the best collections is our red crystal heart award. Order the stunning heart shape red crystal plaques to express quality and excellence for the employees who pour out their hearts in the work field. This award features a lovely red crystal heart, elevated atop a clear crystal base for engraving names and congratulatory message. The crimson crystal heart is appropriate for employees on their retirement, distinct landmark or years of service and it is popular with NGOs, medical institutions etc. The red art piece signifies a glowing heart of love expressing everlasting love between the organization and its workforce. With this award you can create a strong bond with you among your employees.


red crystal heart shape award


Crystal Red Heart Award

Best High-End Crystal Heart Shaped Awards : Crystal Heart Awards



2. Red Accented Crystal Circle Plaque Award

Companies often need to notice when one of the staffs has gone above and beyond in doing own work along helping others to learn and grow. Give this optical crystal red accented circle award to those who are all-rounders in your office. The red arc or crescent shaped crystal is incorporated with a transparent crystal circle attachment like background. The crystal circle plaque is an elegant choice for employees who are prone to involve more in productions, they shine like the eclipsed crescent moon in the dark. Its black base accentuates the red crescent clear circle having a smooth edge. This two-tone red theme crystal circle trophy is sure to capture everyone’s attention. This appealing round crystal award can be selected for junior staffs to company leaders for well carried responsibilities. Customize this round shaped crystal plaque award according to your needs and budget. You will receive an elegant gift box with each of these red crystal circular plaques


red crystal circle award


Red Crystal Circle Award

Best High-End Crystal Circle Shaped Award : Round Crystal Circle Awards



3. Red Crystal Star Trophy

Red Crystal Star Trophy Awards are most popular in film and fashion industry but other corporate sectors can select this amazing recognition award too for rising stars or shining stars of the company. Mounted on a black dazzling crystal pedestal a red accented star is attached to a half circle clear crystal base. Thrill the meritorious performers of your teams, film casts, top models in your fashion house by recognizing them with this twinkling red star award! The black pedestal has a flat front for a nice space for engraving with stylish look, it catches light easily and reflect the shiny color. If you own a TV or radio channel, tell your rising stars that their popularity brought popularity for the channel and you are grateful for that. This lustrous, handcrafted modern optical crystal star tower award will make anyone proud to receive it. Each of these crystal red star trophy will be individually packed inside a beautiful presentation gift box.


crystal red star trophy award


Red Star Crystal Award

Best High-End Crystal Star Shape Awards : Crystal Star Awards



4. Red Crystal Diamond Award

Diamonds are not only for jewelry and not just a feminine product. They are known as the most precious stone being very hard and sparkling in even little light. Find out a similar personality among your employees who is this strong and his/her works do not go unnoticed. Present recipients with our red diamond tower trophy embedded with appraisals of hard work. The red accented crystal diamond stand on a clear transparent crystal tower shaped pedestal holding the diamond on the top, representing the recipient who is in a top position of your office. Your employees will definitely feel perfectly valued and highly esteemed according to the worth. Personalize our crystal diamond carrying red optical crystal awards to show your appreciation to those who delivers outstanding work with huge amount of energy and effort. Our Red Crystal Diamond Awards available in tree different sizes and comes in wide range ot colors: blue, black, green, transparent and pink. Each of these Red Diamond Crystal Tower Trophy Award will be supplied inside a premium presentation box.


crystal red diamond trophy award


Crystal Red Diamond Tower Trophy

Best High-End Crystal Diamond Trophy Awards : Crystal Diamond Awards



5. Red Crystal Arrow Award

The stunning arrow head crystal plaque award faceted with ruby red crystal around optically clear crystal makes the plaque mind blowing for any award evening. The arrow emphasis on the gradual upward development of the performer. It can be a distinction award of achievement for employees who gradually reached to brilliant level of performance. Choose these red crystal arrow shaped plaques for defense officers, military, veterans, corporate executives, teachers, bankers which is symbolic to honor and vigilance. This red crystal arrow heard award is also excellent for recognizing fulfilled targets in sales. Confirm this design if you want to show off your increasing profit through your workforce. Your recognition program will be witnessed to be majestic with our red crystal arrow awards as this sparkling design will assuredly catch the eye of all guests in the award program. This arrow head crystal trophy beautifully wrapped inside a gorgeous presentation box.


red crystal arrow head shape plaque award


Red Optical Crystal Arrowhead Plaque Award

Best High-End Crystal Arrow Head Award : Arrowhead Crystal Awards



6. Red Crystal Apple Trophy

It is important that you rejoice record breaking performances of top educators, instructors, coaches who contributed in your institutions for a long time and helped it to develop. Pick our gorgeous red crystal apple trophy holding a glossy red apple feature with a green leaf which is mounted on a pillar shaped stand of optic crystal. Apple is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom; it is a traditional practice of giving apple themed rewards to teachers & educators and this product from the range of our red optical crystal trophies will do the amazing job. It can be an excellent recognition award idea for an teacher, education professional, doctor, nursing, heath care professional, fitness trainer, front-line heroes, volunteers, social workers for their years of service. Choose this for the amazing front liners of your institute who carried their responsibility without any question. The tall and sleek crystal red apple trophy is a real beauty and will also be among the decorative attractions in any award banquet. Your personalized crystal apple fruit trophy comes along with a branded gift box.


red apple crystal tower award


Crystal Red Apple Tower Trophy Award

Best High-End Crystal Apple Fruit Awards : Crystal Apple Awards



7. Red Crystal Flame Award

A culture of innovation will result improved workflow, so make sure your employees are encouraged to think outside the box while solving any problem. There are some angels around your office who rise like a flame when a problem arises. Our red crystal flame trophy ideas present the classy red accented crystal award which is shaped like a red fire flame. Consider our artistic flame crystal award for an employee who got a spark within him/her. The dark red flame is in pair with a transparent crystal flame and they are rising from a clear base where you can engrave titles. The stunning deep red crystal flame award is one of the most popular ones in business enterprises. It reflects light and the red hues around creating a nice atmosphere in any award show, perfect to put the show on fire. Other versions of this red flame shape crystal award also available which are: blue flame crystal award, yellow flame crystal award, black flame crystal award and green flame crystal award. Don’t forget to receive Free gift box and free engraving while purchasing these red crystal flame shaped awards.


crystal red flame award


Crystal Red Flame Plaque Award

Best High-End Crystal Flame Shape Plaque Awards : Flame Crystal Awards



We all know that businessmen power tie is traditionally red representing power and inspiration. Just wearing red color can make you so motivated that it increases the chance of winning in sports so you can imagine how useful is having a red crystal award trophies might be. The red carpet is for the winners, celebrities, powerful people like politicians as the color has the capability to elevate mood and empower oneself. Red crystal is that precious stone quality material that showed many mental, financial and health benefits. Our red accented crystal plaques are not only for playing ornamental roles in award functions, home or office but also to play a therapeutic role for you and your employees when they will be needing lot of energy, confidence and willpower to get things done. Researches showed red crystals are associated with driving away restlessness, impatience, intolerance at home and work which is necessary to keep pace with the pressurizing world. CreativeCrystalAwards.com designs red theme crystal plaques with darker red toned crystals which are often tough possessing a durable energy which leads individuals to work with passion. Consider our red crystal award ideas for increasing your dedication or commitment of your staffs. Red Crystals represent your devoted love to the concerned people and by this your employees will get to know that you are awarding them with love, you care for them and respect them for all their involvements. These will also inspire your employees to share their talents with each other and work as a team when challenges come. Our red theme crystal trophies will increase drive to achieve your company goals, by infusing all the members with energy that will help you achieve further as red crystals symbolize attainments, abundance and success. If you want to make sure that your recipients or distinguished person get well rewarded for their highest accomplishments, choose our gorgeous ruby red optical crystal plaques bringing joy and prosperity at home and work. The vibrant, elegant pieces of red optical crystal trophy awards will make your team brave and confident in trying out new things with diverse approaches.


During this global pandemic, where all working sectors needs lot of strength and encouragement, insert stamina to face adversities and emerge triumphantly with the brilliant pieces of red crystal plaques. Choose professionals of all positions in corporate industry including the salesmen, managers, executives and directors to glorify them for achieving something big in their life during the unprofitable situation. Red Crystals help growing inner strength during odd times by wiping away frustration making aware of self-value. These crystal trophies will remind them that they did something great to deserve the recognition with such magnificent color. If you are thinking of red themed crystal trophy ideas, trust us on novelty and great design. Our award designers worked out the beautiful, meaningful themes and curved out the crystal delicacies into prestigious awards. If your company is planning an award function, we present you a graceful collection of red crystal awards worthy of any corporate events. You are welcome to ask for suggestions, orders and personalization of the red accented crystal award plaques for presenting your front liners, branch executives, sales winners, operational award winners, retirement, team and departmental winners, we will help your perfect award evening with our sparkling red crystal awards, trophies & plaques.


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