8 Art Glass Centerpiece Ideas That will Give Luxurious Touch to Any Home or Office Decor

8 Art Glass Centerpiece Ideas That will Give Luxurious Touch to Any Home or Office Decor

Interior decoration is about people and how they live, making an environment attractive, civilized and meaningful. American interior designer Nate Berkus said “interior decoration ideas should tell stories, it should consist of things which we love and reflect who we are”. As we believe love, peace and beauty resides at home, let us start with sharing thoughts regarding decorating our homes with some unique centerpiece art glass ideas. There are so many options if you want to have a focal point in one or two of your rooms, for example, the living room and the bedroom where we normally love to keep decoration pieces. Imagine that something bright and colorful is there where you sit with your friends or spend time with family, wouldn’t that be eye soothing and mind refreshing? So, you see its not only keeping something nice in your center table but also giving a treat to the souls around. You can keep a big, bright sofa or a shelf full of antique pieces, but we will suggest how decorative centerpiece ideas for home exclusively for your study or dining table or a corner of the living room can add charm to your surrounding atmosphere. It is not always for your own comfort, but when your home is your lounging or entertainment space you will realize that amazing art glass figurines or a collectible decorative vases can transform the ambience to such extent that people will love to be around those the entire time. Artistic glass decor is an ageless graceful trend in interior decoration which is passed down generations after generation. Richly categorized, Italian Murano style artistic glass decor can be surprisingly creative, merging vintage and contemporary style in home decoration bringing a classy vibe in the indoors. Decorative Art glass sculptures associate with majestic interiors like impressive homes, galleries and personal studios covered with splendor and style. Colored glass statuettes are chic and elegant and mesmerizing. Modern practice of following latest trends in decorating in-house spaces with Murano glass figurines allow any home to be decked with exceptional attractions. With these, you can bring the luxury into your room which you always believed to be only available in the studios or farmhouses of wealthy aristocrats and celebrities.


Think of throwing a decorated party, would that be the same without decorations? Whittling down a checklist for planning a party, you will find that you need to fix the food menu and of course setting up conversation or sitting area, and while event decoration pieces is not always a priority in the checklist, you cannot really forget them completely—mostly for events that include a sit-down lunch or dinner or tables for refreshment. The centerpiece ideas might be overlooked but some elegant suggestions can change that. If you are making preparations for a casual weekend brunch or a celebratory function, adding some collectible art glass centerpiece to your feast can take the occasion up to a height. Your guests will be in aww and appreciate that you put extra time, thought and effort into the party, and that you got photogenic glass art centerpieces those sets the tone for the cozy soiree. You will definitely feel esteemed having the credits from your invitees, who would share your tastes with others and would like to come back again at your parties. Besides, including some centerpiece ideas into your event planning could recover the practice among your circle where they will be putting together vintage style unique art glass figurines to spice up their tables and corners a bit. Selecting Murano style art glass centerpieces which is regular or simple is fine, but how about choosing something interactive, creating a centerpiece that works for any special get-together. The key to a unique decoration piece is letting it speak for itself, expressive and not only for fulfilling the purpose of being a component of a party. It might be your home or office, a beautiful environment with beauties like Italian style Murano inspired hand blown glass art sculptures will surely create atmosphere where people tend to enjoy more, after all, the purpose of the any gathering is to enjoy spending quality time with friends, family members or other people


It can be an anniversary program, wedding party, family get-together party, birthdays, a yearly backyard party, a graduation celebration and many more where art glass decor suits very well. At times, you need to make sure that your centerpiece ideas for office, event management or home pairs well with your organization or party theme, patterns and colors of the interior, the class of guests who visits etc. The ageless creations of Murano glass sculptures will be your savior as these decors shine and blend itself well with most of the situations. When it comes to glass art centerpieces, at least, effort will always pass as these fail-proof ideas will shine very fine. For adding a decorative touch to any office decor, wonderful artistic glass decorative centerpiece can be there to refresh your clients and often making your job easier. A tired or a boring work day can be motivating just by looking at an artistic glass decor. The vibrant colors and smoothness of Murano glass will accent your home, office and gallery with or without floral or greenery add-ons. It provides a modern and stylish essence to highlight the personality of your home or office decor. Colored glass decorative items can also be an idyllic gift to your family, friends, clients who would love to decorate spaces around them too. There are lot of variations of size, shape and colors which are perfect for everyday use, wedding, exhibition, aromatherapy, meditation and other special purposes. The perfect table centerpiece can jazz up a table for dating, special events, and holidays. Table centerpiece ideas can play a crucial part of your event decoration, especially to appeal the guests at dinners on the table. It is important to draft your ideas according to the size and shape of the table you want to decorate. You can be creative too in case of compact tables, not feeling that you got a limited space. Our table centerpiece ideas can help you to think out of the box for coffee tables, side tables and center tables. Your budget might be big or small and you might be looking for rustic or fashionable, an extensive collection of spectacular handmade centerpieces will definitely give you all the enlightenment and inspiration you need to make an impact in your next decoration plan.


Murano art glass centerpieces can decorate large or small offices, restaurants, art galleries, jewelry gallery or studios, small apartments, spacious farmhouses, modern-day residences, oriental abodes and hotels. The artistic glass centerpieces are versatile and stunning with each of its shape, shine and durability, displaying the magic of light and color into modern interior environment. Let’s have some idea of the origin and worth of Murano Glass which is named after Murano island in Venice of Italy, where artisans evolved this material according to specific traditional techniques and formulae that is carried on ages after ages by genuine glass makers. Murano Glass is easily differentiated from other European art glass with its age-old history. Common items are Murano Glass Statues, Murano glass centerpieces, Murano glass animals and Murano glass vases. Blown glass art sculptures mostly have lively colors combined with light silver or golden specks inside. A mixture of minerals is used to generate shade effects when Murano craftsmen is blowing a glassware. These minerals melt to create hypnotic quilt surface with a unique pattern. In the ancient time, there were use of only primitive tools which yielded asymmetrical Murano art glass figurines. That is why, traditionally Murano glassware is a beauty with its own flaws. The fascinating techniques of blending sand and fire in Murano grabbed interest of glassblowers throughout the world to reproduce it. It is popular for its unparalleled excellence, superb range of colors, and last but not the least its incomparable artistry.


Here at Creative Crystal Awards, you can select from a wide range of modern and standard decorative glass centerpieces and find the right one for your dream decorations! If you have got a spacious dining room area, pick up any of our luxurious large glass centerpieces for the dining table to increase its grace. A multicolored art glass vase or a conch shell shaped glass sculpture will make the space sophisticated and warm. Similarly, the art glass angelfish sculpture or Murano glass owl centerpiece features a lively animal figurine adorning your interior or event arrangement which will reflect elegance of your choice and taste. Mixed colors and fine polishing of the glass material we use will satisfy you and your indoor mood to the fullest. Our art glass collection will bring both classy and aesthetic ambience to any room. If you want to purchase unusual decorative Murano glass sculpture which is having unique color combination and a ravishing pattern of shape, do not miss our designed ones which is surely going to catch anyone’s attention. The Creative Crystal Awards got excellent expertise in designing Murano style hand blown glass art using high-quality glass materials and mind-blowing designs.


Need some amazing hand blown art glass centerpieces ideas? Well, we have put together a collection of decorative animal figurines, glass vases and other artistic art sculptures that are sure to spruce up your interiors. Discover all the grace and the top-class tradition of Murano Glass centerpieces! Perfect for your home, office, events, restaurants, galleries, hotels and gift shops. Our Murano inspired art glass decoration piece ideas will certainly make you love, So grab any of these decorative glass art sculptures to give any room or space an exotic look.


If you want to thrill your favorite recipient with a stunning rich colors on an attractive shape artistic glass centerpiece piece then you can consider these

8 Awesome Murano Style Decorative Art Glass Centerpiece Ideas that will Instantly Bring a Touch of Modern Elegance to any Home or Office Space


decorative art glass centerpiece  

Art Glass Centerpiece – Decorative Centerpieces In Blown Glass – Decorative Art Glass Showpiece



1. Art Glass Eye Sculpture

Due to vibrant color, elegant shape and unique pattern, our art glass eye sculpture is a brilliant Murano style artistic glass decor designed for home or office interior. They can represent divinity, conscience and often a gateway into the soul. This blown glass art sculpture of a colorful eye in combination of red, orange and blue inside is standing on a green pedestal base. At times, some people refer to it as the eye of the God and keeping an eye figurine in the interiors generally implies that God looks favorably upon whoever is using the symbol. You can blindly choose this gorgeous artistic glass eye sculpture for increasing the luxe aura of your house or as a gift for your relatives or employees whom you want to have blessings upon. This eye shape art glass sculpture can be customized in any colors or sizes.


decorative art glass eye centerpiece 

Artistic Glass Eye Figurine

Best High-End Art Glass Eye Centerpiece : Murano Glass Eye Sculptures



2. Art Glass Vase Centerpiece

If you are a retail gift shop owner who collects decorative centerpieces in blown glass, then you know vase is a must. In spring and summer seasons the most desirable decoration will be fragrant flowers in an enhancing vase. It would be striking and relishing to have a red reflecting glass vase around the corner and our red art glass teardrop vase is the exact one for this. For ages, teardrop theme design is used in vases to express solidarity in both love and pain. This will add a splash of color to the living spaces around you and your close ones. Murano style glass vases will look bold and vibrant if you want to consider it for any table centerpiece ideas in mini parties like bridal shower or a small wedding reception, could also look alluring on a bookshelf or add charm in bathroom vanity.


decorative glass vase centerpiece 

Red Art Glass Teardrop Vase

Best High-End Blown Glass Vases : Murano Style Hand Blown Decorative Vases



3. Decorative Art Glass Rainbow Sculpture

The attractive flame shaped Murano style rainbow artistic glass decor is blown up with rich seven colors on a black base, to accent sophisticated indoors. Each of these glass art centerpieces is different than the next in pattern of the colors. Rainbow theme implies completeness and unity. It is demonstrating the beauty of diversity as a symbol of achievement, optimism, and prosperity. The rainbow bridges a gap in the sky and metaphorically it is a bridge in relationships. So, you can decide who deserve this stunning decorative rainbow glass art sculpture piece with a splash of colors, making the interiors joyful. Build relationships by selecting our art glass rainbow sculpture as a lovely anniversary, birthday or housewarming gift.


rainbow glass sculpture decorative centerpiece 

Rainbow glass sculpture centerpiece

Best High-End Centerpiece Art Glass : Murano Style Art Glass Decor



4. Decorative Art Glass Conch Shell Sculpture

Enhance your powder room’s oceanic decor with our bold orange and white striped conch shell art glass sculpture on a shiny crystal base and complement it with pearl garlands. A conch shell has huge artistic and religious values and it is the most ancient known musical instrument which inspired Murano glass masters in history. Show off your personality with this unique centerpiece art glass while making an impactful impression. You can bring on beach vibes in your home or office with this museum quality artistic glass decor. This can also be a genius edition for event planners arranging celebrations at the sea shore. Add this shoreline luxury also to your gift item list which anyone would cherish.


decorative art glass sea shell sculpture centerpiece 

Artistic Glass Sea Shell Sculpture

Best High-End Hand Blown Glass Figurines : Collectible Art Glass Centerpiece



5. Decorative Art Glass Fish Sculpture

Connecting us with a strong, colorful water element, this artistic glass decor represents the deeper awareness of the higher self. Our hand-blown glass angelfish of dark blue and yellowish mosaic pattern standing on a transparent crystal base can be a exquisite table centerpiece on office desks for reminding you of strength, courage and endurance. You can go with a collection of objects for your office desk where you can play with textures and colors to create an artistic whole where only our marvelous glass angelfish will inspire to work harder instead of just being a workspace decor. If you have got a collectible gift shop, you will undoubtedly always win having our angelfish art glass sculptures in your collection that will surely draw the attention of your customers.


Murano style art glass angel fish sculpture 

Angel Fish Art Glass Sculpture

Best High-End Murano Glass Fish : Hand Blown Art Glass Fish Figurines



6. Blown Art Glass Bird Sculptures

An owl symbol is appreciated as a source of good luck, wisdom and protection from evils in the Indo-European culture. Most European residents believe that a presence of owl symbol or figurine at home can bring possible flow of wealth and fortune into that home. From all these beliefs, history of Murano glass figurines culture led the local glassblowers use owl symbols in their glass art. Our hand-crafted decorative art glass owl figurine, tinted with a mesmerizing combination of brown, yellow and white color inside standing on a black crystal base is perfect for living rooms. This can be a fascinating decorative centerpiece which is not only a treat to your interior ambience but may be to your fortune too.


colored art glass owl statue decorative glass centerpiece 

Colored Art Glass Owl Statue Decorative Centerpiece

Best High-End Murano Glass Bird Figurines : Murano Glass Bird for Sale



7. Green Art Glass Twisted Sculpture

The pioneers of glass art were highly inspired with nature and loved greenery and tried melting and twisting glass into any of its form which anyone would love to collect. One such collectible art glass masterpiece is our green art glass twisted sculpture with two bright green leafy structure, twisted into two forms which arose from a black pedestal. If you want to go for Eco-friendly themed centerpiece ideas for office, home or modern interior decor, choose this decorative art glass centerpiece immediately for your desired interior. While selecting large art glass centerpieces for any guesthouse or restaurant, pick our green twisted glass sculpture which will be a refreshing decor piece. Your guests or customers will feel relaxed and comfortable and will come back again and again if you have got this in the noticeable indoors.


tall twisted art glass sculpture centerpiece 

Tall Twisted Art Glass Sculpture Centerpiece

Best High-End Large Art Glass Centerpieces : Collectible Art Glass Showpiece



8. Murano Glass Vases

Our multicolored Italian Murano style glass vase is a unique collection in large glass centerpieces. Any dining table can be perfect to display a magnificent piece of art like this colorful glass vase. Choose this artistic glass vase decor that matches your jolly personality and elegant taste and use it as a table centerpiece to add luxury to your living room. If you love to play with colors and confident about mixing styles, choose colorful items like our decorative glass vases for centerpiece that will make a statement in your event planning. A graceful vase will work well solo when you do not feel like arranging fresh flowers. Choose our stylish, thick walled glass vase also to accent hotel lobbies, meeting rooms and reception area.


unique colored glass vase centerpiece 

Multi-color Glass Vase Decorative Centerpiece

Best High-End Collectible Vases : Decorative Art Glass Flower Vases



Art is an evolving culture and is transformed by the artists who create it where it displays people’s character, mind as well as the sole influences in their lives. Historic glass artists’ renditions of their cultural inspirations demonstrate the idea that many works are created with certain cultural or significant references features in mind. Famous artists taught our modern artists representing different styles of interpretation of glass art history and Murano culture. Glass comes from a natural element which is earth, solid and delicate and refined by glass masters into polished colorful objects reflecting light and energy. Artists used natural materials to bring the colors reaching the shared goal of self-expression. That is why, each of the hand blown art glass decors are unique in look and expression and they speak for themselves. While some are captivated by the natural world, others are inspired by raw humane emotion and try to express these through material combinations, shapes, colors and themes of designs of the artistic glass decors. In case of choosing in between furniture and art in interior designing, it is a challenge to sort out your ideal decor piece. Surprisingly, at times, lovely new luxury glass decorative objects like our decorative art glass showpiece can create pleasant impression of a room’s look than any other things.


Our art glass sculptures are especially created for grand interiors like aesthetic homes, studios, hotel reception, guest room, jewelry or art gallery and also some exteriors like backyard, rooftop or beach for events. Blown glass centerpieces are attractive and graceful and fascinating which increase beauty of interiors. Modern practice of following latest trends in decorating in-house spaces with Murano glass figurines or colored artistic glass decors which creates statement of luxury and comfort in interior designing with extraordinary charms. With our interesting Murano glass decorative centerpiece for table, you can bring the zest vibes into your rooms and halls which you always dreamed of having but believed only possible in movies or magazines or aristocrats’ abodes. If you are clueless about room decorations, the timeless conceptions of Murano glass sculpture decorative centerpiece will be always your rescuer as these decors shine and balance well with most of the environments. When it comes to glass art centerpieces, your thoughts and efforts will always count and these colored glass decoration ideas will undoubtedly shine. Creative Crystal Awards is offering you with brilliant choice of exclusive art glass decorative pieces made by our Murano inspired expert glass masters. We are highly specialized in manufacturing stunning designs of art glass decors. Choose our collectible art glass centerpieces for your own richness or to gift to favorite ones and also if you want to enrich your personal business of art glass decoration products.


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Murano Style Art Glass Animal Figurines & Sculptures

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