Stunning Hand Blown Art Glass Animal Sculptures

Stunning Hand Blown Art Glass Animal Sculptures

Creative Crystal Award more than 40 year in manufacturing extraordinary blown art glass animal sculptures that will suitable with any recognition awards also offering collectible items for home decor. We are family owned business and our head glass artist is from Swedish background. From our own glass factory, we supplies highly detailed blown art glass sculptures including glass animal sculptures, glass birds sculptures, glass fish sculptures and all kinds of artistically designed hand blown murano glass sculptures that not only make fine corporate gifts but also will be an inspirational decorative pieces that will add an extra flare to your offices, jewellery gallery and gift shop as well.

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Here are 5 fantastic blown art glass animal sculptures you would like to order for employee recognition and gift shop owners also would like to sell these superb glass figurines decorative gift items for their customers.

Murano Glass Duck Figurine: What a magnificent art glass duck figurine designed by our artists. We believe, gift shop owners will love this vintage Murano Glass duck sculpture and would order good number of pieces to store in their shop in order to sell to their customers. For employee recognition, what a best way it would be to honor your top executives by this fantastic art glass duck trophies.

wholesale blown glass duck sculpture

Murano Glass Parrot Bird Sculpture: This another beautiful hand blown Murano glass bird sculpture decorative item sellers can offer their customers. In addition, if you want to award your employees with bird theme trophies then you can have a try with our personalized Murano glass bird figurines glass bird trophies. Surely, your recipients won’t be disappointed at all.

murano glass parrot blown glass bird sculpture wholesale

Murano Glass Owl Figurines: Do you really think, you will find any other better hand blown Murano glass owl sculpture that we have? You can easily make your customers crazy by displaying our amazing multi colored blown glass owl figurine in your gift shop, art gallery or even jewellery shop. Furthermore, crustal owl awards is one of the top favorite corporate awards item and extensively using as employee recognition awards. So, this time, you can surprised your best employees by our super gorgeous and uniquely designed Murano glass owl figurines glass owl bird trophies. This magnificent art glass owl award is recent addition to our art glass awards section.

murano glass owl sculptures

Hand Blown Murano Glass Raging Bull Figurine: Another brilliant hand blown glass bull figurine gift shop owners can sell to their customers. Might be the most stunning Murano glass collectible sculptures that we have. You can have this artistic art glass bull sculptures to decorate your home, offices or gallery. In terms of employee wards, you can awards this splendid crystal art glass raging bull awards to your employees who done all the real hard work for your company.

hand blown murano glass bull sculptures

Murano Glass Fish Figurine: Do you know, approx 22,000+ people / per month searching for sea fishes? Fish aquarium is one of the most popular hobby now these days. It’s not only woks as home decor or office decor but fish lovers enjoying themselves watching sea fishes / tropical fishes swimming around inside glass tank in-front of their eyes all day long. Alternatively, for other fish lovers, who don’t have that much time to keep maintaining fish aquarium can have our finest and realistic Murano glass fish sculpture which is truly unique and modern in design. Our glass art fish figurines would be the most popular collectible gift item in your gift shop.

We have extensive range of Murano Inspired Hand Blown Art Glass Fish Figurines Glass Fishing Trophies that will appropriately suit with any recognition awards as well.

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In addition to our Murano glass animal figurines, we have wide collection of blown glass figurines, crystal glass figurines, blown animal trophies, collectible glass animal figurines, glass animal statue, art glass blown sea animal figurine which are come in may different colors, sizes, styles and budgets. Our skilled glass artists manufacturing clear glass animal figurine bulk in our own glass factory.

Do you have your own home decor stores? Are you a gift shop owner, selling collectible and decorative gift items? Let Creative Crystal Awards manufacturing custom glass products, blown glass sculptures for your store. We are manufacturing bulk glass products, so you will get your desired hand blown art glass figurines wholesale price. Moreover, we supplies glass sculptures from our factory to USA gift shops with FREE Shipping including elegant FREE Gift Box. Looking for blown glass company for your wholesale glass figurines? Contact us with our blown glass designer today for custom figurines for your gift shop.