Murano Glass Vases Vintage Decorative Art Glass Vases

Murano Glass Vases Vintage Decorative Art Glass Vases

The art of Murano glass making has a long fascinating history. Murano glass making tradition is more than 1700 years old. Murano glass masters are well known for their extraordinary art glass object design and famous for their expertise in making amazing blown glass sculptures, decorative and collectible gifts items for years to come. Each Murano glass piece is elegant and unique in design which is made by hand, there are some variations of colors and variety of patterns with random possible bubbles inside glass which give these art glass pieces more vintage look.


These days, hand blown art glass vases are becoming very popular specially for corporate awards, collectible gifts and decorative items. Because, hand blown Murano Glass vase features magnificent design, deep colors, and brilliant in appearance. Murano glass vases an exact example of magnificent art glass objects at its best these days. Murano glass masters brilliantly layering colored glass and turn Murano glass into a unique yet gorgeous art glass vases. Murano glass vase is not only a fantastic decorative piece for any room of your house but have elegant corporate look which is brilliant enough to beautify office spaces, museums and art galleries as well. Murano glass flower vases is an appropriate gift item for special occasions such as weddings, corporate award events, anniversaries or birthdays.


Discover our amazing Murano glass vase collections ready to give home or offices a gorgeous look. On the other hand you can present this vintage vases as a fine decorative gift for a special occasion to the special peoples.


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Hand Blown Murano Glass Vase (Red Glass Vase): This blown art glass vase is beautifully designed by our glass artist. Such a brilliant decorative items for shop owners to showcase this glass vases for centerpieces in order to sell their customers. This superb decorative vase is also available in variety of colors and shapes. This Murano inspired glass vase is an ideal option for employee awards. A small black crystal base is attached within it that will help engravers to personalize it.

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Hand Blown Art Glass Vase Awards (Blue Glass Vase): This is another superb blown art glass vase award you can give your best employees and top executives. This blue glass vase have special wave style design on top and what a lovely texture and layered color added on it by our glass artist. A great collectible vases for centerpieces, great collectible items for gift shop owners, can add this unique vase to their product line up and sell to their customers.


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Italian Style Tall Vases for Centerpieces: What great way it would be award your employees with this marvelous Italian style glass vase. A fantastic art glass vase collection, shop retailers should order vases in bulk for their customers. This tall art glass vase available in variety of colors and size.


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Hand Blown Murano glass Decorative Vase: This fabulous masterpiece Murano glass vase should be a breathtaking decorative item specially for gift shop owners / shop retailers. In addition, this vintage art glass vases also fit with any recognition awards program.


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Blown Art Glass Vase Awards: If you want to add really unique and colorful awards to your award programs then our exquisite art glass vase awards would be a wonderful gift awards for your employees. Gift shop retailers who are looking wholesale vases for centerpieces then our Murano glass vases would be a good option that should be added to their gift shop retail store.


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Etched and Yellow Color Filled Art Glass Vase Award: This gorgeous yellow art glass vase makes an elegant gift for the special peoples for big occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, festive holidays and corporate award programs. When you present this Murano glass decorative vase as a gift, your will definitely appreciated by your recipients greatly.


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Creative Crystal Awards Americas largest art glass award suppliers. For more than 40 years we supplies art glass vase awards. We are proud ourselves to have a Murano glass master from Swedish background. We have a great team of skilled art glass artist who are highly specialized in designing, making vintage art glass vases under supervision of our Murano glass master. The resulting piece is an art glass object that is unique and beautiful.


We have a wide range of bouquet art glass vases to simple square vases in bespoke handmade colors, styles and shapes for your needs. Our artisans are highly specialized in design artistic Murano art glass vases that is a fine accent to any interior design and makes a wonderful gift for many special occasions such as corporate award programs, career milestones, weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. Furthermore, we can produce any custom vases in bulk according to your needs, contact us today with our murano glass masters, share your vase ideas and let us come up with exquisite flower vases, decorative vases and vases for centerpieces that surely will dazzle you and your recipients.