Blown Glass Sculptures

blown glass sculptures

Express your appreciation and gratitude in a truly unique way with this stunning Blown Art Glass Sculptures form Creative Crystal Awards. The colorful Blown Glass Sculpture Awards are a great way to recognize outstanding accomplishment or skills. Hand blown glass awards offering many variations in designs, color and sizes. This is really mesmerizing. You can easily impress your recipients by giving them our Murano style hand-blown glass sculptures and it will creates a long lasting impression to them. These hand blown art glass sculpture awards are artistically inspired and each piece is uniquely individual. Our art glass sculpture awards category contains spectacular range of Murano glass sculptures and Italian Murano glass figurines which includes: art glass vase sculptures, art glass seashell sculpture, art glass fish sculptures, art glass bull sculpture, art glass bird sculptures, art glass duck sculpture, art glass swirl sculpture, art glass twisted sculpture, art glass flame sculpture, art glass tear drop sculpture, art glass sailboat sculptures, art glass eye sculpture, art glass heart sculpture, art glass whale sculpture, art glass owl sculpture. Perfect for any kind of recognition award event and would be an attractive decor piece for any home or commercial space. In addition to our hand blown decorative glass sculptures, you can explore our brilliant collection of custom art crystal sculptures available at reasonable prices.

More than 4 decades our Murano inspired glass artist producing modern art glass sculptures in our factory. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Murano glass art sculpture awards wholesale prices to suit every budget and occasion. Contact Us today for any your Blown art Glass figurines & sculpture needs or shop blown art glass figurines and other blown glass decorative objects from the world’s best dealers at

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