7  Groundbreaking Crystal Awards & Trophy Ideas for Casino & Gambling Industry

7 Groundbreaking Crystal Awards & Trophy Ideas for Casino & Gambling Industry

Casino & Gaming Industry is Going Up, Up and Away

Commercial Casino is a profitable business and the establishments generate high revenue. The American Gaming Association reported, gambling industry made a record $53 billion in revenue in 2021, up 21% from the previous revenue record of $43.65 billion set in 2019. Bill Miller, president and CEO of the AGA, spoke at a press conference to discuss the “remarkable” year of gambling in the United States. According to the American Gaming Association, casinos employ more than 500,000 people directly and have a total job impact of 1.7 million inhabitants. Unsurprisingly, given the growth and size of the casino and gambling market, it has represented the majority of other large markets, and to this end, we have witnessed a rise in casino awards event and gambling industry award ceremonies.



Las Vegas is Obviously the Gambling Capital of the World

Gambling and casinos are favorite pastimes of many millions around the world. Among those millions, there are also many who enjoy in Las Vegas casinos just as much as they enjoy trying their luck on video slots or at a roulette table. Las Vegas gaming industry is all about hotels, casinos, resorts, spas. But the Vegas doesn’t feel like Vegas without the beautiful cacophony of casino games including: sports betting, casino slot, dice games, poker chips, billiard/pool/snooker, bingo, lotteries, big six wheel, poker games, blackjack, jackpot slot machines and roulette wheels. Although the vast majority of both casinos and gaming revenue are found in Las Vegas and its surrounding suburbs, the rest of Nevada has its share of casinos spread out across the state. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, there are, (as of January 1, 2022), 433 casinos in the state of Nevada (including Las Vegas).



Impact of Casino & Gaming Industry in the Awards & Trophy Business

Above statistic depicts how big the gambling casino industry in the world but specially in the United States and Europe. So, casino awards playing a big role in the recognition awards industry. Many casino companies spending millions not only to award gamblers, casino players or casino tournament winners but besides, organizing annual casino awards ceremony, many of the casinos marketing their brand by giving awards to their business partners, potential clients, dealers or suppliers on various occasions like: casino groundbreaking ceremony, casino grand opening ceremony, casino grand opening celebration, casino show, casino tournaments, casino parties, casino game events, casino award shows and other casino events. So, it is assumed that award companies and trophy shops selling big numbers of awards, trophies and plaques to the casino gambling companies around the world. So, if you are in the commercial gambling business then you know how competitive the casino business is and how important to organize casino awards for casino brand marketing and to recognize croupiers, casino employers, casino workers, game players, casino players, vendors, suppliers and clients. Furthermore, if you are frequently buying awards for casino events then sometimes you may face difficulties to find unique awards for casino game shows or casino game tournaments. Don’t worry! Let Creative Crystal Awards do the job easier for you.



Bespoke Casino Awards & Gaming Trophy Manufacturer

CreativeCrystalAwards.com is America’s largest casino trophy manufacturer. Whether you need custom casino awards, casino plaques, bespoke casino trophies or engraved casino promotional products for casino nights or casino awards presentation events, our casino themed crystal awards will not only impress you and your recipients but will move your casino to the next stage. We are in the corporate award business for more than 47 years. In the past, we manufactured and delivered casino themed awards to some of the major casinos in the USA and other countries in the world. So, we have decades of experience in manufacturing casino style awards and trophies that you really need for your upcoming casino awards program.


We are delighted to introduce these

7 Impressive Selection of Casino Awards & Casino Trophies designed to exceed your guest’s and casino player’s expectations on the very important celebration of your casino night.


crystal casino awards custom crystal casino trophies 

Crystal Casino Awards – Crystal Casino Trophies – Casino Themed Trophy Award



1. Crystal Poker Spade Trophy

  • Celebrate and reward excellence in the casino industry for the special achievement with this one and unique crystal poker award. The bestselling casino trophy in our casino awards category.
  • This large poker trophy is the great choice for any casino poker tournaments, casino card game competitions, casino awards event, or just for fun in your at-home poker game room or casino theme parties.
  • We produced this crystal poker tournament award from premium quality optic crystal. Featuring a solid clear crystal cut to give it a shape of poker spade which is placed on a black crystal base.
  • The edges of the crystal poker spade sculpture is nicely beveled. When it comes to the light the poker spade crystal trophy will sparkling gorgeously.
  • This poker spade shaped crystal trophy is impressively unique that the recipients or poker winner who receive this will always display their victory with pride.
  • Let our engravers engrave your poker crystal award for FREE with the choice of yours.
  • This optical crystal poker spade shape crystal trophy can comes in three different sizes for the multiple winners i.e. first place winner, second place winner and the third place winner.
  • Buy this custom crystal poker trophy award with MOQ and get free engraving, free setups, free elegant presentation box and fast shipping.


casino crystal poker spade trophy 

Poker Spade Shaped Crystal Trophy Award


Best High-End Crystal Gaming Trophies : Casino Style Crystal Awards



2. Crystal Ace of Clubs Trophy

  • This impressive optical crystal ace of clubs award makes a perfect casino style trophy can be used to recognize a winning poker performance.
  • Creative Crystal Awards proud to design this ace of clubs crystal trophy which is rare, elegant and unique casino trophy that will surely impress any gamblers, casino lovers and poker game winners.
  • If you are searching for Las Vegas themed crystal trophy for any of your corporate recognition awards, card game events or poker competitions then our ace of clubs trophy award will best fit with any your events.
  • This ace of clubs crystal award is a handcrafted piece, produced from premium quality optic crystal. Featuring an extra tick clear crystal cut in the shape of ace of clubs. The crystal ace of clubs sculpture placed atop a black crystal base.
  • There are two engraving space as the surface of the ace of clubs and the base can be deep etched engrave with golden or silver color fill.
  • When you reward someone with this stunning crystal ace of clubs crystal figurine award it will enhance their casino experience even when they are not in the casinos.
  • Each of these personalized crystal ace of clubs sculpture award will delivered inside a luxurious presentation box.


casino crystal poker ace of clubs trophy 

Ace of Clubs Shaped Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Gambling Trophies : Crystal Casino Themed Awards



3. Crystal Slot Machine Trophy

  • Award your lucky winner who hit the jackpot with this brilliant crystal slot machine trophy at your casino entertainment events.
  • The crystal slot machine award is the ideal option when you need gambling award for the gamblers, jackpot winners at your gambling event or casino night.
  • Our craftsman produce this slot machine crystal award from fine quality optic crystal. Featuring a solid clear crystal piece hand cut nicely to give it in the shape of a slot machine. After then the crystal slot machine figurine laser engraved in details to give it a 3d look. The crystal slot machine sculpture mounted atop a large black crystal base.
  • Use this crystal casino slot machine figurine award for special achievements in the gambling industry or casino trophy for any winner of your casino events. However, this crystal jackpot slot machine can also be used as a casino souvenir gift for casino brand promotions or slot machine shows.
  • Let us personalize the base with your choice and make this slot machine award a memorable one to your recipients.
  • This jackpot slot machine shaped crystal trophy available in three different sizes. Large, medium and small for the corresponding winners of jackpot casino gaming event.
  • Order these crystal slot machine trophies in bulk and get free engraving service, free logo engraved gift box, free setups and fast shipping.


crystal casino jackpot slot machine award 

Custom Crystal Casino Jackpot Slot Machine Award


Best High-End Crystal Casino Awards for Gamblers : Crystal Gambling Awards



4. Crystal Poker Card Trophy

  • Big Poker Tournament? Choose this gorgeous optical crystal poker card award and boost poker player spirit at your next poker tournament. A great poker trophy to celebrate the poker winner or Texas hold’em, Five-card draw and Omaha hold’em.
  • Poker card crystal trophy is the perfect way to award all those deserving recipients for outstanding achievements at your next casino gambling awards presentation ceremony.
  • This poker card crystal award in fully constructed from superior quality optic crystal featuring a tilted crystal playing card mounted atop a large and heavy crystal base.
  • Let us personalize the base with the choice of yours. When personalize, it will proudly display your text and logo deep etched on the base which included in the price of the poker award.
  • This crystal poker card trophies available in three different sizes. For the 1st place poker winner, 2nd place poker winner and the 3rd place poker winner of your casino club poker competition.
  • Order this casino card poker tournament trophy in bulk and get free engraving service, free gorgeous presentation box, free setups, free sample with fast shipping.


casino crystal poker card trophy award 

Crystal Casino Poker Card Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Las Vegas Themed Awards : Casino Industry Awards



5. Crystal Poker Chip Trophy

  • Celebrate special achievements in the casino industry or congratulate your next casino poker game winners in grand style with this exquisite optical crystal poker chip award.
  • This poker chip crystal trophy is perfect casino award for any poker tournament, casino awards show or casino night parties.
  • Our poker chip crystal award is handmade piece, entirely constructed from flawless optic crystal, features a poker chip artwork laser engraved on the surface of the thick round crystal plaque which is mounted on a large clear crystal base.
  • The base offers ample engraving space which can be deep etched engrave with your brand logo, recipient name and appreciation text.
  • All of these poker chip trophies includes: free engraving, free setups, free elegant presentation box and fast shipping.
  • Buy these optical crystal chip poker award and give poker game players, recipients and the guests the casino feeling to your next poker game event.


crystal casino poker chip trophy award 

Casino Poker Chip Crystal Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Casino Trophies : Casino Theme Crystal Awards



6. Crystal Playing Card Trophy

  • This casino playing card crystal award is perfect award for star players in your casino card game competition. This is one kind of poker card trophy that winners would love to display their achievements with pride.
  • This crystal playing card award is made out of genuine optic crystal, features a full-color imprinted sublimation playing card coated on the back of the thick crystal rectangle block. Sublimation poker card effect gives the crystal rectangular block a special appearance and makes it look like a real playing card.
  • The sublimated crystal playing card stands on a black crystal base. The base can be deep etched engraved with golden or silver color fill.
  • The playing card crystal trophy can be sublimated with any colored casino playing cards such as: Clubs (♣), Diamonds (♦), Hearts (♥), Spades (♠), Jack, Queen and King. However, your special graphic or artwork can be used for sublimation printing on crystal rectangle block. Furthermore, this playing card shaped crystal rectangular block can be laser engraved with your own custom artwork with silver color fill.
  • What a great way to award the winner of the casino card game player when they win their first ever card game competition.
  • This optical crystal card game award can be customized with your needs and comes in different sizes to fit with your budgets.
  • Each of these crystal card game trophy comes with a deluxe presentation box logo engraved with your logo making it perfect for any casino awards show.


sublimation crystal casino playing card trophy award 

Sublimation Crystal Casino Poker Card Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Casino Themed Trophies : Custom Casino Awards



7. Casino Crystal Dice Trophy

  • Life is a gamble, let’s roll the dice! Reward the casino game winners or champion at your next casino tournament with this handsome optical crystal dice award and it will makes a great casino night award.
  • This casino crystal dice award is perfect for warming poker tournaments and casino event prizes.
  • The casino dice crystal award is entirely constructed from high grade pure optic crystal, features a clear and solid crystal dice laser engraved with details. The crystal dice sculpture mounted atop a large clear crystal base.
  • A one of a kind casino trophy for any kinds of casino games (i.e. tabletop games, including dice games, board games, role-playing games, and games of chance), casino presentation events and for any of your gaming buddies or casino lovers.
  • Personalize the base with your congratulatory message, recipient name, date and logo. As always engraving is completely free.
  • This crystal casino dice trophy is available in wide variety of colors (i.e. clear dice, red dice, black dice, blue dice, yellow dice, green dice and many more) and comes in three different sizes: large, medium and small.
  • Each of these personalized crystal dice trophies will comes with a branded presentation box.


crystal casino dice trophy award                                   

Crystal Casino Dice Award


Best High-End Crystal Casino Trophies for Gamblers : Casino Themed Crystal Trophies




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Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier of Casino Awards and Casino Trophies


CreativeCrystalAwards.com is the largest crystal awards manufacturer in USA. Since 1982, we are proudly manufacturing casino crystal trophies, casino crystal awards and casino crystal plaques for casinos, casino awards event, casino card game competitions, casino parties, casino tournaments, casino gaming events, casino nights and casino shows. Last 46 years, we are manufacturing and supplying custom casino trophies and casino awards for some of the renowned hotels, casino resorts, casino spas, casino restaurants and other casino business in USA and all of the world. We are the trusted 5 star ratings casino awards supplier in USA. All of our casino trophy awards are produced from high quality optic crystal which are hand-crafted by our skilled craftsmen. The team of Creative Crystal Awards made up with 50 workers including: award designers, crystal artisans, engravers, graphic designers, quality controllers, gift box makers and friendly customer support specialists. We have our own overseas factory where we are making our award items and supplying at factory direct prices all the world. However, we are also supplying crystal awards trophies and plaques as low as wholesale prices to trophy stores, trophy distributors, award wholesalers, reseller of recognition awards, brand marketing & advertising companies, event organizers and engraving companies. While visiting our online trophy store, you will find more then thousands of customized & unique crystal awards and trophies which are the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our award shop.


Our casino awards category contains: crystal poker trophy, crystal playing card trophy, crystal gambling trophy, crystal card game trophy, crystal poker chip trophy, crystal slot machine trophy, casino crystal dice trophy and many more. Each of these casino style crystal trophies are high quality, attractive in design and stay within your budgets. But more importantly, the design of the casino industry trophies and awards will fit nicely with many of your casino awards function. However, if you are searching for best trophy maker to design your own custom awards then no need to look further. We are highly specialized in designing customized casino awards & trophies and all our crystal craftsmen can produce any custom shapes, models, designs, sculptures and figurines in optic crystal. What you need to do is to share your ideas with an image(s) or by talking directly with one of our specialist. Let our crystal award designer come up with gorgeously designed casino style awards that will impress everyone at your casino shows. In our factory, we are manufacturing crystal awards in bulk means we are mainly dealing with the order with large quantities. However, we do take small orders which meet our MOQ. In this way we can supply your casino award items at an affordable prices. But, remember, the more pieces you buy the more you will save as the shipping cost will be dramatically low. However, whether you need to manufacture casino theme crystal trophies in bulk or need to order Las Vegas theme casino awards in small quantities, we are the best wholesale awards supplier will meet all your expectations. Our studio is well equipped with high-end and modern technologies so, we can produce and supply customize awards in fast turnaround time. Finally, if you are convinced with our trophy manufacturing background as well as impress with our trophy awards catalog and want us to be your casino awards supplier then contact us today or don’t hesitate to give Creative Crystal Awards a call at 813-948-6441. Our entire team will be very happy to serve you from every phase i.e. price quotation to paper proof and production to delivery. So, if your casino is going to run a poker league or hold regular poker tournaments or to celebrate/recognize and reward excellence in the casino industry, you might consider awarding with our casino style crystal trophies to the casino tournament winners/champions, gamblers and for those special casino lovers in your life.