Crystal Awards or Art Glass Awards Which One Is The Best for Corporate Award Ceremony

Crystal Awards or Art Glass Awards Which One Is The Best for Corporate Award Ceremony

Recognize Your Best Employees with the Best Corporate Awards

Giving awards or recognizing employees is the very common practice in the corporate recognition culture. When employees recognized, it will not only motivate them but will tell them how important they are for the organization. So, every bosses or business owner wants to bring out the best from the each and every single of their employees for the prospect and growth of their business. When they able to keep their employees happy and motivated, it will increase business rate of return and improve brand value. Most occasions, it will not fully possible to increase employee’s engagement by giving handsome salary or other incentives. But most of the cases, majority of the employees want to be the part of the business and they also want to know how much they value for the business. Sometimes, they want praise and gratitude, they want appreciation for their hard work and want to hear how much you care them. That’s why employee recognition plays a vital role in the corporate award industry. As a CEO / business owner / HR manager, when you are planning to host a corporate awards presentation event or annual prize giving ceremony, you need to purchase best corporate awards and trophies for the award winners, employees or recipients you are going to recognize.


Some Key Facts that will Make Recognition Awards Meaningful

Sometimes, you may face some difficulties to find out the best trophy awards for your upcoming corporate awards function. When you visiting trophy shop online, you will see high quality crystal awards and unique art glass awards while other corporate award suppliers offering you wooden awards, metal awards and acrylic awards. On the other hand, the recognition awards item you choose should be widely accepted by all and the theme must be relating with your business. For example: if you are an automotive company or car dealer then you should choose crystal car award. Or if you are from Las Vegas and going to host a casino awards event then you should find casino style awards like: slot machine award, dice award, poker trophy, poker chips trophy, etc.


Things getting complex? Don’t worry! Let Creative Crystal Awards make the job easier for you. If you searching for unique corporate awards items then, consider either Optical Crystal Awards or Hand Blown Art Glass awards. Forget about others i.e. metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, etc. Because when you see the real beauty of crystal award trophies and hand blown art glass sculptures, surely you won’t like others because Art Glass Awards & Crystal Awards are stunning, vivid and unique works of art. Now the big question is, when you choose crystal awards and when you choose artistic glass awards.


Let us explain this in details about Crystal Awards and Art Glass Awards that may help you to make your decision.


corporate crystal awards and art glass sculptures 

Corporate Crystal Awards – Hand Blown Art Glass Trophy Award




Optical Crystal for Sparkling Awards

A crystal or crystalline is a solid material whose constituents are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. One of the very popular material used in the award industry. Crystal is a type of clear glass that has a higher lead content, which is what gives the crystal its weighty feel and light diffracting properties. Solid crystal can cut to give it almost any shapes. After polished, crystal items looks gorgeous specially when it comes to the light. It will then sparkling brilliantly like a diamond. These days, 95% of the company using crystal awards, crystal trophies and crystal plaques in their corporate awards function.


Key Benefits of Corporate Crystal Awards


1. Crystal will Make Awards Gorgeous

The awards & trophies looks extremely gorgeous when produced from genuine optic crystal. The award items made with glass or acrylic will not looks as brilliant as crystal award item. When a beveled and highly polished crystal award piece put under the light it diffracts the light, creating a glittery and shimmery effect.


crystal car award crystal auto trophy 

Crystal Car Award for Car Dealers or Auto Shows


Best High-End Crystal Auto Awards : Crystal Car Show Awards



2. Crystal will Give Awards a Weighty Feel

A crystal made trophy award is much heavier than other trophies which are extremely lightweight, which often gives the bad impression of being cheaper and not as valuable. In the corporate world it is very important to reward employees with heavy awards. Crystal awards offer weight that making the recipient feel like they have been presented with something valuable and meaningful.


heavy crystal fist award 

Large and Heavy Crystal Fist Trophy Award


Best High-End Corporate Crystal Trophy Awards : Crystal Trophies



3. Crystal will Give your Awards More Corporate Look

In the modern days, many business organization likes to make nice and elegant corporate awards rather make fancy award items which can hurt their brand image. Crystal allows you to promote your brand in recognition awards by creating logo cut crystal awards. No other trophies and awards are looks as corporate as crystal trophy awards. A corporate crystal awards will attract each and every one when it illuminate the light in the corporate awards show. Furthermore, when an engraved crystal plaque award put in a trophy cabinet or placed on a desk it will give that space a premium look.


crystal letter X award 

Crystal Letter X Award – XEROX Award in Crystal


Best High-End Crystal Letter Shaped Awards : Letter Shaped Crystal Awards



4. Only Crystal will Allow 3D Laser Engraving Inside/Backside of Awards

Optical crystal is 100% transparent that allows you to put your own 3d drawing/3d art work/3d buildings/3d models or any 3d object inside the solid piece of crystal using 3d laser engraving machine. You can’t get this superb opportunity when you choose other materials (i.e. wood, metal, plastic, etc.) except crystal. Your 3d objects will looks floating when a 3d laser engraving machine put hat model inside a solid and transparent crystal block. The 3d object will clearly visible even through the solid piece of crystal. Furthermore, any 3d image can be laser etched on the backside of the irregular shapes of crystal iceberg block that make a stunning corporate award which is very popular in these days.


3d lion sculpture crystal award 

3D Laser Etched Crystal Lion Sculpture Iceberg Award


Best High-End Crystal Iceberg Animal Trophies : Crystal Animal Iceberg Awards



5. Crystal is the Cost Effective Awarding Option

If you want to give recognition awards to a very large scale of employees then hand blown art glass trophies and awards can be very expensive. If you have ample budget then are good to go with blown glass awards. But crystal trophies and awards are comparatively cheaper than blown glass sculptures. However, the real beauty of gleaming crystal will outperform other corporate awards items in the trophy industry.


20 years of service award in crystal 

20 Years of Service Award in Crystal


Best High-End Crystal Anniversary Awards : Years of Service Awards




Murano Style Art Glass for Inspirational Awards

Art glass is a subset of glass art, this latter covering the whole range of art made from glass. Art glass normally refers only to pieces made since the mid-19th century, and typically to those purely made as sculpture or decorative art. Glass is sometimes combined with other materials. Techniques include glass that has been placed into a kiln so that it will mold into a shape, glassblowing, sandblasted glass, copper-foil glass-work, painted and engraved glass. Most antique art glass was made in glass factories, particularly in the UK, the United States, and Bohemia. Glass art refers to individual works of art that are substantially or wholly made of glass. It ranges in size from monumental works and installation pieces to wall hangings and windows, to works of art made in studios and factories, including glass jewelry, tableware, decorative centerpiece sculptures/figurines and to produce creative trophy award items.


Key Benefits of Hand Blown Artistic Glass Awards


1. Art Glass will Make the Award Piece Unique & Extraordinary

All glass awards are individually hand blown designed by certified and experienced glass master means the custom art glass art trophy awards you are going to manufacture will be unique and almost impossible to duplicate the design by other glass masters. Because these blown glass award are handcrafted, each blown art glass award is unique. Hand blown art glass sculpture awards are extremely impressive in its creative design style, vintage looks and modern appearance.


green teardrop art glass award 

Green Art Glass Teardrop Award


Best High-End Droplet Art Glass Trophy Awards : Art Glass Drop Awards



2. Art Glass will Make the Trophy Award Large & Tall

If you want to buy large trophy award then you can think about hand blown art glass sculptures. Most of the blown glass award items are very large and tall in design and so heavy that give its recipient a nice feelings when they lift the trophy with pride in-front of guests and audience.


eye art glass trophy award 

Hand Blown Art Glass Eye Sculpture Award


Best High-End Art Glass Trophies : Art Glass Awards



3. Art Glass Figurines/Sculptures are More Realistic Than Others

It is possible to make almost any custom shapes, models, figurines and sculptures using molten glass. Glass artist can make the glass art sculpture award more realistic using their world of experience. So, if you need to make custom art glass trophies on any specific theme then it is recommended to go for hand blown glass awards. For example: if you are searching or beach of ocean theme trophies and awards then art glass conch shell award, art glass sea fish award or art glass sailboat trophy would be the perfect fit for your recognition event.


art glass conch shell award 

Murano Style Art Glass Conch Shell Sculpture Award


Best High-End Blown Glass Sculptures : Art Glass Sculptures



4. Dramatic Coloring of the Art Glass Surely Impress Any Recipients

Rich vibrant color draw the eyes. Colored art influences and effects one or more senses, emotions and intellect. Perfect awards with swirls of colors. So, if you want to put many colors in your recognition awards then art glass awards and trophies would be the right choice for you. Everyone who see the multi-colored art glass sculptures will be amazed.


art glass rainbow sculpture award 

Rainbow Colored Art Glass Flame Sculpture Award


Best High-End Hand Blown Glass Figurines : Art Glass Figurine Awards



5. Artistic Glass Awards will Dramatically Improve Home/Office Interior

Murano style art glass award is not only a recognition award piece. It’s more than an award. Artistic glass sculptures are impressively brilliant that anyone can use their art glass masterpiece as a decorative centerpiece. Beside employee recognition, abstract art glass sculptures can also be used an interior decoration. When someone place unique art glass sculpture as a centerpiece decoration in their home or office, it will dramatically improve their home interior and give their space an elegant look.


red teardrop art glass vase trophy award 

Hand Blown Art Glass Teardrop Vase Trophy Award


Best High-End Decorative Art Glass Sculptures : Art Glass Vase Awards



Finally, the decision is yours whether you reward your employees with corporate crystal awards or Italian Murano inspired hand blown glass awards. But the above article give you a clear picture about the optic crystal award trophies and corporate art glass trophies. This writings also describes when to buy corporate crystal awards and when to buy artistic glass sculptures & figurines for your corporate awards night.


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