8 Loving Crystal Heart Plaques that Every Recipients will Love

8 Loving Crystal Heart Plaques that Every Recipients will Love

Success Comes From Heart Work NOT Hard Work

We are in the very beginning of another new year. The bosses and CEO’s of every company or business organizations are very busy for setting up the best business strategies and assigning the tasks, targets to the employees, teams or leaders so that company can reach its goal and make the year a successful one. But, before push your employees for new tough challenges and ask them to work beyond their limit why not recognize your employees for previous year achievements and success? Employees are the heart and soul of your company. So, make employee recognition a part of your company culture to improve employee engagement and drive organic productivity. Last year, they did all the hard work from their heart, faced tough challenges and solved many problems that not only bring enormous benefits for your business but also increase rate of returns and improve brand image. So, if you reward your employees in the beginning of the year for all the previous year work effort, dedication and commitment with an engraved recognition awards, it will not only inspire them but will make their target easily achievable as well and the end result will be more than your expectation. What a great way it would be to show your employees some love in the month of love with custom crystal heart plaques


Give your Heart and Make your Employees Extra Special

So, it is very important to find a meaningful corporate awards that will carry a special meanings to its recipients. There are many wonderful employee recognition award ideas you will find on the net. But if you really need something impressive then you can consider corporate crystal heart awards which are truly unique that make every recipients proud and special. When you recognize your employees in the shape of love, it will tell them how much you care and love them. Furthermore, this will give them lot of inspiration and as a result employees who recognized by you with the crystal heart shape awards will never work for money. They will love their job and work from their heart. Heart shaped crystal awards are the ideal recognition option that can be used for giving thanks or recognize employees or vendors.


Crystal Heart Awards the Popular Recognition Item in the Corporate World

For many decades, Creative Crystal Awards manufacturing heart themed crystal awards, trophies and plaques. Our corporate crystal hearts section contains wide variety of heart crystal awards which are available in many custom shapes, colors and sizes. So, if you really thinking of buying crystal heart trophy awards then you are in the right place.


Want to show some love to your special employees with a heart themed recognition awards? Check out these

8 Unique and Beautiful Crystal Heart Plaques and Send your heartfelt appreciation with any of these Crystal Heart Plaque Awards at your next corporate awards presentation event.


crystal heart plaques  

Crystal Heart Plaques – Heart Shaped Crystal Plaque Awards – Crystal Plaques in Heart Shape



1. Pink Crystal Heart Award Plaque

  • Pink is beautiful! Pink heart crystal award designed to celebrate women who go the extra mile. Such a beautiful recognition award for business women, female CEO’s, lady bosses, women executives, female employees, female teachers and many more.
  • This crystal pink heart award fully constructed from high grade optic crystal features a pink accented crystal heart elevated atop a pick crystal base.
  • When you reward someone very special in your organization with this pink optical crystal heart plaque award, it means so much to them and it will be a treasured keepsake to them for many years to come.
  • Let our engravers personalize this pink heart crystal plaque award with the choice of you and engraving will be completely free.
  • This pink heart shaped crystal plaque award available in three different sizes and can comes in wide variety of colors.
  • You will receive these pink heart shaped crystal award inside a gorgeous presentation box.


pink heart crystal award  

Pink Heart Crystal Plaques


Best High-End Crystal Heart Theme Plaques : Pink Crystal Awards



2. Large Crystal Heart Trophy Plaque

  • If you want to show your love to those loyal and dedicated employees who are working from their heart for your business then use this large crystal heart plaque trophy, the right recognition award piece that fit the best with your needs. Without a doubt, the best proof of love.
  • This large and heavy crystal heart-shaped trophy award is one of our most outstanding corporate award item. Perfect award for charity, sponsors, donors and non-profits.
  • Our craftsman skillfully constructed this heart crystal trophy plaques from flawless optic crystal, features a heavy and solid crystal heart shape plaque mounted atop a black crystal base.
  • This heart plaque made out of a extra thick crystal. So, 3d laser engrave image inside the crystal heart will look fantastic rather than normal engraving. However, if you need to engrave this crystal heart trophy with your appreciation message, text, recipient name, date or logo then we will be happy to provide you free engraving service.
  • There are two engraving areas as the surface of the heart and the base both can be deep etched engraved with golden or silver color fill.
  • Buy this heart shaped crystal plaque trophy from our store with MOQ, you will receive free engraving, free setups, free gift box and fast shipping.


heart crystal trophy  

Heart Crystal Trophy Plaque


Best High-End Crystal Heart Trophies : Heart Shaped Crystal Trophies



3. Clear Optical Crystal Heart Shaped Plaque Award

  • Clear crystal heart shape plaque award is eye-catching in design and very impressive. Perfect for all recipients and occasion.
  • When you recognize someone with this exquisite heart shaped crystal award plaque, your recipients will understand how much you care them. This crystal heart keepsake will surely make a long lasting impression.
  • Our clear crystal heart figurine award is fully handmade. Made out of superior quality optic crystal, featuring an extra thick solid crystal cut beautifully in the form of heart. The crystal heart figurine placed on a clear rectangle base, slightly tilted towards left.
  • This crystal heart shape plaque make a statement of heartfelt appreciation when personalize with heart touch wordings.
  • The crystal heart plaque award offers enough engraving space. You can put your own congratulatory message, recipients name date and logo all together.
  • As always engraving is completely free and each of these personalized crystal heart shape plaque awards will comes inside a logo engraved presentation box.


crystal heart shape plaque award  

Heart Shaped Crystal Plaque Award


Best High-End Crystal Plaques in Heart Shape : Crystal Heart Plaque Awards



4. Red Crystal Heart Plaque Award

  • Want to express your heartfelt appreciation in the shape of love? This optical crystal red heart award is the recognition pieces that everyone will love.
  • Red heart crystal plaque award is one of the very popular award item in our heart crystal awards category.
  • Red heart crystal award is the perfect recognition award for heart foundation, blood donor, charity, non-profits, doctors, heart specialist and many more.
  • This red crystal heart shape plaque award is entirely constructed from premium quality optic crystal, features a red accented crystal heart sculpture sits atop a clear crystal rectangular base.
  • The red optical crystal heart sculpture offers ample engraving space. Let us engrave the surface of the body or the base for FREE with your choice.
  • Our red crystal award plaques is available in three different sizes: large, medium and small. This heart shape crystal plaque award can be customized according to your needs.
  • This red accented crystal heart plaque award includes free engraving, free set ups, free gift box and fast shipping.


red heart crystal award  

Red Heart Crystal Plaque Award


Best High-End Red Optical Crystal Plaques : Red Crystal Plaques



5. Crystal Heart Clock Award

  • Heart shaped crystal clock is a truly stunning recognition plaque piece. Whether you need give someone a special thanks or want to reward your employees for special achievement, this crystal heart shape plaque clock award would be a fantastic choice great for all occasion and recipient.
  • When you give someone this heart crystal clock award, it will carry a special message to the recipient and they will proud to display this on their desktop or shelf. Each time they look at the clock for time, it will bring back many wonderful memories for them.
  • This optical crystal heart plaque with clock is fully handmade and hand polished. Features a free standing crystal heart shape plaque attached a silver dial clock with Roman numeral. The edge of the crystal heart plaque award is nicely beveled.
  • When your recipients put this beautiful crystal heart shape plaque with clock on their table or shelf, it will add a touch of elegance and enhance their home or office decor.
  • This heart shaped crystal plaque with clock offers huge engraving space.
  • Each of these personalize crystal heart shaped plaque with clock award will be wrapped beautifully inside an elegant presentation box.


heart crystal plaque with clock  

Free Standing Crystal Heart Plaque with Clock


Best High-End Crystal Clocks : Clock Crystal Awards



6. Optical Crystal Plaque in the Shape of Heart

  • Want to show your love, honor and gratitude in the shape of heart? Choose this elegant clear optical crystal heart shaped plaque award that will tell them how important they for your organization.
  • This clear crystal glass heart award is a beautiful recognition plaque award piece perfect for: retirements, years of service, anniversaries, special milestone achievements and many more.
  • Our artisans produce this heart shaped crystal award plaque from superior quality optic crystal, features a large clear crystal heart stands atop a clear crystal base. The crystal heart award is handmade and hand polished with special care. The edges are smooth and nicely beveled.
  • This crystal plaque in the heart shape award offers ample engraving space which can be engraved with your congratulatory text, recipients name date and logo.
  • Our crystal love shaped plaque award is available in three different sizes.
  • Engraving is absolutely free.
  • This crystal heart figurine award will come inside a very attractive gift box engraved with your brand.


heart crystal plaque award  

Crystal Plaque in Heart Shape


Best High-End Crystal Award Plaques : Crystal Recognition Plaques



7. Heart Shaped Crystal Plaque Award

  • For those special occasions where you need to acknowledge individuals with a big heart, chose this optical crystal plaque in heart shape and it will create a long lasting impression for many years.
  • This clear optical crystal award in heart shape is a masterpiece form Creative Crystal Awards. Choose this amazing modern design heart shape crystal award plaque to recognize volunteers, social workers, healthcare activists, front-line heroes, charity workers, doctors and nurses.
  • The elegant appearance will surely attract everyone at your corporate awards ceremony.
  • When your recipients receive this brilliantly designed crystal heart award from you, it will make them surprise and touch their heart as well.
  • This heart shaped crystal plaque is a handmade piece made out of genuine optic crystal, features a clear crystal heart sits on top a small slope crystal support base that keep the crystal heart plaque slightly angular position which is the beauty of this stylish crystal heart award.
  • Let us personalize the crystal heart shape plaque for free with your choice.
  • When you order this optical crystal award in heart shape, you will get free setups, free engraving, free branded presentation box and fast shipping.


heart shape crystal award  

Clear Crystal Heart Shape Plaque Award


Best High-End Crystal Heart Awards : Crystal Hearts



8. Self-Standing Crystal Heart Plaque

  • Express your heartfelt appreciation with this stunning free standing crystal heart shape plaque award and impress your recipients at your next corporate prize giving ceremony.
  • This is a super thick optical crystal awards in the shape of heart which is hand crafted and hand polished by skilled craftsman. The bottom of the crystal heart sculpture is flat cut that helps to make this crystal heart figurine a standalone award piece.
  • Personalized the crystal heart keepsake award with your congratulatory message and recipient name to make an everlasting impression.
  • This is the award piece that every recipients will love to put on their desk or shelf.
  • Must choose this love shape crystal award when you need to put 3d image inside the crystal. The 3d images will looks floating inside the solid piece of crystal to make the award piece stunning.
  • This free standing crystal heart award is available in multiple sizes i.e. large, medium and small.
  • Purchase this love shaped crystal plaque award at wholesale pieces with MOQ and get free nice gift box, free setups, free engraving and quick shipping.


free standing crystal heart figurine award  

Free Standing Crystal Heart Plaque Award


Best High-End Crystal Sculptures : Crystal Figurine Awards



Team of Creative Crystal Awards are extremely happy to present these impressive selection of heart plaques in crystal. Besides, corporate or employee recognition events these optical crystal heart theme plaque awards can also be used for many occasions including : Valentine’s Day, International Women’s day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, etc. Whether you are looking unique awards for her, awards for she, awards for teachers or awards for female employees, coworkers or colleagues consider these crystal hearts awards and plaques and win their heart with full of respect and lots of love.


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Manufacturer and Supplier of Crystal Heart Awards & Crystal Heart Plaques


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Are you searching for wholesale trophy supplier or want to buy trophy online then don’t need to look further. Contact us today and we will assist you to find or make your desired awards from the very beginning to end. However, if you are planning to manufacture custom awards in bulk or in large quantities then first of all we will provide you free paper proof with free samples for your approval before going to mass production. We are very sure that you won’t be disappointed at all. Moreover, we are highly specialized in manufacturing customized awards and our experienced crystal craftsmen can make almost anything (i.e. custom shapes, sculptures and figurines) in optical crystal and art glass. Simply share your thoughts with one of our experts and we will make your vision in the reality. It’s not all about the matter of quality award items and lowest prices. The more important thing is, while working with us you will get complete peace of mind that you can’t expect that level of satisfaction from no other trophy makers. Finally, if you need to give thanks to all your employees from your heart or want to show heartfelt gratitude to those very special distinguished individuals in your organization than our crystal heart awards, custom crystal heart trophies, crystal heart plaque awards and corporate crystal heart shape gifts would be the right choice for your upcoming corporate awards function.