8 Awesome Corporate Crystal Gifts That will Sine All Year

8 Awesome Corporate Crystal Gifts That will Sine All Year

Corporate Gifts For Everyone For Every Occasion

Winter is just around the corner means the gift giving season is here! The season is marked by the giving of gifts. Start with Thanksgiving Day followed by Christmas and New Year. The perfect time of the year specially when you are planning to send corporate gifts to all your employees and customers. Whether you are a new, small business or a large reputed organization, gift-giving is very important for businesses of all sizes and industries. In the marketing world, gift-giving has been one of the most effective ways to build strong relationships with clients and express gratitude for their continuous support. Corporate promotional gifts from your company can keep your brand top-of-mind while increasing customer retention and a positive return on investment, reducing churn, and boosting brand reputation in the long run. Corporate gifting is not about to promote or market brand but to give thanks to all employees and clients for their commitment and support throughout the year. When you send corporate promotional gifts to your clients/customers and staffs or employees, it will help to your brand standout form the competitions, keep your employees happy and engaging existing and potential customers closer to your brand. If you’re a business owner planning or trying make an impression or building strong relationships with a personalized gifts this festive season then you need to think of buying engraved gifts right now to avoid last minute holiday rush.


Popular Corporate Gift Giving Occasion That Works Best For Any Business

Closed a great deal with some major clients and business partners this year and want to send a unique corporate gifts their way? Engraved corporate crystal gifts are a great way to give thanks your business clients and business partners. Furthermore, personalized crystal corporate gifts creating positive and long-term business connections that help to boost your company’s growth. But the question is what corporate gift items will you send and when? The years is very close to end so, at the time of year, you still have some good occasions to give out the best appropriate gift to our employees and clients at the right time. The best company gifting occasions are as follows:


Thanksgiving Day

Want to give thanks to your employees and clients? Thanksgiving Day is the great opportunity to show your employees and/or loyal customers that you care. When you thank your customers and employees with a personalized gifts, it means so much to them. There are many thoughtful corporate thanksgiving gift ideas you will find on the net but if you want to “Give Thanks” with something very unique and creative then custom crystal gifts would be the perfect choice for Thanksgiving Day. Want to buy Thanks Giving Gift items, check out our Thanksgiving Gift Ideas.


Christmas/Holiday Season

If you want to keep your brand fresh in your clients’ mind then look for sending branded corporate gifts in holiday season would be the ideal options for you. What a great way to share holiday greetings and joy to staffs, coworkers and employees that you care with an engraved crystal gifts. You will find plenty of affordable, appropriate corporate gifts for holidays that will brighten someone’s day and help to build warm relationships and company cultures. For your corporate holiday giveaways, you can choose corporate crystal holiday gifts or Christmas themed corporate promotional gift items. Check out our unique Christmas Gift Ideas that everyone on your list will adore.


New Year

Every companies and business organization is thinking about sending business promotional gifts to their employees and customers. If you missed to send gifts in Thanksgiving Day and Christmas then it’s the perfect opportunity for you to give thanks to all of them for their effort and continuous support of the entire year. In addition, when you send end of year gifts to your business clients and vendors, it will remind them for new business in the upcoming year. If you are searching for unique Corporate New Year Gifts ideas for employees, clients and customers then personalized crystal gifts would be the right option for you. Check out our crystal gifts for New Year and say “Happy New Year” in an elegant way.


Sometimes, corporate gift giving specially holiday season can be hectic also there is no special occasion is needed for promotional giveaways. The important thing is, you need to give thanks with a gift that will make your employees happy and keep your existing customers stay with your brand for long. You can easily achieve these with the magic of personalized corporate gifts. There are thousands of corporate gift ideas you can choose from but if you really need something unique, creative and memorable gifts for employees and customers then you probably won’t find better gift items than gleaming crystal gift awards.


Want to surprise your recipients with a awe inspiring corporate gifts then look at these

8 thoughtful and meaningful Corporate Crystal Gifts Ideas appropriate for Every Budget Perfect for Everyone on Your Gift List


corporate crystal gifts for employees and clients 

Corporate Gifts – Promotional Gifts – Personalized Gifts for Employees and Clients



1. Golf Ball Base Crystal Whiskey Glasses

  • Let your special recipients enjoy their special drinks with this double old fashioned crystal golf glasses. Perfect for favorite Cognac, Bowmore, Hennessy, Crown, Jameson, and Bourbon lover in your life.
  • These classic thick base whiskey rocks glass set is the best corporate gift ideas specially when you are looking for luxurious gifts for your special recipients.
  • This Crystal golf ball whiskey glasses set is a great gift for any occasion. Perfect for boss, executives, CEOs, special employees and for those classy drinker in your life. However, this golf ball crystal glasses would be an elegant golf gifts for professional golfer players, golf coaches, golf fans. However, these golf ball glasses are the best gifts for golfers who has everything.
  • These crystal DOF glasses are made to last. They are fully handmade, made of lead free crystal, making them thicker and heavier bottom that gives drinker weightier feel. A half cut frosted crystal golf ball nicely attached on the bottom of the base of the whiskey glass.
  • Personalize the glass with your logo to make it a memorable gift for everyone.
  • These crystal golf ball shot glasses will give your special drinkers a unique drinking experience.
  • Each of these crystal golf ball base whiskey glasses are available in in set of 2, set of 4 and set of 6.
  • These engraved crystal golf ball base whisky tumbler set will be individually packed inside logo engraved presentation ready gift box.


lead free crystal golf ball glasses 

Lead Free Crystal Golf Glasses


Best High-End Crystal Whiskey Glasses : Crystal Golf Gifts



2. Corporate Crystal Ornaments

  • Promotional crystal ornament is an affordable gift great for corporate giveaways specially in holiday season.
  • If you need to send holiday greetings to a very large number of employees and clients then corporate crystal Christmas ornaments would be the right holiday gift for you.
  • When you personalize these crystal ornaments with your logo it will display gorgeously in your recipients Christmas tree. However, these engraved crystal promotional ornaments can be hung on as a suncatcher ornaments on doors, windows, door handles, curtains, garlands, car rear view mirror, women’s purse and can also attach with your Christmas presentation box.
  • Make your recipients Christmas tree sparkle with promotional holiday ornaments that shimmer beautifully as they catch and reflect the light.
  • Recipients who receive these engraved crystal corporate ornaments, will love to hang on their Christmas tree and it will create a long lasting impression.
  • Each of these decorative crystal hanging ornament includes matching hanging ribbon or cord and comes with a premium presentation box.


arch crystal holiday ornament 

Optical Crystal Promotional Ornaments


Best High-End Crystal Christmas Ornaments : Crystal Holiday Ornaments



3. Crystal Coasters

  • Coaster is a very useful office desk accessory that use to place underneath a cold drink glass or hot cup/mug. They protect the surface of tables or bars that prevent the moisture from cold drinks or the heat from hot beverages and doesn’t leave marks until finish. They also protect tables and countertops from accidental liquid spillage or unwanted ring marks, keeping the furniture in good condition and prolonging its life.
  • Crystal drink coaster sets is ideal corporate or business gifts for bosses, executives, CEOs, special employees and for those special drink lovers in your life. Let them enjoy drinking their tea or coffee with stylish and elegant crystal drink coaster – it looks great on your table and protects its surface.
  • When personalize this crystal bar coasters with your custom artwork, company logo or personalized message, it will looks magnificent and your brand will be remembered by them for many years. When your recipients put this crystal glass coaster on their office desk it will add a touch of elegance and it will look so classy that your companions must praise. Our drink coaster is so stylish that is designed uniquely and is perfect for any drink mugs and glass.
  • Hand made from lead-free crystal glass, these crystal coasters for drinks are dishwasher safe and suitable for daily use.
  • Each of these personalized crystal drink coaster set will comes inside a deluxe presentation box.


blue crystal coaster for drinks 

Crystal Drink Coasters


Best High-End Crystal Coasters for Drinks : Crystal Coaster Sets



4. Full Color Photo Printed Crystal Memento

  • Don’t let precious memories fade, keep them colorful with the beauty of sublimation crystal photo frame.
  • Gift your corporate clients, employees and loved ones a beautiful crystal memento that they’ll treasure forever.
  • Preserve and share your favorite moments, official photos with your employees and clients with the photo crystal memento. Crystal memento is a timeless gift that will love every recipients.
  • The full color coated photo crystal gift enhances the beauty of the photo and makes it a unique personalized gift for every occasion.
  • Corporate crystal memento is the very popular and can be used as an employee gift as well as promotional gift.
  • We offer wide range of crystal mementos, so your colored photo can be sub-laminated on your desired pieces.
  • Usually, these photo crystal gifts are freestanding but a matching crystal base can comes upon request.
  • Each of these photo crystal frame supplied with a nice gift box.


full color printed sublimation crystal photo frame 

Sublimation Photo Crystal Frame


Best High-End Printed Sublimation Crystal Gift Items : Crystal Photo Frames



5. Crystal Paperweights

  • Corporate crystal paperweight is a small thank-you gift for recipients that will let them know you care. An optical crystal glass paperweight can deliver your message of gratitude in an affordable way, perfect for large groups of recipients.
  • Corporate crystal paperweights gifts are functional crystal gift awards that every recipients will love to display on their desks.
  • Crystal paperweights are ideal desktop gifts for executives, bosses and employees, perfect for special occasions like corporate events, corporate giveaways, thank your gifts and promotional gifts.
  • When your recipients put sparkling crystal paperweight on their desk it will give an additional touch to their office desk and will impressive everyone who see this. You brand will be remembered by them each time they use or look at the paperweight.
  • Promotional paperweights are beautiful, useful and impressive. Handmade of high quality optical crystal.
  • Crystal desk paperweight is a functional office gift that will keep recipients important papers on their desk in an organized way.
  • Each of these engraved crystal paperweight comes with an elegant presentation box.


crystal house shape paperweight 

Engraved Crystal Paperweight Gifts


Best High-End Crystal Glass Paperweights: Crystal Paperweight Awards



6. Crystal Souvenir Gifts

  • Want to surprise your loved ones or special recipients with a unique, decorative, valuable, and creative gifts? Consider these sparkling crystal souvenir ideas that will sure to delight who receive this.
  • Share you appreciation and love on any occasion with an eye-catching crystal souvenirs. These crystal souvenir is a nice little home decoration that will make your home more beautiful and unique.
  • Custom crystal decorative souvenir make an amazing gifts for clients, employees, brand promotions, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, retirement and more.
  • We offer a wide variety of display souvenirs which range from traditional to modern designs which includes: crystal sculptures, crystal figurines, crystal replicas and crystal statues.
  • All of our crystal souvenirs are completely hand-crafted and made out of finest quality optic crystal. These crystal souvenir gift items may come with a matching crystal base (clear/black) upon request.
  • Personalize these base with your logo, recipient name, appreciation wordings and date to make it memorable gifts that will be cherished forever.
  • These optical crystal souvenir gift items not only impress your recipients buy also enhance the interior when place on hope or office workspace.
  • Each of these decorative crystal souvenir keepsake comes with a premium gift box.


blue crystal pearl shell award 

Crystal Souvenir Gifts


Best High-End Crystal Souvenir Gift Items : Crystal Souvenirs



7. Crystal Desktop Clocks

  • Give the gift of time with this clock crystal gift award. This optical crystal clock is the perfect addition to any desk or shelf. Appropriate business gift for executives, bosses, CEOs and for those special person in your life. It makes an awesome gift for holidays, New Year, retirement or promotions.
  • Promotional clocks are the best business gift that we all use and look at regularly every day and would therefore present good value for brand awareness.
  • Crystal desk clock in another corporate gift item used by the top brands and vendors. Crystal table clock will impress any customers and employees.
  • These decorative crystal desk clock in the office can light up your recipient’s day. When they look at the clock to know the time, they will see your and remember your brand for long.
  • Ranging from traditional to contemporary, we have an excellent selection of office desk clocks to choose from. These crystal clocks are entirely handmade, made out of superior quality optic crystal that features a silver/golden dial with roman or numeral numbers. These crystal mantel clocks offers ample engraving space that can be engraved with your business logo, recipients name, message or date. Engraving is absolutely free.
  • The crystal desk clock is battery operated, modern style clock hands and a silent quartz clock movement.
  • Each of these engraved crystal clock will be supplied with a beautiful gift box.


arch crystal desk clock 

Crystal Desk Clocks


Best High-End Crystal Clock Gifts : Clock Crystal Awards



8. Crystal Bookends

  • If you are planning to send premium gifts for special recipients then you can choose decorative crystal bookends pair.
  • Recipients who receive crystal book holder will love to display their favorite books in an elegant way. Optical crystal decorative bookends is heavy and strong enough to hold multiple books and to support your book neatly and upright in your recipients office desktop, book shelves, workspace, home, office or school.
  • Crystal executive bookends would be ideal gift for executives, bosses, CEOs, writers, authors and those special book lovers in your life. Use personalized crystal book stopper as recognition gift awards, retirement gifts, executive gifts, business gifts or corporate gifts.
  • This holiday season, give your special recipients a pair of bookends and make them feel proud.
  • Each of these crystal bookends are handcrafted in our crystal studio made out of flawless optic crystal. Personalized these crystal bookends with you recipients name, logo, congratulatory text and date to make it a memorable gift for its recipient. Engraving is always free.
  • Your recipients will receive engraved crystal bookends gifts inside a luxurious gift box.


angular crystal bookends gift award 

Crystal Decorative Bookends


Best High-End Crystal Executive Bookends : Crystal Bookends Gift Award



Corporate gift-giving can be challenging. Awarding professionals, business owners and HR managers often struggle to find appropriate gifts for the holidays/Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New Year retirement, corporate celebrations, business promotions and other occasions or events. The business gift items you choose should be unexpected, unique and practical. The company gift that meet recipient expectations will strengthen the relationship and reminded your brand to those clients for many years to come. No matter the season you choose for corporate gifting but your corporate gift giving strategy will be successful only when able to keep your business top of mind in your customers and clients. Creative Crystal Awards is the America’s renowned company gifts supplier. We have decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying the best gifts for business and corporations. Whether you need gifts for Christmas, gift for New Year or gifts for Thanksgiving Day, we can provide you to unique crystal gifts great for any festive occasions of events.


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Whether you need custom corporate gift professional, recognition gifts for employees, engraved promotional gift for clients or personalized business gift for customers; you will find some unique ranges and high quality crystal gift pieces that you are looking for. Our online gift shop contains more than hundred different crystal gift ideas that will nicely meet with your needs and budget. However, we are highly specialized in manufacturing custom crystal gifts. Just share our ideas with one of recognition gift award designer. We will be happy to assist you to make your custom gifts that beyond expectations. So, if you are searching for wholesale gifts supplier and want to produce customized gifts in bulk than you re in right place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us supply you the engraved corporate gifts at lowest prices and make you corporate gifting program meaningful and successful.