7 Unforgettable Corporate Crystal New Year Gifts for Every Recipients and Every Budget

7 Unforgettable Corporate Crystal New Year Gifts for Every Recipients and Every Budget

Thanksgiving has gone by and Christmas is just couple of weeks away. If you are passing busy time and again going to miss sending holiday gifts to clients and employees then you need to think seriously gifting them ‘thank you’ gifts or promotional gifts. The New Year signifies new beginnings. It gives us all an opportunity to have a fresh start. New Year’s is widely celebrated and non-religious, making it a good choice for a workplace celebration. Also, New Year is the prime opportunity for you to send a thank you message within a corporate crystal gifts as New Year presents. A simple but meaningful corporate crystal New Year gifts increasing your brand value as well as returning good profit throughout the year.


Here is how New Year gift works for your business:


1.Promotional New Year Gifts for Clients: More clients means more business. But in this digital marketing age, it can be bit challenging to bring new customers towards your business. It is also very important to retain existing clients for long. Promotional New Year gifts will tell them how important they are for your business. As New Year is approaching very fast, set up your mind and budget to purchase personalized New Year gifts for customers, guests and for everyone you care and this New Year could be an excellent start for your business.


2. Personalized New Year Gifts for Employees: To get something, try to give something first! It’s a tradition at this time of year to thank employees for their contributions and recognize their professionalism and hard work. Employees are the very important for your business. They sacrifice their time and work really hard throughout the year to keep your business / factory running. In return, they really expecting something from you. For example, you can think about to give them incentives or host a Happy New Year party but these may not make a long lasting impact. New Year gifts should be thoughtful and useful that they can use them as decorative purpose or regular use. Your gifts will then be a cherished keepsake to them and will create a long lasting impression for many years to come. Engraved crystal New Year gifts would be the ideal corporate gifting ideas you can think about. Your abundance to your employees will overflow to bolster your relationships with your customers and clients. Start off the New Year by giving all your employees, staffs, co-workers, executives an engraved New Year presents that will not only tell them how much you care and loved them but also boost their morale which is very important for the coming days of next year.


Before we dive deep into this rich list of New Year gift for employees, clients and special recipients, we need to create a short list of corporate gifts that are prefect for both of your clients and employees. Other word, we can say ‘a special and memorable gift is a great way to show your gratitude’. When you’re buying gifts for your clients and employees, it’s hard to decide what to get. Whether your budget is large or small, you’re sure to have all kinds of personalities to think of. The big question is, what makes a great employee gift for the New Year? Creative Crystal Awards created this unique corporate New Year gift list to help you find the perfect gift items for any celebration on a moment’s notice as well as this will give you plenty of options as well as will save your time and money.


Here we picked 7 Amazing Ideas of Crystal New Year Gifts you can buy for employees and clients.


personalized crystal New Year gifts 


Personalized Crystal New Year Gifts – Engraved Crystal Year End Gifts – End of The Year Gifts for Employees & Clients



1. Personalized Crystal Clock

  • Crystal Clocks are an evergreen corporate gift perfect for all recipients including: employees, executives, educators, business partners, teachers or special individuals in your life.
  • Personalized clocks with just a name and engraved clocks with a logo are among our most popular corporate gift ideas.
  • Ideal for: corporate gifts, business gifts, promotional gifts and many more.
  • Optical crystal desk clocks would be a fabulous gifts for any celebration and occasion including: Year End gifts, Holiday gifts / Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, retirement gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts and many more.
  • Corporate clock gifts will looks stunning on any desktop or simply use it to decorate home or office.
  • Let us personalize this clock crystal gift with your corporate logo, recipients name and text to make it a memorable gift.
  • We produce custom desktop clocks from pure optic crystal.
  • These desk clock gift can be customized according to your choice and needs.
  • Each of these crystal clock gift items includes: Free Shipping, Free Logo Engraved Gift Box, Free Engraving and Free Setups.



personalized crystal desk clock 


Engraved Glass Clock

Best High-End Crystal Clocks : Crystal Desk Clock Engraved



2. Personalized Crystal Photo Frame

  • These Engraved Crystal Photo Frames are great ways to show your gratitude while still allowing your recipients to display their favorite photos they want or like to framed special moments in their life.
  • Crystal certificate frames are a great way to recognize award recipients while keeping within your budget.
  • Clear glass crystal frame suitable for A4 size photo / certificate / document.
  • The stylish A4 certificate holder crystal glass picture frame made out of superior quality optic crystal with a polished edge and 1/2 inch bevel on all 4 sides. It includes a wall hangers and a stand on the back side of the clear crystal picture frame.
  • Crystal certificate frame can be placed both horizontally and vertically.
  • Personalize this A4 glass photo frame crystal mirror document certificate frame around the edge of the border with inspirational quotes or texts.
  • This is a wonderful photo frame artwork and a beautiful craft photo frame. Gorgeous glass photo frames suitable for Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, retirement gifts, recognition gifts, wedding photo frames gifts, engagement photo frames, graduation photo frames, birthday gifts and best friends photo frames gifts.
  • Purchase crystal certificate holders in bulk and get Free Gift Box, Free Engraving, Free Shipping and Free Setups.



crystal glass photo frame A4 certificate frame crystal picture frame 


Crystal Certificate Document Frame

Best Crystal Certificate Frames : Mirror Crystal Glass Picture Frames



3. Personalized Crystal Decanter

  • Searching for best personalized gifts for special whiskey lovers in your life? Individually, handmade decanters and whisky tumbler glasses have always been popular gifts for top priority customers. Give this luxurious Personalized Crystal Whiskey Decanter laser engraved with their name or your company logo and this will not only impress them but let them to serve up their favorite drinks in style or give as a beautiful gift!
  • These crystal decanter are entirely hand-crafted from lead free crystal. Luxury decanter sets are of the highest quality and offer the most stylish designs on the market.
  • Each lead crystal decanter set contains a decanter and either two or four matching whisky glasses and a crystal bottle stopper.
  • Elegant designs and the prestigious look will bring luxurious touch to any office, executive suite or home bar collection.
  • Perfect business gifts for boss, top executives, business partners, premium clients and someone in your life who loves to drink whiskey.
  • However, these crystal glass decanter sets are the perfect gift for those celebrating a particularly special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, New Year party, annual dinner party and many more.
  • Great for storing, displaying and pouring whiskey, bourbon, Scotch, vodka, gin or any kind of such beverages.
  • Buy any of our engraved crystal decanter online and get Free Gift Box, Free Shipping, Free Engraving and Free Set-ups.



whiskey decanter crystal 


Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

Best Lead Free Crystal Decanter with Glasses : Whiskey Decanter Set Crystal



4. Personalized Crystal Whiskey Glass Set

  • Show your whiskey lovers how much you care by gifting Scotch whiskey glasses gift set they will love. These personalized Crystal Whiskey Glasses are perfect! Makes the fabulous gift for all special occasions.
  • Handsome vintage-style, classic design, durable, lead crystal whisky tumbler will take its recipients whiskey drinking experience to the next level.
  • Think of them as a great gift for bosses, partners, senior executives or special individuals.
  • Each of this crystal whiskey tumblers are individually handmade. Made out of lead safe crystal with heavily weighted at bottom.
  • These lead free crystal whiskey glass brings out the best in the spirit’s color and aroma. Meanwhile, a wide lip ensures maximum drinkability.
  • Double Old Fashioned Glasses are ideal for any liquor or cocktail – Whisky, Scotch, Vodka, Bourbon, Gin, Rum or even plain water.
  • Go ahead and grab these crystal whiskey glass set of 4 or 6 glasses for yourself and for those serious whisky drinkers in your life.
  • Each of these old fashioned glass set supplied inside a branded gift box. There is no additional or hidden costs involve with it, which means: Ground shipping, Engraving, Gift box and Setup is absolutely FREE!



Crystal whiskey glasses double old fashioned glasses crystal 


Crystal Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Best Crystal Whiskey Glasses : Vintage Crystal Whiskey Glasses



5. Personalized Crystal Bowl

  • People love personalized gifts. These crystal punch bowls, fruit bowl, dessert bowls, service dishes, candy dishes, or crystal crockery sets that will make a nice addition to gift recipient’s crystal collection.
  • All of our clear crystal glass bowl set is produced by highest quality hand-polished pure optical crystal, the purity of the bowls are more than 99.99%.
  • Your recipients would love use these crystal bowls as a table centerpieces, home decor or collectibles and these sparkling crystal will enhance any room.
  • Custom engraved crystal bowl gift sets are great for retirement gifts, promotional gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, corporate gifts and make a great gift for all celebration or occasion.
  • These large crystal bowl offers ample room that can be engraved with your logo or personalized message of your choice.
  • All of these personalized crystal glass bowl gift set comes with a deluxe presentation box.



personalized crystal bowl set 


Engraved Crystal Bowl Centerpieces

Best Crystal Bowl Collection : Lead Free Crystal Glass Bowls



6. Personalized Crystal Paperweight

  • Engraved Crystal Paperweights are the most popular and budget-friendly corporate gifts then other regular crystal gifts that serve both a decorative design accessory and provide assistance keeping papers in place.
  • A beautiful, shining optical crystal glass paperweight is a very versatile marketing tool can be used for business advertisement purpose.
  • Suited for promotional gifts, recognition gifts, employee gifts, retirement gifts, educator gifts, teacher’s gifts and many more.
  • Truly an amazing gift everyone will use and for anyone who wants to organize their workspace.
  • A personalized crystal paperweight is not only a stylish addition to any well-organized office, but it can be customized to feature messages that can either recognize, honor or commemorate a special person or team.
  • Each of our custom paperweights are hand-crafted, hand polished and smoothly beveled. Made from genuine, premium quality optic crystal. It’ll brighten an “all business” desk by catching and throwing the light into interesting patterns that bringing out a great deal of beaut. The heaviness makes it the perfect desk accessory gift item.
  • Engrave a personalized message and your recipients will always remember your thoughtfulness.
  • All our crystal and glass paperweights are engraved in our factory by our expert team of engravers who have years of experience in engraving.
  • Buy crystal paperweights online and we will be happy to offer you Free Branded Gift Box, Free Engraving, Free shipping and Free Setups.



personalized crystal paperweight engraved glass paperweight gift 


Engraved Crystal Paperweight

Best Crystal Paperweight Gifts : Custom Crystal Glass Paperweights



7. Personalized Crystal Ruler

  • If you are planning to send promotional gifts to a very large group of recipients (i.e. clients and employees) then you may like to buy cheap promotional gift item but gorgeous in design. Engraved crystal ruler would be the best corporate gift idea you can choose to dress the desk with a splash of optic crystal.
  • Optical crystal ruler is a multi-functional desktop gift as it can be used as a paperweight or as a ruler.
  • Extremely detailed and thick crystal ruler measuring scale would be an awesome gifts for employees, clients, teachers, students, graduates and for all recipients.
  • Let us personalize these custom crystal ruler with your text or logo.
  • These crystal rulers are produced from finest quality optic crystal. When it place on desk it will looks gorgeous.
  • Whether you’re looking for gifts for schoolchildren or architects, our optical crystal ruler paperweight certainly measures up. These crystal glass rulers are clever tools that allow anyone to actually see through to what they’re measuring below, rather than covering it up like most rulers do. When you’re not using them to measure things, they make great-looking paperweights on your desk.
  • These 12” long promotional crystal ruler paperweights individually packed inside a gorgeous gift box.



personalized crystal ruler glass measurement scale 


Engraved Crystal Ruler Paperweight

Best Crystal Scale Ruler : Crystal Ruler Measuring Scale



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