Give Thanks to Your Clients & Employees with this 8 Impressive Personalized Crystal Gifts

Give Thanks to Your Clients & Employees with this 8 Impressive Personalized Crystal Gifts

‘Tis the season to give a big thank you to all the people who’ve helped you reach your goals this year. Thanksgiving is so close, you can almost smell the turkey and taste the apple pie! The national holiday is celebrated by nearly all Americans. November is a big month for every business owners. We are approaching into the holiday season very fast. There’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and followed by the biggest festive season of the year: Christmas and New Year. So, don’t be late! Set up your mind and take early preparations to bring existing and potential clients towards your business and make big profits. Thanksgiving is a great time to start marketing for your business and you can easily achieve your marketing goals by spread some “EXTRA” thanks for your favorite clients. What a wonderful way to celebrate the season than by showing your customers that you care and make their entire holiday season by giving them personalized crystal gifts.


The purpose of the thank-you gesture is to show appreciation for the people who help you succeed or make your work life enjoyable. Thanksgiving is a good time to remember them. Thanksgiving Day is a time for celebration and appreciation – celebrate the services of your employees and appreciate your clients’ contribution to the growth of your organization.


Giving Thanks to Clients

As a business owner, you should be very grateful for all the loyal customers you have. Without your customers, you wouldn’t have a business! They stay with your brand all year round. So, it is even more important to hold your customers for long for the sake of your business. There is no guarantee that you can grab your clients for so long by providing good quality products or service. In this competitive world, sometimes it really may not enough. You can keep your clients more happier by show your appreciation and gratitude for their continuous support. In addition, if you are planning to expand business or launch products, you need to attract new clients towards your business. Again, thanksgiving is the best time of the year any business can make big profits. A personalized thank you gifts of appreciation goes a long way to keeping those clients and helping immune your business against the competition.


Giving Thanks to Employees

Thanksgiving is the official season of gratitude. As a business owner, you need to take care of all your employees as well. Employees are the heart of your organization. They sacrifice their valuable time for your organization and working really hard to bring success for your business. It is the perfect time to thank your staff members and convey you value their efforts. And, there is no better way to do this than gifting them something useful and thoughtful. So, this Thanksgiving, show your appreciation to all of your employees’ and coworkers’ hard work with a thoughtful personalized gifts for the holidays and beyond.


Are you looking for an inexpensive Thanksgiving gifts for clients, employees, colleagues, business partners, dealers, donors, members, consultants, customers, teachers, front-line heroes, volunteers, neighbors, friends or family members? There are lots of unique thanksgiving gift ideas as available on the market you can choose as Thanksgiving gifts. But exchanging gifts during the holidays can be tricky especially when it comes to finding meaningful Thanksgiving gifts for employees and clients. For example: you can choose simple card as a thanksgiving gifts which will costs you a very little money. But it would be a great idea to give something unique that will be a cherished keepsake to the recipients and your brand will be remembered by them for many years to come. Personalized crystal gifts would be the best gift idea for thanksgiving. The big concern is you need figure out the right gift for the right people. Say for an example: If you want to give thanksgiving gift to employees then you can think about crystal office gift items or if you want to buy thanksgiving gifts for clients then it would be better to go for corporate crystal gifts. Same as, if you want to send thanksgiving gifts for your friends or family member then you would like give them personalized thanksgiving gifts and if you are thinking of giving thanksgiving gifts for guests then straight forward go for cheap promotional gifts. Another challenge is you need to find out the trusted wholesale gift suppliers who can supply you wholesale gifts in bulk as you need to buy thanksgiving gifts online for large number of clients or large group of employees.

Creative Crystal Awards the largest manufacturers of corporate promotional gifts and wholesaler of personalized crystal gifts in USA. We knew the importance of thanksgiving gifts in the corporate industry as well as in personal life. Whether you need inexpensive gift items or need luxurious gifts, we have everything in our product line that will meet with your budget and needs. Our online gift shop consist with more than thousands of hand crafted unique crystal gifts appropriate for corporate thanksgiving gifts and all kinds of corporate giveaways or gift giving occasions.


Here we picked 8 impressive ideas of Corporate Crystal Gifts you can choose to Give Thanks To Your Clients and Employees this Thanksgiving.

corporate crystal gifts for employees 

Personalized Crystal Thanksgiving Gifts – Engraved Crystal Gifts for Thanksgiving – Corporate Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees & Clients



1. Engraved Crystal Clock Gift

Personalized Crystal Desk Clock is the perfect corporate gift to show your appreciation. What a wonderful way to give thanks to your special clients and employees. Crystal desktop clocks are functional and beautiful. Recipients will surely be impressed when they receive this exceptional crystal clock gift from you. Creative Crystal Awards offers superb range of crystal glass clocks make handsome gift for all professionals. Our custom crystal table clocks are comes in creative designs, custom shapes, sizes and price range to fit with your needs and budget. Crystal clocks are timeless gift great for all occasions and gift giving occasions including: Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts, New Year gifts, graduations gift, executive gifts, teacher gifts, retirement gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, business gift and promotional gifts. All of our engraved gift clocks are beautifully crafted from fine quality optic crystals and clear glass. All of our crystal clocks can be personalized with your company logo and/or text, to make your presentation unique and your gift will be remembered by them for all time. These Engraved Crystal Clocks are nicely beveled and faceted all around to create dimension when it catches the light, and features a silver clock face with black Roman numerals. Each of these personalized crystal gift clocks will be stylishly packaged inside an elegant presentation gift box.


personalized crystal clock gift 


Personalized Crystal Desk Clock Gift

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2. Personalized Crystal DOF Glasses

Looking for a special gifts specially for the bosses, business partners, CEO’s, executives or special clients? Pick this classic design Double Old-fashioned Glasses from Creative Crystal Awards and let your recipients enjoy their favorite drinks in a stylish way. Personalized double old fashioned crystal whiskey rocks glasses will not only surprise them but also take their drinking experience to the next level. These stunning crystal DOF glass set will also enhance their home bar or crystal barware collection. Our crystal glassware collection have some awesome selection of crystal drinking glasses perfect for every beverage including: whiskey, vodka, wine, brandy, rum, beer, scotch, bourbon or mixed cocktail. Everything drinks tastes better with these lead free crystal rocks glasses. Our double old-fashioned crystal glass set is crafted from elegant hand-cut lead crystal with an excellent premium finish that will looks fantastic on any desktop, office desk or table. Personalize these crystal tumbler glasses with your brand to make them memorable gift for any whiskey lovers in your life or anyone who loves to drink. Each time they drinks from these crystal whiskey glasses, your brand will be remembered by them. Each of these personalized crystal DOF whiskey glasses will be packed beautifully inside a deluxe gift box.


double old fashioned crystal glasses 


Engraved Crystal Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

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3. Lead Crystal Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Not finding unusual gift ideas for the very specials persons, clients, guests or co-workers to give at your next special occasion? Personalized Crystal Decanter Set would be the unique gift idea you can think about specially when the recipient likes to drink with an elegant glass of whiskey, our custom decanter with crystal whiskey set would be the perfect match. Engraved whiskey decanters are the perfect business gifts great for any recipients and celebrations. Our wholesale gift store contains old-fashioned to modern designed lead crystal decanters which are comes in wide variety of designs. Each of these crystal glass decanter includes a double old-fashioned glass set and an air tight lead crystal bottle stopper. When your recipients put these stylishly designed modern crystal decanter and glasses on their home bar, office bar, desk or table, it will looks spectacular even without any liquor. Your brand will looks even magnificent when the decanter and glasses fill up with scotch or whiskey. These vintage crystal decanter will surely draw their guests as well. Our flawless range of best whiskey decanters are carefully hand-crafted to enhance the aromas and aesthetics of your recipients favorite drinks. All of our custom decanters are 100% lead free appropriate to preserve any alcoholic drink. Your personalized decanters will comes with a premium finished presentation box with free logo engraving. Choose these luxurious collection scotch decanter set at wholesale prices and let your special recipients feel special when enjoying their special drinks in style and it will simply transform your gifts into cherished keepsake.


lead crystal personalized whiskey decanter set with gift box 


Engraved Crystal Decanter with Gift Box

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4. Personalized Crystal Paperweights

Give engraved paperweights to all your employees and clients as a thank-you gift and let them know you care. Personalized paperweights are a cost effective corporate gift idea and effective promotional tools for brand marketing. No matter what your budget is, these personalized crystal paperweight office desk accessory would be a wonderful memorable gifts are suitable for everyone. Engraved crystal paperweights are the most popular desktop gifts not only help keeping papers in an organized way but also a nice decorative crystal piece look great on the desk of any executives, employees, staffs and clients. We have the biggest collection of crystal glass paperweights including: heart paperweight, sports ball paperweight, 3d cube paperweight, globe paperweight, colored crystal paperweight, dice paperweight, apple paperweight, fruit paperweight, iceberg paperweight, playing card paperweight, dice paperweight, star paperweight, golf paperweight, diamond paperweight, round crystal paperweight and many more. However, our craftsman are skilled enough to produce any custom glass paperweight according to your choice, budget and needs. Our custom crystal paperweights come with free logo engraving and are fit for any promotional gift or corporate gift budget. Promotional paperweights are perfect for large groups of recipients. Creative Crystal Awards provides the best selection of quality wholesale paperweights bulk at the lowest prices. Each of these custom paperweights will be supplied inside a logo engraved elegant presentation box.


round faceted blue crystal paperweight crystal office gift for employees 


Engraved Crystal Paperweights

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5. Personalized Crystal Ruler

Crystal Ruler Paper Weight is an exclusive crystal desktop product designed for elegance and quality. Personalized crystal ruler makes a nice accent on any desk. Crystal ruler is a multi-purpose office desk accessory as it can be used as a measuring scale or a paperweight. Great for wide range recipients including: employees, clients, students, teachers, educators, engineers, pupil or graduates. A wonderful desk gift item for the office or home desk. We produce crystal ruler form thick crystal block. The grid overlay allows for precise alignment when placed above an existing drawing. Our crystal glass ruler is 12” long and available in different colors i.e. clear transparent, blue and black. Personalize this crystal ruler with your company’s logo or text to make it a stylish and useful promotional desk gift item for all professionals. Gift all your recipients in your list with this engraved glass ruler and dress their desk with a splash of beautiful crystal piece. Each of these personalized ruler comes with a nice gift box engraved with your corporate logo for free.


black crystal ruler corporate crystal gift 


Engraved Crystal Ruler Measuring Scale

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6. Personalized Crystal Keychains

Want to send gifts to a very number of recipients? Or, searching online for attractive promotional products cheap? Our Optical Crystal Keychain is truly an unforgettable gift for anyone, on any day, for any occasion. We offer an extensive variety of crystal promotional keychains which are comes in creative design styles and unique shapes. However, we are well capable of manufacturing custom keychains according to your requirements and budget. All of our clear crystal glass keychains are made of high grade optic crystal and stainless steel key ring. Let us personalize your crystal keychains with 3d laser engraving to makes it a meaningful gift that will WOW any recipients. Engraved crystal keychain will become a treasured keepsake for years to come. These sparkling solid crystal keychains will not only light-up or surprise the pair of eyes but also make your recipients key set look cool. If you want to purchase crystal keychains wholesale, look no further. Get the bulk discounts on wholesale crystal keychains when you shop from Creative Crystal Awards the largest online retail gift shop. Your personalized crystal keyrings will comes with a nice elegant gift box. We will engrave the box with your logo for FREE!


golf ball crystal keychain 


Engraved Crystal Keyrings

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7. Personalized Crystal Bookends Gift

Give special thanks to someone special in your life with a Personalized Crystal Bookends Gift. One of the very popular gift idea for executives, educators, teachers, graduates, authors, writers or any book lovers. Engraved crystal bookends pair is excellent decor in the home or office. These crystal decorative bookends will add a glamorous touch when it placed on any bookshelf, desktop or table. Creative Crystal Awards have many impeccable choice of custom glass bookends awards hand-crafted by our skilled artisan. All of our crystal book ends constructed from heavy pieces of crystal. Each of these bookends have plenty of laserable space. It will looks even gorgeous when personalize with a 3d artwork and your 3d photo art work floating inside the solid piece of clear crystal bookends. Buy custom bookends online and allow your recipients display their favorite books in a super stylish way. You will received your personalized bookends gift awards inside a beautiful presentation box logo engraved for free.


blue crystal bookend pair personalized crystal gift 


Engraved Crystal Bookends Pair

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8. Personalized Crystal USB Flash Drive

Crystal USB Flash Drive is the very popular, unique, innovative and cheap promotional gift item in the market today. Personalized crystal flash drive is one of the most elegant ways to advertise brand while attract more customers towards your business. Creative Crystal Awards the leading USB maker, supplier and distributor of custom USB flash drive bulk at wholesale prices. Our corporate crystal gifts category contains fabulous range of crystal USB sticks available in custom designs and shapes. We produce crystal memory disk with the combination of solid crystal block and a polished aluminum. You logo will be laser engraved inside the crystal block and your band logo will be illuminated with a LED light that will looks stunning. Each time your recipients using your gifted USB memory sticks, it will draw their eye and your brand will be remembered from many years to come. Our crystal pen drive storage capacities is 1GB – 128GB. These custom crystal USB drive can be used on all computers and devices. Choose this customizable USB drive that will satisfy your clients’ sophisticated tastes while reinforcing your brand’s attention to detail. These crystal promotional USB drives is a nice tech gift appropriate tech professionals or any recipients. If you want to buy wholesale crystal usb flash drive bulk then you are in right place. A nice premium gift box will comes with each of these personalized glass USB flash drives.


optical crystal USB flash drive glass USB memory stick wholesale 


Engraved Crystal Flash Drive

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