8 New Corporate Award Ideas that will Bring Smile to Your Employees

8 New Corporate Award Ideas that will Bring Smile to Your Employees

Recognize New Achievements with Creative Award Ideas

New Year means everything NEW! A new beginning, new journey, new wishes, new challenges, etc. As we are in the very beginning of another new year, you need to workouts to find the best new year awards ideas for employees recognition. This year, you may going to arrange corporate award ceremony to celebrate last year success and to recognize achievement of your very special employees. Many new employees in your company may already been selected for this year awards. On the other hand, last year, many of them already received awards for their best performances. For you and for your business, it is very important to come up with a new, creative award ideas for those employees who are going to recognize because no one is excited to receive the same awards that is already been used past year(s) recognition awards event. If you using same recognition awards again and again, it will not carry special meaning to them and the main goal of the recognition event many not be achieved. But when you reward your employees with the unique awards every year it will not only bring lots of excitement and fun but will inspire and motivate them. In addition, these brand new corporate award ideas will put positive impact on every on your employees, even on the employees not considered for this year’s award. So, when you brainstorm with the new award ideas, think up the theme of the awards that reflect your company’s unique work culture. Let’s say for an example: If you are an automotive or automobile company or a car dealer or car hire company or doing auto related business or going to host auto shows then for your upcoming corporate award show you can choose crystal car awards rather than choosing regular crystal plaques or awards. This small tricks will bring lots of inspiration, enormous happiness, improve work satisfaction and can push your employees to break their barriers and showcase their best.


Unique Corporate Award Ideas that Work Best for Your Business

Giving employee recognition awards are an important part of your corporate recognition culture. So, you need to make it work for your business by any means. When designing corporate recognition awards, think of the entire employee’s journey, apart from recognizing extraordinary performance, goal achievements, and positive behaviors that align with the company’s values. Getting the right recognition awards for your employee’s recognition program can be a game-changer. It’s a brilliant way of combining employees’ recognition with business promotions. For example: You are doing real estate business and recognizing employees with a round or square corporate crystal plaques. But this year, try with something different, new and creative ideas. As an industry leading award manufacturer, we recommend you to recognize your employees with crystal house awards or custom house shaped crystal plaques. When you award vendors, staffs or employees with a real estate themed awards it will impress every recipients and display your brand proudly.


Corporate Crystal Awards at It’s Best

Bored of giving your employees the same recognition awards every year again and again? Don’t worry! Let Creative Crystal Awards design some exciting corporate crytal awards for your employees that will move your recognition event to the next level. What a great way to showcase your employee’s appreciation with a recognition crystal trophy awards after 12 months of hard work. These best new year award ideas highlighting how much you value your employees’ contributions. Creating fun and outstanding employee recognition award isn’t rocket science, yet it can be challenging and time consuming. If you’re looking for employee award ideas to motivate and surprise your employees then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will try to cover all the very best corporate crystal trophy award ideas ranging from employee recognition to corporate recognition awards that will be unique to you and to your recipient.


At this New Year corporate event, showcase your appreciation towards your dedicated workforce and recognize their efforts with these

8 Spectacular Corporate Crystal Award Ideas that will bring smile to your employees’ faces.


creative employee recognition award ideas


Employee Recognition Award Ideas – Company Award Ideas – Custom Crystal Award Ideas



1. 3D Crystal Award

  • 3D laser Crystal Award is very popular because it is unique and no other company many not use it to recognize their employees.
  • 3d crystal award is a beautiful option specially when you want to market your brand beside recognize your vendors and employees.
  • With the magic of 3d crystal you can make your awards or trophies in completely unique way.
  • These 3fd crystal can be used a recognition award, corporate gift or souvenir gift.
  • Within 3D laser engraved crystal award you can preserve and showcase your 3d dimensional logo, 3d building structure or 3d model of machinery, vehicle, etc. in an elegant way.
  • Your 3d art will looks floating inside solid piece of sparkling crystal block and looks stunning from every different angles. The 3d artwork can be laser engraved inside rectangular/square crystal cube or block. In addition, if needed, we can hand cut crystal piece in the shape of your artwork to give it a classier look and feel.
  • The beauty of the 3D graphic art will impress your recipient and you will leave a lasting impression.
  • Your 3D crystal block will comes with a matching crystal base for additional engraving.
  • Each of these 3D engraved crystal award will be supplied inside gorgeous presentation box.


custom 3d crystal award


3D Laser Crystal Awards


Best High-End 3D Crystals : 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards



2. Numeral Crystal Years of Service Award

  • Service awards are usually given whenever an achievement is complete or a milestone is crossed. This year, many of your loyal employees may celebrate their 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 25 years or even 50 years work anniversary. Employees who work hard and go the extra mile deserve to be rewarded. So, don’t award those special employees with a simple certificates or regular crystal plaques. Instead of an ordinary job anniversary award, acknowledge their dedicated services with an extraordinary number shaped years of service crystal award.
  • We have wide selection of service award ideas ranging from 5 years to 50 years crystal anniversary awards designed for those employees who have worked in an organization for a significant amount of time in your company.
  • These number shape crystal service awards are perfect for corporate anniversary, job anniversary, service anniversary and wedding anniversary.
  • When you recognize someone with these uniquely hand-crafted crystal long service awards they will feel very special and it will carry a special meaning to them.
  • So, if want to searching for a special way to honor someone for their years of service then consider our employees service awards.
  • These year of service crystal awards are entirely hand-crafted made out of premium quality optic crystal. Featuring a numeral crystal sculpture sits atop a matching crystal base.
  • There are plenty of engraving space which can deep etch engrave with your logo, recipient name, message and date.
  • When you purchase our crystal numeral awards for years of service, you will receive free engraving service, free gift box, free setups and fast shipping.


number shaped crystal years of service award


Employee’s Long Service Award


Best High-End Crystal Anniversary Awards : Crystal Years of Service Awards



3. Crystal Anchor Award

  • Anchor crystal award is another fantastic employee award idea can be used for wide variety of occasion and events.
  • This year recognition program, recognize your top achievers with this brilliant anchor shaped crystal award.
  • If you are searching for marine theme award for sailor association then our optical crystal anchor shape award would be the idea choice. However, this crystal anchor figurine award can also be used to recognize key speaker, anchorman, sailors, ship captains, navy officers, marine engineers, key anchor personas or special distinguished persons in your life. In addition, this anchor shape crystal award is also great for dockyards, shipping companies and maritime companies.
  • This crystal anchor trophy fully constructed from finest quality optic crystal that features a clear crystal anchor figurine sits atop a black crystal rectangle base.
  • Let us personalize the base with your choice. Engraving is always free!
  • When to recognize someone with this exquisite crystal anchor shaped award, they will love to display their special achievement.
  • Each of these personalized crystal anchor replica award will be wrapped beautifully inside a deluxe presentation ready gift box.


crystal anchor trophy award


Anchor Shaped Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Nautical Awards : Crystal Marine Awards



4. Crystal Lion Award

  • Our crystal lion trophy is all time favorite. Choose this 3d crystal lion sculpture award to recognize special employees for great achievements. An ideal way to recognize team or an individual or encourage entire team in your organization with this lion spirit award.
  • Lion is the most prestigious award great for all occasions, celebration and recognition events.
  • Beside corporate recognition and employee recognition, this 3d laser etched lion sculpture crystal award is appropriate for zoos, resorts, safaris, parks and for the companies using lion symbol in their logo such as: lion brand yarn, Peugeot, lion home service, the Ritz-Carlton, Lion Air, lion construction group, Chelsea Football Club, etc.
  • This 3d lion head crystal trophy entirely constructed from flawless optic crystal, featuring a detailed 3d lion head laser etched on to the back of the crystal iceberg piece which is mounted atop a black crystal base.
  • The base offers ample room for engraving. Let our engravers personalized the base with your logo, recipient name, appreciation text and date. Engraving is absolutely free.
  • Each of these 3d lion sculpture crystal award comes with a individual gift box.
  • This lion crystal award is available in our stock. So, you can purchase this lion animal trophy from1 to maximum number of pieces available in our ready stock and your lion awards can be shipped in less than 24 hours.


3d crystal lion award


3D Lion Head Sculpture inside Crystal Iceberg Award


Best High-End Crystal Animal Trophies : Crystal Animal Awards



5. Crystal Poker Spade Award

  • Searching unique casino themed award ideas? You will love to buy our crystal poker spade trophy to recognize the achievements of poker industry’s biggest and brightest stars.
  • Our poker spade crystal trophy ideal casino theme award for your poker event, poker tournament, poker championships or royal flush trophy. Great for casinos and casino game shows.
  • This poker spade shaped crystal trophy also make great gifts for casino lovers or that special poker player who already has everything.
  • We produced this crystal poker spade shape award from genuine optic crystal. Featuring a solid piece of crystal hand cut nicely to give it the shape of poker spade. The crystal poker spade sculpture placed on a black crystal base.
  • This poker crystal trophy offers two engraving are. The surface of the crystal poker figurine and the base both can be engraved upon request.
  • This uniquely handmade poker crystal award will make any poker winner or poker champion excited.
  • When you order this crystal poker trophy award, you will receive free gift box, free engraving service, free setups and quick shipping.


crystal poker trophy


Poker Spade Crystal Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Casino Trophies : Casino Crystal Awards



6. Crystal Star Trophy

  • Stars are a universal symbol of achievement. Recognize top achievers and star performers with this impressive crystal star tower award that symbolize an excellence presence and outstanding achievement.
  • This eye-catching crystal star column award is a tall, sleek and modern looking award appropriate for any kinds of staff recognition event or corporate award ceremony.
  • Our crystal star tower trophy awards are of absolute top quality made out of pure optic crystal, features a slant face crystal star elevated atop a crystal base.
  • Personalize the star shaped crystal trophy to create a lasting impression.
  • Imagine the expression of the recipients who receive this stunning crystal star pillar award at your employee price giving ceremony.
  • Customize this star shaped crystal tower trophy according to your own choice i.e. color and size.
  • You will receive these crystal shooting star award with an elegant presentation box.


crystal golden star trophy award


Amber Gold Crystal Star Tower Trophy Award


Best High-End Crystal Crystal Star Trophies : Crystal Star Awards



7. Custom Letter Shaped Crystal Award

  • Day-by-day letter shaped crystal award getting popularity. These days many companies aren’t interested to award their staffs and employees with old style and common recognition awards. They are straight forward going for innovative and modern award ideas. Crystal letter awards are in top demand as these are modern, unique and eye-catching than other regular trophy awards.
  • Crystal letter shape award is not only best recognition awards ideas but is also works best a marketing tool. When you recognize companies, vendors or employees with an alphabet letter crystal award it will promote your brand in a stylish way.
  • We are offering alphabet A to Z letters in crystal which are handmade with precision. However, we can make any custom cut letters to match with your brand style.
  • All of our crystal alphabet letter trophy awards come with gorgeous gift box.
  • You can order our crystal letter trophy with no minimum order quantity that are available in Rush Awards section.
  • Each time you order our crystal letter figurine award, you will get free gift box, free engraving, free setups and fast delivery.


alphabet letter X award in crystal


Letter X Shaped Crystal Award with Blue Base


Best High-End Letter Awards in Crystal : Crystal Letter Awards



8. Crystal Airplane Tail Award

  • Come fly with us! Choose this exquisite airplane tail shape award to give to anyone in the airlines industry i.e. airline company, airways company, aerospace company, tours and travel company and more.
  • This one and only airplane tail crystal award is designed to recognize aircraft pilots, airline cabin crew aircrew/flight crew, flight attendant, airport staffs and employees, aeronautical engineers and other personnel in the aviation industry.
  • Our crystal airplane award made out of superior quality optic crystal, features a clear optical airline tail sits atop a clear crystal base.
  • There are plenty of room on the crystal airline tail plaque which can be deep etched engrave with your recipient name, recognition wordings, logo and date.
  • This crystal aeroplane tail fin figurine would be an excellent souvenir gift award for airlines and airways companies.
  • Each of these crystal jet plane tail award individually packed inside a logo engraved presentation box.


crystal airline tail award


Crystal Airline Tail Award


Best High-End Crystal Aircraft Tail Award : Airplane Tail Shaped Crystal Award



Looking for more unique and interesting ways to recognize your best employees rather than handing out very common award items? There are countless ways to inspire your staffs and employees with a gorgeous awards, plaques and trophies. But we have filtered the best for you. These popular award ideas we cover here will always highlight employee’s achievement and reflect corporate brand at the same time in a best way!


Searching for Unique and Popular Crystal Award Ideas? Check out these

8 Popular Corporate Crystal Award Ideas

designed For Employee Recognition and Company Recognition


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