8 Unique & Meaningful Custom Crystal Retirement Awards Ideas

8 Unique & Meaningful Custom Crystal Retirement Awards Ideas

Employees Who Earned Their Retirement Deserve To Be Recognized!

Retirement is a major milestone in an employee’s life. Whether it’s goodbye or good riddance, you’re sure to have some feelings about losing that retiree to the great hereafter. Employees who are going for retirement should be well recognized. “Every story has an end, but in life every ending is a new beginning.” After a long time service, hard work and dedication, employees who are going to retire can expecting a glorious life, freedom and relaxation. From employee’s point of view, retirement is an exciting chapter to them as they have the pleasure of enjoying their free time, spending quality time with loved ones, volunteering and traveling. But for every business organization, employee retirement is a sad moment for the each and every single professional in the company as they will going to lose talent, experience, loyalty, dedication and great personality. For organization, each and every single employee is an asset specially those who are working with dedication years after years and decades after decades. No company in the world don’t want to lose these quality persons with decades of experiences but the reality is “Everything with a beginning has an end”. When employees retire, make sure you reward them an honorary award to commemorate their new chapter. Retirement celebration means give thanks with a gift or award. A retirement recognition is the last opportunity to show an employee how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication over the years. In the corporate world, you can give farewell to those loyal employees with a personalized retirement awards. An engraved retirement awards is the best way to show appreciation for their years of service they gave and brought the values to the company.


Make The Retirement Celebration Memorable to Them

Retirement after a long career with a company is a big deal. Employees who gave long term service really deserve some appreciation and can expect a special recognition event when they retire. Whether you are a small company with a 30+ employees or a large multinational organization or a fortune 500 company; every years you many need to arrange retirement recognition awards program for the employees who is going to leave their job and their career. Even though, when senior employees are going to retire, your company will still getting continuous benefits from their past long years of service, hard work and dedication. That’s way, arrange for an employee retirement function is very important of every company in the world. But to make employee retirement recognition event special and memorable can be a tricky and challenging one. As an employer / owner / boss, retirement should be recognized appropriately. Most employees retire once in a lifetime, therefore it’s appropriate to provide an award or gift that displays that lifetime. Give them any attractive retirement awards or retirement plaques which are unique, useful and will be displayed with pride.


Say Goodbye in a Way That Will Leave a Lasting Impression!

Long-standing loyalty should always be well recognized. In your organization, if you have a long-time employees who are retiring, it’s time to celebrate their long service by presenting retirement plaque awards. One of the best ways to show your appreciation and gratitude to your loyal employees when they are about to retire is by arranging a retirement prize giving ceremony. Here are some important tips that you can keep in mind when you are planning to buy retirement trophy awards & retirement plaques for your upcoming retirement recognition events.


  • First of all, check your employee’s retirement age. Then you can think about to give farewell to the retiring employees in your upcoming annual awards show or can host a special retirement event. It completely depends on your wish, time and budget. The persons who are going to retire are very honorable person, so, what a great idea it would be to arrange a recognition party where all employees, staffs and coworkers will gather and cheering all together for a happy retirement celebration.
  • Retirement recognition event is all about expressing gratitude, showing appreciation and give thanks. As a business owner, you can do this by giving retire persons a personalized retirement awards or retirement gifts. In most cases, awards carry more value than gifts. So, it is a great ideas to give retiring persons a well-designed personalized recognition awards or engraved retirement plaques.
  • Unique decorative showpiece can also be a wonderful retirement award ideas. It will then work as a memorable memento that will make a long lasting impression. However, a functional gift items can also be used as a retirement gift award.
  • Whether you purchase decorative gifts or useful gifts for employee retirement recognition occasion, don’t forget to personalize the gift award items with a awe inspiring retirement quotes. Here you will find many unique and creative retirement wording examples.


Give the Best Retirement with the Best Retirement Awards

Reaching retirement is a great achievement and a big cause for celebration. Retirement is an exciting time that marks the end of one chapter and the start of another. So, when you searching over the net for best retirement awards ideas for memorable retirement, be sure the gifts or awards you are going to choose will make a long lasting impression. For example, you think about to buy an ordinary gift like pen and diary as a retirement gift which will perish very quickly. But, when you choose a personalized crystal certificate frames then your recipients will be very proud to put their valuable retirement certificate inside the gleaming crystal frame and display it by hanging on wall or put over their desk/shelf. This gorgeous crystal photo frame will never let their memory fade away. Are you planning to give farewell to long-time employees? Let Creative Crystal Awards make your employees retirement function unique and special. We have a very attractive range of crystal retirement awards, crystal retirement plaques and custom retirement gift awards that can be used to say goodbye to a longtime employees, business partners or colleagues. However, we can supply you customized crystal retirement themed awards, plaques and gifts base on the personality of the individual, the type of position, the number of years worked, and the type of company will all play into choosing a memorable gift award for the recipient. Plus, when you give personalized crystal retirement plaques to your employees who retire in retirement recognition event it will inspire all the attendance and so it will make a memorable retirement award presentation ceremony.


But we know it can be hard for you to figure out the best retirement awards for employees who are going to retire.


So, we bring these 8 Unique Retirement Award Ideas to recognize your employees when they retire.


engraved crystal retirement awards 

Retirement Awards – Retirement Plaques – Retirement Trophy Awards



1. Decorative Art Glass Eye Award

  • Decorative art glass award is the most popular recognition award items used by the small to medium and large multinational companies.
  • If you want to recognize retire employees with a colorful, unique and decorative recognition award piece then our multi-colored art glass eye sculpture award would be the best option for you.
  • Eye is the symbol care and affection. When you give farewell someone with this Murano style art glass eye award, it will send a message about how much you love them. When your recipients put this artistic art glass eye figurine on their desk or shelf, it will decorate their home with a touch of elegance.
  • Each time your recipients look at this eye art glass sculpture, it will give them feeling like everyone in the office are missing you and looking at your eyes.
  • These abstract eye art glass figurine is hand blown glass masterpiece designed by our skilled glass master. Featuring a colored art glass eye figurine sits atop a black crystal base.
  • The base can be personalized with your choice. As always engraving is completely free. Personalize the base with a retirement wordings, recipient name and logo that will remain a treasured keepsake to its recipient for many years.
  • Each of these eye shaped art glass award will comes inside a logo engraved presentation box.
  • These hand blown art glass eye shape award is a kind of recognition award perfect for every recipient and occasion. Employee who love these eye-catching eye shaped award will surely love this brilliant glass masterpiece.


eye art glass award 

Multi-Colored Eye Art Glass Award


Best Hand Blown Art Glass Sculptures : Art Glass Awards



2. Black Crystal Glass Mirror Plaque Award:

  • Honor Retirees with this sleek and contemporary look black glass mirror plaque award from Creative Crystal Awards.
  • This black crystal mirror plaque is the most popular retirement plaque in our crystal plaques section.
  • Clean and simple black glass mirror plaque award is perfect for any retirement events including: employee retirement, teacher retirement, military retirement, etc.
  • This Black crystal rectangle plaque award made out of premium quality optic crystal, features a black crystal rectangle with smooth bevel edges of all four sides. A clear crystal half cut globe attached top middle portion of the rectangle plaque.
  • The black glass rectangle plaque offers lots of room for personalization. Let us provide you deep etched engraving service when you order these black crystal retirement plaques.
  • A stand and hanging tool attached on the back side of this rectangle crystal retirement plaque award means recipients can hung it on the wall or can place it on their desk or shelf standing like a photo frame.
  • This black mirror crystal glass plaque includes: fast shipping, free engraving, free setups.
  • Your recipients will receive these beveled black mirror glass plaque inside a gorgeous presentation gift box.
  • Each of these black crystal retirement plaque offers an unique blend of contemporary styling and the traditional elegance of beveled crystal glass mirror plaque award will surely impress any recipients.


black glass mirror plaque award 

Black Glass Mirror Plaque with Globe


Best High-End Crystal Award Plaques : Crystal Plaques



3. Clock Crystal Award

  • Celebrate your employees or colleague’s retirement with this brilliant optical crystal clock award.
  • Retirement clocks are one of the popular retirement award items these days. Great for any position, any recipients of all ages and for all recognition occasions.
  • Personalized crystal clock award is perfect for retiring teachers, retiring employees, executives, board members, coworkers, mentors or managers. These beautiful timepieces are made to last.
  • Engraved crystal desk clock is a traditional retirement gift award to commemorate wonderful years of service.
  • Our crystal retirement clock award is the perfect way to express heartfelt praise and admiration for the many years of dedication and hard work, as well as good wishes to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.
  • This crystal desktop clock entirely constructed from superior quality optic crystal, features a curved crystal plaque attached a round silver dial clock with roman numerals. There are plenty of engraving space which can be deep etched with your choice. Let our engravers personalize the clock to make it a memorable keepsake for many years to come. Engraving is always free.
  • Clock is a functional gift award piece. So, each time recipients look at the clock for time it will bring a many wonderful memories to them.
  • Our crystal clocks section contains an attractive range of personalized clocks for retirement. However, we can make customized crystal clocks according to your needs and budgets.
  • All of your engraved crystal clock plaques will be supplied inside an elegant gift box.


crystal desk clock award 

Curved Crystal Clock Award


Best High-End Crystal Desk Clocks: Crystal Clock Awards



4. Globe Crystal Award

  • Looking to find the perfect crystal trophy for a retiree? Personalized crystal globe award is a perfect way to give a world of thanks or good luck in your employee retirement function.
  • Crystal globe trophy is a brilliant and inspiring crystal retirement trophy award is popular as a long years of service or lifetime achievement award.
  • This crystal globe trophy entirely constructed from finest quality optic crystal, features a large clear crystal world globe sculpture mounted atop a black crystal base.
  • Let us personalize the globe crystal award with your retirement saying, text and logo to create a memorable retirement award.
  • Each of these globe crystal retirement awards will be well packed inside a premium gift box which is absolutely free. Plus, the gift box will be branded with your logo for free.
  • Our online crystal award shop contains some of the exquisite selection of globe shaped crystal awards and trophies appropriate for any kinds of employee retirement recognition events.
  • When your recipients see their name on these impressive crystal globe award in the retirement award presentation event, they will be truly amazed.


crystal globe trophy award 

World Crystal Globe Trophy Award


Best High-End Crystal Globe Trophies : Crystal Globe Awards



5. Sublimation Crystal Photo Frame

  • Wish your retiring employees, colleagues or executives a very happy retirement with this sublimation photo crystal plaque award.
  • Sublimation photo crystal plaque is a fantastic recognition plaque ideas that allow you to add any of their colored picture or group photo in the clear crystal. Sublimation crystal picture frame would be a nice memento for retired person.
  • As you plan your company’s next retirement celebration, consider these color imprinted sublimation crystal photo block award for those special personas who are going to retire.
  • Your recipients will be surprised when they saw their full-colored photo imprinted in the sparkling piece of crystal. They will be proud enough to display their photo imprinted sublimation crystal award on their desk or shelf.
  • This sublimation photo crystal retirement plaque is constructed from high grade genuine optic crystal, features a full-color picture imprinted in the back side of crystal sunflower plaque using digital UV printing machine. The colored photo will clearly visible even through the solid piece of transparent crystal. A small triangle shape black crystal base is used to keep the round sunflower crystal plaque standing like a photo frame or a crystal memento.
  • Personalize this photo crystal plaque with a heartfelt retirement message, recipient name and years below the photo of the recipient and it will make a long lasting impression for many years.
  • Our crystal plaques section have more than hundreds of crystal plaques ideas from where can choose your desired shapes of crystal plaque. Simply provide us the image you wish to imprint in the crystal.
  • Each of these sublimation crystal picture frame will be supplied with a gorgeous presentation box.


sublimation photo crystal award 

Coated Sublimation Crystal Picture Frame


Best High-End Sublimation Photo Crystal Awards : Sublimation Crystal Awards



6. Crystal Wedge Tower Award

  • Wedge tower crystal award is an elegant way to honor those who have served your business with distinction. Recognize and reward those exceptional employees with this personalized crystal wedge shape awards.
  • Black crystal wedge tower award that show not only a job well done, but a career well spent and that recognition is well deserved.
  • Tower crystal award is also a great retirement recognition award option appropriate for employees, colleagues and co-workers. A well-chosen crystal retirement award that send best wishes to those special persons who are retiring. Perfect for individuals in the corporate and sports industry.
  • This crystal tower wedge award constructed from finest quality crystal, features a black optical crystal rectangle tower with an angle cut design on top. The tapered face and the body can be personalized with your message, text, date and logo.
  • As always engraving, setup and gift is completely free with fast shipping.
  • Each of these personalized crystal wedge shape award comes with a premium presentation box.
  • Our wholesale award shop contains brilliant selection of crystal tower trophy awards you can choose for your upcoming employee retirement award ceremony.
  • However, if you need to design custom crystal tower awards for retirement ceremony then allow us to produce customized retirement tower award trophies that will surely delight them.


black crystal wedge tower award 

Black Crystal Wedge Shape Tower Award


Best High-End Crystal Wedge Awards : Crystal Tower Awards



7. Art Glass Teardrop Award

  • Employee retirement bring tears as company and colleagues is going to lose another loyal employees worked for many years. So, if you need to give farewell to your most respectful employees then you can consider this teardrop art glass award.
  • When you present teardrop shaped art glass award, it will not only bring tear of its recipients but will tell them how much your colleagues and coworkers we going to miss you.
  • Hand blown art glass teardrop shaped award is the best retirement award for employee retirement party.
  • This hand-crafted art glass teardrop trophy is a vibrant and unique recognition award that makes a fascinating desktop conversation piece. When someone out this artistic glass teardrop sculpture it will definitely improve their home decor.
  • Our glass art teardrop award is hand blown glass piece produced by skilled glass master. Featuring a Murano style teardrop shaped glass sculpture has vibrant blue and green swirls and white stripes in clear glass which is mounted on a black crystal base. The colors of this teardrop award creates interesting effects under a spot light. It is truly an unique retirement award ideal for any recipients.
  • Let us engrave the base for free with your retirement message, name, date and logo.
  • When your retiring employees see their name on this brilliant art glass teardrop sculpture award, it will touch their heart and tell them how much you loved them.
  • When visiting our online trophy shop, you will discover some exquisite range of art glass droplet awards including: art glass rain drop award, art glass water drop awards, art glass oil drop awards and art glass tear drop awards which are comes in many unique shapes, styles, colors and sizes.
  • Each of these art glass teardrop figurine award is individually hand blown and unique.
  • Teardrop shape art glass award is unique and beautiful way to give heartfelt gratitude to the honorable person who are on the way of their retirement.
  • Each of these teardrop art glass trophy will comes with a nice presentation box.


teardrop art glass award 

Hand Blown Art Glass Teardrop Sculpture Award


Best High-End Art Glass Drop Awards : Droplet Art Glass Awards



8. Crystal Heart Award

  • Long time employees gave many things for your company. They worked from their heart for your organization. So, what a great idea it would be to give heartful thanks with this beautiful crystal heart award.
    Engraved Crystal Heart Award will tell them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.
  • Heart shaped crystal plaque award is the ideal retirement award appropriate for both male employees and female employees.
  • Crystal heart shaped award is appropriate retirement plaque award for the employees who are working in the donor agencies, hospitals, heart foundation, not profits and charities.
  • This heart crystal award is entirely constructed from premium quality optic crystal which is nicely formed in the shape of heart. The crystal heart shape plaque attached on a triangle crystal base.
  • Our beautiful crystal heart trophy features smooth beveled edges and a hand-polished surface to catch and reflect the light.
  • The crystal heart shaped plaque offers ample room for personalization, perfect retirement award piece specially when you need to put long retirement wordings. Personalize this heart crystal plaque with a heartfelt retirement sayings to make a memorable keepsake that makes an everlasting impression.
  • Let us personalize the crystal heart shape award with your choice. Engraving is always free.
  • Our crystal heart awards section carrying impeccable choice of heart shaped crystal plaques, crystal heart trophy awards and crystal heart tower awards which are comes in many unique design styles and sizes.
  • Each of these personalized crystal heart sculpture award will be delivered inside a branded presentation box.


crystal heart shape plaque award 

Heart Shaped Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Heart Shape Awards : Crystal Heart Shaped Awards



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Since 1982, we are manufacturing retirement awards, retirement trophies, retirement plaques and retirement gift awards supplying to top vendors, brands, multinational companies and fortune 500 companies around the world. Retiring employees are the very special persons for organization. So, the ideas of retirement awards need to evolve with the changing times and the retirement plaques should be well designed, customized, and unique to the individual retiring. We are highly specialized in making custom awards for retirement recognition event. Creating a meaningful retirement award is all about showing that you cared enough to buy something that will make their life better after work. If you’re looking for a unique and creative awards ideas for retirement of employee, boss, or co-worker, then you’ve come to the right place. We have many attractive range of retirement plaque awards ideas, those who are retiring, will always appreciate and remember. Our personalized crystal employee retirement awards are ideal for employee retirement, military retirement, army retirement, teacher retirement and for all professionals working in other corporate industry / business sector. However, if you need to make customized retirement awards or custom crystal retirement gifts then don’t hesitate to contact us today. Let CreativeCrystalAwards.com produce custom crystal retirement plaques and engraved crystal retirement awards made from high-quality optical crystal. Give them the retirement with the best retirement awards or personalized retirement plaques from Creative Crystal Awards and make their retirement celebration a memorable one with the gorgeously designed retirement awards.