9 Impressive Personalized Crystal Executive Gift Ideas

9 Impressive Personalized Crystal Executive Gift Ideas

Personalized Corporate Executive Gift Ideas Your CEO Will Love

You may know who is the highest paid CEO this time. Yes, Sundar Pichai CEO, Google and Alphabet. From his annual salary, we may get clear idea about how important he is for the Google, the top and best Search Engine Company in the world. Without executives, a company or business organization can’t do anything good in this competitive corporate world. A company’s fortune fully depends on its executives. They lead company from the front and their future oriented business strategies helped business making its goal. They work for long hours, they manage important teams, and they make important decisions that directly impact your business. In small organization there may have small number of executives and a large multinational companies may have big number of executives. Whether executives of local companies may manage a lean team of five / ten employees or executives of fortune 500 companies can lead thousands of employees across overseas offices. Sometimes it seems to us executives are the top level employees who always wear black suit and tie, draw big amount of salary, getting lots of extra benefits, driving expensive cars and leads a very luxurious life but it is also true they carry endless job responsibilities in their shoulder. Executives are really hard working and busy people, they sacrifice their valuable time, giving tons of effort only for the betterment of the company. The boss of the company won’t mind to pay even more as he/she know executives can ride the business smoothly and safely toward its success. These executives really deserve a thoughtful and memorable gift once in a while. As a business owner you should give a special thanks to all your executives with a unique executive gifts beyond simply paying a salary. When you giving gifts your executives it will give them lots of motivation, courage and also tell them how much you care and love them. So, it is important to ensure you practicing regular gift-giving events for executives in your schedule and it will benefits enormous benefits for your business.


Executive are the very special and the most valuable person in your company. So, don’t buy that such gifts which are too normal and same for all recipients in your company. Corporate gift items may vary person to person and most cases position to position. So, the executive gift items you are planning to buy should be very special but buying best executive gifts can be a tricky one as it depends on several factors. Have a quick look of these facts that will not only help you to figure out the high-end executive gifts but it will let will let you know how to make any gift meaningful to them. However, it is also very important to send personalized gifts for executives working for other vendors and business organizations which are closely relating with your business. It will generate goodwill, promote your brand, and build a very strong business relationship with other vendors. Personalized corporate gifts are a wonderful way to recognize special achievements or to thank executives of other companies for their continuous business and support.


Best Time to Gift Your Executives:

Actually, there are no reasons and occasion is needed to give executive gift. You may need to purchase gifts for executives several times of the year. Be smart to figure out the best corporate executive gifts for all occasions. There are many festive holiday season are there you can think of right now to gifting your executives. This could be Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, corporate anniversary day, can be annual award presentation event or after special achievement that is made by executives. When you giving gifts to your executives base on a specific occasion it will carry a special meaning to them. However, executives can be gifted any time of the year when you wish. But the important thing is the gift items you choose for executives should match with the occasion. Personalized crystal executive gifts are perfect for all occasions and events.


Inexpensive Executive Gifts or Luxury Gifts for Executives:

Are you in big dilemma? Executives are responsible for bring more businesses means more returns. Better to skip the cheap executive gifts and impress your executives with meaningful, thoughtful and professional executive gifts instead. If executive gift giving budge isn’t a big deal for you then don’t think twice to purchase luxury executive gifts for all professionals. There are many expensive executive gift ideas you will found over the net. However, you don’t need to worry specially when your budget is a big matter for you as you will find many inexpensive executive gifts are there in the corporate gifting company or gift suppliers that looks like really expensive, gorgeous and beautiful enough impress your executives. Crystal gifts delivers both luxury executive gifts as well as inexpensive executive gifts that looks really expensive.


Choose The Best Material That Makes Best Executive Gifts:

Many retail gift suppliers offer many different corporate executive gift items made from many different materials such as: metal, leather, wood, plastic, glass and crystal. Some materials produce fragile items and some produces durable items. On the other hand some materials makes classic items and some materials give luxurious touch. It doesn’t matter what material you will choose to make your own executive gifts. The real mater is you need to buy that high quality executive gift items that makes a long lasting impression for many years to come. Why not think about crystal executive gifts which are not only durable but also looks extremely gorgeous prefect for all professionals including: c-level executives, bosses, CEOs and coworkers.


Multi-functional Executive Gifts Or Decorative Gifts for Executives:

Your executives are the very important persons for your organization. Selecting the right gifts for right executives can be a challenging one for you. Many gifts are functional and many gifts are kind of souvenir and decorative. Some executives may love decorative gift items others may love the gift item that belongs to their daily use. Executive spends very busy days so they many not enough time to put their eyes on the decorative gift they received from you. But when you give something very useful gift to your executives then they will love to use that specific item daily in home or office. Each time they use your gift item it will brings many wonderful memories to them and also tell them how much you care them. Whether you choose useful gifts for executives or choose decorative executive gifts. The real matter is the executive corporate gifts should be smart, stylish and widely accepted by them.


Impress Executives with the Unusual Corporate Gift Ideas

Managing employees and performing all their other duties is a lot to take on day after day. So, you can make their job little bit easier by giving them functional executive gift items. Buying perfect gifts for higher-level executives is one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. You already know the secret about how do you find the professional gifts for executives and also understand what makes a professional gift in the business world. In these busy days you may have tons of work piled up on your desk and may not have enough time to find out the best executive gift ideas. Sometimes, finding out the best executive gift supplier can be even more difficult for you as executives are usually the ones giving gifts to their employees, but now it’s time for you to search for an attractive gifts for executives who has everything. Don’t worry, Creative Crystal Awards the best executive gift items supplier you can trust. Let us supply you thoughtful, unique executive gifts to keep them motivated, strengthen your relationship, and create lasting memories they’ll cherish and that benefit your business. We have more than hundreds of unique gift ideas for executives designed to fit all recipients, occasions and budgets. No matter whether you are buying exceptional gifts for male executives or attractive gifts for female executives, you can find the right gift items available in our corporate gifts store. Consider these personalized business gifts to thank them for their dedication and impressive work ethic. Sometimes these executive gift ideas seems like they already have and they could ever need or want. Actually, no gift is perfect for all executives but there are many creative gift ideas perfect for many different types of executives. But we strongly believe our prestigious corporate crystal gifts are good enough to surprise your executives.


Want to impress executives with exceptional gifts? Check out these

9 Unique & High-End Corporate Crystal Executive Gift Ideas Perfect for Every Types of Executives.


personalized crystal executive gifts 

Corporate Executive Gift Ideas – High End Executive Gifts – Engraved Crystal Gifts for Executives



1. Crystal Executive Desk Card Holder

  • Business card is one of the very important identity for the professionals in the corporate world, and so every executives has their own business card. They carry their visiting cards in their moneybag. But in most occasion executives love to put bunch of biz cards on their desk for the guests and clients who visit his/her office. Business cards practically ensures more clients means more business.
  • Business card holders are an incredibly useful gift for executive. When you gave them executive card holder for desk they are sure to appreciate. An engraved crystal business card holder make your brand stand our when personalize it with your brand.
  • Our corporate gift shop carries an attractive range of crystal desk card holders which are comes in modern design styles, colors and shapes. Prefect for any top level executives and bosses.
  • All of our business card holder for desk made out of premium quality optic crystal. Handmade and hand polished with precision.
  • When your executives placed these stunning glass business card holder on their desk or home office it will bring touch of elegance for their desk.
  • Our unique business card holders can be an excellent corporate gift perfect for boss, CEOs, executives, employees, businessman, businesswoman and for any professional in your life.
  • Your executives will feel so special when pick a business card from our gorgeously designed crystal business card holder and give it to his/her potential client.
  • Let us engrave your crystal business card holders for FREE with your text and brand logo.
  • When you order crystal desktop business card holders from us you will get lowest price guaranteed.
  • Each of these engraved business card holder will comes with a logo engraved presentation box.


engraved business card holder corporate crystal executive gift 

Optical Crystal Desk Card Holder


Best High-End Crystal Business Card Holders : Crystal Business Card Holder



2. Engraved Crystal Desk Clock

  • Classy gifts are always great when it comes to executive gifts. Personalized crystal desk clock is the prestigious executive gift item than other regular gifting item. Every executives always love to work on time. Every day they pass very tight time schedule. Desktop clock is the kind of gift that ensure he’s never late for a meeting! So, what a fantastic idea it would be when you gift your executives engraved crystal desktop clock that makes a nice presentation for their desk.
  • Engraved clocks are one of the most popular gift items for executives used by the top vendors.
  • If you are looking for a contemporary or classic look desk clocks for your executives then we are sure that you get that stylish clock gifts in our collection.
  • All of our crystal clocks are produced from finest quality optic crystal which are nicely beveled and hand polished with care.
  • When someone placed these contemporary timepiece on their office desk it will look extremely brilliant.
  • Personalize the crystal glass clock to make it a memorable gift for your recipient.
  • Each of our crystal desktop clock attached a round dial (golden / silver) feature with Roman numeral.
  • Our custom crystal timepieces comes in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Every custom crystal clock piece is individually etched by highly skilled craftsman with your personalized engraving and individually packed inside an elegant presentation box.
  • When you present any of our optical crystal clock as a gift or award it will surely dazzle your recipient.
  • However, if you need more unique clock gift ideas then don’t hesitate to contact us we can make almost any custom clock according to your own taste and needs.
  • Personalized desk clock is the perfect corporate gift to show your appreciation great for all occasion and event.


crystal desk clock award 

Optical Crystal Clock


Best High-End Crystal Desk Clocks : Personalized Crystal Clocks



3. Crystal Desk Pen Holder

  • Pen is a must for every executives. Each and every single day they have to sing on many important documents and need to write important notes. Many of the executives using elegant and classic pen set instead of regular pen. So, desk pen stand is not only a useful desk accessory but also a functional gift.
  • Optical crystal pen holder is truly a beautiful desk accessory that makes an impressive executive gift.
  • Our beautiful crystal pen stand not only let your executives store their pen in a style way but these extraordinary gift will add a class of elegance to their desk as well.
  • We have many exquisite selection of crystal pen stands which are comes in many unique design styles and themes.
  • Each of our pen holder has been hand crafted out of perfectly clear optical crystal by our skilled craftsman.
  • All of your crystal desk pen stand will be supplied inside a deluxe presentation gift box.
  • As always engraving, setups and shipping (*) will be absolutely free.
  • Let our engraver personalize your crystal glass pen stand with your choice.
  • If you want to impress executives with a unique gift item then you can consider any of our optical crystal desk pen holder and they will love to put their pen in it.
  • Engraved crystal pen stand will make a stunning addition to any desk.
  • If you need to manufacture bespoke crystal pen holder desk organizer then share your own pen holder ideas and let us make custom crystal desktop pen stand for your upcoming corporate gifting occasion.


crystal desk pen stand 

Optical Crystal Pen Stand for Desk


Best High-End Crystal Pen Holders : Crystal Desktop Pen Holders



4. Personalized Crystal Bookends

  • Want to surprise executives with a stunning gift? Gift your executives personalized crystal bookends and it will help them to display their favorite books in a stylish way.
  • Crystal bookends Award is a luxurious gift for those specially who love to read books in their leisure time.
  • Personalized bookends are a popular corporate gifts for executive, boss, CEOs and business partners.
  • We product custom bookends mainly from finest quality optic crystal which are entirely handcrafted and hand polished by skilled craftsman. All of these crystal bookend pair are very heavy that insure your books stay in place and standing straight and add a decorative touch to any room or desk.
  • These sparkling crystal bookends pair will make a striking addition to any bookshelf of office desk.
  • Our crystal book stopper category contains unique selection of engraved crystal bookends at affordable prices.
  • Let us engrave crystal glass bookends with your logo, text and for a gift they will remember always.
  • Each of these decorative crystal book holder come in a nice gift box and would make an ideal and unusual executive gift.
  • If you need more unique bookends gift ideas then visit our retail gift store online or if you need to purchase customized crystal bookends then please feel free to contact with us today.
  • Order your engraved crystal desktop bookends as low as factory direct prices form Creative Crystal Awards.


crystal book stopper 

Optical Crystal Book Holder


Best High-End Crystal Book Stopper : Crystal Bookends Pair



5. Personalized Crystal Wine Stopper

  • Searching for business executive gift ideas for higher level executives? Personalized crystal wine stopper would be the best executive gift you can order for those who love to drink wine. Each time they drink wine they will remember how much to care them that makes them feel super special.
  • Engraved crystal wine stopper makes an elegant gift for executives that will not only keep their favorite wine fresh for all day long but will give an elegant touch to their home bar or office.
  • All of our wine bottle stopper are entirely handmade, made out of superior quality lead free crystal and attached a clear transparent air tight silicon rubber gripper so that it can fit properly with any wine bottles.
  • Our crystal wine accessories category contains many beautiful range of custom bottle stoppers which are comes in many creative design styles, themes and budgets, perfect for all recipients and occasion.
  • When personalize these crystal glass wine stopper it will make a long lasting impression.
  • Purchase your desired crystal wine bottle stoppers at wholesale prices with free engraving, free setups and free shipping (*).
  • Check out our custom crystal wine bottle stopper selection for the very best in unique and handmade pieces from our executive gift shop.
  • All of these personalized crystal wine bottle stoppers will be wrapped inside a gorgeous gift box branded with your logo.
  • However, if you need to manufacture custom wine stoppers then contact with us for any of your customized wine bottle stopper needs. We can make and supply you sparkling crystal wine stoppers that will amaze your executives.


personalized crystal wine stopper 

Lead Free Crystal Wine Stopper


Best High-End Crystal Bottle Stopper Gift : Crystal Wine Bottle Stoppers



6. Engraved Crystal Paperweight

  • Desk paperweight is one of the very useful and popular desk accessory gift idea great for executives, boss and CEOs.
  • Executives many have stack of important office documents on their table. A great idea to gift them crystal paperweights that will not only help them to keep their important papers in an organized way but will be a nice decorative item for desk. A decorative paperweight adds a touch of sophistication to a hardworking desktop.
  • Paperweight is the very essential office desk accessory every executives should have on their desk.
  • Our online corporate gift shop contains beautiful range of personalized crystal paperweights which are comes in wide range of colors, shapes that will nicely fit with your budget.
  • Each of these custom paperweights are handmade and hand polished to give it smooth finish. Made from superior quality optic crystals. This collection of glass desk paperweights will add a groovy feel to any executive desk.
  • Each of these crystal glass paperweight can be deep etched engrave with your logo and text.
  • Give an engraved paperweight as a small award or thank-you gift to executives to let them know you care.
  • When you order executive desk crystal paperweights from us you will get the opportunity to get these paperweights as low as factory direct prices also you will receive, free personalization service, free elegant gift box, free shipping (*) and free setups.
  • Need more unique paperweight ideas, visit our wholesale crystal gift shop and you won’t be disappointed all and if you are still interested to make custom paperweights then we are well capable of making customized paperweight according to your choice.


faceted crystal paperweight gift 

Faceted Crystal Round Paperweight


Best High-End Crystal Paperweights : Crystal Glass Paperweights



7. Engraved Crystal Name Plate

  • Executives are the most honorable person for your organization so why not show off their work in a prestigious way.
  • If your budget is too small but want to gift a big number of executives then you can choose personalized crystal nameplates for executives in your organization.
  • Personalized glass desk name plate is an exquisite crystal desk accessory gift great for boss, executives, c-level executives, higher-level executives, business partners, high officials and professionals at all levels.
  • Engraved crystal name plate will not only display executive name & title for the guest who enters but at the same time it decorate their desk in the stylish way.
  • Your executives will be amazed when they saw these stunning optical crystal desk nameplate engraved their name on it. Engraved desk name plate will tell them how important they are for your organization.
  • Creative Crystal awards proudly manufacturing luxury desk name plates mainly from top grade optic crystal and clear glass.
  • Our online retail gift store contains some of these brilliant selection of CEO desk name plates which are comes in creative designs, shapes and sizes.
  • When you purchase crystal desktop name plates, we will offer you free engraving service.
  • Each of these custom crystal executive name plates will nicely pack inside a logo engraved presentation box.
  • If you need customized decorative desk name plates then contact with us and let us design executive desk wedges from solid crystal that will dazzle your executives or guest who see it.


engraved crystal name plate 

Optical Crystal Executive Name Plate


Best High-End Crystal Name Plates for Desk : Crystal Desk Nameplates



8. Optical Crystal Coaster

  • Executives may need to do office work for long time. For refreshment, sometimes they need to drink hot coffee and sometimes they need to drink cold whiskey. Water stain can damage their desk as well as office documents. Why not gift them crystal drink coasters to keep your tables unmarked and safe from water?
  • Personalized crystal coaster will protect executive table at the same time, they do the hard work while keeping their surfaces pretty.
    Crystal desk coaster is an excellent corporate executive gift great for any occasion.
  • When someone put crystal glass coaster on their table even without any glass, it will add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to their desk.
  • We have stunning selection optical crystal coaster set which are comes in many unique shapes and colors.
  • Each of these crystal coaster for drinks made out of flawless optic crystal which are completely handmade and hand polished.
  • Order crystal coasters set with free engraving and give your executives tables a touch of crystal elegance with our custom crystal drinking coasters.
  • All of your crystal drink coasters will be packed inside a gorgeous presentation box.
  • Need to manufacture customized table coasters with your choice? Our craftsman can produce any kinds of crystal decorative coasters for executive desk that will not only impress them but also protect their table from stains.


round crystal drink coaster 

Lead Free Crystal Round Coaster for Drinks


Best High-End Crystal Drink Coaster Set : Crystal Drink Coasters



9. Lead Free Crystal Golf Whiskey Glasses

  • Want to buy classy executive gifts for your c-level executives and CEOs? Or, your executives are the whiskey drinkers or golf lovers? Crystal golf whiskey glasses are the perfect gifts for those special executives.
  • When you gift your executives personalized crystal golf base whiskey glass set it will show them how much you appreciate their strong leadership and value them.
  • All of our golf glasses are constructed from lead free crystal features a crystal golf ball embedded to the bottom of glass that makes heavy bottom base whiskey glasses.
  • These crystal golf ball whiskey glass set comes in set of 2 / set of 4 / set of 6. Perfect for all kinds of alcoholic beverages or liquor such as: vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, scotch tequila, different types of wine, beer, & more.
  • Personalize these golf ball rocks glass to make it a unique gift that they will always remember.
  • Grab our golf ball base whiskey glass set at wholesale prices with free personalization & fast shipping.
  • Want to make custom crystal golf ball whisky tumbler glasses? Let our crystal craftsman make customized crystal golf ball glasses that will not only WOW your executives but will bring an even better taste to any drinks.
  • These golf themed whiskey glasses set will not only allow them to drink their favorite liquor in style but will create a beautiful statement piece for their home bar or office table.
  • Need more unique ideas of golf inspired whiskey glasses, visit our crystal glassware category and you will find many impressive selection of golf ball whiskey glasses designed to suit all your budgets.


crystal golf whiskey glasses 

Golf Ball Whiskey Glass Gift Set


Best High-End Crystal Double Old Fashioned Glasses : Crystal Whiskey Glasses



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