7 Brilliant Ideas of Coated Sublimation Crystal Awards and Plaques

7 Brilliant Ideas of Coated Sublimation Crystal Awards and Plaques

Sublimation is awesome! The latest sublimation technology enables you to create full-color, photo-quality graphics onto a variety of substrates: crystal awards, crystal plaques, clear glass awards, clear glass trophies, crystal trophies, crystal plates. Within the last few years the sublimation space has grown significantly. The technology has become less expensive, and the hobby, small business and large scale production sector has seen a boom in sales from their customer base. In the recognition award industry, the demand of full-color Coated Sublimation Crystal Awards & plaques are increasing dramatically.


The heat transfer sublimation printing process is a great Eco-friendly printing technique that is not only simple, but also efficient in creating bright and interesting prints on any materials but specially in crystal and glass. It is a fantastic technique that’s used by top designers, visual artists and something you can even do at home without the need for expensive investment in hardware. Easy to decorate by using a standard heat press and sublimation paper.
Sublimation crystal awards are the revolutionary and modern ideas that creates a wonderful high-end sublimation product perfect for corporate awards, trophies, mementos, photo frame, commemorative plaques and personalized gifts for employees, clients, family or friends and appropriate for special occasions, events or celebrations. Crystal sublimation photo blocks are the modern and super stylish way to showcase your favorite photograph that creates stunning personalized crystal awards and plaques from any photo image, graphic or artwork by sublimation printing that also makes a wonderful sublimation crystal photo frame in true vivid full colors and fantastic detail onto great looking photo crystal plaques for a long lasting impression.


Creative Crystal Awards largest manufacturer and supplier of coated sublimation crystal trophy awards and custom sublimation glass plaques with full color sublimation printing on the back side pure optic crystals and glass. Our product line contains some the excellent selection color imprinted blank sublimation crystal blocks and sublimation trophy blanks which are available in many unique shapes including: round crystal blocks, rectangle crystal blocks, square crystal blocks, wave crystal blocks, octagon crystal blocks, hexagon crystal blocks, pentagon crystal blocks, decagon crystal blocks, sunflower crystal blocks, oval crystal blocks, iceberg crystal blocks, triangular crystal blocks, diamond crystal blocks, wedge crystal blocks and many other custom shapes are also available to choose from. Your photo will be nicely imprinted with the sublimation coating on the rear surface of your selected blank crystal block, the resulting effect of printing is beautifully dimensional. These color imprinted sublimation plaques are extremely versatile and perfect for achievement of any sports teams, employee recognition, anniversary gifts, corporate gifts or honoring a special hero.


From our large selection of Sublimation Photo Crystal Awards we handpicked 7 Brilliant Ideas of Coated Sublimation Crystal Plaques & Awards that will give your special photo, graphic or artwork a luxurious look.

coated sublimation crystal awards 


Custom Sublimation Crystal Awards – Coated Sublimation Crystal Trophy – Color Imprinted Sublimation Crystal Blocks



1. Sublimation Crystal Rectangle Plaque Award

Display your favorite photo in a modern way with this Coated Sublimation Crystal Rectangle Photo Frame. The sublimation crystal photo block is a great high-end sublimation product perfect for awards, trophies, commemorative plaques, personalized gifts for special occasions or events. This large sublimation rectangle crystal photo block features a sleek and polished surface with a clear oval shape crystal stand that makes your own unique crystal award sure to impress everyone. These stylish clear crystal photo block produce rich vibrant image which is viewed through a thick clear crystal block made of high quality optic crystal. Your photo will be printed on the back side of the clear rectangle crystal block. Each of these color imprinted sublimation photo crystal plaque award will be supplied in a gorgeous gift box. We can customize this sublimation crystal rectangle photo plaque award to match with the dimension of your photo, graphic or artwork.


sublimation crystal rectangle plaque award 


Sublimation Crystal Rectangle Photo Frame

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2. Color Imprinted Sublimation Round Crystal Photo Plaque Award

WOW your recipient by presenting them this Color Imprinted Sublimation Sunflower Crystal Plaque Award as they are high-quality and fantastic. Sunflower crystal photo block is one of the popular choice for recognizing employees as it can be used for many purposes and nicely fit with many of your recognition events or celebrations. This impressive sunflower sublimation crystal photo frame award features a faceted round crystal sunflower plaque with a black crystal triangle stand that makes it a gorgeous sublimation crystal picture frame great for souvenir gift, promotional gift, recognition gift, retirement gift, appreciations gift, graduation gifts, anniversary gift for weddings, birthdays and any special occasions. Choose this awesome sunflower sublimation crystal blank and personalized it you’re your favorite picture that really makes your photograph standout and give a stunning effect that will surely dazzle your recipient. Each of your personalized sublimation crystal sunflower plaque award will be delivered with a nice presentation box.


color imprinted sublimation round crystal photo plaque award 


Coated Sublimation Crystal Sunflower Plaque Award

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3. Sublimation Crystal Tower Award

Give your recognition trophy a colorful new look with our full-color sublimation crystal tower trophy. A tall and elegant coated sublimation crystal trophy features a dome shaped crystal tower award with multi-faceted edges. These are very impressive and perfect if you want to reward those who display hard work, dedication and stellar performance. We produce this blank sublimation crystal tower plaque from superior quality optic crystal. These sublimation glass tower plaques are great design to use as a trophy awards or plaques for sky-high accomplishments and achievements including sports achievements, corporate achievements or honoring a distinguished person. A budget friendly sublimation tower crystal trophy specially when you want to recognize a large group of team or employees.


color imprinted sublimation crystal tower award 


Full-color Sublimation Crystal Tower Trophy

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4. Coated Sublimation Crystal Trophy

Choose this stunning sublimation crystal blank and cote it with your photograph to make it a stunning full-color sublimation crystal trophy. You can use this color imprinted sublimation crystal trophy as an employee recognition trophy or sports trophy. However, you can simply personalized it and use it as a crystal picture frame to showcase your own photo, graphic or artwork and it will looks superb when this stylish sublimation crystal photo block put on desktop or shelf. Suitable for awards, commemorative plaques, mementos that create an eye-catching dimensional result. This sublimation crystal trophy blank produced from finest quality clear crystal that features a thick clear crystal square block with rounded corners. The blank crystal block placed on a clear crystal base. Your photo will be imprinted on the back side of the transparent glass block and the photo will looks glossy through the solid transparent crystal. The base can be personalized with your recipient name with silver color fill. Your recipient will receive this gorgeous personalized sublimation crystal trophy award with a nice elegant gift box.


coated sublimation crystal trophy award 


Full-Color Imprinted Sublimation Crystal Trophy Award

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5. Full-Color Sublimation Crystal Photo Block

Searching for unique award ideas to celebrate the success of your employees? Buy this curve shaped freestanding crystal block for sublimation printing and it will makes an outstanding sublimation crystal photo block award appropriate for all kinds of corporate celebrations and recognition programs. This custom crystal curve shape block award features a deep polished beveled edge with a flat bottom that make it a standalone sublimation photo crystal award. The bevel edge will shine brilliantly and it will create a stunning 3d effect of your photo from every angle. Choose this spectacular sublimation photo crystal block, the quality crystal design and outstanding printing will definitely amaze you, your recipient, audience and guest at your next corporate award function. One of the hot selling crystal award items in our online trophy store. Each of your sublimation photo crystal awards will comes with a gorgeous presentation box.


full color sublimation crystal photo block award 


Coated Sublimation Photo Crystal Block

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6. Coated Sublimation Crystal Photo Frame

Say goodbye to the old photo frames. Capture special celebrations and memories with a digital photograph and display it with new fashioned Coated Sublimation Oval Crystal Photo Frame that creates a long lasting impression. The sublimation crystal glass photo frame is a kind of decorating element for interior application, it is made of optical crystal or clear glass and coated with sublimation coating on the back surface where allows being printed with a colored photo. Perfect as souvenir gifts, recognition awards, personalized gifts, mementos and promotional products. This coated sublimation crystal photo frame in oval shape is approx. 5mm thick with borderless printing and fashionable oval shape clear crystal stand. Beveled glass sublimation photo display is a memorable gift for any special occasion, a stylish home or office decor element or a perfect addition to the photo album for weddings, birthdays, baby, anniversaries and more. These blank printable oval crystal photo frames look absolutely stunning when color printed and make a very high quality personalized glass sublimation product.


coated sublimation oval shape crystal photo frame 


Sublimation Crystal Oval Shape Photo Frame

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7. Custom Sublimation Iceberg Crystal Trophy Award

Sublimation Crystal Iceberg Photo Frame creates a wonderful gifts or awards for any corporate award ceremony. This iceberg sublimation crystal plaque award is made of genuine, high quality optic crystal that provides superior sublimation results. Blank crystal iceberg plaque is the most popular crystal block for sublimation printing than other regular sublimation crystal blanks. This sublimation iceberg crystal award is constructed entirely from premium quality optic crystal that features irregular shape crystal iceberg plaque mounted atop a large black crystal base. The crystal base can be engraved with your congratulatory text, message or logo. Purchase this beautiful iceberg shaped optic crystal glass blanks for sublimation printing and coated it with your special photograph, graphic or artwork that will create nice and attractive photo crystal plaque award for your winner and they will feel proud to display this coated sublimation crystal iceberg picture frame by placing it on their office desk or book shelf. This crystal iceberg sublimation photo block would be an exquisite option perfect to create any sports trophy, employee recognition awards or personalized gifts for any recipient.


custom sublimation iceberg crystal trophy award 


Sublimation Coated Iceberg Photo Crystal Award

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