7 Brilliant Murano Style Blue Art Glass Awards & Trophies

7 Brilliant Murano Style Blue Art Glass Awards & Trophies

The ‘Blue’ color is everyone’s favorite! One of the very popular and widely used color than other colors. Blue color is calm, cool and corporate. In most occasions, color blue is compared with enormous things in our earth like: blue oceans, blue sea and blue sky. Blue color represents the nature and anyone can brings the real beauty of nature in their custom products by adding splash of blue color on it. In the corporate award industry blue accented awards and trophies are very popular among others. But an employee awards could even more spectacular when it constructed with Blue Art Glass Awards.


Blue Glass Art Awards and Trophies are the stunning corporate awards ideas you can think about to purchase to recognize your most energetic and ambitious coworkers in your organization. Creative Crystal Awards proudly manufacturing Murano style art glass awards and trophies for more than 4 decades. Our hand blown art glass awards category contains some the best selection od artistic glass awards, art glass trophies, glass art sculptures & figurines which are really unique in designs and the vibrant colors will excite both you and your recipient. If you are looking for a really classic piece of colorful glass awards and want to put luxurious touch in your recognition award event then no need to look further. Our blue art glass trophies are best designs and prices that on other art glass trophy supplier won’t provide you.


Here we brings 7 Awesome Blue Art Glass Awards & Trophies deigned with nature in mind. Each of these magnificent unique pieces of glass art awards look much more expensive than the price, sure to impress everyone!

blue art glass awards 


Blue Art Glass Awards – Blue Artistic Glass Trophies – Blue Glass Art Sculptures and Figurines



1. Blue Art Glass Teardrop Award

Blue Teardrop Art Glass Award is a beautiful way to show honor and appreciation employees and executives for a job well done. This hand-crafted blue art glass teardrop trophy is a vibrant and unique award that makes a fascinating desktop conversation piece. The art glass teardrop sculpture will make an impression upon presentation at any recognition award ceremony. Our blue teardrop art glass trophy is stunning and dynamic recognition awards great for employee appreciation, special achievements and retirement. Our experienced Murano inspired glass artist produced this teardrop shaped art glass award from finest quality blue artistic glass that features a blue glass art teardrop sculpture with a big hole in the middle of the glass teardrop figurine and iy sits on top a black crystal base. The base can be engraved with gold or silver color fill. This hand blown art glass teardrop shaped award ensures that no piece is the same. Each will have its own color and shape variations. All of these luxurious Murano style blue teardrop shaped art glass trophy will comes with a deluxe presentation box. The creative design styles and dark blue color will attract and impress everyone at your corporate awards ceremony.


blue art glass teardrop award 


Blue Art Glass Teardrop Sculpture

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2. Blue Art Glass Fish Figurine Award

Recognize special employees, coworkers and distinguished persons with this amazing blue art glass fish awards from Creative Crystal Awards. This impressive blue glass fish sculpture is hand blown, extremely high quality glass art sculpture and one of the largest and heaviest awards in our art glass product line. Impress your recipient with these striking beauty of the blue glass fishing trophies that would be an excellent recognition awards perfect for: deep sea fishing competitions, fishing tournament, fishing contest, fishing industry and any of your corporate presentation event. Every fisherman, fishing woman or angler deserves to have an exquisite art glass fish replica of their greatest catch. This exceptional Italian Murano glass fish sculpture is handmade glass art sculpture and is very impressive in design. Our hand blown art glass fish figurines will comes with an oval shape black crystal base. This fabulous decorative art glass fish statue would be a nice collectible centerpiece or great for modern home decor. Consider this beautiful art glass fishing trophy to recognize winners at your next award function. You will receive your most desired Murano style blue fish glass sculpture with a beautiful gift box.


blue art glass fish figurine award 


Blue Art Glass Fish Award

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3. Blue Art Glass Sailboat Award

Choose this exclusive Blue Art Glass Sailboat Award that make a unique recognition awards for special recipients and leaders who are sailing in the right direction and ensure recipients will have nothing but smooth sailing ahead. This art glass sailing sculpture would be a wonderful recognition gift award for the nautical lover, sailors, captains, ship crews. However, our art glass sailboat trophy would be a great way to congratulate the winner of sailing events, yacht racing and sailing regatta event. The sailboat art glass award is a perfect choice for that special winner, whether on land or sea. This excellent art glass sailing trophies will stand out in any of your recognition program. This beautiful sail shaped art glass award features hand blown blue art glass sailboat figurine sits atop a round clear crystal base. Each of these Murano glass sail sculpture is hand blown so no two designs are alike. Bring the touch of ocean, beach, or sailing in your modern home decor for your beach house or nautical room with these blue sailboat art glass sculpture collectible decorative centerpiece. This sail shape art glass sculpture comes individually boxed with a silk lining to make a beautiful presentation all around.


blue art glass sailboat award 


Hand Blown Art Glass Sailing Trophy

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4. Blue Art Glass Whale Award

Looking for some fashionable and unique sculpture for your recipient table? This Blue Art Glass Whale Award is made of a special grade: a fine quality artistic glass material, exquisite craftsmanship, delicate & lifelike details, exquisite appearance, catches your eyes on the first sight and excellent quality. A great way to bring ocean life into your recognition program or home decor with this amazing blue art glass whale sculpture. The perfect gift award for anyone and for any occasion or event. Our skilled glass master designed this beautiful blue whale glass sculptures which is realistic in every detail and stunning in visual effect. Since this whale animal statue is a handmade glass artwork, there will be slightly differences in shape, weight and color details which makes every glass art whale figurine unique. This cobalt blue art glass whale figurine is ideal collectible items for whale lovers and nautical art collectors. This gorgeous art glass blue whale statue is one of one and one-of-a-kind art glass masterpiece. Buy this magnificent decorative whale art glass sculpture for centerpiece and it will give your recipient home the realistic aquatic look and feel also it will capture the mystery of the deep with this symbolic sea life sculpture. All of your hand blown Murano glass whale sea animal figurine will be delivered to your door inside a nice gift box.


blue art glass whale award 


Blue Art Glass Whale Sculpture

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5. Blue Art Glass Vase Award

This expressive and bold hand blown Blue Art Glass Vase Awards are the modern way to give recognition someone very special in your organization. A luxurious gift awards for executives, bosses and distinguished individuals. Beyond traditional trophies, these hand blown glass art vase trophies are stunning keepsakes of recognition that make a long lasting memorable impact. Our Murano inspired glass artist display class and true craftsmanship with this unique vase sculpture. This beautiful wave shape blue glass vase figurine stands on a blue crystal artistic base. Personalize this unique art glass vase trophy deep engraved with your special message and artwork to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, job promotion or any special event. However, if you are searching for decorative vase sculptures for home decor or collectible gift store then it would worth to purchase this brilliant blue vase art glass sculpture that will give any home or office a touch of elegance. Creative Crystal Awards proud to offer huge range of exquisite artistic glass vase awards with abstract design available in many shapes and sizes. Art textures, shapes, and deep vibrant colors of these Murano glass art glass vases will dazzle your recipient. These hand blown glass art vase sculptures are artistically inspired and each piece is uniquely different. Due to this piece being hand blown, small air bubbles and slight color variation is normal. Each of these gorgeous art glass collectible vases will comes with an elegant presentation box.


blue art glass vase award 


Murano Art Glass Vase Sculpture

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6. Blue Art Glass Sail Award

Reward your recipient in a stylish way with this nautical blown Blue Art Glass Sail Award that brings home the beauty of a solitary sailboat out to sea. This blue sail sculpture is fully made of art glass, artistically designed by our Murano inspired glass master. The unique piece of glass art work and multiple shades of artistic blue patterns running through it that make this blue art glass sail figurine one of the unique artistic glass sculptures in our product line. This blue glass art sail figurine rests on a solid clear crystal rectangle base that can be personalized with your specifications. Each piece is handcrafted therefor size and colors will vary. Whether its corporate awards, recognition gift for sailors, boating or sailing events this art glass blue boat award will be great for many of your corporate celebrations or events. This extraordinary Murano glass sail sculpture would be a nice decorative centerpiece for any modern home or office decor. Any sailboat lovers and sculpture collectors can buy this unique art glass masterpiece as a decorative showpiece that will sure to attract audience and guest. You will love to receive this 14 inches tall contemporary blue boat shape art glass trophy award with a gorgeous presentation box.


blue art glass sail award 


Blue Sail Art Glass Award

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7. Blue Artistic Glass Vase Trophy

Want to buy uniquely hand-crafted recognition trophy for the winner? This hand blown Blue Art Glass Vase Trophy Cup is the right trophy that send a dramatic statement of achievement for a stunning victory. Choose this breathtaking art glass trophy cup vase for recognition sure to please and inspire any recipients. Whether its sports achievement or corporate achievement, this Murano style loving cup trophy will fit with many of your recognition programs or events. We produced this blue vase award trophy cup from finest quality artistic glass. This Murano glass vase sculpture is actually a hybrid between a loving cup and a vase. The pattern along the bottom and fine details along the rim have been cut with precision, creating a gorgeous effect. This stylish art glass loving cup shaped decorative glass vase award is available in various colors and design patterns. Each artistic glass vase trophy piece is handmade blown glass to ensure that the heirloom quality award you are giving is truly one of a kind. This Murano art glass double handled trophy vase or loving cup trophy could be a gorgeous decorative centerpiece for modern home interior or office decor. Dramatic textures, modern shapes and deep vibrant colors seem to explode on this classic art glass loving cup shape vase and along with the beautiful crystal base give it dimensionality and intense visual appeal. Made of handmade blown glass, these attributes come together to create a glass art work that is a truly unique, one of a kind acknowledgement of excellence that can be presented on its own or with a personalized base. Each of your personalized artistic glass loving cup vase trophy award will comes inside a nice presentation box.


blue artistic glass vase trophy 


Blue Art Glass Trophy Vase

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