7 Custom Number Shaped Crystal Awards Ideas

7 Custom Number Shaped Crystal Awards Ideas

Celebrate Milestone Achievements with Crystal Number Awards

Happy employee means happy workspace means business growth. Employee motivation is the big challenge for every companies and business organizations. Business owners, team leaders, HR managers and CEO’s working continuously to boost employee’s moral, keep them energetic and motivated them all year long. Bosses, CEO’s, HR officers are also well aware of the importance of the employee recognition as motivate employees with a recognition awards is significantly proven ways that works best than any other employee recognition strategies. So, every years, before corporate annual award giving ceremony, every HR officers giving their best effort to find out the unique recognition award ideas to recognize their very best employees, colleagues and co-workers. A newly designed employee awards will surely drive employee’s motivation to the next level. If you are one of them, thinking of buying creative awards for employees recognition than this year, recognize your employees with an optical crystal numbers awards which is completely brand new and innovative award ideas in the corporate awards industry. Number shaped crystal awards can use for wide range of corporate occasions and recognition awards event. For example, you are an auto dealer and want to buy crystals awards for the employees who drive themselves for special achievements then obviously, you are going to buy crystal car awards for your upcoming recognition awards program. Hopefully, next time, for your next awards function, you will pick custom crystal awards in number shape which are truly unique than other regular company awards and plaques. Employees will definitely love to receive these unique number awards in crystal and it will carry a special meaning to all of them.


Crystal Numeral Awards are the Elegant and Timeless Piece for any Recognition Event

Whether it is employee milestone achievement, employee service anniversary or outstanding sales achievement these number crystal awards will nicely match with all types of employees recognition function and corporate awards function. A crystal number shape award can talk with every guests by its stylish visual impression. For example: Last year you recognized employees with a round circle crystal plaque awards who worked 10 years for your company. When employee placed their crystal years of service plaque on their desk or shelf it will not instantly communicate with the guest who saw this. The guest will not get any clear idea of this award until read the printed recognition wordings on the crystal service award. This years, if you recognize employees who work for 10 years with a number 10 shaped crystal award then the elegant, modern design style will not only attract the guests but will tell them why the award was given. It will surely then increase employee’s value as well as improve brand image. Number shape crystal awards are elegant in design, gorgeous, eye-catching and so it is very impressive than other regular corporate recognition awards.


Elevate your Message of Recognition with Crystal Numeric Awards

Creative Crystal Awards is best awards supplier in USA. We have many years of proven experience in making custom crystal number shaped awards and number shape crystal plaques. In past years, we made many crystal numeral awards for many renowned companies and major business organizations. These crystal numeric awards will impress you and your recipients. However, we can make any custom numbers in crystal. Just share your own number award ideas with us and we will deliver top quality numeric crystal awards that will light up your corporate awards night.


This time, we are delighted to bring these

7 Unique Crystal Number Awards that you may need to celebrate your employee long service anniversary or to acknowledge employee work anniversary.


custom crystal number awards 

Crystal Number Awards – Number Shaped Crystal Awards – Crystal Awards in Number Shape



1. Crystal 10K Award

  • Celebrate 10K achievement with this awesome custom 10K crystal award and it will tell its recipients story to others in grand style.
  • This 10K shaped crystal award is the latest addition to our product line so, use our 10K crystal award idea to make your own number award in crystal.
  • This optical crystal 10K award would be an ideal recognition award for any milestone achievements specially in sales performance, running, walking, cycling, auto racing and many more.
  • We produced this 10K award specially from premium quality K9 optic crystal that features a clear crystal number 10K sculpture attached with a blue crystal rectangle piece which is mounted atop a clear crystal base.
  • There are ample engraving space on this numeral 10K crystal award. Your logo can be imprinted on the blue rectangle crystal piece and your recipient name, congratulatory text and date can be engraved on the clear crystal base.
  • This numeric 10K crystal award can be customized by the numbers you need.
  • Each of these personalized crystal number 10K shape award will comes inside a gorgeous presentation box.


10K crystal award 

Custom 10K Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Numeral Awards : Crystal Number Shape Awards



2. Crystal Service Award in Roman Number

  • If you want to honor your loyal employees for years of service then you may like to buy this classy crystal Roman number 25 years of service award.
  • This Roman numerals style crystal award designed for employee service award, employee long service award, milestone anniversary award and many more.
  • Our custom crystal service award in Roman numerals is a hand-crafted piece, made out of flawless optic crystal that features a roman numerals 25 in clear crystal. Some roman numerals engraved in clear crystal and remaining part is hand-cut nicely in the shape of a roman numbers. The beautiful combination of a hand cut crystal and engraved design make this employee service award appealing.
  • The entire crystal Roman numerals 25 sculpture sits on a black crystal base.
  • Let us engrave the base by your own choice. Engraving is Free!
  • We can make any years of service award in Roman numerals mean this crystal Roman numerals award can be customized for 5 years of service award, 10 years of service award, 15 years of service award, 20 years of service award, 25 years of service award, 30 years of service award, 35 years of service award, 40 years of service award, 45 years of service award, 50 years of service award and any other custom numbers you need.
  • Buy this Roman numerals style crystal 25 years employee work anniversary award and get free engraving, free gift box, free setups and fast shipping.
  • Here is a complete list of Roman Numerals that will help to convert your own digits, numbers or integers in Roman numerals


roman numerals crystal service award 

Roman Numerals Crystal Service Award


Best High-End Crystal Service Awards : Employee Service Awards



3. 67 Years Long Service Award

  • This 67 years of service award is corporate, sleek and elegant in design. What an excellent way to honor your loyal and dedicated employees who worked for a certain amount of time for your company.
  • If you are searching for unique crystal service awards for employees then you may like the design idea of the 67 years service award in crystal.
  • Whether it is company anniversary or employee job anniversary, this custom crystal 67 years award will nicely fits with your employee recognition needs.
  • This 67 years of milestone anniversary award is fully handmade piece. Made from fine quality optic crystal. Featuring a golden crystal number 67 sculpture attached in-front of a faceted crystal diamond peak plaque and placed on a black crystal base for engraving.
  • Our 67 years crystal award offers huge space for engraving. The faceted crystal peak plaque can be engraved with your logo, recipients name, recognition wordings and service years.
  • This number shaped crystal years of service plaque award is fully customizable that means you can change the number and colors to match with your brand.
  • Order this custom crystal long service award and avail free beautiful gift box, free engraving, free setups and fast shipping.


employee long years of service crystal award 

Number 67 Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Anniversary Awards : Employee Long Service Awards



4. Crystal 1% Award

  • This innovative 1% crystal award would be an excellent corporate award designed specially for banks, insurance companies, accounting companies, financial institutes, auditing farms, mortgage companies, trading companies and many more.
  • On special occasions you may give your special employees commission on sales, percentage, dividend or business profit base on their sales performance or milestone achievement. What a brilliant idea it would be to reward those benefited employees by giving them this unique crystal percentage award that symbolizes your unique style.
  • This percentage crystal award is entirely hand-crafted, made out of premium quality optic crystal. A solid piece of frosted crystal hand-cut nicely in the shape of 1% which is placed on a black crystal base.
  • When you personalize the base with your logo, recipient’s name and appreciation message, it will make your recipients proud as well as increase your brand value.
  • Customize this 1% shaped crystal award according to your own number, design or shapes.
  • Your personalized crystal 1% shaped award will comes with its own gift box.


crystal 1 percent award 

Custom Crystal 1% Shaped Award


Best High-End Crystal Logo Shape Awards : Logo Cut Crystal Awards



5. Number 1 Shaped Crystal Plaque Award

  • Recognize your top sales performer, top employee, number 1 supplier with this excellent number 1 shaped crystal plaque award and impress them with its sparkling beauty.
  • This number shaped crystal plaque award can be used for wide range employee recognition events and corporate occasion.
  • If you are searching for years of service plaques for employee recognition then our number shape crystal award plaque would be an ideal option.
  • This crystal number 1 plaque in fully handmade, made form finest quality pure optic crystal. The left part of the crystal rectangle piece is beautifully cut in the shape of number 1. The crystal number 1 shape plaque rests on a clear crystal base.
  • There are plenty of engraving room of the number 1 shape crystal award which can be engraved with the choice of yours. Engraving is completely free.
  • This number 1 crystal plaque award can be customized by any digits.
  • You will receive each of these personalized crystal number 1 plaque award with a gorgeous gift box.


number one shaped crystal plaque award 

Crystal Number 1 Shape Plaque


Best High-End Crystal Award Plaques : Custom Crystal Plaques



6. Crystal 20 Years of Service Award

  • Choose this nice and elegant number 20 shaped crystal service award and recognize those employees and staffs who worked in your company for 20 years or more. You and your recipients will definitely love our crystal 20 years milestone anniversary award for sure.
  • Our numeral 20 crystal award is truly unique service award than other regular employee anniversary awards.
  • This numeral 20 shaped award is entirely hand-crafted, made from fine quality clear optic crystal. A solid piece of clear crystal hand-cut brilliantly to shape it into the number 20 figurine. The crystal number 20 shape sculpture sits on a clear crystal base.
  • Let our engravers personalize the base with your brand logo, recipient’s name, message and year. Engraving is always free.
  • This number 20 shape crystal award can be customized in any numbers that you need to recognize your employees.
  • Avail free personalization, free gift box and quick shipping when you purchase these crystal service award for 20 years anniversary.


20 years of service award 

Number 20 Shaped Crystal Service Award


Best High-End Crystal Employee Anniversary Awards by Year : Years of Service Awards



7. Crystal Number 1 Award

  • Buy this fantastic optical crystal number 1 crystal award and let your employees know that they’re number one in your organization.
  • Use this number 1 shaped crystal award for top sales performers, top employees, number 1 suppliers, top vendors, 1st place winner and more.
  • Beside employee recognition, this crystal number 1 figurine award would be an interesting award for any sports competitions and other competitions in schools, colleges and universities.
  • This optical crystal number 1 shaped award stands tall and clean. Beautifully constructed from high quality, genuine optic crystal that features a clear crystal number 1 sculpture stands on a clear crystal base.
  • The surface of the #1 crystal sculpture and the clear crystal base can be deep etched engrave by your own logo and texts. Each of your customized crystal number award will engrave or imprint with meaningful details.
  • If you need number awards in crystal then our number 1 crystal award would be an excellent option for your upcoming recognition awards show.
  • We can make any numbers in crystal in any size and colors.
  • Get this number one crystal awards at lowest price with free engraving, free elegant presentation box and fast delivery.


Number 1 Crystal Award 

Number 1 Shaped Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Number 1 Figurine Awards : Number 1 Crystal Awards



We believe, you liked the above bespoke crystal number awards that we designed for some of the renowned companies in recent times. Number shaped awards are getting popularity day by day as these awards have the ability to speak for you. What a great idea to incorporate crystal numbers to make your recognition awards for employee recognition, employee service awards, corporate anniversaries, milestone achievements, corporate celebrations or sports achievements or other special events when unique numbers or digits play an important role for your business. So, if you need to create your own custom number awards in crystal then contact us today and let us deliver you optic crystal numeric awards for your special corporate celebrations.


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