7 Awe-Inspiring Art Glass Awards for Sale with No Minimum Order Quantity

7 Awe-Inspiring Art Glass Awards for Sale with No Minimum Order Quantity

Naturalistic Colored Glass Awards that will Speak at your Next Corporate Awards Ceremony

Employees who worked hard and did an outstanding job for your business should be rewarded with a very special and unique recognition awards. There are many ways to let your employees, colleagues and staffs know that they are appreciated. But it is also very important that the recognition trophy awards you are going to buy should surprise and impress your recipients. Art glass awards are a great recognition item that creates unique expression with its bright colors and delivers on excellence. So, it is true, there is no better way to recognize those special individuals other than a breathtaking hand blown art glass trophy awards. These days, blown art glass trophies are widely used to recognize employees for years of service awards, outstanding sales achievement awards, leadership awards, and for retirement awards. Blown glass sculptures are also commonly used as an employee recognition gifts, corporate gifts, recognition gifts awards, appreciation gifts, donor gifts, business gifts and sponsor gifts to present to anyone. Artistic glass awards are made from high-quality glass material with the beautiful combination of optic crystal. When you present someone these eye-catching works of art in the molten glass, it will carry a unique message to its recipients as these are uniquely made just for them. When use custom art glass sculpture awards into your employee recognition program, it will bring lots of excitement and make your recognition ceremony stand out from the traditional corporate award event. Beside, making any corporate occasion or recognition event special, these Italian Murano style art glass awards are beautiful and sturdy enough that will give any home or office interior a modern look and can give any workspace an elegant touch. When you recognize employees with these mind-blowing art glass awards, you are actually praising them with a decorative art glass sculptures that will last a lifetime.


Impress Recipients with the Magical Beauty of Art Glass Awards

So, if you are fully convinced and impressed with the true beauty, vivid color and dynamic appearance of Italian style hand blown art glass sculptures and figurines and planning to buy few of them for your upcoming corporate recognition event but are you in late to order your custom art glass trophies? Don’t worry! You will find some magnificent selection of art glass awards in our rush awards section and these art glass trophies and awards can be sent even in same day after art work approval. However, we are also offering art glass awards with no minimum order quantity requirement means you can order art glass award(s) 1 piece to maximum number of pieces available in our ready stock. So, if you want to purchase 1 piece art glass award with rush delivery than you can explore our rush order awards category.


Best Corporate Glass Awards Supplier USA

Creative Crystal Awards offering high quality Murano style art glass awards & trophies which are created in our glass factory by our experienced glass master. All of your glass art recognition trophies are unique in shapes and bright vibrant colors and a wide variety of designs that will be cherished and displayed proudly by your recipients. Each of these fascinating blown art glass award trophies are individually hand blown so, no two art glass awards are exactly alike which is very normal. Our online trophy shop contains vast range of art glass sculptures with multiple colors to choose from. Each of these colored glass awards all are high-quality and absolutely beautiful. These art glass recognition awards designed to suite with your special occasion. Creative Crystal Awards offering Murano inspired art glass awards and trophies with free engraving, free gift box and rush shipping. You can personalize every hand blown art glass sculptures with your recipient name, your logo, message and date. Each of our artistic glass awards are handcrafted and so each award is unique, artistic, elegant and perfectly designed for very rich occasions. All of our multi-colored art glass awards are timeless as design inspiration comes from nature. These beautiful art glass awards trophies are stunning tokens of recognition that make a unforgettable impact.


Form our unique range of art glass trophies and awards, we picked these

7 Splendid Art Glass Awards and Trophies ready for sale with no minimum order quantity requirement.


no minimum order art glass awards



Hand Blown Art Glass Awards – Colored Glass Trophies – Murano Style Art Glass Trophy Awards



1. Blue Art Glass Whale Sculpture Award

  • This blue whale art glass award is the very popular recognition award in our art glass awards section. Our blue art glass whale statue award is an ideal award specially when you are looking for marine/ocean theme awards or marine-life/sea-life animal awards for award event.
  • You can use this blue art glass whale figurine award for wide range of recognition event or occasion.
  • This glass art blue whale award is entirely handmade by skilled blown glass award designer made out high quality blue art glass. Featuring a blue art glass humpback whale sculpture sits atop a black rectangle crystal base.
  • Personalize the base with your choice (i.e. recipient name, your logo, message and year).
  • Engraving is completely free.
  • This blue glass whale award is currently available in sock. So, buy this blue whale award with no minimum order quantity and get your engraved whale award(s) in next day.
  • Our art glass whale trophy award comes with its own gift box which is free. Plus you will receive free engraving service, free setups and next day shipping.


hand blown art glass whale award



Art Glass Blue Whale Award


Best High-End Art Crystal Blue Whale Trophy Awards : Whale Awards



2. Art Glass Conch Shell Award

  • You will be completely thrilled when you see and touch this highly detailed hand blown art glass conch shell award. What a brilliant way to inspire your recipients with the swirling design of art glass shell figurine award.
  • This beach conch shell art glass sculpture award is truly unique and elegant. Stylish way to recognize distinguished peoples with this impressive art glass conch shell sculpture award. If you are searching for beach theme awards then you can consider this one and only art glass conch shell statue award great for all kinds of employee recognition ceremony.
  • Our sea shell award in a hand-crafted glass award, features an art glass conch shell sculpture attached on a round clear crystal base.
  • Personalize this beach sea shell award to make it a memorable gift or award. Recipients will love to display this beautiful art glass sea shell on their desk or shelf as a decorative centerpiece and it will bring the feel of beach, sands and ocean into their home or office workspace.
  • Buy this hand blown art shell award(s) today and get free classy gift box, free engraving, free setups and rush delivery.


art glass beach sea shell award



Art Glass Beach Sea Shell Sculpture Award


Best High-End Art Crystal Marine Awards : Shell Awards



3. Art Glass Fish Figurine Award

  • Tropical fish art glass award in another hot selling recognition piece as these days, many companies are using this superb art glass fish statue to recognize their special employees. Beside, employee recognition this art glass fish figurine can also be used as a home or office decoration, table centerpiece or a gift. Also great for special achievement in fishing competition, boating, sailing and beach sport competition.
  • This art glass fishing trophy is entirely made my hand. Featuring a glass fish figurine placed on a black crystal base. The artistic design, rich stripes, dramatic colorful patterns will catch the eyes of its recipients and guests. Skin texture process makes the glass fish vivid and beautiful. You can even feel the uneven fin layers when you touch it.
  • Let our engraver personalize the base with your logo, name, text and year.
  • If you want to buy ocean/marine theme awards than you can choose this awesome art glass fishing award.
  • Each of these blue topical fish glass sculpture will comes with a deluxe presentation box.
  • Need awards fast? Order this hand blown glass fish sculpture today and avail same day delivery.


hand blown art glass tropical fish award



Multi-colored Art Glass Tropical Fish Sculpture Award


Best High-End Art Crystal Fish Trophy Awards : Art Glass Fish Awards



4. Art Glass Eye Award

  • Use this extraordinary art glass eye sculpture award and show them your appreciation in a unique way. Our eye art glass award is truly elegant and striking. Excellent for wide range of corporate recognition, employee recognition and other price giving event.
  • Our eye shaped art glass award is a unique masterpiece and you may not find this art glass eye shape award to other blown glass sculpture supplier.
  • This blown glass eye figurine award is skillfully hand-crafted by experienced glass master. Featuring a multi-colored glass eye sculpture rests on a black crystal base.
  • Let us engrave the base with the choice of yours. Engraving is completely free.
  • Imagine the expression of the recipients when see their name on this awesome eye shape art glass sculpture award.
  • This blown glass eye shaped award is available in our trophy shop and can be delivered even in less than 24 hours.
  • Your personalized glass eye trophy will pack individually inside a premium presentation ready gift box.


art glass eye sculpture award



Blown Glass Eye Shaped Award


Best High-End Art Glass Sculpture Awards : Eye Art Glass Awards



5. Blue Drop Art Glass Award

  • Reward outstanding individuals with this stunning blue art glass drop award and when they receive this blue teardrop art glass award from your hand it will surely bring lots of joy and tears of happiness.
  • This hand-crafted art glass drop shaped award is truly a magnificent work of glass art. Each of this drop shaped art glass award is individually hand blown therefore no two pieces will be exactly the same.
  • Our art glass drop shape award can be used for a wide range of purposes such as: rain drop, water drop, teardrop, oil drop and many more.
  • This droplet shaped art glass award is a hand blown piece made out of high quality glass that features a blue art glass drop sculpture mounted atop a black crystal base. The beautiful combination of vibrant blue shades and clear glass make this art glass droplet trophy fascinating and looks beautiful on any desktop or shelf.
  • If you are searching for retirement gift than our droplet art glass trophy can be a nice option. However, this art glass teardrop award is also ideal for wide range of employee recognition program.
  • You will receive free engraving service and free gift box when order this blue drop art glass trophy from our online trophy store.
  • Before stock out, order fast awards and get this teardrop art glass trophy even in next day.


blue art glass teardrop trophy award



Art Glass Blue Droplet Award


Best High-End Blown Glass Drop Shaped Awards : Art Glass Droplet Awards



6. Green Art Glass Twist Award

  • Need to order awards fast with no minimum order requirement than choose these impeccable green twist art glass award and amaze your employee(s) with its beauty. This hand blown green twist award is colorful, creative and unique that makes an excellent gift or award for that special recipient.
  • This green art glass twist trophy award is a latest addition to our art glass awards section.
  • Each of these glass twist sculptures are hand blown pieces of art with each one unique in its colored variations, no two pieces are exactly alike in color, shape and size.
  • What an elegant way to honor someone for outstanding leadership, vision, or exemplary service.
  • This blown glass twist trophy is skillfully hand-crafted by our glass master. Featuring a green glass twist sculpture setup on top of a black crystal base.
  • Personalize the base with your logo, recipient name, recognition wording and it will create a lasting impression for many years.
  • Your personalized glass twist sculpture award will comes with its own gift box which is absolutely free. You will also receive free engraving and next day delivery.


green twisted art glass award



Green Twisted Art Glass Sculpture Award


Best High-End Blown Glass Figurines : Blown Glass Sculptures



7. Art Glass Rainbow Swirl Sculpture Award

  • Our art glass rainbow sculpture is really eye catching glass art piece appropriate for recognition awards, recognition gifts and also great to use as home/office decoration or showpiece.
  • This rainbow-colored art glass sculpture award is a one-of-a-kind recognition award, making it the perfect award for any recipient and any occasion.
  • Our rainbow swirl art glass trophy award will be sure to be the talk of the corporate awards event.
  • Creative shape, bright colors and awe-inspiring design styles will create the WOW! Truly unique corporate award that will be proudly displayed for many years.
  • Recipient who receive this, will love to put their art glass rainbow swirl sculpture piece on their office desk or shelf.
  • This rainbow glass sculpture can be used as a table centerpiece or interior decoration. The gorgeous design and shining sparkling effect will give a nice elegant touch to any space and it will surely catch the attention of the every guests and audiences.
  • Our Murano inspired glass master produced this artistic glass rainbow swirl Award from top quality molten glass features a flame shaped glass sculpture with rainbow accents in a clear glass which is placed on a black crystal base.
  • Let us engrave this rainbow colored art glass flame award with your choice without any cost.
  • If you need awards in less than 24 hours than buy this rainbow swirl art glass award from our award shop at reasonable price.


rainbow swirl art glass award



Rainbow Swirl Art Glass Award


Best High-End Murano Style Glass Sculptures : Art Glass Trophies



Hope you love these exclusive art glass award ideas specially when you need to buy corporate awards with no minimum quantity. Hand blown art glass awards trophies can be a little bit costlier but its beauty will totally outperform other regular corporate awards. You may need not think twice to recognize your special employees who did all the hard work over the year and done a great job for your business. These days, many companies won’t event mind to spend little more to purchase the unique recognition awards for employees. So, if you have time in your hand and want to make your own custom art glass sculptures and art glass figurines for your recognition awards ceremony then explore our artistic glass awards category and we believe, you will your desired art glass pieces in our award shop online. However, if you are in out of time to buy customized art glass sculptures but want to get fast awards then we can provide you readymade awards available in our trophy shop and you will get your engraved awards in less than 48 hours.


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CreativeCrystalAwards.com is the best art glass awards supplier in USA. More than 4 decades, we are manufacturing hand blown art glass awards, blown glass trophies, Murano style art glass sculptures and artistic glass figurines in our own overseas factory. We are top rated art glass awards manufacturer and supplier. This time we are supplying corporate art glass awards to some of the renowned vendors, international companies, multinational companies and fortune 500 companies. We are supplying unique are glass awards and trophies mainly in USA but also in UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and UAE (Middle East Countries). All of our art glass awards are individually hand blown by experienced glass artisans which are hand-glazed with meticulous care by skilled glass craftsmen. In our glass factory, we have creative graphic designers and professional engravers means your art glass trophies and awards will be personalized by us for FREE. Our workers are making premium gift boxes means each of your personalized art glass award trophies will be supplied with a gift box branded with your logo. Creative Crystal Awards in the corporate awarding industry for more than 48 years. We are highly specialized in producing customized awards and bespoke trophies mainly in K9 optical crystal and artistic glass. Our glass award designer can make any custom glass shapes, glass models, glass statues, glass figurines and glass sculptures.


Creative Crystal Awards is the USA’s largest trophy retailer and the best trophy supplier USA. We are the family owned and 5 star ratings wholesale corporate awards supplier near you. Our online award store offering hundreds of unique art glass models. Theses blown glass awards are comes in many shapes, sizes, themes and colors. These glass art awards will surely meet your expectations, needs and budgets. We are the awarding business in USA, so, you can find us with trophy shop near me. We are the best award store in USA supplying custom crystal awards, bespoke sports trophies, recognition crystal plaques, corporate crystal trophies corporate crystal promotional products and corporate crystal gifts to nearby trophy shops, retails gift shops, corporate award event organizer, engraving companies and brand marketing companies. We are mainly bulk art glass award manufacturer and can make custom art glass awards in bulk at fast turnaround. However, to fulfill your rush awards requirement we bring some of the very popular art glass trophy awards in our trophy shop in USA where you can buy 1 pieces glass award to maximum number of awards available in our collection.


If you are searching for wholesale awards store in USA than you are in right place. Search awards and trophies near me and contact Creative Crystal Awards for your next award event. While working us, you will enjoy free price quotation, free art work, free proofing, free setup and free gift box on all orders! If you have any questions regarding our custom awards, custom trophies and turnaround time then visit our contact page to reach out, or speak directly with our award designer. Please call Creative Crystal Awards at 813-948-6441 and discuss any of your custom trophy award needs. Let us supply extremely high quality, unique art glass awards for your upcoming employee awards ceremony. Our unique piece of glass art will surely dazzle your managers, staffs, employees, co-workers and colleagues as well as it will move your corporate award ceremony to the next level.