Spread The Love with these 6 Lovely Crystal Heart Gifts

Spread The Love with these 6 Lovely Crystal Heart Gifts

Demonstrate Your Love with These Outstanding Heart Shape Crystal Gifts

“Hard work is the most important key to success.” – This quote is very popular among many peoples as the bosses and business owners always like to mention this quote to inspire employees and staffs so that employees can work hard to achieve the business success. However, this quote in not only ideal for staffs and employees but also appropriate for students and those always aim big and prosper in life. But the things are changing very fast these days and so we think, the above quote is also changed as well. Now, we can say – “Success comes for Heart Work not Hard Work”. Today’s smart world another quote is getting very popular day by day which is – “Work Smarter Not Harder”. In the corporate world, many of your staffs, employees, colleagues and co-workers are giving their wholehearted service means working hard and harder to bring out the best from your business organization. But the question is, why employees working hard for a business? Yes! This is always true that they are getting the satisfactory remuneration, handsome salary and other lucrative benefits that they deserved. But there is another big secret behind that they never like to disclose to others. Which is “LOVE”. Real employee engagement happens heart not the head. Employees will only work hard when they love their job and workspace. As a CEO, boss or business you are very well aware of that. Now, for you, it’s even more important to show your love and sincere appreciation to those loyal employees with heartful thanks. There are many other ways you can to it. In the “Moth of Love” many companies remain busy buying the perfect gifts for employees and clients. If you are one of them, searching for personalized gifts for clients and employees then crystal heart gifts would be the appropriate gifting option for your employee recognition event.


Show Employees Some Love with a Heartwarming Gifts

Employees are the heart of your organization. A happy workspace will definitely increase rate-of-return and strengthen team’s spirit. The employees who are working really hard over the years for your business should be rewarded. You can choose any special day or festive occasion to celebrate the love with your co-workers and colleagues.You can choose any engraved gifts or awards to recognize your employees. But, when you want show them some love with a heart themed gifts it will carry a special meanings to them.


Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Brand

Customers are the pulse of your organization. When peoples love your brand means your brand is in their heart. But in this competitive world, it may be a bit challenging to stay always in your customer’s heart for long specially when you start with a brand new business. So, it is very necessary to keep your brand top of their mind with a promotional gifts. Everybody love to receive gifts, so, why not send a little love to your existing customers as well as new potential clients with a optical crystal heart shaped promotional products?


Brand Must Love Their Customers First

Creative Crystal Awards is the renowned corporate gift suppliers in USA. We are sourcing custom crystal heart awards, love heart shaped crystal gift items, crystal heart trophies and heart shaped crystal plaques at affordable prices. Our crystal hearts section contains some of the impressive selection of custom crystal awards in heart shape which are comes in wide variety of sizes and colors that will perfectly match with many of corporate gifting and recognition awards ceremony. In addition, we are also supplying hand blown art glass heart awards and blown art glass heart trophies which are vibrant in colors, modern in design styles and eye catching in its appearance.


From our vast range of unique heart themed gifts we bring these

6 Spectacular Crystal Heart Gift Ideas that you may love to buy to win your recipient’s heart and to bring all your client’s heart closer towards your brand.


heart shaped crystal gifts custom crystal heart gifts 

Corporate Crystal Heart Shaped Gifts – Promotional Crystal Gifts in Heart Shape – Crystal Heart Gifts



1. Crystal Heart Clock Gift

  • Capture your recipient’s heart with this high quality optical crystal heart keepsake clock gift. Heart crystal clock gift is a great gift for employees, bosses, CEO’s and for those loved ones in your life. This crystal heart shaped clock can be used as a employee recognition award as well as recognition gift. Engraved crystal heart shape desk clock is also ideal gifts for retirements, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s day and any heart related events.
  • Crystal heart shaped clock is functional gift. Your brand will be remembered by your recipients every time they look at it.
  • Our heart shape crystal clock is a handmade piece made out of premium quality optic crystal that features a clear crystal heart with inlaid round quartz clock. This is a freestanding crystal clock that can be easily placed on any desk or shelf.
  • Personalize the clock heart gift with your recipient name, logo, appreciation message and memorable date to create a lasting impression for many years.
  • Each of these personalized crystal heart table clock will comes with a beautiful gift box.


crystal heart with clock 

Clear Crystal Heart with Clock


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2. Crystal Heart Ornament

  • Our crystal heart shaped ornament is cute, classy, and highly attractive. What a great way to spread the love to your employees and customers with this lovely heart shaped crystal promotional ornament. If you want to send heartfelt thanks to a very large number of clients and employees then our heart shape suncatcher ornament would be the cost-effective corporate gifts you can consider.
  • Optical crystal ornament in heart shape design would be the ideal corporate gifts for holidays, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day or any other corporate gift giving occasion.
  • This heart shaped crystal ornament made of flawless optic crystal that features a clear crystal heart shape ornament with smooth bevel edges. Each of these crystal heart shaped corporate ornament includes matching cord or ribbon for hanging.
  • Let us engrave the heart crystal ornament with your own artwork.
  • Your love heart crystal hanging ornament will comes with an individual presentation ready gift box.


crystal heart ornament 

Heart Shaped Crystal Promotional Ornament


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3. Slanted Crystal Heart Paperweight

  • This slanted heart crystal paperweight is truly beautiful corporate gift you can give all your employees, staffs, colleagues and corporate clients. Recipients who receive this nice and elegant slant top crystal heart paperweight, it will send them a special message and will tell them how much you care and love them.
  • When your employees put this crystal slant heart paperweight on their office desk, it will looks brilliant and add touch of elegance to their desk.
  • Our craftsmen produced this crystal paperweight in heart shape from finest quality optic crystal. Featuring a clear optical crystal heart shaped paperweight with a slant face that makes the perfect desktop gift or award, suitable for any corporate occasion or employee recognition program.
  • Let our engravers personalize this slant crystal heart paperweight with your own choice. Engraving is always free.
  • This slanted heart crystal paperweight can comes in wide range of colors and sizes.
  • Buy this crystal slant heart paperweight award from our online crystal gift store and get free gift box, free personalization service and quick shipping.


slant heart crystal paperweight 

Slant Heart Crystal Paperweight


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4. Free Standing Crystal Heart

  • If you are searching for unique heart theme gifts or awards then gift this exquisite heart award in crystal and it will tell recipients they are always in your heart.
  • Standalone crystal heart shape gift award is appropriate for employee recognition, employee appreciation, retirement gift and many more.
  • This heart shape crystal gift award can be 3d engraved with your artwork/graphic or 2d laser engraving with your own personalization text.
  • There are ample engraving area on the crystal heart shaped gift award.
  • We produce this excellent heart shaped gift in crystal, made out of pure optic crystal, featuring an extra thick, solid piece of crystal hand cut in the shape of a heart. The bottom part of the crystal love heart gift is flat so that it can stand without any extra support.
  • Order this heart shaped crystal gift award and avail free engraving, free gift box, free setups and fast shipping.


heart crystal award 

Heart Shaped Crystal Desktop Gift


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5. Heart Shaped Crystal Paperweight

  • Paperweight is very useful desk accessory that every employees should have one on their desk. Hearts are the universal symbol to represent love, care, and appreciation. What a brilliant idea it would be to present a crystal heart shaped paperweight as a corporate gift personalized with your logo and recipient name.
  • Heart paperweight in crystal is popular gift ideas ideal for employee recognition, teacher appreciation and business promotion.
  • This crystal heart paperweight made out of top quality optic crystal that features a clear crystal heart shape paperweight with diamond faceted edges.
  • When personalize, this heart shape crystal desk paperweight will become cherished keepsake to its recipients.
  • Your personalized crystal desktop paperweight will supply inside a beautiful presentation ready gift box.


faceted heart crystal paperweight 

Crystal Heart Shape Paperweight


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6. Pink Crystal Heart Plaque Award

  • The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others. The color pink symbolizes charm, sensitivity, tenderness, the feminine, politeness and the romantic on the other hand “hearts” truly do make any item sweeter. What a great idea when employee recognition items or recognition gifts made with this lovely combination of pink and heart design in charming crystal.
  • Pick this pink heart crystal plaque to recognize female employees, female CEO’s, female bosses, female colleagues, female entrepreneurs or special distinguished person in your life.
  • Pink crystal heart shape plaque gift award is a great way to show your care for someone.
  • This pink optical crystal heart gift award is entirely hand-crafted. Made out of high quality optic crystal that features a pink optical crystal heart shape plaque sits on a pink crystal base.
  • There are ample engraving space on the pink heart crystal plaque award. Use this crystal pink heart gift as an employee retirement plaque award and personalize it with your heart touching appreciations message.
  • This pink heart shape crystal gift award comes in three different sizes and can be customized by your choice.
  • Order this pink heart crystal gift award and get free engraving service, free classy gift box and fast delivery.


crystal pink heart award 

Pink Heart Crystal Plaque Award


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We believe, you love to buy any of these beautiful crystal heart gift items for your upcoming recognition award ceremony or corporate gifting occasion as our love heart crystal gifts are handmade, unique and affordable than other wholesale corporate gifts supplier. However, if you are searching for heart design crystal gifts for her, gifts for Valentine’s day, gifts for Mother’s day then you can try with these beautiful heart theme crystal gifts for your special distinguished persons in your life.


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Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier of Heart Shaped Crystal Gift Items


Creative Crystal Awards is the renowned recognition gifts supplier in USA. Since 1982, we are proudly manufacturing corporate gifts, recognition gift items and corporate promotional gifts in our own overseas factory. From our own factory, we are supplying corporate promotional gift items, business gifts, personalized executive gifts, office gifts and employee gifts to some of the major brands, international companies, multinational companies and fortune 500 companies around the world. All of our corporate gift items are fully hand-crafted and made from highest quality, pure K9 optic crystal which are hand polished with precision. This time, we are sourcing crystal promotional gift items to the entire USA, UK, UAE (Middle East Countries), Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia.


Our online gift shop contains more than hundreds of crystal gift items which are comes in wide range o themes, sizes and colors, designed to fit with many of your corporate gifting events. Creative Crystal Awards is the family owned, trusted and 5 star ratings corporate promotional products supplier in USA. We are the trusted wholesale company gifts supplier, retailer and distributor. Beside, supplying engraved crystal gifts to corporate events, we are also supplying blank crystal gift items to retail gift stores and engraving companies. Our crystal studio is fully capable of producing custom crystal gifts in bulk volume at fast turnaround. However, we are also making small quantities of crystal gift pieces that meet with our MOQ. We offer very flexible MOQ and big discount or bulk order. We have more than 48 years of experience in making customized gifts in crystal and our crystal artisans can produce almost any custom designs and shapes in genuine optic crystal. So, if you are searching for best corporate gifts maker in USA then you are in right place. Contact us today and let us design unique crystal gifts that will surely melt your recipients heart.