Show Your Patriotism with these 9 Custom Crystal Patriotic Awards & Trophies

Show Your Patriotism with these 9 Custom Crystal Patriotic Awards & Trophies

“My Patriotic Heart Beats Red, White and Blue”

Patriotism for a particular country is believing it is the best and you can give your life for it because you have taken birth in it. Serving the country before expecting for return is the spirit of the United States which got free from the British on 4th July 1776. It is the day when America tasted freedom and its independence. The independence of the states believes in being land of the free and home of the brave, rooted back during American Revolution. America was built on courage and determination of the patriots, the true heroes of the American Dream. The true heroes in shaping the great dream included planters such as Thomas Jefferson and George Mason, farmers such as Daniel Shays and Joseph Plumb Martin, merchants such as Alexander McDougall and John Hancock, students such as Alexander Hamilton and lawyers such as John Adams. The patriots made it possible in the history and over the time they contribute in the evolving national ethos regarding rights, liberty, opportunity and equality. Today there are thousands of true patriots in the military, politics or government offices fulfilling the duties to the States, their hard work and sacrifice expects less in return. What can be greater and more honorable than paying tribute to these patriotic hearts with patriotic awards?


Express Your Patriotism Honoring the True Patriots

What is expressing patriotism according to you? Patriotism is not just serving the country and its people but also expressing gratitude and encourage the other patriots who do these. Today’s generation is mostly into the idea of celebrating independence with firecrackers or barbecue and it is necessary to show the American youth other ways of celebrating days like July 4th or showing patriotism by thanking Veterans. One great way is celebrating veteran’s day, Memorial Day or Independence Day by honoring our military heroes, veterans and other patriots with patriotic theme awards. Definition of patriotism might differ from each of the patriots, but showing love to the patriots is one act where everyone will agree upon. Politicians and communities might be satisfied with pomp and parade while youngsters love fireworks and foods, still average Americans search for meaningful ways to express their love for their country through acts like supporting veterans, responsible govt. officials and various active-duty service members. Showing care for the people who are serving our nation is a significant way to show patriotism. You can always show your support in many ways like hiring veterans in your small-business or participating in business enterprises and establishments that work with active-duty service people and veterans. But honoring them with patriotic themed awards is certainly an extraordinary gesture.


Celebrations and Recognition with Patriotic Awards

Starting from Memorial Day in the summer and Military Appreciation Month throughout May and many other patriotic celebrations, which one do you think is the biggest American holiday? The most significant and exceptionally American holiday would have to be the 4th of July, the day when the United States celebrates its independence from British clutches. Why not you think of something unique and beautiful to make this celebration exclusive by doing something other than just partying and all? Showing respect to the national heroes can also be done through employee recognition in US defense, military and veterans. If you are from concerned corporate organizations, US government office, United States Armed Forces, United States Department of Defense, then you must understand the value of awards for military or veteran awards. Many symbolic and patriotic themed awards are there to recognize the patriots having them awestruck with those. If you look for something prestigious and gorgeous at the same time, undoubtedly go for the patriotic themed crystal awards.


Cherish Independence with Corporate/Military/Veteran Awards

Independence Day is known to be a patriotic holiday for rejoicing the positive aspects of the United States. Many politicians organize and visit public events to show their love and support for the history, legacy and people of their country. Above all, people in the States love to express gratefulness for the liberty won by the first generation of many Americans of today. At present, in the corporate world also many contributing people are awarded for showing patriotism from their field. It is not only the American Heroes in the US Defense or the veterans, think about fire fighters, public figures contributing in communities mostly during any calamities like the COVID 19 pandemic, the law enforcement officers and many more who showed love for the country and its people. They all are quite deserving people to be honored on a special day like the Independence Day.


Embrace Freedom and Liberty with Crystal Patriotic Awards

Are you prepared to make a constructive community impression and enhance your organization’s brand on the cultural scene in your city or neighboring communities? Depending on your amount of investment, sponsorship and other benefits include opportunities like including elegant tributes for the people ensuring our rights and freedom, at the event advertising campaigns as there will be a variety of media, and on-site signage to highlight patrons of your brand. Classy and glossy material like crystal will help you to reach your goal in those campaigns. Choose your patriot employees for acknowledging their responsible roles. A wide range of thematic crystal freedom awards will help you rejoice freedom making a perfect 4th of July celebration amidst of so many options. To the ones who flies high and soars to victory, select our unique collection of custom crystal victory awards to make a difference. We have a variety of patriotic crystal awards or plaques available in different sizes, designs and price ranges. Your choices can conquer the American Spirit for your hard-working employees and boost up their morale.


Count on Every Triumph with Our Bespoke Crystal Triumphant Awards

Want to get some amazing patriotic award ideas? To honor and recognize Employees, Veterans, US Defense, US Military, US Army, US Air Forces, US Navy, US Marine, Law Enforcement Officers, Political Figures / Politicians, Government Leaders, Police and Govt. Officers nothing could be better than patriotic theme crystal awards. Our bespoke crystal triumphant awards collection has a wide array of sparkling crystal patriotic plaques showing patriotism, usually with American flag, Stars and Eagles making up the recognition items majestic and providing grandeur to each of them. Our crystal military awards showcase tributes with flags, eagles and other significant American symbols each showing the value and meaning of a patriot’s life. These military crystal awards are mainly designed to honor members of the military and veterans but can be chosen for any organization or employees who played any mentionable role for the development of the country and betterment of the people. Some of the lucrative crystal splendors can be selected for social service programs and educational institutions to recognize patriotism and nationality. Observing patriotism award show on the Independence Day annually recognize that the recipients have made important contributions. It can be a free initiative or public policies that might be encouraging prosperity, noteworthy innovation or any kind of human fulfillment. Apart from awards of American flag, eagle or stars; our crystal patriotic themed awards carrying symbols like the shield like Captain America or the Torch of Liberty will be best for veteran awards and awards for military.


Honoring American Heroes, exceptional Americans (past and present) who continually exhibited a love and pride of the USA through significant patriotic efforts and make the upcoming Independence Day a memorable one with our

9 Custom Crystal Patriotic Awards & Trophies


crystal patriotic awards 

Crystal Patriotic Awards – Patriotic Themed Trophy – Crystal Military Plaques



1. American Flag Crystal Award

‘Displaying the flag is a wonderful way to show respect for our country and for everyone who has defended it throughout our history,’ said Funkhouser. Our American flag crystal award features a part of brilliant flowing flag, 3D carved stars, standing custom crystal base. It is rectangular in shape with a wavy head and a blue accented crystal base. Full color American Flag will be sublimation coating on the back side of the flag shaped crystal block. Perfect as a government service award or military award, this stunning crystal American flag plaque award is ready for your unique message on special days like Independence Day, Armed Force Day, Memorial Day, Flag day or Veteran’s day. Let the flag of America wave with pride for the people who serve it, with our patriotic crystal awards made of optic crystal allowing plenty of room for engraving your own special message of honor thanking a military retiree, government employee, police or fire departments. This sublimation crystal flag award just right for any achievement depicts friendship, honor and patriotism.


sublimation crystal American flag award 

Color Imprinted Sublimation Crystal American Flag Award


Best High-End Crystal Sublimation Plaques: Crystal Sublimation Awards



2. Crystal Shield Award

Remember S.H.I.E.L.D. from the Marvel Comics? That fictional special law enforcement and counter-terrorism agency appearing in American comic books gave the idea of our crystal shield award. It is for the ones who protect the country and its people like a shield. This clear optical crystal award in the shape of a shield features a traditional curving of the top as the main shape providing you a huge space for etching heroic notes, mounted onto a black crystal base. The boasting of the classic shield design shows patriotic commitment should be commemorated with something meaningful and relevant. This optical crystal shield award come in your choice of three different sizes according to your budget. Military service is a lifestyle full of valor, which is tainted in our shield shaped patriotic appreciation plaque, just right for such heroism. Our Shield shaped crystal military plaque award will be best in any category of awards for military for police, veteran, law enforcement officer, fire fighter, employees working in security service company, etc.


crystal shield award plaque 

Black & Clear Crystal Shield Shaped Award


Best High-End Crystal Shield Plaques: Shield Crystal Plaques



3. Crystal Star Award

What could be any better way to show gratitude to the military personnel than honoring them with this patriotic award. A flawless azure crystal star emerges out of a beautiful white crystal base in the crystal star award. The star is highlighted on the white circle shaped crystal block making this an exciting design for patriots who resembles a sparkly star. This blue star crystal award is perfect for honoring patriots for outstanding accomplishment and devotion. Choose our sparkling crystal star awards & crystal star trophies to appreciate your top employee represented by the star as it is mounted on top of the crystal circular block in this design, creating illusion of a rising star. The blue crystal star is a very splendid creation in our collection of all crystal triumphant awards, constructed from ultra-thick premium quality crystal and deep etched message where your thank you messages add the personal flavor. A great choice for rewarding national heroes or soldiers making sacrifices every day for preserving the power of the nation.


crystal blue star award 

Blue Crystal Star Award


Best High-End Crystal Star Theme Awards : Star Crystal Awards



4. Crystal Torch Trophy

Among the most demanding crystal victory awards Crystal Torch Award was designed with a hue of the Olympic Torch in mind, the torch for the strugglers, the winners! Using a completely transparent, shiny crystal, this award is almost 14″ tall, making it a striking award to recognize top performers and lifetime achievements of the patriots in the fields of community service and front liners serving the people of the States. This symbolizes the glow of freedom like the torch of Liberty in the statue of Liberty and perfect for any occasion celebrating these. Recognize the success of veterans and employees who put forth efforts of a leader bearing torch for the generations. Our crystal torch flame award sits on a transparent pedestal and gloriously reaches to the pinnacle of triumph. A large engraving area acknowledges the victory of the nation or success of the recipients who proudly carry the torch of triumph to the finish line.


torch crystal trophy 

Torch Flame Crystal Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Torch Trophies : Crystal Torch Awards



5. Crystal Eagle Award

The eagle symbol is often saved for the most prestigious awards and honors in crystal liberty awards. A magnificent flying 3D eagle is molded into an optical crystal Iceberg and mounted onto an optical base kept for engraving notes and names. This American icon eagle represents leadership, patriotism, strength, heroism, courage and freedom. American government, a local government award ceremony would be the perfect place for the crystal eagle trophy to be awarded as it represents all the true American values. The graceful flying eagle is a classy award to honor dedication and bravery of anyone in serving America. This 3d eagle crystal award is made of pure crystal featuring a wide winged eagle in flight position which is symbol of Conquer, where the majestic wings displays royalty and the curves of iceberg displays elegance and beauty. The 3d etched crystal soaring eagle award will make your recipients feel like flying!


3d etched crystal eagle in flight award 

3D Etched Crystal Eagle In Flight Award


Best High-End Crystal Eagle Awards : Crystal Bird Awards



6. Monument Crystal Obelisk Award

The Washington Monument obelisk tower was built in the nation capital Washington to honor George Washington, the first president who founded United States with his great military and political leadership. Our crystal obelisk award is inspired from the Washington Monument, one of the focal points of America. Just like the monument in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk, embodies the gratitude, respect and awe the nation felt for its Founding Father’s greatness, our obelisk crystal award can do the same for someone with similar virtues. The monument crystal obelisk award features sides which reflect the light and create a rainbow effect like prism. The upper part is transparent and bottom part is hued with an oceanic blue, the front face of the award can be engraved with logo and texts. Present this simple, classic monument tower crystal award to the patriots to celebrate the obelisk that inspired people for centuries.


blue crystal obelisk award 

Monumental Obelisk Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Obelisks : Crystal Obelisk Tower Awards



7. Crystal Fist Trophy

The symbol of punch in the air is unparalleled in the range of crystal triumph awards for winners to celebrate victory, conquest, freedom, leadership, etc. This unique fist crystal trophy award is based on a realistic, lively sculpture of a raised fist. A raised fist indicates strength, unity, and resilience, the customized crystal fist trophy symbolizes these potentials where each angle got a unique artistic sense. The hand fist award is ideal for motivating the employees and soldiers injecting an urge of being more productive. The transparent, white, glistening fist is thick and hand polished standing on a large and heavy black crystal base for engraving names and victory notes. Our heavy crystal fist sculpture awards evoke a strong sense of pride, determination and strength. These distinctive patriotic awards are a flawless selection to recognize a victory for champions, employees, military, veterans, etc.


heavy crystal fist award 

Heavy Crystal Fist Award


Best High-End Crystal Hand Sculpture : Crystal Hand Awards



8. Black Glass Mirror Plaque

Say a heartfelt and patriotic “thank you” with this black crystal military service plaque award. This simple yet gorgeous crystal military plaque is beveled and deep etched for a sleek contemporary look. See the image of true excellence in this beautiful military appreciation plaque, this artistic presentation with your choice of laser engraving professionally done with your personal message of recognition, further accented with a bright metallic white or golden paint fill, displaying your company logo or design. This black glass mirror plaque plaque features a clear crystal globe on the top to represent position of the military personnel for their service to our country. This superb black crystal glass mirror award with its simple yet striking design is picture-perfect as a military retirement award, ‘thank-you’ military award plaque, military retirement gift or military recognition plaque. The mirrored black glass of the award is as lustrous as the existence of the patriots’ luster.


black glass mirror plaque 

Black Crystal Mirror Plaque with Crystal Globe


Best High-End Crystal Glass Plaques : Crystal Recognition Plaques



9. Crystal Pentagon Award

The crystal pentagon award is inspired from- Pentagon, the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense. The Pentagon is also used as a phrase often as a metonym for the power and leadership of the Department of Defense. The optical crystal pentagon award is beautifully presented where etching of names and messages is done on the front face, resulting in a whitish frosted imprinted finish. Pentagon shape crystal awards are made of best quality optic crystal with the ability to catch and reflect light and color to enhance the simple elegance into something marvelous. The detailed angles of the our pentagon shaped crystal trophy award is the end result of our team of skilled crystal crafts person who created the polished design specifically for honoring military, troops, army, veteran, pentagon officials / officers, pentagon employee awards, pentagon staff recognition, pentagon service awards, etc.


crystal pentagon award 

Pentagon Shaped Crystal Trophy Award


Best High-End Crystal Pentagon Plaques : Pentagon Crystal Awards




Let Us See If We Can Serve the Nation in a Unique Way!

Party Like a Patriot! On this Independence with Our Crystal Patriotic Awards & Trophies

Series of events led patriotism rise in America more than ever. Despite the new chaos and reign, we experience, we take huge pride to be a part of this multi-faceted homeland. Many entities have risen to the occasion and established exceptional vows and commitment to our nation and our ideals. Patriot people are contributing to their community on many different levels for years. Many show their patriotism by doing exceptional deeds through fund raising, volunteering, social service, community welfare or donations. Creative Crystal Awards created a platform for expressing patriotism by honoring patriots with our collection of patriotic crystal trophies & awards. Our crystal patriotic theme trophy awards are available for you to commemorate extraordinary individuals who dedicate their time and hard work to improve our country. We have the largest crystal awards collection of Fourth of July trophies, military service awards and plaques, veteran and employee awards, victory, freedom and triumphant awards and more! Creative Crystal Awards USA proudly provide you with the highest quality patriotic crystal plaques & awards, expert engravings, lucrative presentation boxes, fast delivery and 100% customer satisfaction. As America’s most trustworthy crystal awards maker and having years of experience, our Independence Day Trophies will fit your award giving needs according to your budget. We provide our customers with excellent customer service and the highest quality products at the lowest prices ranges, making us your trusted awards supplier of choice. Choose wisely from plaques with flags, eagles, stars, flame, monument which are symbols each showing the American value and significance of a patriot’s life. Designed mainly to honor members of the military and veterans, our awards are versatile enough to be chosen for any organization or employees who played notable role in the growth of the country and the people and people also love to express appreciation for the freedom won by the veterans of the United States of America. In today’s world, in the corporate world also many contributing people are rewarded for displaying patriotism in their concerns. The American Heroes worthy of our glorious crystal patriotic awards include all those who have set examples in loving the country throughout thick and thin. If you are planning for celebrating this Independence with patriotic trophy awards then contact us for any consultation regarding patriotic award ideas today!


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