7 Stunning Monument Crystal Obelisk Awards

7 Stunning Monument Crystal Obelisk Awards

An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape or pyramidion at the top. Obelisk is the symbol of the ancient world. If you are searching for monumental award or something like the shape of Washington Monument then optical crystal obelisk awards would be be ideal recognition awards option for those who reach for the sky by their highest achievements or proudly standing tall with their top performance. The monument crystal obelisk awards are one of the most traditional shapes in the corporate award market that makes an impressive employee awards or recognition trophies for job well done.

Creative Crystal Awards the leading custom crystal obelisk manufacturers and suppliers in USA. Our Crystal Obelisks category contains exquisite selection of obelisk shaped crystal tower awards which are available in many unique styles, custom shapes, sizes and wide variety of colors that provide you many flexible choices to meet any of your corporate award ceremony or recognition events. The breathtaking elegance of these crystal obelisk sculpture awards are created using best quality optical crystal.


Here we bring 7 Fantastically Crafted Crystal Obelisk Awards and Obelisk Tower Crystal Trophies which are classic in design, eye-catching and are sure to impress recipients and everyone who see these.

crystal obelisk trophy awards   

Crystal Obelisk Awards and Obelisk Crystal Tower Trophies



1. Clear Crystal Obelisk Award

This Clear Crystal Obelisk Award is constructed from flawless clear optic crystal. A wonderful and very popular corporate award option specially when you are looking for tall awards to recognize your top finishers such as: top salesperson award, employee of the year award, special milestone achievement awards or outstanding performance awards. The obelisk award features an optic crystal obelisk sculpture mounted onto a clear crystal base. Our clear crystal obelisk tower trophy awards are available in 3 sizes: 8″ tall, 10″ tall, and 12″ tall. This tall obelisk crystal award allows plenty of space for your personalization needs. All crystal obelisk tower awards can be laser engraved or sandblasted for personalization. A handsome presentation box is also included with these optical crystal obelisks.


Clear Crystal Obelisk Award
Clear Optical Crystal Obelisk Trophy Award   


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2. Blue Crystal Obelisk Award

Reward your top achievers who reach the peak of success with this fantastic Blue Optical Crystal Obelisk Trophy Awards. This blue obelisk crystal award constructed with a fine quality blue optic crystal that illuminates blue shades through out the award. The blue accented crystal obelisk tower award is very impressive in design that will fit nicely many of your corporate award ceremony or recognition programs. Our crystal blue obelisk award features a four-sided tapering monuments which ends in a pyramid-like top and is about 10″ tall. This beautiful blue obelisk tower crystal trophy award is also available in 3 different sizes. You will get ample room to personalize this crystal obelisk


Blue Obelisk Crystal Award
Blue Obelisk Crystal Award   


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3. Crystal Globe Obelisk Award

Choose this Crystal Monumental Globe Obelisk to celebrate individuals of worldly achievements. Truly a great monumental award perfect for all occasions. This custom obelisk award is made of 3 tiers with an obelisk atop a globe which is glued to a beautiful black crystal base that make this globe obelisk unique than other simple obelisk award. The crystal world globe obelisk offers two etch areas, personalize the clear crystal obelisk or the base to recognize excellence in achievement. This crystal globe obelisk award is 15″ tall but available in different sizes that are sure to impress your recipients at your upcoming recognition award presentation event.


crystal monumental globe obelisk award
Monumental Globe Obelisk Crystal Award   


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4. Yellow Crystal Obelisk Award

Recognize employees with the brilliance of gold accented obelisk trophy award. These large, impressive crystal obelisk is hand crafted from optically gold accented crystal obelisk, combined with a contrasting black crystal base, make this the perfect recognition trophy award for those high achievers. This yellow accented crystal obelisk is finely mirror polished, much thicker and wider than other regular obelisk trophy. There are plenty of space available to put your congratulatory messages and texts. This golden crystal obelisk tower award trophy is part of our top selling award collection, designed to impress those outstanding achievers.


yellow crystal obelisk tower award
Yellow Obelisk Crystal Tower Award   


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5. Grey Stone Crystal Obelisk Award

This translucent and eye-catching grey stone optic crystal obelisk award is the elegant way to honor individuals or a team who have reached a special milestone within your organization. A grand crystal obelisk award, standing at 12″ tall this monumental token of recognition is sure to make a long lasting impression. The perfect choice for your next corporate award ceremony when you want to do something special to recognize an outstanding achievement within your company. Our grey stone obelisk crystal monumental trophy is sophisticated, breathtaking and impressive in design that will show the recipients how important they are to your organization. This crystal obelisk tower trophy features a multi-faceted areas at the bottom and hand polishing gives the grey stone obelisk its gleaming surface and creates a delightful prismatic effect. A timeless and highly desired custom award shape, as it is a monument to one’s highest achievement.


grey stone crystal obelisk award
Grey Stone Obelisk Crystal Trophy Award   

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6. Clear Crystal Obelisk Award on Black Base

Celebrate reaching the highest peak of achievement with this stunning Crystal Obelisk with Black Base. This obelisk crystal award features a clear crystal top contrasts gracefully with the black crystal column base. The distinctive look of this personalized crystal obelisk tower makes a strong statement of achievement and success. These crystal obelisks pillar awards are constructed from superior quality optic crystal, cut and polished by hand for a shiny smoothness. Our crystal obelisk column award comes in three different sizes: 8″, 10″ and 12″ tall. A fantastic employee award option nicely match with almost any of your corporate function or recognition event.


crystal obelisk with black crystal base
Crystal Obelisk with Black Crystal Base   

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7. Clear Crystal Tower Obelisk Award

Give recognition a person or organization for extraordinary achievement with this 18″ Tall Obelisk Crystal Tower Award. Looks like a sky scraper. These crystal obelisk pillar award are great options when you are looking for a group of tall crystal awards to add to your recognition program. The clear obelisk crystal column awards are substantial and beautiful at the same time and will be treasured for a lifetime. Our large crystal obelisk trophy features a tall crystal obelisk sculpture hand-cut from sparkling crystal, then beautifully polished to catch and reflect ambient light. This tall, modern and lovely clear glass obelisk shape sculpture award sure to catch the eye of any deserving recipient at your recognition function. Besides, this elegant crystal obelisk sculpture would be a beautiful decorative piece can use anywhere in the home or office to create a wonderful eye-catching accent.


Tall Crystal Obelisk Tower Award
Tall Clear Crystal Glass Obelisk Tower Award   

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