8 Spectacular 3D Crystal Animal Awards

8 Spectacular 3D Crystal Animal Awards

Motivate Employees with the Spirits of Wildlife Animals

Most of the wildlife animals are ferocious but at the same time they are extremely wonderful to watch specially in their nature home which is the forest, jungle and safaris. People of all ages loves animals. People who love animals are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentally, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky. Every human being want to hear animal’s roars, they want to stay with these for a while as close as possible, many of them even want to touch these wild creatures as it gives them lots of fun and excitement. That’s why millions of peoples and animal lovers travel around the world to experience the real beauty of the wild animals closely by looking at their own eyes as animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. In the corporate world, many famous international brands and multinational companies using animal emblem in their brand logo. For example: we can say about “Puma”, renowned German multinational sportswear manufacturer in the world. Their logo is designed with a jumping cougar or panther symbol. As same as British luxury car manufacturer “Jaguar”. They also used the same idea. You will see a symbol of jaguar jumping on their logo. You will find thousands of companies and sports clubs designed logo with a wild animal mascot. But the big question is why companies intends to use animal emblem in logo and in most of the occasions using engraved crystal animal awards to recognize their employees? There are couple of good reasons and tricks working behind that.


  • Some companies using animal symbol because they love those special wil creatures.
  • Some other brands sending a message to save those endangered animals by using animal symbol in their logos
  • But the main reason is to reinforce their brand with the power of that particular wild animal and sending a message to their customers that their products can perform as better as that animal. This example will give you a better idea: Lamborghini, Italian sports car manufacturer used charging bull in their logo which means their sports car has that real great power and can act as quick as like a raging bull. That’s that idea.


Sounds good, right? These renowned companies are not only using animal’s sign in their logo but they also recognized their employees and corporate partners with an animal themed awards. Animal awards are not only used in the corporate industry. In the film industry Golden Lion in the highest film award given to the winner at the film festival. So, these days, companies with mountain lion emblem should use crystal puma award to honor their employees and staffs. Their main aim is to inspire employees with a panther spirit by recognizing them with a crystal puma award.


optical crystal puma award


Bring your Desired Animals to Life with our 3D Crystal Animal Awards

In the modern days, are you still recognizing employees with a boring awards? Why are not using animal themed crystal awards even though your brand not using animal emblem? It is not necessary to have wildlife animal icon in your brand logo. It’s a great idea to use engraved crystal awards with animal sculpture to acknowledge employees. Your entire team will get lots of inspiration and strength from that particular animal spirit as each specific animal represents a special characteristics, strength, and power that will put a positive impact on your business for sure. The wild animal trophy award is worth so much in the corporate and employee recognition award industry. A big animal makes any recognition awards big for any big occasion! You are fully convinced, right? If you are searching for crystal animal award ideas then you are landed in right place. CreativeCrystalAwards.com is the renowned crystal awards supplier in the United States. We are manufacturing and supplying animal theme crystal awards and trophies at reasonable price. Our crystal animal series contains some of the rare wildlife animals in crystal which includes: lion, tiger, bull, camel, elephant, cougar, buffalo, moose, caribou, RAM animal, fox, horse, bear, polar bear, koala bear, jaguar, leopard, deer, hippo, zebra, giraffe, rhinos and many more. Beside employee recognition, our animal crystal trophy awards also ideal recognition piece for zoos, safaris, parks, resorts, ranches, museums and for those nature enthusiasts. However, if you need to manufacture your own custom animal awards in crystal then let our corporate crystal award designer create 3d crystal animal sculpture awards or crystal animal figurines according to your needs and budget. These 3d crystal iceberg awards will display animal head or body sculptures in a glorious way that will make your corporate awards precious.


From our massive range of crystal animals, we nit-picked these

8 Most Popular 3D Crystal Animal Awards that you can buy specially when you want to recognize and motivate special individuals and teams with an animal spirits.


3d laser etched crystal animal awards 

3D Crystal Animal Awards – Crystal Animal Trophy Awards – Animal Crystal Trophies



1. 3D Crystal Lion Award

  • The lion considered “The King of The Jungle”. Lions are a symbol of power, bravery, and leadership.
  • Our 3d lion crystal award is all time favorite recognition award great for all recognition occasions and corporate awards presentation event.
  • Pick this stunning 3d lion crystal iceberg award to honor special employees in your company and it make them feel like a king.
  • This 3d lion crystal trophy award is a hand-crafted piece made out of flawless optic crystal that features a highly detailed three dimensional lion head artwork laser etched on the back of the transparent crystal iceberg piece which stands on a black crystal base.
  • Let us personalize the base of the 3d lion sculpture crystal award by your logo, recognition texts, recipient name, award title and year.
  • This 3d lion crystal sculpture award is currently available in our ready stock for sale. So, you can buy any piece(s) of 3d crystal lion trophy award from our rush awards section.
  • Buy our 3d lion crystal trophy award and get your engraved crystal lion animal trophy in next day.
  • Each of this 3d crystal lion iceberg award comes with a premium presentation box.


3d crystal lion trophy award 

3D Laser Etched Crystal Lion Trophy Award


Best High-End Crystal Animal Trophy Awards : Animal Crystal Awards



2. 3D Crystal Tiger Award

  • Want to boost your special employee’s motivation to the next level? Recognize them with this awe-inspiring 3d tiger crystal award as the tiger stands as a symbol of might, bravery, strength and power.
  • 3d tiger crystal trophy award is one of the most popular crystal award in our animal awards section. Our 3d tiger animal trophy can be customized for any occasion, accomplishment, or event.
  • 3d tiger crystal iceberg award that makes a great recognition awards for individual employees or entire team. When you recognize employees with this striking 3d tiger sculpture crystal award, they will feel appreciated and will love to place it on their office desk or shelf.
  • Our crystal craftsmen, produced this 3d crystal tiger sculpture award from high quality optic crystal that features a 3d laser etched tiger head sculpture crystal iceberg attached with a black crystal base. The 3d crystal tiger mascot award have incredible detail that will surely impress every recipients.
  • The base of the 3d tiger crystal award offers ample personalization area which can be personalized by your own choice.
  • This 3d tiger crystal sculpture award is currently available in our stock. So, we can supply any quantities of 3d crystal tiger iceberg award in less than 48 hours.
  • Order this 3d crystal tiger animal award from our rush crystal awards section and avail free engraving, free elegant gift box and same day delivery.


3d crystal tiger trophy award 

3D Laser Crystal Tiger Trophy Award


Best High-End Crystal Animal Award Trophy : Crystal Animal Iceberg Awards



3. 3d Crystal Bison Award

  • American bison is a symbol of great strength and unity. Bison spirit award would be a perfect recognition award to acknowledge hard work, special achievement or an outstanding performance in any corporate or sports event.
  • What a brilliant way to motivate entire workforce in your company with a 3d bison crystal award.
  • When you recognize hard-working employees with a 3d bison sculpture crystal award, it will carry a special meaning to them.
  • This 3d crystal buffalo award is one the top selling animal crystal awards item in our product line.
  • Our 3d bison crystal iceberg award is fully hand-crafted out of finest quality optic crystal. Featuring a highly detailed 3d charging bison head laser etched on the backside of solid piece of crystal iceberg that sits atop a black crystal base for engraving.
  • When personalize this 3d crystal bison iceberg award will looks brilliant and it will be cherished by its recipients for many years.
  • If you need animal crystal trophy awards rush then you can order our 3d crystal bison trophy from rush order awards section.
  • Each of these 3d buffalo sculpture crystal award will arrive inside a gorgeous presentation box.


3d crystal bison trophy award 

3D Etched Crystal Bison Trophy Award


Best High-End 3D Crystal Animal Sculptures : Crystal Iceberg Animal Trophies



4. 3D Crystal Horse Award

  • The horse is the most popular symbol used by the many car companies in their logos. Famous car brands: Ferrari, Porsche, Ford Mustang, and many more used horse sign in their emblem.
  • Horse is the symbol of strength, agility, speed and freedom.
  • Our 3d horse crystal award is an exquisite recognition award perfect to rewarding excellence in achievement. This 3d horse crystal trophy award also make a great recognition gift award for the special horse lover in your life. Beside corporate and employee recognition, this 3d horsed sculpture crystal award would be an excellent choice for any winner, runner up or horse event participant.
  • Our 3d crystal horse trophy can be used for wide range of occasion and events including: equestrian event, horse shows and horse racing competition.
  • We manufactured this 3d horse crystal sculpture award from genuine optic crystal that features a solid piece of crystal iceberg laser etched by a 3d horse head. The 3d horse head sculpture crystal iceberg placed on a black crystal base.
  • The base can be personalized with your own logo, recipient name, congratulatory message and year.
  • Buy our 3d crystal horse iceberg award from our rush corporate awards section and receive your engraved crystal horse mascot award in next day.
  • Each of this 3d horse crystal iceberg award will be nicely packaged inside a gorgeous presentation box.


3d horse crystal award 

3D Etched Horse Crystal Iceberg Award


Best High-End Crystal Animal Mascot Awards : Crystal Animal Sculptures



5. 3D Crystal Polar Bear Award

  • The polar bear symbolizes strong mental health, empowerment, strong will, and tranquility.
  • If you are planning to recognize employees with a unique awards in animal design then our beautiful 3d polar bear crystal award can be a great choice.
  • 3d crystal polar bear sculpture award is another popular and hot selling recognition item in our crystal animals category.
  • Our polar bear crystal trophy is an eye-catching and unique recognition award that will be the perfect addition to any corporate awards ceremony.
  • When you use 3d crystal polar bear iceberg award in your employee awards, it will not only give your awards a distinct look but will also impress its recipients.
  • Our 3d polar bear crystal iceberg award is fully handmade piece. Crafted out of high grade optic crystal featuring a detailed 3-dimenisonal polar bear laser etched on the back of the optical crystal iceberg which is mounted atop a black crystal base.
  • When personalize, this 3d polar bear crystal sculpture award will show your employees and customers that you appreciate their hard work and loyalty.
  • Order this 3d crystal polar bear trophy award today and get your personalized crystal polar bear sculpture iceberg awards in less than 48 Hours.
  • Your 3d laser crystal polar bear in crystal iceberg award will arrive with an attractive presentation box.


3d crystal polar bear iceberg award 

3D Crystal Polar Bear Iceberg Award


Best High-End Crystal Animal Themed Awards : Crystal Animal Trophies



6. 3D Crystal Camel Award

  • The camel symbol is associated with a long journey, recouping your own energy and finally has the ability to survive life against the tough conditions in life.
  • What a brilliant idea to recognize your employee with this camel spirit award. It will always keep your recipients calm, committed, and confident. 3d camel crystal award will boasts an exquisite aesthetic appeal, making award perfect fit for any of the corporate awards program.
  • Our 3d crystal camel sculpture award is handcrafted out of superior quality optic crystal. Featuring a three dimensional camel etched on the backside of the clear optical crystal iceberg. The 3d camel crystal iceberg mounted on a black crystal base.
  • Take the benefit of our in house engraving to personalize the base of your camel crystal trophy.
  • Need crystal camel mascot awards fast? Buy your 3d camel sculpture crystal award from our rush crystal trophies section and you will receive engraved crystal camel iceberg award with a nice gift box within next 2 days.


3d crystal camel sculpture award 

3D Crystal Iceberg Camel Award


Best High-End 3D Animal Crystal Trophies : Animal Theme Crystal Awards



7. 3D Crystal Wolf Award

  • The wolf, a powerful and majestic creature, symbolizes many things. Wolf Symbol represents freedom, courage, teamwork, and social connections.
  • Use this brilliantly designed 3d wolf crystal award that will add class and excitement to any employee recognition awards ceremony.
  • Your recipients will get huge inspiration when you congratulate your team’s success with a wolf spirit award.
  • Our 3d wolf crystal sculpture award is designed for any recipients but anyone who loves wolves should deserve this unique crystal wolf trophy.
  • This 3d crystal wolf sculpture award in fully constructed by hand. Made from pure optic crystal that featuring a clear optical crystal iceberg with a highly detailed wolf head sculpture. The 3d wolf head crystal iceberg sits on a black crystal base.
  • Let our engraver personalize the base the way you want with your engraving details.
  • Beside this 3d wolf head crystal iceberg award we also selling 3d crystal running wolf award that is even more beautiful.
  • Order this 3d crystal iceberg wolf award from our fast crystal awards page and your personalized wolf crystal trophy award will be landed to your door in less than 48 hours.
  • Rush service and fast shipping available to the entire USA.


3d crystal wolf head sculpture award 

3D Laser Etched Wolf Sculpture Crystal Iceberg Award


Best High-End Crystal Animal Theme Awards : Animal Crystal Trophy Awards



8. 3D Crystal RAM Animal Award

  • RAM animal in an extremely impressive wildlife creatures, symbol associated with determination, power, and leadership.
  • If you wan to honor your dedicated and hardworking employees with a kind of award that they will value then our 3d ram crystal iceberg award will be the perfect fit for them. They will be highly motivated by this spirit of ram animal award for sure and it will also guide them for the future success.
  • Our 3d ram crystal award is another excellent recognition item can be used for wide range of corporate awards presentation ceremony, sports tournament or recognition event.
  • This 3d crystal ram animal award is entirely handmade. Made from top quality optic crystal that features a clear optical crystal iceberg laser etched with a 3d ram head on the back side. The 3d ram head crystal iceberg mounted on a black crystal base.
  • Let us personalize the base by your own choice. When your recipients saw their name engraved on this 3d ram head sculpture crystal iceberg award, it will make them WOW.
  • From our no minimum order crystal awards crystal awards section order this 3d ram animal crystal award with no minimum order quantity and avail free personalization, free deluxe gift box with next day shipping.


3d crystal ram head award 

3D Ram Head Crystal Sculpture Award


Best High-End 3D Animal Themed Crystal Awards : Crystal Iceberg Animal Awards



As a industry leading awards supplier, we strongly believe, you loved the above 3d crystal animal iceberg awards ideas we cover here. Beside, these 3d animal crystal iceberg awards, we also manufacturing and supplying crystal sea-life animal award, crystal bird awards, crystal animal figurine awards, crystal animal mascot awards, crystal animal sculpture awards, art glass charging bull award, art glass parrot bird award, art glass fish awards and many more. Please visit our optical crystal iceberg awards category and you will see many unique crystal awards with different species. However, if you still need to make your own custom animal awards in crystal iceberg or custom shapes of crystal then contact with us. Allow us to create 3d animal sculpture crystal iceberg awards that’ll definitely dazzle everyone at your next corporate awards night.


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