8 Unique and Elegant Crystal Globe Awards Ideas

8 Unique and Elegant Crystal Globe Awards Ideas

Recognize World Class Performance with these 8 Prestigious Crystal Globe Awards

In the corporate world, globe represents global vision, innovation, global leadership, world-class excellence, global presence, international conference, global recognition, global achievements and international standard performance. If you are planning to acknowledge top achievers, you need to creative while creating engraved recognition awards for your employees. In past, you may recognized them with a regular crystal awards but this time, why not try with the globe themed crystal awards to recognize high-level of employee achievement and corporate success. When employee awards created with the world globe design, it will deliver a powerful message to its recipients and they will remember the beautiful moment when they received the world globe crystal awards from your hand. A Crystal Globe is a king of corporate award given to the winners of various international competitions and events. Optical crystal globe awards are the world’s most prestigious corporate awards use to honor outstanding individuals whose dedication and performance make a global impact. Globe crystal awards are an elegant and timeless recognition piece ideal for recognizing special achievement in wide range of sector, such: business, sports, education entertainment and more. Custom crystal world globe awards are the very popular awards using by the many renowned international companies, global brands and multinational companies. If your company doing business worldwide then then what a brilliant way to express your “global position” with these crystal awards in globe design while honoring your employees and vendors. Sounds great! Right? Now the big challenge is for you to find out the right crystal awards supplier who can supply modern, unique and highest quality corporate crystal globe theme awards at the best competitive prices at quick time frame.


Honor High-level Achievements with High Quality Globe Crystal Awards

CreativeCrystalAwards.com is the best corporate awards supplier in USA. We are manufacturing and supplying high quality crystal globe theme awards and trophies at reasonable price great to inspire success and recognize global achievements. Our crystal globe trophy award ideas are as vast as our planet and there are plenty of options to choose from. In our crystal globes category, you will find: clear crystal globe award, blue crystal globe award, green crystal globe award, crystal golden globe awards, crystal globe tower award, large crystal globe trophy, crystal globe block award, crystal globe plaque award, crystal globe in a circle award, 3d crystal globe award and many more. These globe theme crystal awards are comes in many unique styles, colors and sizes that will perfectly suite with your events and budgets. All of our world globe crystal trophy awards are custom made, modern design and handmade pieces from our own crystal awards factory. These custom crystal globe trophies are designed to recognize a wide variety of outstanding achievements of employees, clients and companies.


From our creative collection of world globe crystal awards and trophies we picked these

8 Unique Crystal Globe Awards designed to recognize global thinkers without boundaries and for those world visionaries.


corporate crystal globe awards world globe crystal awards 

World Globe Crystal Awards – Corporate Crystal Globe Awards – Globe Crystal Trophy Awards



1. Crystal Globe in the Ring Award

  • This optical crystal globe in circle award is truly unique. Pick this stunning blue crystal globe in crystal ring to congratulate the individuals who accomplished something “out of this world” or to give “world of thanks” to someone very special in your organization.
  • Our crystal blue globe circle award is one-of-a-kind award that will surely amaze any recipients. This blue globe crystal award is an ultimate symbol of world-class success and achievement.
  • When recipients look at their engraved globe crystal award, He/she will remember with pride the moment s/he received this wonderful blue globe crystal award.
  • This crystal blue globe in circle award is completely handmade, made out of high quality optic crystal that features a blue crystal globe sits in a clear crystal ring that attached with a blue crystal base.
  • Let us personalize the base with your logo, winner name, message and year.
  • This blue globe crystal circle award can be customized according to your need and can comes in wide range of colors.
  • Each of your rings of the world globe crystal award comes with an attractive presentation box.
  • Order this optical crystal globe ring award at competitive price and receive free engraving with fast shipping.


blue world globe in the ring crystal award 

Blue World Globe in the Ring Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Globe Awards : Blue Crystal Awards



2. Globe Crystal Award

  • This striking clear optical crystal globe award is an exquisite corporate award and a perfect way to commemorate the global achievements or success of a business or individual.
  • Our clear world globe crystal award is very stylish looking awards that are appropriate for global organizations, tours and travel companies, logistics companies, air or sea transportation companies, international courier companies, aviation companies and many more.
  • This globe shaped crystal awards is hand-crafted perfectly out of high quality optic crystal that features a clear crystal globe mounted on a clear crystal pyramid base.
  • We will engraved this clear optical crystal globe shaped award by your own appreciation wordings, logo, employee name and year. There will be no engraving coast at all.
  • Customize this clear crystal globe themed award according to your needs.
  • This sparkling clear crystal world globe award has the ability of catch and reflect the light. It will looks magnificent when someone put their clear globe crystal award on their desk or shelf.
  • Each of your personalized crystal globe award will be packaged inside a gorgeous gift box.


world globe crystal trophy award 

Clear Crystal World Globe Award


Best High-End Crystal World Globe Award Trophy : Crystal Globe Trophy Awards



3. Freestanding Crystal Globe Block Award

  • This standalone world globe crystal block award is an excellent desktop award that will highlight your recipient global success amazingly.
  • You can consider this freestanding globe crystal block award to honor employees, educators, teachers, coworkers, and organizations that make a “world of difference.”
  • This globe crystal rectangular block award is truly a fantastic corporate award prefect for numerous corporate occasion and events.
  • We produced this crystal world globe award from fine quality optic crystal. Featuring a clear crystal half cut globe nicely attached on a thick, beveled crystal rectangle block. This rectangle crystal globe block plaque award offers ample engraving area which can be deep etched engrave in the way you want. Engraving is absolutely free.
  • This self-standing globe crystal rectangle plaque award can comes in three different sizes.
  • When purchase, you will receive your engrave crystal globe block plaque award with a premium presentation box.


freestanding crystal globe block award 

Self-standing Rectangle Crystal Globe Plaque Award


Best High-End Crystal Globe Award Plaques : Corporate Crystal Plaques



4. 3D Crystal Globe Sphere Award

  • Celebrate global accomplishments with this gorgeous 3d laser engraved crystal sphere globe award and it will amaze your recipients for sure.
  • This 3d crystal globe award is ideal for those special persons who has the ability to think globally. One of the latest addition in our crystal globes category.
  • Our sphere globe crystal award features a highly details 3d globe sculpture laser inside the solid piece of clear crystal sphere ball which sits on clear crystal tapered base. The optical crystal sphere ball with 3d world globe can spin nicely on the crystal base that makes a beautiful crystal recognition award.
  • This 3d globe crystal sphere ball award can be a brilliant award for teachers, educators, students, graduates and for those special peoples with global talent.
  • Get free engraving, free deluxe gift box, free setups and fast delivery when you order this 3d round earth globe crystal sphere award.


3d crystal sphere globe award 

Optical Crystal Sphere Ball with 3D Crystal Globe


Best High-End 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards : 3D Crystal Awards



5. Crystal Globe Award

  • If you are planning to celebrates worldly achievements of individuals or companies then our simple yet elegant globe crystal award would be an excellent recognition option for you.
  • This optical crystal globe shaped award makes the perfect recognition award for the peoples who will go to the ends of the earth to achieve something.
  • Whether it is employee recognition or corporate recognition, this crystal globe sculpture award can be used for wide range of corporate awards ceremony.
  • Our globe shape crystal awards is fully hand-crafted out of flawless optic crystal featuring a solid clear optical crystal globe, sits atop a black pyramid crystal base.
  • Let us engrave this crystal globe figurine award by your own choice. When personalize it will convey special meaning to its recipients and it’s sure to be cherished by the recipient for many years.
  • Buy these crystal globe figurine award at wholesale piece from our online award store and avail free engraving, free gift box, free setups and fast delivery.


world globe crystal award 

Crystal Planet Globe Award


Best High-End Crystal Globes : Crystal Figurine Awards



6. Crystal Globe Tower Award

  • Present this sleek and corporate globe crystal tower award to the employees who standing above others and it will let your employees know they are the best in the world.
  • Anyone would be dazzled to receive this elegant world globe crystal tower award.
  • What a better way to show world of appreciation by honoring your staffs and employees with this world globe crystal tower trophy.
  • Our crystal globe tower trophy award will nicely suite with all employee recognition events and corporate awards event.
  • This crystal world globe tower trophy is fully handmade and hand polished. Made out of genuine optic crystal, features a tall, clear crystal column topped with a clear crystal globe sculpture.
  • Your logo, winner name, award title, and year can put easily on this tall crystal pillar base to give your crystal globe trophy a personal touch.
  • This tower crystal globe trophy available in 3 different sizes.
  • All or your engraved crystal globe pillar award comes with a branded presentation box.
  • Order this world globe tower crystal trophy at lowest price from our online trophy store and get free engraving with quick delivery.


world globe crystal tower award 

Optical Crystal Globe on Tower Award


Best High-End Crystal Globe Tower Awards : Crystal Tower Awards



7. Blue Crystal Globe Pillar Award

  • At your next corporate award presentation ceremony handout this tall and impressive blue globe crystal pillar award to the special distinguished persons who has reached a new height of success and it will tell them “You’re on top of the World.”
  • This large crystal globe awards is designed to recognize global talents, world-class leaders, world champions and innovators.
  • Our crystal globe on pillar award is much heavier than other crystal globe awards, giving it a weightier feel. Making the recipient feel like they have been presented with something valuable and meaningful. Your employees love to hold it and to feel its solid weight, and its smooth, polished surfaces.
  • If you are searching for large crystal trophy award than this blue globe crystal column award would be an exceptional choice. It is a large and heavy weight corporate crystal award.
  • This blue crystal globe trophy award can be used for corporate recognition, employee recognition or sports recognition.
  • Our artisans skillfully hand-crafted this crystal blue globe trophy from highest quality optic crystal. Featuring a solid, blue crystal globe sits on a tall, large, elegant, aesthetic and classic design crystal pillar. The clear crystal column offer ample engraving room which can be deep etched engrave in the way you want.
  • Imagine the expression of the recipients when they saw their name engraved on this extraordinary blue globe crystal trophy. It will make them feel of elegance, make them appreciated and they will proudly display their achievement by placing this crystal blue world column award on their shelf of desk.
  • This blue crystal globe column trophy comes in 3 different sizes (i.e. small, medium and large) for the first, second and third place winners.
  • We won’t charge you to engrave this crystal globe column award and each of these crystal globe pillar trophy landed to your door inside a luxurious gift box.


blue globe crystal pillar award 

Blue Crystal Globe on Pedestal Stand


Best High-End Crystal Globe Award Trophies : Crystal Globe Trophies



8. Green Crystal Globe Award

  • Acknowledge special accomplishments of your global thinkers, global achievers or global performers with this impressive green crystal globe award.
  • This green globe crystal award is inspired by our planet. Perfect for the go green companies, eco-friendly companies, recycling companies, tree-planting organizations, waste management companies and for those business, companies & industries promoting a “green” environmental friendly products and services that help to make and keep our earth green.
  • Our green world globe crystal award in a handmade piece. Made from pure optic crystal that features a solid green crystal globe figurine placed atop a clear crystal pyramid shape base.
  • Engrave the base with your logo, award title, recipients name, appreciation message and year. There will be no charge for engraving.
  • This optical crystal green globe award can also come in many colors to match with your brand.
  • All of your green world globe crystal award will be supplied in a premium quality presentation ready gift box.


green crystal globe award 

Crystal Green Globe Award


Best High-End Crystal World Globe Award Trophy : Go Green Crystal Awards



The above world themed crystal award ideas we cover here are the most popular and the best-selling crystal awards item. Creative Crystal Awards proud to have more than hundreds of unique design crystal globe awards that can’t be found anywhere else or other crystal globe award suppliers. Can’t find the right world theme crystal awards with your imagination. Don’t worry! We are one of the reputed manufacturer making globe crystal trophies in diverse shapes and sizes. You are welcome to Contact with us and let our team create exciting Crystal Glass Globe Awards and Globe Trophies, engrave it deep into the crystal base to create a one of a kind world-themed corporate awards that inspire your employees, enhance your event, and reinforce your brand!


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Manufacturer of Custom Crystal Globe Trophies and Wholesale Supplier of Crystal Globe Awards


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