8 Benefits of Giving Corporate Gifts that Help to Grow Your Business

8 Benefits of Giving Corporate Gifts that Help to Grow Your Business

It is believed that the excellence in giving gifts to others lies in its appropriateness compared to its value. At different times and occasions, we give presents to our family, friends and relatives where we already have lot of idea about their choice and prefer choosing whatever they like. But in the corporate world, we have a different scenario where most of the time we got little idea about the likes and dislikes about the employees or clients who are involved in your business. What is corporate gifting? There are variety of personalized gifts that are produced particularly for professionals given in different occasions. Corporate gifts are the personalized promotional products that are offered or presented to the employees or clients by the company, boss or employer. These gifts are targeted for making everyone satisfied creating a bond with the office, connecting each other in the business and not only for appreciation. Many companies in the corporate industry are always searching for new strategies to attain more prominence and to maintain loyal and meaningful relationship with clients and employees. It can be made just easy like that by presenting them excellent corporate gift items. Why do you think giving corporate gifts is necessary in any business? Yes, promotional corporate gifting is really important because useful corporate gifts help improve productivity and proficiency among corporate organizations, vendors, business partners, dealers and suppliers. Corporate giveaways are an important aspect that many company owners give less importance. Most of the time they do not realize that there is huge worth in selecting gifts for professionals, and it supports the company in many diverse ways both inside or outside. The corporate offices which understand this have been applying corporate gifting as a method of rising their business.


In the recent times, when company branding is a vital benchmark as of how an organization is performing, it is significant that you look at all the branding strategies of your business and detect areas where you can have a somewhat innovation. You will be amazed to know that the area of corporate gift giving is essential as marketing giveaways are a smart way of keeping brand name in the minds of customers. Regrettably, a lot of business organizations do not take their promotional giveaways very seriously, and therefore fade away from the minds of their customers very fast. Marketing solutions like advertising on TV or magazines, or creating lovely signage can be a good way to keep that up, but there are other very cheaper but effective ways in which you can create customized branding solutions. Corporate promotional gifts, with items that have been personalized for both the gift giver and the recipient, can go a long way in evolving long term pleasant relationships with vendors, employees and clients. Can you mention anyone who doesn’t like to receive a gift? Remember the last time your employee got an unexpected gift from office, weren’t they happy and thankful to get sweet surprises? The idea of employee gifting is built around being happy and thankful like this that convoys gift giving and receiving. However, this is certainly not the only thing that corporate gifting is about. Personalized gifts are cherishing because they are personal and also designed to promote your corporate branding.


Let us look at a business flourishing country like Japan. It is so important in their culture where a deep-rooted custom involves extravagant gifts and also simple, thoughtful gifts to indicate that their relationship is far more valuable than the corporate giveaways. Can you realize now why they are so workaholic and developed? There are multiple business profits that can be grown from corporate gifting, by choosing the best corporate gifts for employees and clients; you can increase productivity, brand value, ensure employee satisfaction and durability in customer relationships, increase sales by promoting products, spread goodwill etc. It is better you consider; what type of gift is appropriate to whether it could have no benefits.


Wondering about reasons or chances for creative corporate gift ideas? It can be any product like card holders, pen holders, clocks, flash drives, coasters or any corporate crystal gifts that contain your company’s logo and name on them.


Creative Crystal Awards figure out 8 reasons why giving engraved promotional products to clients and employee can help your business.


This Infographic depicts how your company can earn benefits by giving corporate gifts.


benefits of corporate gift giving 

Infographic of Corporate Gift Giving Benefits – Importance of Corporate Giveaways – How To Take Advantages from Giving Corporate Gifts




1. Motivate Employees & Boost Morale During Tough Times


female employee with mask in office covid-19


During difficult times giving a custom corporate gifts is an excellent way to boost positivity among employees and clients. The Covid-19 period is very frustrating and many post-traumatic times will come after these days are over. All of your employees working really hard working from their home and served your customers online that helped to move your business smoothly even in the locked down. Now, COVID-19 situation is in control and employees are start working from office. It’s the best time for you to give them a special thanks with an engraved gifts. A personalized gift will work as a survival kit that keep your employees motivated and energetic during those hard times. Personalized crystal promotional corporate gifts for clients will bring outstanding benefits to your business by increasing sales, developing interrelationship, improving the brand image and enhancing the positivity of clients. Stress is a common drawback in the office workforce. Motivation can play a crucial role bringing efficient and productive work from your business family during stressful situations. Boosting employee’s work satisfaction is vital for an employee giving best to your company. Giving corporate gifts annually would be a great idea for satisfaction and improving the attitudes of your employees. Branded gifts will remind them how valued they are in the office. Motivating staff to win more of these awards increases production and also reinforce a company’s ethos. To keep up the morale high in tough times work can be likened by receiving a gift of appreciation at these times. Imagine how happy and motivated will your employees feel! That is why engraved corporate gifts for employees are a useful approach to keep your employees’ morale high in adverse situations. Show them that you are with them through every thick and thin and give them a feeling of being in a second home.



2. To Thank Employees and Clients


employee thank you


Your employees work days and nights to make your business shine. Remember the days where they work overtime or stays back for an emergency meeting you called at the last minute? The staffs of your office often give priority to the work on the blue days or if someone is sick at their home. There are lot of instances when your employees can easily take a day off but they do not take it considering their responsibilities at the work. Do you think all these instances should go unnoticed and not appreciated? Expressing gratitude or giving a thank you message is a kind and warm approach you should have for your staffs for giving your company that extra importance. It is a significant thought to find out ways of expressing thankfulness not just by words but by other means too. And giving personalized gifts of gratitude is one of the great gestures that you must use in your business for excellent bonding among each other. Show your employees and clients that they are valued and needed at every point of the business. With the help of corporate gift items, you can say thank you to your employees for the extra mile they go in their work to keep business on track. Corporate gift giving show that you respect and appreciate the things your employees provided. Saying thank you to the clients is also important for being with the company from the beginning, it is very easy by picking the best business gifts for organizations, vendors, clients and customers.



3. Spreads Good Will and Increase Brand Value


business growth


Why do you think corporate promotional gifts are so meaningful and beautifully presented? Often handmade and unique corporate gifts are given in elegant boxes, baskets or customized wrapping papers. Presentation of gifts or choosing interesting office desk accessory items like custom crystal gifts matter to create good impression, happiness and satisfaction of the receivers. The target of giving personalized gift items like engraved crystal gifts is associated with goodwill, which will bring a smile on the face of the employees seeing messages and appreciation notes. Clients who will receive your branded corporate gifts will have a positive perception of your corporation. As a result, you develop your brand image to the possible clients and future workers in an inspiring way. By receiving a gift, you develop a confident insight of the owner. The idea of giving mind-soothing gifts for professionals keep you and your organization in everyone’s good book. By giving unique corporate gifts for employees including your investors and potential consumers, you improve your company’s name and increase others’ trust in your goodwill, it shows others that you consider everyone involved or would be involved in your business with care and good taste. Another way of building brand loyalty can be observed by giving office gifts, in this case you might notice that sales of the particular products given as gifts increases and this develops brand loyalty for those products. Want to make your clients spread your brand name? Make the corporate giveaways interesting that they show off your tokens having company names on it.



4. Grow Better Relationships with Customers


customer relationship


Sending corporate giveaways and promotional items to business customers and employees occasionally shows them that you value their time and effort. This will increase job loyalty in your new recruits establishing your relationship with them. Branded corporate gift awards will foster new relationships and strengthen old ones. When you give an unusual gifts in an appropriate time it can be an effective tool in your marketing strategy. A long-lasting way of expressing oneness is through a personalized gift as words, notes or other communication may soon be forgotten. It is a constant reminder of what the company stands for, such gifts are not soon forgotten. Advertisements may help an organization gain more visibility, but not responsiveness. These will not create bonds among the employee and owner. You might see thoughtful advertisement helped customers to connect with the product showed on TV, so bring up some thoughtful products for your clients. Now a days when various companies are working hard to achieve better relationships with their staffs and partners, corporate gift giving became ideal for personal communication. Employees and clients are both important to target for building relationships. Office desktop gifts will help you to be on your client’s minds and employees will be happy to stick with your company. Thoughtful and meaningful gifts which employees will use in the office frequently will make their work easier. This will make your employees feel your helpfulness creating a sense of belonging to your company. This can go long way with the promotional items, developing relationships with both current and future members.



5. Raise Brand Awareness and Promote New Products & Services


brand promotion


Have you ever noticed the office accessories / desk items the employees mostly use? Those are mainly flash drives, paperweights, pen stand, ruler, desk clocks, etc., by distributing these office desk gift items as branded corporate gifts you can broadcast your company. The receivers of the gifts will say positive things about your company to potential clients. If you are new in business, spread your name and services out to target customers through corporate giveaways. Do you know corporate promotional gift items can be effective tools for the reinforcement of marketing? These gives long term impact for the organization in the mind of the audiences as they are continuously being used by the recipients, so it is more than advertising. Rejuvenate your impression in the minds of clients as the business gifts remind customers about you and your company when they are not in touch directly for a while. Consider crystal gifts as the best corporate gifts for clients like many top-class organization making impressive remarks mostly when your business wants their support in an upcoming important decision. The personalized promotional gifts can have images or labels of certain new product or service and by this you can easily reach out a large number of audiences by making those known to them. You can choose any customized engraved gifts for clients to inform about new products with your logos imprinted in attractive ways to draw interest of a community to your organization. Customers who will receive a corporate gift are more likely to spend for the products and services you are providing.



6. Put Your Brand In-Front of Clients Mind to Give you Repeat Business


repeat business


Branded corporate gifts can make your organization memorable as long as they are being used generating customer loyalty. Do you believe that good quality and useful gifts will always make everyone count on you? This is because customers want quality products and best services they are used to and loved to have it. You can easily retain your brand image by the promotional gift items every time the receivers use it making them more likely to give you repeat business. It also enforces the business partnership link between your business stakeholders seeing customer loyalty. You can develop awareness, interest and trustworthiness in your business by distributing your company’s logo, brand name and contact details laser engraved on custom gifts for clients because customers are much more supportive to a company that gives them free gifts. In this competitive world, it is more important than ever to maintain a competitive edge in your concerned industry. After all, if there is any company having better corporate promotional giveaway ideas than you, you can easily win all the clients by showing off your ones regularly. Regular promotional gifts to your clients is just one of many ways you can set your brand ahead in the competition. It shows you can go above and beyond your competitors to make clients happy. Choose something affordable yet appealing like corporate crystal gifts. You can also buy corporate gift online when you cannot be there yourself to show your appreciation. Do not forget to give importance to both clients and employees to create a network of healthy and supportive relationships.



7. Attracts More Customers Mean More Sales


increase sale


What could be a better marketing strategy than giving away corporate promotional gifts? Observe your sales that it increases after any such corporate giveaway campaigns. These business gifts can be in exchange for free reviews or even email addresses of potential clients through which more people will get to know the positive sides of the products and services. Sending gifts for customers in your market can also lead to an increase in clients and sales in the form of referrals. Haven’t you notice that we prefer things which we already know someone is using and assured the quality? When you send a corporate gift, it lets your clients know your product keenly as it is a present and who does not like to use and show off presents? It grows potential customers into real customers who see other customers to use them and with an interest of also getting presents in future. Branded promotional gifts enhances your customers’ experiences with your company and creates lot of repeat clients. Your services will be perceived with a high value day by day and this will increase sales. With custom promotional corporate gift items you can put also a business card inside because customers will look at that even for once and it is a smart advertising to attract more of them towards the company. They can be clients or staffs; all will contribute in the sales directly or indirectly as each of them will draw new customers. The customers who are happy getting more corporate gifts spends more, increasing the sales naturally.



8. Save Your Business Money


save money


Is it possible to save money while giving inexpensive corporate gifts? Yes, it is possible if you are focused on useful and durable gifts, which can save you from spending a lot of money on fancy promotional gift items (i.e. plastic, rubber or wood). This act of giving business gifts which are handy and frequently used by the customers is an incredible profitable approach for advertisement. If you choose corporate gift items for employees which are visible all over your offices like things to be used or kept on desk, shelves, side tables, waiting rooms, conference room etc. will make your job easier. Think of personalized gifts which are small and flexible like crystal mugs, glass photo frames, crystal business card holders, crystal ashtrays, crystal drink coasters etc. with names and logos. As they are usually reserved and used quite regularly, these are cost effective. Their cost per impression is also nominal compared to other forms like TV or radio advertisements, branding campaigns and expensive large packages delivered to home or office. In this way you can even save your money by not giving any kind of advertisements in the mass media, as you already know how expensive are the ad farms for commercials and other promotional activities like sponsorships. The most popular cost-effective gifts for clients and employees are crystal memo pad holder, crystal desk set, crystal keychains, crystal USB memory sticks, etc. with the names and logos of your company. These gifts are for personal use and durable enough to use every day and throughout the year letting the consumers not to forget about the brand. If you choose cheap gift items like crystal usb thumb drives, crystal ornaments, crystal phone stand etc. then it is more long-lasting making customers remember your company for a longer time.


In a Nut Shell

Corporate gifts got a number of business benefits and these are a must. It helps improve efficiency and expertise among corporates and you can blindly depend on them for flourishing your business. Corporate giveaways might seem a trouble in aspect of selection of appropriate ones and distribution and hence might not be given much importance. You need to realize that there is huge worth in delivering gifts for professionals, and it assists your organization in a number of ways both externally and internally. Apply corporate gifting as a method of taking your business to the peak giving toughest competition to others. The idea of client and employee gifts is built around to keep all the involved ones to be satisfied and connected being grateful. What can be much strategical than this that your clients and employees are happy and thankful towards you? This will do the trick! Personalized gifts are relishing and this will make people talk about your products you give as gifts and create market at large. Can you think of a smarter way to promote your corporate branding? There are numerous business profits that can be grown from corporate gifting, by choosing the most appropriate corporate gift items for employees and clients a company can increase customers, well-wishers, sales, brand value etc. by maintaining employees’ job satisfaction and strong relationships with customer and all. Save your money by choosing cost effective, useful and attractive promotional gifts for spreading goodwill. Consider what type of gift is appropriate for whom. Creative Crystal Awards provide you a wide range of budget friendly, unique and sophisticated corporate crystal gifts which you can choose to serve your business purpose. We can help you out in selecting best personalized gifts for your employees and clients. No matter what industry you are in, trust the magic of corporate giveaways and go for it now!



Create Your Gift List

When you decided to gift your employees and customers first of all your need to create a list of recipients and this list will help you know how many gift pieces you need to buy. Gift list also helps you to set up budget for your upcoming corporate gifting program. If you have to give gifts to a very large number of peoples then you can optimize your gifting budget by choosing cheap promotional gift items. On the other hand if budget isn’t a big deal for you then you can move forward with some unique, unusual gift items. But it’s better to buy something luxurious or cheap gifts for everyone on your list. When creating your recipients list, include all of your employees, executives, partners, colleagues, staffs, clients, service providers, dealers and vendors who support your business throughout the year.


What Type of Gifts make good Corporate Gifts?

Yes! A gift is not about a simple gift. A gift should be well received by all your recipients also a corporate gift will carry your brand image to potential clients and vendors. So, if you need to make your corporate gift giving a successful and meaningful one then you should pick the best gift items for your employees and clients. You may find more than thousands of corporate promotional products and corporate gift giving ideas on the net. You can choose whatever you like for your gifting program. Creative Crystal Awards working in the gift industry for more than 4 decades. So, we strongly recommend you to buy that such gift items that are useful, gorgeous in appearance but more importantly make a long lasting impression to its recipients. Corporate crystal products are the latest trends in today’s corporate gift industry market. Why not imprint your brand on solid piece of sparkling crystal gift rather than select a simple paper products? No, other corporate gift pieces looks as luxurious as crystal products. The awe-inspiring design and gorgeous light reflection of optic crystals will surely give your brand or corporate logo a dazzling look that will draw the attention of each and every single person.


If you really fall in love with crystal items then check these below crystal gift pieces designed for all recipients, occasions and celebrations 

  • Crystal Clocks
  • Crystal Bookends Pair
  • Crystal Paperweights
  • Crystal Card Holder
  • Crystal Memo-pad Holder
  • Crystal Ruler
  • Crystal USB Flash Drives
  • Crystal Keychains
  • Crystal Ornaments
  • Crystal Drink Accessories
  • Crystal Coaster Sets
  • Many more….


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