7 Amazing 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards & Trophy Ideas

7 Amazing 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards & Trophy Ideas


Get Introduced to 3D Laser Printing Delicacy

Technology is so advanced now that we can do printing having three dimensions! Huge number of markets are created due to the easy, speedy, flexible tools enabling 3D printing. This technology brought revolution in important sectors like medical and health industry, chemical and maritime industry, in the field of transport, aerospace and robotics, architecture and constructions. In arts and crafts also, it is seen embraced like the crystal productions where 3D crystal is a solid, transparent, pure crystal block that is exposed to laser beams to generate 3D designs inside of it. Laser beams are aimed at each point individually where pulses create a tiny incision or scratch mark inside the crystal. The energy at the end of the laser causes the alteration, letting for etching inside the crystal without damaging the outer surface. Isn’t this brilliant? 3D laser engraving on crystals are helping to create unique 3D crystal awards, 3d crystal corporate gifts, recognition tokens and promotional keepsakes. 3D laser etched crystals are produced by using digital laser engraving systems that carve your chosen 3D images inside optic crystal, where the image appears to be floating inside.



Witness Best 3D Engraving Only on Optic Crystal

In this corporate award industry, you can also find awards and gifts made from both lead crystal or optical crystal but optical crystal is best for 3D printing. Lead crystal is infused with lead oxide which smoothens the crystal and give it a sparkling finishing. Optic crystal is short for ophthalmic crystal, which originates from lenses, mostly used for camera, telescope etc. While manufacturing, optical crystal is heated to a very high temperature and then cooled down very slowly to eliminate bubbles and faults. After this, a very hard material is formed that is much clearer than glass or lead crystal. Due to the immaculate pureness, laser beams enter well at the right directions without distractions yielding to a flawless engraving of the chosen image. Considering this, we choose optic crystal for your perfectly engraved, sleek 3D laser crystal awards.



Laser technology- A Miracle in 3D Crystal Industry!

Do you know anything about the miraculous 3d printing technology? Let us share some science with you; Just like laser medical treatments, for instance, in laser eye surgery laser beams are used in laser engravings. In eye surgery the beams are passed below the outer surface of eye and in laser engraving, laser beams are directed to specific coordinates for printing image on the inner surface of the crystals. Two laser beams collide as they are shot together into the crystal at the same point creating a tiny mark. Thousands of such laser marks from the system according to correct positions and measurements are forming the image. Laser engraving is highly accepted for its cleanliness and simplicity. It is easier being a non-contact process where only beams of laser touch the crystal block. It is convenient than other techniques of engraving. It also provides faster set up, quicker processing time than other engraving methods with 100% accuracy. If you need large number of products but yet want to save time and get it within a less period of time, laser engraving is the most suitable one. We believe successful laser engraving in 3D laser crystal blocks requires expert and skilled technicians, high quality crystal and some creative graphic designer. We remain very careful with the focus, speed, strength and other settings making the best quality 3D laser engraved crystal awards look gorgeous. Prefer 3D laser engraving which produces an impressive three-dimensional frosty design on 3D crystals, when appropriately executed.



3D Laser into Crystal Awards- A Science in An Art

Drenched with your company’s brand and name, a 3D logo can be customized with every detail you want to incorporate from pictures, digital images, sample models, 3D objects or art works. Customized 3D laser glass awards add a new level to your 3d engraved crystal awards, bringing elegance in any award function and grace to the place of display. These unique designs of 3D laser engraved crystal awards got its own splendor impressing everyone encountering these. The value of the look of such 3D laser crystals is high-perceiving where audiences and recipients gaze and observe it, wondering how such engraving took this brilliant form. Laser engraving is possible of any image, size and shape, starting from human face to objects or random patterns. Here, our concerns are awards, random engravings will not always add meaning or beauty to any 3D laser engraved crystal trophies. So, there are range of meaningful images to be engraved in 3D crystal blocks for award functions, choose any or provide yours.



3D Laser Crystals – Best for Any Recognition Award Programs

Choosing the common plain optic crystal trophies with surface engraving, for employees or customers is day by day growing out of fashion in the corporate world. There is much more attraction and elegance in a 3D engraved crystal trophy compared to crystal trophies with etching by sandblasting. At present, 3D engraved crystal awards are greater for using as corporate crystal awards and plaques to recognize your top-level employees and devoted customers. Our personalized laser crystal etching is themed for various corporate crystal plaques as recognition awards like top sales awards, appreciation awards for projects accomplishment, and crystal keepsakes as corporate giveaways. All of our collection can be made imprinted with your logo, name or any quotes according to your needs. Create a long-lasting impression on the minds of the recipients. Our expert craftsman give each awards a stylish polish creating incredible detailing making each design unique and different than the other. Target executive gifts, customer or partner appreciation awards, excellence in sports awards for quality performance, retirement awards, best team award, new bee or years of service and success awards.



Get the ‘WOW’ effect in 3D Crystal Plaques, Awards & Trophies

Are you wondering what makes the laser engraved 3D laser crystal plaques so different and mind-blowing? It is the assurance we give you for amazing 3D printing in crystal blocks, creating stunning 3D crystal trophies. It is a unique range of custom crystal awards that are laser engraved on the inside of the crystal, using a mind-blowing sub surface etching method. A spectacular award that will be memorable for years, for its high quality detailed three-dimensional image. This procedure is an exceptional way by which we design and produce awe inspiring employee awards. A genius software program is there for printing splendid 3D images in computer which can be modeled into a 3D design. A vivid detail of your company logo, brand name, recipient’s name is engraved inside the award pouring life into the crystal block. The printing is perfect in size and shape and without any errors inside the sparkling crystal pieces, just a carbon copy of the used image. The alignment of the engraving and the luster is always seamless creating a ’wow’ effect in anyone’s mind making them admire the creation.



Our Outstanding 3D Laser Crystal Awards Collection for Your Corporate Awards Ceremony

For 3D engraved crystal trophies & awards, we laser engrave company logos, texts, meaningful images inside the crystal without doing any harm to the outer surface. For custom 3D crystal awards, our experts graphic designers can convert your corporate logos, images into 3D in computer. We also offer layout design with the etching service. By providing high-quality pure 3D crystals, personalized awards for your staffs, we ensure your satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and referrals are the best way to grow any business, which applies both for your and our one, with our stylish, excellent products we are hopeful about that. Many companies and organizations of different industries are choosing these 3D glass trophy engraved flawlessly with magnificent images. Laser technology is the current trend in 3D laser crystal trophies. Creative Crystal Awards is taking lead in embracing this new elegance in the corporate world. Our 3D laser engraved crystal trophies come in a range of themes, shapes, designs, and sizes and can brilliantly increase the beauty of award functions organized by you. The image ideas include fruits, wildlife animals, sea-life animals significant vehicles like cars for any corporation doing business of transports or machineries, employee photos or architectural beauties like factory image, office building, golf courses; sports ball themes having golf ball, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. images for sports awards.


With smooth engraving, texturing, and sizing categories Creative Crystal Awards present you


7 Stunning 3D Crystal Awards with which you can experience the art of 3D laser technology.


Explore the true beauty of 3D laser art with our crystal award collection!


3d crystal awards 

3D Crystal Awards – 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Trophies – 3D Engraved Crystal Plaques



1. 3D Crystal Fruit Awards

  • Fruits like pineapple symbolizes friendship, warmth and hospitality. Carrying symbols of this kind of fruits add meaning to our life and it brings honor to have them as awards in forms of crystal elegance.
  • The designs of the fruits are custom made on pure crystals where it is perfectly engraved with brilliance and luster.
  • The symbol of a beautiful fruit will bring life to any solid crystal blocks when it is 3D laser engraved.
  • These incredible 3D fruit sculpture crystal awards were created with the latest 3D laser technology and years of experience of our experts in laser glass design.
  • This 3D laser engraved crystal fruit souvenir is an impressive recognition gift award great for all recipients, celebration or occasion.
  • We can make any fruit shaped crystal piece and 3d laser engrave the crystal piece with your desired fruit image.


3d laser engraved crystal-pineapple sculpture award 

3D Laser Engraved Crystal Pineapple Figurine Souvenir Gift Award


Best High-End Crystal Fruit Awards : Fruit Shaped Crystal Awards



2. 3D Laser Etched Animal Sculpture Crystal Trophy Award

  • Animal printings are connected to spiritual beings which creates strength and pride, for example lion or tiger represents strength, choose a strong contributor for this type of 3D laser crystal trophy.
  • We are committed to give you absolute detailed 3D representation in our engraved crystal iceberg blocks which will make you proud.
  • The detailed images will fascinate anyone who will grab these etched animal sculpture in 3D crystal animal awards.
  • You can enchant the recipient of this 3D engraved animal crystal trophy with an inspiring relevant quote etched on the bottom base on which the 3D transparent crystal base.
  • We have many 3D laser etched animal trophy awards including wildlife animals, marine life animals in our collections, select any of them according to your needs.
  • Choose our 3D animal crystal awards for making any award function full of life which also make the home and office of the recipient lively and energetic.


3d lion sculpture crystal award 

3D Laser Etched Crystal Lion Award


Best High-End 3D Crystal Animal Trophies : 3D Crystal Animal Awards



3. 3D Laser Crystal Car Awards

  • A stylish 3D crystal car model is a classic design in laser printing art as it is a popular crystal souvenir to many car lovers.
  • Automobile figure is a master piece in laser technology on pure crystal having perfect shape and size for purposes like recognition awards.
  • It will be a great choice to have an automobile engraved in 3D glass awards for your employees, to represent elegance, modern lifestyle and speed.
  • A 3D crystal auto award is best for automotive industry, motorsports award, auto shows, automobile company award, travel or car rental agents’ award, car shows, and awards for power and energy sector.
  • The auto mobile 3D printing is a complicated image with minute details including engine, wheels, seats etc. which needs thorough carving, we assure you high quality and perfection of any relevant imageries.
  • Give us any of your sample car model photo and trust us with rest of the job and get ready to astonish your automobile / automotive awards function attendees with the iconic custom 3D crystal racing car awards with your company name and logo.


3d crystal auto show trophy award 

3D Laser Engraved Crystal Car Trophy Award


Best High-End Crystal Auto Awards : Crystal Car Show Awards



4. 3D Crystal Sports Awards

  • A rectangular 3D crystal sports trophy especially designated for sports sector is a sparkling piece to be loved by the top-class sportspersons including outstanding players, winners of tournaments, successful coaches etc.
  • The shining 3D laser engraved crystal sports awards are subjected to intense 3D engraving with minute laser beams giving detailed shapes of sports items and props, typically various sort of sports balls.
  • We offer designing of 3D crystal football award, 3D crystal basketball award, 3D crystal golf award, 3D crystal tennis award, 3D crystal hockey award, 3d crystal soccer award, 3d crystal baseball award and many more.
  • The unique creations of the 3D sports crystal awards for sports represents each of the sports taking symbols from those, making it perfect for any sports award categories.
  • The mesmerizing designs of sports balls hold meaning to each of the trophy making it valuable and thoughtful to the recipients.
  • The luster and creativity of each of the 3D laser engraved sports crytal trophy add flavor and increases the glamour of the award evening organized by you. Hurry up and make your own 3d sports crystal trophy award for your sporting organization, sports club, sports celebration or sports prize giving ceremony.


3d laser engraved crystal golf award 

3D Laser Engraved Crystal Golf Award


Best High-End Crystal 3D Crystal Sports Trophy : Sports Crystal Awards



5. 3D Laser Crystal Block Awards

  • This 3d crystal rectangle block is truly remarkable, when imprinted with high quality long images like 18 wheeler truck & trailer, container ship, bus, plant machinery, airplane, long building, etc.
  • We can wonderfully etch any truck image by laser beams into a pure crystal block piece making it an exceptional award worthy of any established relevant industries, like the logistics industry, transportation industry and trucking industry.
  • This 3d crystal garbage Truck Award is ideal for garbage truck drivers. We can make any 3d crystal truck awards for the trucking and transport industry.
  • This 3D crystal rectangle block award can be also customized for other companies with images like oil tanker, machinery, bulldozer, factory plant and many more.
  • We have a range of truck and machinery images that you can choose from or can send your own one and then incorporate your logos and message on the 3D crystal block award.
  • Order this spellbinding creation with all specific details and witness the recipients and viewers to be in aww.


3d laser engraved crystal garbage truck award 

3D Laser Engraved Crystal Garbage Truck Award


Best High-End 3d Engraved Crystal Blocks : 3D Crystal Blocks



6. 3D Crystal Plaques

  • An epic design for 3D laser engraved crystal blocks is architectural beauties, organizational buildings like bank, factory, historic national building, etc. which can be an icon in your next award event.
  • Explore different modern structural imageries and different shapes and sizes of crystal plaques according to your needs with our wide range of blank crystal blocks collection.
  • With our 3D expert artistic aptitude, we can get you circle, cube, rectangle, ovel, square and many more. 3d crystal plaques which will be a perfect symbol of triumph or accomplishment for your employees or clients.
  • We offer many custom shapes of crystal blocks for 3D laser engraving including: 3D crystal cube, 3D crystal rectangle block, 3D crystal arch block, 3D crystal wedge block and many more.
  • The half circle, arch shaped awards have beautiful curves that reflects light around it. The complicated architectural engraving inside looks phenomenal with the magical reflection of light.
  • The round or cube designs are flattened on the bottom so it can rest well on any displaying spot without any additional base. This seamless 3d laser crystal accolade is idyllic for any office or home.


3d laser engraved half circle crystal block 

3D Laser Engraved Half Circle Crystal Plaque Award


Best High-End 3D Laser Crystal Plaques : Blank Crystal Plaques for 3d Laser Engraving



7. 3D Photo Crystal Awards

  • A best-selling crystal recognition award piece; commemorate any cherished moment in time having your business families by getting it lasered inside one of our high-quality 3d photo crystal awards.
  • Put any of your precious photos inside solid pieces of crystal that makes an exclusive memento, celebratory plaque or recognition awards.
  • You can use any of your pictures or artwork such as: image of your own office building, ground opening, your factory image, construction site, group photo of all office employees, sports field or simply tell us whatever you would like to put.
  • Trust us with our expertise as we can laser your photo into our crystal blocks maintaining the highest quality standards by our advance laser engraving technology.
  • Provide a good quality photo; if your provided photo is bright and clear and having a high resolution, our creative team will bring the perfect outcome.
  • Capture any treasured photo memory with our high spec 3d laser engraved photo crystal plaques with smooth edges. Personalize it by adding a quote of sentiment and amaze the recipient.


3d photo engraved crystal plaque award 

3D Photo Engraved Crystal Plaque


Best High-End 3D Photo Crystal Plaques : Photo Crystal Plaques for 3D Engraving



Let’s Wrap it Up…


Experience Guaranteed Superiority in Engraved 3D Laser Crystals!

Wondering why will you contact us for your 3D crystal awards? Consider us believing that your employees and clients deserve the best recognition piece and we have always ensured that. You will experience a journey of 3D technology and creativity with us throughout the process witnessing the magnificent outcomes with your own eyes. We are your one stop award shop for sharing, exchanging and merging ideas and perspectives yielding each of your crystal product choices with radiant finishing and grace. We experiment with your provided materials, which are images or models, for 3D printing and incorporate those with our techniques and talents. Our in-house design and graphic design team would love to begin collaborating and sharing their experience and knowledge with you. Throughout our 48 years, Creative Crystal Awards developed significant expertise and practical knowledge. This knowledge has allowed us to remarkably master the image engraving process in detail. We love to the see the glowing eyes of our clients and always get appraisals from them when they receive our deliveries.



Buy Our 3D Engraved Crystals to Get –

  • Over 48 years of creative and technical design experience and expertise from our graphic designing and technical team.
  • Consultation and customization with sole attention to your project.
  • Responding and executing according to your personal needs, choices and budget.
  • Creative rough plans and sketches to share and incorporate ideas.
  • High quality pure 3D crystal blocks perfect for 3D engraving.
  • First class service, speedy deliveries and commitment for all your upcoming events.
  • Overwhelming presentation and packaging for maintaining quality.
  • Free Layout Design, Free Paper Proof, Free Gift box to increase the style and beauty of each of the precious crystal gift products or recognition award items.



Our 3D Crystal Awards Are Business Owners’ First Choice…

You can rely on us for both 2D and 3D images inside of a high-quality crystal awards, plaques and trophies to feature a logo, a product, or a service. We have record amount designer 3D models imprinted in our crystal pieces for years. Custom designs are an exclusive service we kept for our wide range of customers with different purpose and taste. Creative Crystal Awards is the leading manufacturer of 3D laser engraved crystal awards and plaques for the big fat corporate recognition award events. Our custom 3D laser crystals and engraved 3D crystal trophies are of different themes and categories like executive crystal plaques, regular size crystal awards, 3D crystal awards, extra-large custom engraved crystal trophies, customized crystal corporate giveaways. You can select unique bases for the 3D crystal awards available for each of it for making it more creative and artistic. We provide full-fledged service all over the states from graphic layout design to packaging and distributing the 3D laser engraved crystal plaque awards & trophies with care.



In addition to our 3D Crystal Awards you can also check out these brilliant collection of

3D laser Etched Animal Sculpture Crystal Awards

perfect for any recipients and recognition events


Don’t forget to check our rare collection of

3D Crystal Car Awards

designed for employee recognition and auto shows.



Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier of 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards, 3D Laser Crystal Trophies and 3D Crystal Blocks


Creative Crystal Awards is the America’s leading manufacturer of 3d crystal awards & trophies. Since 1982, we are manufacturing corporate crystal awards, sports trophies and recognition plaques. We are the 5 star ratings corporate awards supplier in USA. In our own crystal studio, we are producing awards, trophies and plaques mainly from high quality optic crystals and clear glasses. All of our crystal trophy awards are handmade and hand-polished by skilled craftsmen. Besides creating handcrafted crystal award trophies, we are also designing 3d laser engraved crystal awards, 3d engraved crystal trophies and 3d engraved crystal plaques using digital laser engraving machines. While visiting our online trophy shop, you will see some of the attractive range of 3d laser etched crystal awards & plaques which are comes in creative design styles, custom shapes and sizes. You can buy 3d crystal awards online from our online award store. However, we can produce any custom 3d crystals from your own images. You can imagine anything and let our designer put your imagination into the solid piece of crystal using the magic of 3d laser engraving technology.


CreativeCrystalAwards.com also manufacturing & supplying blank crystal blocks which are comes in different shapes and sizes. This a plus for you as you need to choose optic crystal blocks for 3d laser engraving. More than 4 decades, we are supplying 3d engraved crystal awards to top brands, vendors, multinational companies and fortune 500 companies around the world. We are ell capable of manufacturing 3d crystal awards in bulk within very short time frame. As we are the manufacturer and making all our crystal pieces in our own factory that guarantee you that you will get your 3d crystal laser award trophies at wholesale prices. So, if you are searching for wholesale crystal award supplier and planning to manufacture 3d laser crystal awards in bulk then no need to look further. Contact us today with any of our expert and they will be very happy to assist you to create the best trophy award pieces for your upcoming recognition award presentation event. We are mainly manufacturing corporate awards in bulk but we do offer flexible MOQ but will get the benefit of big discount while purchase awards in bulk. Each time you make an order, you will receive free engraving service, free gift box, free setups, free shipping. But you will be even happier when your imagination becomes true with the shining beauty and gorgeously sparkling 3d engraved crystal awards and 3d engraved crystal trophies.