8 Creative Crystal Golf Awards for Golf Events & Golf Tournaments

8 Creative Crystal Golf Awards for Golf Events & Golf Tournaments

Meet the American Greatest Game- Golf

Do you know Golf is the greatest game considered in USA as a gentleman’s game? The professional American golfer Arnold Palmer said “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening- and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented”. It completely makes sense that there are around 15,500 golf courses in the US! 24.8 million people played golf in a course in the year 2020. This include 6 million women, 5.9 million young adults and 3.1 million juniors. Golf’s vitality study says that the sport reached 101 million population which is massive to show its popularity. This population is either playing, watching or reading about golf. All are important for the golf’s stakeholders to flourish the golf industry. There are various golf events including pro golf tournaments, golf competitions etc. for running the golf industry and here comes the idea of professional golf awards. Golf events are lifeless and incomplete without awards for golf tournament. Crystal golf awards are common in golf since a sophisticated sport like golf deserves awards made of a sophisticated material like crystal.


Get to know the Golf Awards and Titles- Major Attractions

Get amazed by the golf sport excellencies knowing different award criteria. There are number of categories of customized golf tournament awards in appreciating and recognizing golf players. Over decades of golf practice in national and international level these awards or titles formed in the sport. Golf considers golfers’ merit, character, sportsmanship and money earned. Most of the awards are won by obtaining points and other awards are by getting votes from the players or tour members considering scoring, rounds played, and money list position. As a golf club member or golf event organizer, you already got the idea of different golf titles, let us just review so that you can think of adding something new to your distributing list. The common categories of awards for golf tournament are player of the year, tour player of the year, rookie of the year, comeback player of the year and fun awards too for losers. Prestigious golf awards are titled after great players of golf for example, Jack Nicklaus Trophy, Arnold Palmer Award, Charles Schwab Cup, Payne Stewart Award, Bryon Nelson Award, Harry Vardon Trophy, Bob Jones Award and few more. These golf awards are given in tournaments of PGA Tour Champions and European tour. Unique golf trophies are presented in these golf tournaments which are the main attractions of any sport.


Golf Courses are Increasing for Golf Trophies

Do you have any idea about why golf industry has developed to the current level? United States is having Golf courses of about 43% of the world which is around 15,500 in number. In few areas golf courses might fail due to finance but increasing number of golfers is always mitigating that. Golf tournament trophies are one of the main charms for the new golf players and also the crowd. States which are having cold climate are not fit for golf and do not have much golf courses. Places like Maine, North Dakota and Alaska do not have as many golf courses as most of the other states. The places which are warmer are with a lot of golf courses like Florida, California, Texas, New York and Ohio. Florida is the state with the most golf courses. It is common that a state with warmer climate got more golf courses. Additionally, highly populated states are benefited as audience plays a major role in sports. With time, the warmer states are continuing to grow the game and increase the number of golf courses in the US. Keep a note that luxurious golf theme trophies will appeal more spectators.


Golf Awards- A Necessity in Golf Industry!

Who doesn’t want to have a trophy after showing off talents? It is your duty as event organizer or founder to appreciate golf winners with the right awards. Get the titles and standards straight in your mind and take help of golf plaque ideas and present custom golf plaques. Crystal golf theme plaques highlights individual performances each contributing in different ways bringing fun to the sport. The winning team always gets an award but brilliant or significant performers deserves to be recognized too with sports awards. This personalized sports award encourages the player and set an example to other players to play better which bring difference in their zeal making the sports tournament more enjoyable with time. Like any other sport, golf demands huge energy, patience and practice to excel so it is great to appreciate the players who goes for the extra mile. Keeping tracks of golfers’ performances, recording their great moves are important to see when they qualify a unique golf trophy. This is a necessity for motivating them to keep developing and playing brilliantly which do not happens in a day. With time, you see the change. Sometimes golfing is said to be a lengthy, monotonous game where players chase around a ball with a stick. Getting custom golf plaques adds flavor to the sport cheering up the golfers.


Crystal Golf Awards- An Elegance and Uniqueness for Golf Events

There are different golf tournaments covering Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, Hole in One, First Place Team etc. All criteria are valuable as all are significant moves in pro golf competitions. Golf clubs are always fascinated with sleek and sparkling large golf trophies. Each and every golf players has got a dream of holding an elegant crystal golf trophy cups after any notable performance. From amateur to professional golfers, all likes to collect custom golf awards which are with a shiny finishing. It is really important that keeping in mind the taste and appeal of the golfers, you choose high quality golf tournament plaques which matches with glamour of the sport, the event and the participants. Crystal golf theme plaques in the golf championships reflect the true image of the golf winners. It increases the prestige of the magnificent arrangement of the golf tournaments. Golf club members or golf tournament organizers are judged by the custom golf awards they present to the golfers in their gorgeous golf events. Golf crystal plaques are incomparable to any other golf awards in reaching largest number of players and audience.


Glorify Your Golf Clubs Embracing Stunning Crystal Plaques

If you visit any golf club, undoubtedly your eyes will look around and enjoy the custom golf plaques, golf awards, large golf cup trophy and golf trophies displayed in their award banquet. These are the assets and ornaments of any sport organization office. The more mesmerizing collection you can present, your club will be popular as people will talk about those. Spectators will come around to have a glimpse of your fascinating choice of unique golf trophies. When our golf theme crystal plaques are produced, we strictly kept in mind about your club prestige and came up with stylish and thoughtful design concepts. You can embrace our bespoke golf awards for exclusivity and originality. Our crystal glass golf trophies honor sporty triumph and distinction and echo the status and poshness accompanying golfing. You can choose from our wide variety of custom crystal golf inspired designs and styles to satisfy your most demanding tastes.


Exalt Your Golf Tournaments with Our Exclusive Crystal Golf Awards

Golfing awards are having a unique range. Our golf cup trophy range includes Hole in One Trophies, Longest Drive Trophies, Female Golf Trophies and many other types of Golf Awards &Trophies. For a great charity golf outing, the awards do not have to expensive but relevant and golf themed. Utilize our golf award ideas for your first-place team, your second place and third place teams and even the last place team. You will have finalist, longest drivers, nearest-to-the-pin winners and other awards like raffle prizes. If you are overwhelmed by all these, Creative Crystal Awards has got your back. Our crystal golf ball awards collection is a classic theme for any corporate golf recognition. Along with the crystal golf plaques for the best score or team performance, you can surely select our custom golf cup trophies to highlight some more noticeable achievements. You can choose the laser etched crystal golf theme plaques for those. Have you ever thought of appreciating a player who didn’t lose their cool and competently played their way struggling through bad luck? We have got golfer and golf driver awards for them. The skill to make tricky shots or come from behind for an amazing surprise win on a hole or in the whole tournament deserves our brilliant crystal golf ball tower trophies. Prior to all these, do not forget golf coaches. Their years of experience is to bring the golf community closer; they train the golfers by choosing the right golf gear with a right set up of the game. They are very much worthy of our hand-crafted, hand-polished, amazing quality optical crystal golf ball award series.


Golf is a Complex Game, Why Make the Trophies Simple?

Our custom golf awards series are truly exceptional and graceful. Each of the golf trophies have a customizable crystal base for engraving golf quotes and names of your club and winners. Whoever gets this engraved golf awards will adore and display it on their trophy case to show off others. Our spellbinding golf tournament awards will stand out in collection of golf awards of any golf club, golf corporate organizers, pro golf shops. Personalize our custom golf league trophies with your golf club’s logo, event description or mind-blowing quotes of famous golfers. Our finest golf trophies are perfect for any golf tournament and corporate hospitality event.


Wondering about the Look and Style of our Luxurious Crystal Golf Theme Awards?

Cherish our crystal golf awards to ensure pride in your golfers’ or club’s trophy cabinet making the right impression.


Here we bring these 8 Impressive Crystal Golf Awards & Golf Trophies that will bring excitement to golfers and make your golf tournament a success.

crystal golf awards 

Crystal Golf Awards & Plaques – Golf Themed Crystal Awards – Crystal Golf Trophies



1. Crystal Golf Ball Trophy Awards

To celebrate sportsmanship this lucrative golf ball crystal trophy is best for congratulating golfers who are golf enthusiast and wonderful performer. If you really want unique golf inspired award piece which is worthy of classiness of golf, select this pure optical crystal golf ball trophy award for your golf club winners. A crusty round crystal golf ball is hold on top of a black base. The flat face of the golf ball will look more fantastic when engraving it with your golf club logo or golfing event logo. The black crystal base is tall and pyramid shape with enough space for engraving a great golf quote, for instance, “Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character.” This crystal golf ball award itself can be a hole in one of your upcoming golf tournaments. You can visualize the wow expression on the face of the golfer receiving this crystal golf ball trophy. Commemorate your exciting golf events and achievements with our special golf ball crystal trophy.


heavy crystal golf ball trophy award 

Heavy Crystal Golf Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Golf Trophy Awards : Crystal Golf Trophies



2. 3D Iceberg Crystal Golfer Awards

This 3d laser etched crystal triple golfer award is very popular golf award in our product line. Stylish sculpted crystal iceberg trophy for golf tournament is a 3D crystal etched elegance perfect for recognizing extraordinary players of your golf outing. Made out of pure crystal which is handcrafted and hand-polished brilliantly. The irregular shape of crystal iceberg plaque elevated on a stunning black base for logo, name, and message. This unique crystal golf trophy features three golfers’ image laser etched on the backside of transparent crystal iceberg shape plaque. Engraving is done by high speed laser pressure on selected areas inside the crystal creating a frosted effect. It features an iceberg shape ideal trophy for any golf championship. This sleek golf piece will make a proud moment for the recipients at the golf event and will make the day special for them for the rest of their lives. We provide both male and female golfer theme of your choice.


3d laser etched three golfers iceberg golf crystal award 

3D Laser Etched Three Golfers Iceberg Golf Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Golf Iceberg Awards : 3D Crystal Iceberg Golf Awards



3. Crystal Golf Ball Tower Awards

The hole in one happens when the golf ball is hit from the tee into the cup and it happens to stay there. This hole in one trophy is designed just like the position of that ball in the cup. The ultimate accomplishment of your golfers can be perfectly glorified by this crystal golf theme trophy ideal for any corporate golf event. A charming crystal golf ball figurine is fitted inside a hole of rectangular crystal block above a stylish crystal tower. The transparent crystal tower got a lot of space for personalization for quoting anything about hole in one achievement. This slim, cool golf ball tower will offer unmatched elegance and brilliance for individual who are true passionate of golf. Thrill your golf lovers with our unique and detailed optical crystal hole in one golf trophy with an encased crystal golf ball, with your choice of engraving.


optical crystal golf ball tower golf hole in one award 

Optical Crystal Golf Ball Tower Golf Hole in One


Best High-End Crystal Golf Tower Awards : Golf Tower Crystal Awards



4. Crystal Golf Driver Award

The flawless golf tournament trophy is handcrafted by our expert crystal artisans into a shape of a golf driver on a crystal base. Appreciate the golf winner who consistently has got the longest drive in the game. Athletic excellence can be expressed when this superb custom golf driver crystal award will be placed on the winner’s mantle. Make it an outstanding golf prize attaching memories of a special performance to it for your golf prodigies. It is ideal for any golf event as it will undoubtedly get all attention of the crowd. You can customize with artwork of your choice using our free engraving service on the frosty crystal surface of the crystal golf driver award. The rectangular slant base got ample space for creative golf quotes to inspire the top players of your club.


golf driver crystal award 

Hand Crafted Golf Driver Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Golf Tournament Awards : Sports Crystal Golf Awards



5. Crystal Golf Ball Award

Searching for a great golf design of a crystal golf award for charity events and community golf tournaments? The gorgeously handcrafted token is one the best of the golf ball crystal award. For your logo or valuable message, the beveled flat crystal rectangle base provide smooth engraving area where on one end the golf ball is attached. It is perfect for celebrating companionship, sportsmanship or championship. Select flight winners, sponsors, club members or golf coaches of your organization for this simple yet classy crystal golf award. Premium quality optical crystal is used for a detailed crafting of the crystal ball, tempting enough for the golfers to give their best shot. Deeply etched congratulatory note will uplift the prestige of the golf ball shape crystal award, presented in a graceful gift box.


crystal golf ball award 

Golf Ball Crystal Award


Best High-End Golf Ball Crystal Awards : Golf Tournament Awards



6. 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Golf Awards

Specifically constructed for golf club championships, shoot outs, hole in one contests or round robin tournaments, this magnificently tailored piece is one of the favorite golf theme crystal awards. Molded out of pure optic crystal, this golf inspired award features a 3D laser printed detailed image of a golf ball inside a faceted crystal rectangular block. The three-dimensional golf ball picture is etched on an image of a tee leaser inside the cube, reflecting professionalism of golf. It stands on a black crystal base for carrying words of appraisals, gently etched on the surface. The fineness of the 3d laser engraved premium crystal golf ball trophy will set the standard of golf awards in the professional golf industry. Choose this spectacular 3d golf ball crystal award to make a difference.


3d engraved crystal golf award 

3D Engraved Crystal Golf Award


Best High-End Sports Crystal Golf Award : 3D Crystal Awards



7. Multi Faceted Oval Crystal Plaque with Golf Ball

This multi-faceted golf ball crystal award is always loved by the golf lovers and golf enthusiasts as the golf ball is the superhit symbol like the ball representing trophies in all other respective sports. This custom golf trophy is great for any golf tournaments including appreciating coaches or retiring golfers for their lifelong achievements. A transparent oval shaped faceted crystal plate is for reflecting tournament names and logo with the glossy crystal golf ball at its foot, both standing on a black crystal round base. The recipients will be in awe and proudly display this lustrous award on their trophy shelf or desk. The faceted edges will be sparkling in light which will grab attention from any corner. Simply put, this is an extraordinary golf tournament trophy!


multifaceted crystal golf oval trophy 

Multifaceted Crystal Golf Oval Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Glass Golf Ball Awards : Custom Crystal Golf League Award



8. Golf Ball Crystal Plaque Award

Celebrate camaraderie with marvelous crystal golf ball plaques with a dazzling golf ball on top of a curved, thick crystal piece with sufficient space for an exciting note. Surprise your corporate sportspersons with this unique golf trophy with scope of personalization to make it more stunning and stylish for any golf event. The golf crystal award commemorates the success of the contributing golfer in a simple yet memorable way. This exclusive crystal golf award will remain close to the heart of anyone passionate about golfing. It is a must have if you are planning a golf tour with your club. This quality golf crystal award; handcrafted and hand polished to perfection; available in 3 sizes, will be adored by the recipients.


personalized crystal plaque with crystal golf ball 

Clear Crystal Golf Ball Plaque Award


Best High-End Crystal Golf Plaques : Golf Ball Crystal Plaques




“Forget Your Opponents; Always Play Against Par.” – Sam Snead.

First class golf players always strive with the par; strokes required for the particular contests. A great quote advises not to be focused on the opponents but the par. As a golf tournament organizer, compete with yourself, your choices and taste in incorporating splendid golf trophy ideas. This will take your golf club, golf course or organization into a higher level than others in the industry who are focused only on the performances of competitors. Honor your golfers with most accurate tee shot or biggest hit of the day from the wide range of collection of sports crystal glass golf awards from Creative Crystal Awards, where you will get free personalization. We consider your choice of budget, style and taste and provide you the perfect design. All your golfers starting from winners to losers must be counted as all need encouragement. By this, you can make golfing more fun. Unique golf awards can lift up the game for all the participants with a feeling of being a part of the tour. Along with low gross, low net rewards include your duffers to be cheered up with our custom crystal glass golf trophies which will be entertaining for all.


Move Your Corporate Golf Event to a new height with the Shimmering Crystal Golf Awards & Crystal Golf Plaques

With years of experience of delivering bespoke golf trophies and golf plaques, we have gained love, trust and reputation among our customers. We are ready to help you going the extra mile to guarantee that you receive the best quality, sophisticated crystal golf products along with cooperative customer service. Plan your golf competitions, golf weekends, society golf day, golf stag weekend or corporate golf days and contact us to figure out with unique golf award ideas for you. Enjoy our discounts by ordering bulk golf awards & trophies to save your money. Remember that no matter how many times your golfers won and received awards, still they would love to receive recognition again and again for each of the tournaments and contests. So, do not delay to boost up them with our customized crystal golf trophy award collections and upgrade golfing as a whole.


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