8 Unique and Handmade Crystal Apple Awards

8 Unique and Handmade Crystal Apple Awards

Crystal Apple Award is a Classic and Sleek way to Show Appreciation

Each of us knows the common phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. As a business owner you always wish a good health of all your employees and office staffs. You can expect even better service from your employees and staffs who stays always healthy. In the corporate world, it is very important to keep your employees, co-workers and staffs healthy and joyful. An apple is an expression of respect, gratitude and love for those special people who have helped guide us, shape us and make a difference in our lives. So, if you want to wish a good health of someone special in your company or organization then you can recognize them with a crystal apple awards. The apple became a symbol for good health, knowledge, wisdom and immortality. Crystal apple award can be proudly displayed as a symbol of achievement! Apple award is a very prestigious recognition award used by the many top government schools, colleges, universities, educational institution, international companies and corporate organizations. When you recognize someone with a crystal apple trophies, you are not only wishing their good health but also acknowledging their special knowledge for that your institution or company is benefited for.


Crystal Apple Award can be Proudly Displayed as a Symbol of Achievement!

Apple crystal awards are an elegant recognition piece great to recognize exceptional teachers who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession. This apple award aims to identify the teachers who have demonstrated excellence in teaching different subjects, shown outstanding contribution to learners and served the community through teaching even outside formal classrooms. An apple crystal award would be ideal recognition award for those special professionals who always need to be very young heart, young in knowledge and always need to be in good health, who took great enormous responsibilities in their shoulder to keep the nation’s people educated and healthy both physically and mentally like: school teachers, professors, educators, mentors, doctors, nurses, volunteers and social workers. Apple fruit crystal award is a great way to highlight their contribution in community building and helping make a better society through inspirational teaching. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives. For those memorable educators, we have a great way to say thanks for all you do with our crystal apple trophies and awards.


Crystal Apple Award – An Elegant Way to Honor Educators

Creative Crystal Awards is the renowned corporate crystal awards manufacturer in USA. More than 4 decades we are manufacturing and supplying bespoke crystal apple trophy awards, custom crystal apple plaque awards and apple shaped crystal gift awards at reasonable prices. Our Crystal Apples category contains many beautiful range of custom crystal apple fruit awards which are comes in modern design styles, custom sizes and colors. In our collection we have red crystal apples awards, green crystal apple awards, clear crystal apple awards but our experienced craftsmen can also produce your own custom apple awards in optical crystals. Whether you need to honor school educators, faculty members, educational assistants or need to recognize employees for outstanding achievements, our apple shape crystal trophies would be ideal recognition option that will nicely fit with any of your employee recognition event.


Searching for Unique Crystal Apple Awards Ideas? We are delighted to bring these

8 awesome Crystal Apple Awards designed to recognize special achievement and one’s commitment to excellence.


optical crystal apple awards custom crystal apple trophies



Crystal Apple Awards – Apple Shaped Crystal Awards – Crystal Apple Fruit Awards



1. Crystal Apple Award

  • Give this beautiful clear crystal apple award to those special individuals who has had significant impact on schools and students. Whether you are looking for a great gift for the teacher in your school or to reward a teacher of the year, this optical crystal apple fruit award would be an excellent choice.
  • This apple shape crystal award fully constructed from premium quality optic crystal that features a clear crystal apple with a stem and leaf. The crystal apple sculpture sitting on a flat and black crystal rectangle base. The base can be engraved with your recipient name, appreciation text, date and logo.
  • Each of these crystal apple figurine award comes with a beautiful presentation box.
  • When you buy our crystal apple award on flat rectangle base, you will receive free engraving service, free gift box, free setups and fast shipping.


crystal apple award


Clear Crystal Apple Award on Flat Rectangle Base


Best High-End Crystal Apple Shape Awards : Apple Crystal Awards



2. Red Crystal Apple Trophy

  • This crystal red apple trophy is truly beautiful. The elegant and impressive design make it a lifelong award that any deserving teacher or recipient will be delighted to receive.
  • Our red apple crystal award perfect for school teachers, scholars, students, graduates, educators or can be presented to any deserving education staffs.
  • Our craftsman produced this red apple crystal trophy from high grade optic crystal, featuring a red optical crystal apple sculpture decorated with a clear crystal stem and leaf. The red crystal apple sculpture mounted atop a black crystal base. It makes a wonderful award to mark years of service or a retirement, as well as for any special events.
  • The base offers ample personalization area that can be engraved by your own choice.
  • Our design team will engrave the base of this red crystal apple award for free.
  • Each of these red optical crystal apple sculpture trophy award comes with a deluxe presentation box.
  • This Red accented crystal apple trophy is currently available in our stock. So, you can buy this red crystal apple figurine trophy with no minimum order quantity including rush delivery.


red crystal apple trophy


Crystal Red Apple Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Apple Awards : Crystal Apple Trophies



3. Apple Crystal Award

  • This clear optical crystal apple award is the perfect appreciation award to acknowledge all those amazing teachers. Present this apple fruit crystal trophy to those exceptional teachers who has made an outstanding contribution in your school.
  • Whether you are searching for thank you gift for teachers, teacher’s appreciation award, retirement gift for teachers or recognition award for teachers, our clear apple crystal trophy would be the best fit with your recognition needs.
  • This crystal apple shaped award is a handmade award, made out of top quality optic crystal. Featuring a clear optical crystal apple figurine contains a green crystal stem and leaf. The clear optical crystal apple sculpture placed on a black crystal base for an elegant finish.
  • When you personalize the base with your recipient name, appreciation wordings, date and logo, it will be a treasured keepsake to its recipient.
  • Beside, teachers award, this clear crystal apple fruit trophy can also be used to honor everyone in the education sector like: meritorious students, graduates, educators, mentors, academic counselors, scholars and many more.
  • Your crystal apple trophy award will be supplied inside a branded presentation ready gift box.
  • When you purchase our apple fruit shaped crystal award, you will receive, free gift box, free personalization service, free setups and quick shipping.


apple crystal trophy


Clear Crystal Apple with Green Crystal Leaf & Stem


Best High-End Crystal Apple Trophy Award : Crystal Apple Fruit Awards



4. Crystal Red Apple Award

  • Celebrate the unique contribution of some of the finest teachers in your school and to honor those teachers with these stunning red crystal apple award that is sure to impress. Whether it’s a kindergarten school, pre-elementary school, primary school, secondary school, public school, government school or international school, this red crystal apple fruit award is the perfect thank you gift or appreciation award to a teacher of any grade.
  • This red crystal apple fruit trophy produced from fine quality optic crystal that features a vibrant red crystal apple sitting atop a clear crystal trapezoid shaped black crystal base. The red crystal apple sculpture attached a green crystal stem and leaf.
  • When you award your favorite teachers with this impressive red crystal apple sculpture award, they will love to receive and display.
  • Let us engrave the base with your recipient name, congratulatory message, logo and date. Engraving is always free!
  • Your engraved crystal apple shape trophy will be supplied inside a branded presentation box.


red crystal apple award


Red Crystal Apple with Green Crystal Leaf & Stem


Best High-End Crystal Apple Figurines : Colored Crystal Apple Awards



5. Crystal Apple Tower Trophy

  • Reward excellence in teaching with our brilliant crystal apple tower award that will encourage excellent teachers to remain in a teaching career. This crystal apple tower trophy would be ideal recognition award for school teachers, college teachers and university teachers.
  • Crystal Apple Award is an award created to honor and acknowledge principals, administrators, teachers, educational assistants, education staffs or anyone in the education sector.
  • This unique and classy apple crystal tower award is designed in the shape of every teacher’s favorite gift.
  • Our craftsmen brilliantly designed this crystal apple of tower trophy from premium quality optic crystal that features a clear optical crystal apple mounted on a tall crystal tower base.
  • The base offers ample personalization area which can be deep etched engrave with your recipient name, date, message and logo. Engraving is completely free.
  • This crystal apple on tower award can comes in multiple sizes (i.e. small, medium and large) and wide variety of colors.
  • Each of these engraved crystal apple of tower award will comes inside a gorgeous presentation ready gift box.


crystal apple tower trophy award


Apple Crystal Tower Award


Best High-End Crystal Apple Fruit Trophy : Apple Crystal Tower Trophy



6. Green Crystal Apple Trophy

  • Whether you’re awarding your teacher individually, or as a collective group or class, this crystal green apple trophy is a brilliant gift for teacher that they will surely treasure forever.
  • Our crystal green apple trophy would be an excellent academy award for educators, teachers, scholars, principals and many more.
  • This green apple crystal award is a piece made out of finest quality optic crystal that features a green crystal apple sculpture decorate with a clear crystal stem and leaf which is mounted atop a black crystal base.
  • The base offers ample engraving space which can be engraved with your logo, recipient name, appreciation text and date.
  • When personalize, it will leave a mark on their heart and give them a new decoration to display proudly in their teacher’s room, school trophy cabinet or classroom for future students to admire.
  • You can purchase this crystal green apple award with no minimum order quantity. So, buy your crystal green apple fruit award and get your award(s) next day.


green crystal apple trophy


Crystal Green Apple Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Apple Figurines : Crystal Apple Sculptures



7. Red Crystal Apple Column Award

  • This red crystal apple tower trophy is the perfect award for teachers who made a difference.
  • Choose this tall and elegant crystal red apple on pillar trophy to acknowledge excellence in education.
  • This red apple crystal column award would be an ideal award for professors, university lecturers, educators, primary school teachers, high school teachers, scholars, nutritionists, doctors, nurses and for those apple growers.
  • We produce this red crystal apple column trophy from fine quality, pure optic crystal that features a red optical crystal apple mounted atop a square crystal pillar which is attached with a clear crystal rectangle base. The crystal red apple sculpture decorated with a green crystal stem and leaf.
  • The tower base of the red crystal pillar trophy can be engraved by your own choice. Engraving is always free!
  • Each of these red crystal apple tower award comes with a branded presentation box.
  • Order your crystal red apple column trophy awards and get free setups, free engraving service, free gift box and quick delivery.


red crystal apple pillar trophy award


Red Crystal Apple Pillar Award


Best High-End Crystal Apple Figurine Trophy : Apple Crystal Trophies



8. Apple Crystal Trophy

  • Our classic crystal apple award is the perfect recognition trophy award that can be used to recognize public school educators and teachers who have made a positive impact on the lives of students.
  • This clear crystal apple fruit award provides a charming opportunity to show teachers and staff how special they are.
  • Finely hand-crafted from the genuine optic crystal, features a clear crystal apple figurine mounted on a black crystal base. This clear optic crystal sculpture attached a clear crystal leaf and stem.
  • The base offers enough engraving space that can be engraved with the choice of yours. When personalize, this apple crystal award will deliver a message of excellence.
  • This apple fruit crystal award would be an ideal award option for school administrators, school counselors, school/colleges/university teachers, educators, school office workers, coaches, mentors, graduates, scholars and any meritorious, talented and educated persons. Also would be a great gift award for teacher’s day celebration or any other school’s sports day or annual prize giving ceremony.
  • Buy this beautiful apple crystal trophy with no minimum order quantity requirement with fast shipping anywhere in USA.
  • Each of these apple shaped crystal trophy award comes with a nice, elegant presentation ready gift box.


apple crystal award


Clear Crystal Apple Trophy


Best High-End Crystal Apple Shaped Awards : Crystal Apples



Creative Crystal Awards is the leading corporate awards supplier in USA also supplying unique education awards for teachers, educators and students. Whether you are searching for best teacher awards ideas or looking for unique and creative teacher gift ideas for award giving ceremony, we can supply any high quality crystal awards for teachers and engraved crystal gifts for educators that will impress everyone at your award giving ceremony. We have lots of optical crystal apples that will make a perfect appreciation gift or award. Use one of our high quality crystal apple awards to recognize your favorite teacher on Teacher Appreciation Day.


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