8 Elegant Corporate Crystal Paperweights Gift Ideas

8 Elegant Corporate Crystal Paperweights Gift Ideas

Let your Business Shine, with our Corporate Crystal Paperweights

Happy Employees + Happy Customers = Successful Company. This year, you are doing good business, right? If so, then it’s time for you to give thanks to your loyal employees and valued clients as we knew, business success is fully depends on happy employees and clients. “A brand is defined by the customer’s experience. The experience is delivered by the employees.” Their positive impact helped your business produced plenty of goodwill and profits. So, in return, you should give thanks for staying with your brand long by spending a little for them. Otherwise, situations can changed dramatically specially in this competitive world. On the other hand, if your business facing tough competitions and still struggling to stand out from the rest? Don’t worry, firstly, your need to appreciate your employees for all the hard work they gave for your business. Because, “Clients do not comes first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”. Secondly, concentrating hard, to market your brand and don’t even hesitate to spend a little for brand promotions and the end result will be amazing. But again, the big question is, what corporate gifts option will you choose to promote your brand and to thank your employees and clients? There are several ways you can achieve your goal. If you are think about cost effective and useful gift items as a thank you gift then we will advise you to go with a crystal paperweights, the best corporate gift items that works best for your business.


Make your Corporate Relationships Stronger with our Personalized Paperweights

Paperweight can be a unique gifts for someone that works at a desk for a living. Optical crystal paperweights are simple yet elegant corporate gift item that will display your brand in grand style which means your customers and clients who receive this crystal paperweight gifts engraved with your logo will also love your brand for long. Same with your employees, when they receive personalized crystal paperweight engraved with their name, it will carry a special meaning to them and so they will feel appreciated. Optical crystal paperweight gift is an elegant piece that everyone will like to use everyday as it sits quietly on their desk.


Engraved Paperweight is a Unique Gift that Lasts Forever

A shining and attractive engraved crystal paperweight is not only a very handy office desk accessory but also great for any corporate awards, employee awards, retirement gifts and sporting awards or sports gifts. Whether it is employee recognition or employee gifts, custom crystal paperweights are a beautiful way to say “Thank You” to your employees, corporate clients, business partners, customers, vendors, CEO’s, executives and almost anyone. Crystal desk paperweights are a useful and budget friendly corporate gifts that can be used for employee gifts, employee recognition, business promotions and corporate events. Engraved paperweights look great on any desk and it will remind its recipients your appreciation for long time. That’s why, personalized paperweights are the most popular office gifts used by the many top brands and vendors as business gifts, corporate gifts, employee gifts, promotional gifts, thank you gifts and holiday gifts.


Stunning Corporate Paperweight Gift Ideas to Impress Clients or Employees

Creative Crystal Awards is manufacturing and supplying crystal paperweights for more than 4 decades. While visiting our crystal gifts shop online, you will discover exclusive range of custom crystal paperweights that are comes in wide range of shapes which includes square paperweight, rectangle paperweight, oval paperweight, round paperweight, triangle paperweight, pyramid paperweight, iceberg paperweight, dome paperweight, slanted paperweight, heart paperweight, dome paperweight, diamond paperweight, gemstone paperweight, globe paperweight, poker card paperweight, dice paperweight, apple paperweight, peach paperweight, pear paperweight, soccer ball paperweight, baseball paperweight, golf ball paperweight, rugby paperweight, basketball paperweight, hockey puck paperweight, 3d crystal paperweight, house paperweight and many more. However, our craftsmen can make any custom paperweights to fit your budget and for your deserving talent. Each optical crystal paperweight will be deep etched just the way you want it.


Here, we are going to cover

8 Impressive Crystal Paperweights Ideas that you may like to buy for your employees and clients.


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Corporate Paperweights – Engraved Paperweights – Optical Crystal Paperweights



1. Crystal Globe Paperweights

  • Our crystal globe paperweight is an elegant corporate gift item that will look gorgeous when put on office desk.
  • Wold globe crystal paperweight is a great corporate crystal gift for companies and organizations with a global presence.
  • This crystal world globe paperweight can be used as a recognition gift for a job well done or use this globe shaped crystal paperweight as a thank you gift to your clients.
  • Our globe shape crystal paperweight is hand crafted out of perfectly optic crystal. In our collection, we have clear crystal globe paperweight, crystal blue globe paperweight, crystal green globe paperweight and more.
  • Engrave this globe crystal paperweight with your logo to create a lasting impression for many years.
  • All of our crystal glass globe paperweights in crystal are presented in our premium gift boxes at no extra charge!
  • Engraving is always free.


world globe crystal paperweight 

World Globe Crystal Paperweight


Best High-End Crystal Globe Trophy Awards : Crystal Globe Awards



2. Crystal Peach Paperweight

  • Give your special employees this sensational solid crystal peach fruit paperweight which is unique in design.
  • Your recipients will surely love this beautiful peach crystal paperweight. Peach fruit award is widely use as a employee recognition gift, corporate gift or a memorable gift for any occasion. This peach fruit shaped crystal paperweight would be an amazing desktop gifts for teachers, educators, executives and more.
  • This crystal peach figurine paperweight is fully handmade. Made out of flawless optic crystal. Featuring a clear crystal peach sculpture with a green crystal stem and leaf.
  • Let our engraver deep etch engrave your logo on the peach fruit.
  • Our crystal peach shaped paperweight is also available in green crystal.
  • When someone display their charming crystal peach shape paperweight on their desk, it will give their office desk a nice decorative touch and will attract every guests.
  • Each of these peach paperweight in crystal comes with a deluxe presentation box.


crystal peach paperweight 

Peach Fruit Shaped Crystal Paperweight


Best High-End Crystal Fruit Trophy Awards : Crystal Fruit Awards



3. Crystal Playing Card Paperweight

  • If you are searching for Las Vegas souvenir gift items or casino themed gifts for casinos then our crystal poker card paperweight would be an excellent choice.
  • What a stylish way to promote your casino brand or new casino business on the market with our playing card shaped crystal paperweight.
  • Our playing card crystal paperweight ideal for casino shows, casino events, casino gift giving occasions, Vegas casino nights and casino award shows.
  • This playing card shape crystal paperweight made out of superior quality pure optic crystal. Featuring a solid clear crystal playing card shape paperweight with smooth beveled edges.
  • Let us engrave your crystal casino card paperweight with your logo and the playing card design you want.
  • Your recipients will feel very special when they receive this sparkling casino card crystal paperweight as a gift and will proud to display by putting it on their desk.
  • When you order this crystal playing card shaped paperweight, you will avail free engraving, free setups, free gift box and quick shipping.


playing card shaped crystal paperweight 

Crystal Poker Card Paperweight


Best High-End Casino Crystal Gifts : Casino Crystal Awards



4. 3D Crystal Cube Paperweight

  • Don’t let missing papers weigh your employees down, gift them a 3D cube crystal paperweight instead. This 3d engraved crystal paperweight will not only help your employees keeping their important office documents in an organized way but also give their office table a nice elegant touch.
  • A brilliant way to preserve your favorite building structure, industrial machinery, 3d object models and sculptures inside this 3D crystal paperweight to create an excellent promotional product or office gift for employees and customers.
  • This 3d glass paperweight is made out of fine quality optic crystal that features a highly detailed 3d globe sculpture laser engraved inside a clear crystal rectangle cube. Your 3D art work or logo will looks floating inside transparent crystal that looks extremely brilliant.
  • Each of these 3d laser crystal cube paperweight will be individually wrapped inside a premium presentation box.


3d crystal cube paperweight gift 

3D Cube Crystal Paperweight


Best High-End 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards : 3D Crystal Awards



5. Crystal Star Paperweight

  • Gift this star shaped crystal paperweight and you will see how this custom crystal star shape paperweight inspires and motivates your employees and clients.
  • This stunning star crystal paperweight gives a sharp impression and will look spectacular on any desk.
  • Our crystal paperweight in star shape would be an eye-catching desktop gift for teachers, educators, employees, executives and more.
  • When engrave this star shape crystal paperweight with your logo, it will be a memorable gift for its one of a kind design.
  • This crystal star figurine paperweight award is a handmade piece made out of fine quality optic crystal featuring a clear crystal star sculpture paperweight with plenty of surface area for custom engraving.
  • Choose this crystal star shaped paperweight as a retirement gift, appreciation gift, or just to showcase your brand logo and to handout as a business promotional product.
  • Order this crystal glass star paperweight today and get free engraving, free setups, free gift box and quick delivery.


star crystal paperweight 

Star Shaped Crystal Paperweight


Best High-End Crystal Star Trophy Awards : Crystal Star Awards



6. Crystal House Paperweight

  • Our house crystal paperweight would be an exquisite corporate gift or promotional gift item for real estate agents, real estate business, housing company, mortgage brokers, banks, insurance company, property development, construction business and more. In addition, this house shaped crystal paperweight gift can be a big hit with house owners, real estate professionals, realtors and real estate sales persons.
  • This crystal house shape paperweight will showcase your brand in a stylish way to its users.
  • The house shaped paperweight is a hand-crafted piece, constructed from top grade optic crystal that features a crystal paperweight in house shape that offers ample engraving space.
  • Choose this cost-effective crystal house figurine paperweight as a promotional gift and promote your brand with an ultimate success.
  • Your personalized crystal house sculpture paperweight real estate souvenir gift will comes inside a gorgeous presentation ready gift box.


crystal house paperweight 

House Shaped Crystal paperweight


Best High-End Crystal Real Estate Awards : Crystal House Awards



7. Crystal Heart Paperweight

  • Adorn your employee’s desk with this lovely crystal heart shape paperweight and it will capture your guest’s heart for sure.
  • This crystal glass heart paperweight can a heartwarming corporate gift or recognition gift for any special recipients including female employees, female teachers, female educators, female doctors, female nurses, female front-line heroes, female charity workers and for those special loved ones in your life.
  • Our crystal craftsmen made this heart shape crystal paperweight out from pure optic crystal that features a clear crystal heart with slant face on top that offers huge engraving area.
  • Let us engrave this slant heart crystal paperweight and it will be a cherished keepsake to its recipients.
  • Buy this hand-crafted crystal slanted heart paperweight for your employees and let it show their loose paper some love.


slant heart crystal paperweight 

Heart Shaped Crystal Paperweight


Best High-End Crystal Heart Plaques : Crystal Heart Awards



8. Crystal Sports Ball Paperweight

  • Searching for sports themed souvenir gifts for every players, sponsors and coaches of your sports club? Why not try with our sports ball crystal paperweights?
  • Crystal glass sports ball paperweights can also be used to promote local sports team, reward the winners / champions / coaches of your sports tournament or corporate sports event or to celebrate the special achievements of your sports fans.
  • These sport ball crystal paperweights will look fantastic on any desk or trophy cabinet and will also sure to impress any keen sports enthusiasts.
  • All of our crystal sport ball paperweights are hand-crafted, made out of highest quality optic crystal. Featuring a solid crystal sports ball sculpture with flat cut bottom that ensures the crystal ball stays in its own place and also prevent crystal sports ball falling from the desk.
  • When engrave the sport ball shaped crystal paperweight, it will be a treasured gift to its recipients for many years.
  • Order our crystal sports ball shape paperweight and receive free engraving, free elegant gift box, free setups and quick shipping.


sports ball crystal paperweight 

Sports Ball Crystal Paperweights


Best High-End Crystal Sports Trophy Awards : Crystal Sports Awards



We believe, you liked these corporate crystal paperweight ideas we cover here. However, we also have many others unique paperweights that can be a great corporate gifting option for your upcoming promotional giveaways and also perfect for rewarding sporting and business achievements or as a celebratory gift. So, if you are planning to make custom paperweights in crystal then you are welcome to contact us now. Our customized paperweights will surely impress you and your employees. More importantly, when your new or potential clients get these glass paperweights as a thank you gift, will definitely come towards your brand. Engraved glass paperweights is a very popular and great way to create a unique gift for someone special in your organization. These custom crystal promotional paperweights are the affordable corporate gift items specially when you are planning to purchase bulk engraved gifts for employees and clients.


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