Crystal Awards for Bank

Crystal Awards for Bank

Recognize honor of excellence your banking professionals is very important as financiers are the most state-of-the-art in the world economy. There are millions of employees are working in difference banks in USA. So, as a bank owner, your main responsibilities should be to get the highest performances form your top executives and bankers (i.e. employees) after ensure highest level of services to your customers. Both can be achieved by offering crystal recognition awards for your employees and corporate gifts for your clients.

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Years after years, US banks are playing leading role and have gained significant importance in US economy as well as global economy. Their facilities including personal banking, consumer banking, retail banking, corporate banking with more advanced products including home loan, auto loan, agriculture loan, students loan, industry loan and others. Their services included personal to small medium businesses, large corporate to multinational banking. Anyone who are maintaining their personal accounts or business accounts in USA banks, can access their accounts each and every part of the world.


According to the FDIC, there were approx. 6,799 FDIC-insured commercial banks in the United States. It is expected that US banks will contribute approximately 514 billion U.S dollars by 2022 and near about 1.94 million employees is working in FDIC-insured commercial banks in the U.S. So, according to above small statistics, we all can imagine how big the banking sectors in USA. There is no doubt about that US banking sectors are world’s largest and one of the booming sector in USA.


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Here are some largest banks in the US ranked by employees according to FDIC, are:

  • Wells Fargo Bank – 232,321 employees
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank – 191,929 employees
  • Citibank – 169,092 employees
  • Bank of America – 142,412 employees
  • U.S. Bank – 71,180 employees
  • PNC Bank – 52,008 employees
  • The Bank of New York Mellon – 41,577 employees
  • Branch Banking and Trust Company – 34,551 employees
  • State Street Bank and Trust Company – 32,022 employees
  • Capital One – 28,872 employees
  • TD Bank – 25,486 employees
  • Capital One Bank (USA) – 22,246 employees
  • SunTrust Bank – 22,079 employees


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Importance of Awards & Recognition for Banks and Banking Professionals

So, the overall scenarios are very clear to all that, importance of banking sectors in USA very similar as importance of keeping employees motivated who are closely working with banks in USA, as we already know that huge numbers of employees are involved in USA banks. If you owned a bank and maintaining good number of employees as well as customers then you need to keep all your employees and customers happy and in a same time to get the best from both of them.


Here are 3 important methodologies that will help you to run your banking activities even more successful:


  1. Ensure A+ standard support and to win prestigious bank awards:
    Past several decades world’s renowned awards organizers like to offer crystal banker awards to financial organizations based on standard of service, ratings of customers satisfactions and many other factors. Why not your bank try win that award? Setup your strategies and ensure standard services with customer reliability. Definitely, your bank are going to win following prestigious banker awards:

    – Bank of the Year Awards
    – World Finance Banking Awards
    – Banking Technology Awards
    – Central Banking Awards
    – Retail Banking Awards
    – Banker of the year Awards
    – World’s Best Bank Awards
    – Banks of the Year Awards
    – Etc.


    Your bank will move to the next level, if able to win the above mentioned prestigious corporate awards for banks that awards organizers giving as an honor for excellence in banking industry.


  3. Arrange for an Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony
    Employees are the key of every organizations, same for banks as well. From above statistics, we understand that millions of employees are working in banking sector in USA. You may have thousands on employees working for years in your bank. It’s time think about employee recognition for the best job they have done for you over the years. Successful employee recognition awards not only motivate your employees but gorgeous looking corporate awards will bring out the best performances from your employees as well. Don’t need to look further, finest quality crystal awards and crystal trophies will do the tricks for you.

  5. Promotional Giveaways to Keep our Customers Happy
    Happy customers mean more business. Your bank may be dealing with thousands of customers or even millions. Why not spend as low as $10 to $20 per customer where a single customers would bring good revenue in return? Customers her the heart of your bank. Your first priority should be keep them happy. But how it should be achieved, when you even providing 100% outstanding service? A personalized crystal corporate gifts may do the magic for you. Corporate crystal gifts are fabulous than any other promotional gift items. Crystal promotional gifts are extremely sparkling but are less expensive than others gift items. Spend finest quality optic crystal corporate gifts for your customers during different gift giving festivities. An engraved crystal gift awards will keep customers back again to take your future services as well as will promote your brand value to others.


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