Crystal Awards for Automotive Industry

Crystal Awards for Automotive Industry

American cars companies have had a long and rich history not only in the United States but also throughout the world. Near about 3,000 automobile companies have existed in the United States. U.S. According to Ward’s Automotive Reports, U.S. light vehicle sales reached 17.1 million units in one single year. U.S Automobile industry has one of the largest markets in the world. American auto makers are famous for manufacturing light vehicles, luxurious vehicles, SUVs, vans, pickups, heavy trucks and exporting to more than 200 markets around the world. There are extensive number of auto parts manufacturers and auto accessories suppliers are serving in USA market, which created more than 600,000 U.S jobs in 2017. In recent years, American automotive industry has experiencing significant growth in U.S economy.


Automotive industry is one of the most important and emerging sector in the today’s U.S. market. In USA, there are 13 automobile manufacturers in automotive industry and a little over two million people were employed by enterprises in the automotive dealer industry engaged in engineering, designing, manufacturing and supplying auto parts, auto related components to assemble, selling auto accessories and produce brand new motor vehicles which contributes to 3-3.5% of the total GDP. The top automobile brands in USA include General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Fiat Chrysler & Honda Motors along with car companies like Nissan, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Hyundai, Subaru and BMW.

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Finally, by studying above statistics, we understand, how automobile companies plays a strong role and strongly dominate US markets as well as global market. There many other automobile related business relays strongly on this automotive industry such as: auto parts manufacturers, auto dealers, auto service centers, car sales center (car companies), and car rental business. So, it is very important to keep moving this booming sector by recognizing employees who are serving their best for automobile industries.


Why Crystal Recognition Awards for Automotive Companies

If you want own something luxurious than you need to have your own car, it can be BMW or Mercedes Benz or it can be other brands. So, as automotive business owner, if you are planning to give recognition awards to your employees then you need to think for something prestigious, gorgeous and elegant. Creative Crystal Awards believes, you may not look for other options when you find our fantastic engraved crystal car awards and custom crystal car trophies. As a corporate awards industry expert, we know the importance of employee recognition awards for automotive industry and the significance of corporate gifts for automobile companies.

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We have some stunning collections of corporate awards and trophies which are specially designed for automotive companies, auto dealers, auto manufacturers, automobile show, car rentals, auto repair service center and for those car lovers. You can also order our corporate crystal awards including, crystal plaques, crystal tower awards, crystal globe awards, corporate recognition crystal trophy for your corporate award event. Our custom crystal car awards can be also used for achievement awards, appreciation awards and for corporate recognition awards.

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Here are some automotive award titles automobile manufacturers using for recognition award events:

  • Automotive Executive of the Year Award
  • Rising Stars Awards
  • Product Innovation Awards
  • Leaders Awards
  • Outstanding Achievements
  • Excellence in Automotive Award
  • Automotive Company of the Year
  • World Car Awards
  • Auto Show Awards
  • Best Auto Body Manufacturers
  • World Car of the Year Awards
  • Automotive Logistics Awards
  • New Car Awards
  • Many more…


Each and every single year giant automotive companies would like to organize automotive awards to congratulating individual and team excellence and innovation. For this reason automobile manufacturers and auto dealers organize corporate automotive awards event to lift up spirit of their employees by providing crystal recognition awards. Many car companies frequently like to send corporate crystal gifts to their customers, dealers, vendor clients during gift giving festivities.


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Wholesale Crystal Awards for Automobile Companies

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