Celebrate Great Moments with Personalized Crystal Trophies and Awards

Celebrate Great Moments with Personalized Crystal Trophies and Awards

People are amazing. They solve problems. Make improvements. Fix things. Some of them give us entertainment by showing their special skills and top performance in field of sports. Employees who strive for greatness make the world a better place for all of us. So influence greatness by encouraging and celebrating those super genius for their great achievements. For example, we can tell about Nobel Prize. Since 1901, Nobel Prize has been awarded for remarkable achievements and outstanding contributions in various sector. As we know, Noble Prize is the only most honorable award in the world which is a great match with the greatest innovations and contributions peoples are giving to the world. But the importance fact is, what are the valuable, precious and gorgeous award items that we can choose for recognition that helped them to keep that great moments in their memories in the long run? In one word, the clear answer is, custom crystal awards and recognition crystal trophies are the only great option you can think about to honor those top achievers.


Are you planning to congratulate employees for their top performances? Here are 10 employee appreciation ideas you can think for next recognition award event.

Every top performance should be celebrated. It will not only motivate those top performers but at the same time it will inspire them to even perform better in the future. Different peoples in different fields are involving themselves and performing their level best to achieve their goal. Most of the times they face tough competitions and need to stand tall among others with their best to defeat their toughest competitors. But fewer of them stand tall with pride and joy who achieved their target. They can be employees, staffs, students, teachers, volunteers, players, athletes, coaches, celebrities, businessman, vendors, corporate organizations, global leaders, etc. Let’s gather together and celebrate their happy moments by brilliantly designed engraved crystal awards and trophies.


crystal tower award
Crystal Peak Award

crystal flame award
Blue Crystal Flame Award
crystal peach award
Crystal Peach Award on Tall Base
crystal star trophy award
Crystal Star Tower Award


Reward Students for Outstanding Academic Achievements

Student are the future of our world. We need to inspire them that helped them to grow their knowledge by learning new things. Students are attending many local and international competitions, plenty of them take a part of the global seminars, some other students participates many social awareness programs and many others working as a volunteer while several hundreds and thousands of students emerging themselves as a world-class graduates along with great academic track record. It is also very important to celebrate those student’s academic achievements by offering them personalized crystal appreciation awards. There are many stunning selection of crystal tower awards, crystal globe awards, crystal star awards and crystal appreciation plaques available to celebrate their favorite moments of their academic life.


Celebrate Employees for Life Long Service

Whether you are head of large multinational company, international company or owner of your own business. There may plenty of employees who have been working for your organization for long. May be some of them are working for your company for 30 years, 20 years, 10 years or even 5 years. So, as a part of your employee recognition programs, you need to think about those loyal employees to honor them for all their hard work, dedication and specially for their long continuous service. No businessman wants to lose their best employees specially who gathered long experience working with your company. So, it is also very important to utilize their valuable experience and knowledge that they gathers from you and encouraged them to work for another decades or so with your business. Why not celebrating employee’s achievement with crystal years of service award. For that purpose, you can think about to buy crystal numeric shaped awards such as crystal 5 years anniversary award, crystal 10 years anniversary trophies, crystal 15 year anniversary trophy award, crystal 20 years anniversary plaques or so on. As a corporate head of large multinational corporations, make it a habit to award your senior employees who are going to cross that special landmark by offering them personalized crystal service plaques or engraved crystal service awards. It will automatically motivate the rest of the employees or staffs because they knew company are also going to celebrate and their long dedicated service will be recognized soon.


crystal diamond award
Crystal Diamond Globe Award

crystal car award
Crystal Car Award
crystal triangle award
Blue Crystal Triangle Award


Celebrate Memorable Milestones

Almost each and every business organizations, employees and staffs are assigned to achieve a milestones or sometimes executives has been ordered to fulfill their target or goal in a given time frame. For example, head of marketing department trained up their marketing executive so professionally and asked his/her marketing team to bring more clients or generate business for them. On the other hand, in that same organization, head of sales department gave sales target to his/her sales team and the sales team need to sale that targeted number of product or services in a given period. Same for other executives. So the entire team of an organization obviously face tough challenges and also be in the real hard competition with other colleagues, employees or even with other teams and want to stand out tall with proud by milestone achievements. So, as an owner or department head, you should honor their great achievements by handover them finest quality optical crystal achievements awards or custom crystal milestone award plaques. To celebrate memorable milestones, you will find unique crystal recognition trophies & awards such as crystal tower trophies, crystal plaque awards, crystal star trophies, crystal globe trophies, crystal car award, crystal iceberg awards, crystal diamond peak awards, etc.


Celebrate Success with Heartfelt Thanks

A little thanks goes a long way! When your business reached its goal or achieved any special target, definitely major credit will goes to all of your employees. No business success can be achieved without employees hard work, dedication and continuous service. What you need to do is to send a message that carry a special meaning to them. But in this modern days, employees or staffs can even expect more from you for that corporate success they bring for your organization. Actually, they deserved to get something special as corporate gifts on behalf from you along with a thank you message. Why not send them personalized crystal corporate gift awards to all your employees to celebrate that success? Besides, you can send your business clients an engraved crystal promotional gifts to give them a thanks for being with you and be the part of your corporate celebration. There are many different unique corporate gift ideas available that will make your corporate celebrations a meaningful one. You can easily order your desired corporate crystal gift awards in bulk, simply visiting online corporate crystal gift shop or online trophy shop where custom crystal gift awards are selling as low as wholesale price.


rectangle crystal block award
Crystal Rectangle Block Award

crystal globe award
Crystal Globe Award
optical crystal iceberg award
Optical Crystal Iceberg Award


Throw a Farewell Party for Great Employees

No employer wants to lose their best employees specially who is full with great knowledge and experience who does a lot to develop organizations days after days and year after years. Helped to build up good team spirit among other employees and staffs. But the truth is “No one lives forever” everybody has to go and new ones have to take the place. The day you say goodbye to your values employees will be the saddest day of your business. Why not throw a farewell party and gather altogether once again and give final appreciation to those senior employees who are going to leave forever. The great way to honor employees who are going to be retired and inspire rising employees at the same time. The good idea to show your honor and final gratitude with personalized art glass awards that makes a memorable retirement gift award.


Celebrate Top Moments in Sports

Besides corporate recognition awards, there are millions of players engaging different types of sports who are giving us enormous entertainments years after years. As same as employees, professional athletes showing us their best performances is the sports field to be the winner. And the coaches are working behind to produce a winning team. If you are involved with sports organizations, running your own sports clubs and even organizer of tournaments or sports championships then the good idea would be to celebrate the winning moments in style and let the champions to lift gorgeously designed engraved crystal sports trophies. Everybody loves sports. So, another wonderful way to recognize your top employees with personalized crystal sports awards. It’s a best practice to recognize employees and reward key players with crystal sports trophies.


crystal tennis trophy
Crystal Tennis Trophy

crystal football trophy
Crystal Football Trophy
crystal golf trophy
Crystal Golf Tower Trophy
Crystal Baseball Tower Trophy
Crystal Baseball Tower Award


Celebrate Business Success with Employees and Corporate Clients

Business achievement is the final fruit of a combined process and all hard work of owner, employees, executives and staffs. To obtain a business success in not an easy task but each and every single employees to need give long continuous support for that.

Here are 7 important factors that need to take into consideration to get business success in the corporate world.

1. Mush have a proper business strategy.
2. Owners need to more futuristic.
3. Team consisting with good number of employees who have world class skills and experience.
4. Owner should have the intension to invest more time for the sake of his/her business.
5. Have good contact list and need to maintain good business relationships with other related business or competitors
6. Try to capture more customers heart by providing quality service or products
7. If customer is the ‘engine’ of the business then employees are the ‘gasoline’. As an owner or CEO, you need to give value both of them and all should be rewarded.


crystal business card holder
Black Crystal Business Card Holder

crystal clock award
Beveled Crystal Clock Award
crystal dice paperweight award
Crystal Dice Paperweight Award

blue crystal paperweight award
Faceted Blue Crystal Paperweight Award



As we are more concentrating here more with business celebration, corporate recognition and employee achievements, the another important business goals should be keep customers rolling and keep them engaging towards your business. Somehow, if you able to rolling your customers for long, definitely, business success will come within very short period of time. For this purpose, better to send your customers or business clients an engraved crystal business gifts during festive holiday seasons i.e. Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, etc.


Celebrate Corporate Award Night the Best Way

Organize an annual corporate award ceremony is a must. Large multinational companies to Fortune 500 companies make it a culture where hundreds of executive and even thousands of employees were awarded in the corporate award night. The real truth is, employees and staffs of such companies are waiting for whole year for that special moments of the year when they all will celebrate business success together as a family and as a team. We called the day a gala celebration as some of them awarded for their highest achievements, some others were recognized for top performances, some other were honor for just completed their work anniversaries, while other employees will receive retirement gift award. But each and every single employees and staff will feeling themselves happy to receive personalized corporate crystal gift item. To make your corporate award night meaningful, first of all you need to find out crystal award & trophy manufacturer and supplier from whom you will order wholesale crystal gifts with custom crystal trophies and awards in bulk. Because, optical crystal is the only best way that can light up your employee recognition award night with its bright sparking effect. And recipients smile will tell you that your corporate celebration event is a successful one.


It is really that important to celebrate individual’s success. This culture will not only make them happy but as the same time it will motivate other employees as well. Remember, for any kind of celebration, you need to give something to your recipients with a valuable buy attractive gift items such as Italian inspired Murano style art glass sculptures or hand blown art glass figurines that can be displayed as a centerpieces, showpieces or decorative items that will help them to remember those sweet days for the long run when they place this beautiful art crystal pieces in front of their eyes.


art glass tear drop award
Green Art Glass Drop Award

art glass duck figurine award
Art Glass Duck Figurine Award
art glass swirl sculpture award
Art Glass Swirl Sculpture Award

art glass seashell sculpture award
Art Glass Seashell Sculpture Award



Honoring Past, Celebrating the Present and Inspired for Future with Fantastically Designed Crystal Awards, Trophies and Plaques

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