Congratulate Employees for Best Performance and Encourage for Future Success with Appreciation Awards

Congratulate Employees for Best Performance and Encourage for Future Success with Appreciation Awards

Corporate crystal employee appreciation awards is the great way to show honor to employees and teams for their top achievements and highest performance. It is very important to keep employees happy, motivated and the same time, you need to inspire them to perform even better for coming days. You can achieved this goal by giving your employees personalized crystal awards, recognition crystal trophies or engraved crystal plaque awards.


A uniquely designed employee appreciation awards will help to express your gratitude to your employees, office staffs and colleagues for the best job they have done for your organizations. A recent survey depicts, 69% of employees work harder when they know they will be appreciated or rewarded. On the other hand, another 54% of employees quit their job when they didn’t appreciated for their good job. So, it wouldn’t be a good idea to wait till employee appreciation day to recognize employees. But it’s time to think smartly and plan for an employee recognition award event. While planning for a recognition award program, 04 important things you need to keep in your mind:


  • All employees should be eligible for the recognition program.
  • Employee appreciation plays a vital role in building good relationships between employees and employers of a company. So you need to keep this in mind when putting together in your recognition programs.
  • The recognition must supply the employer and employee with specific information about what behaviors or actions are being awarded and recognized.
  • Your employee recognition should occur as close to performance as possible.
  • Don’t design your recognition award program based on arbitrary section.
  • and you will be on your way to a successful employee appreciation program with a happy workforce. Thus employee recognition designed to rewarding teamwork, extraordinary service, top performance and milestone achievements.


blue crystal pyramid award
Blue Crystal Pyramid Award

corporate crystal circle award
Crystal Circle Award
crystal golden globe award
Crystal Golden Globe Award
Crystal Tenth Year Anniversary Award
Crystal Tenth Year Anniversary Award


Here are the top most popular recognition programs used by employers as a part of their employee appreciation program:
  • 77% – Corporate Awards, Trophies and Plaques
  • 62% – Cash
  • 47% – Gift Certificates
  • 36% – Company Logo Merchandising
  • 36% – Food


But the big question is, what are the best effective ways to appreciate your employees for their highest performance?


Here are 10 employee appreciation ideas you can think for next recognition award event:


Plan for a recognition award event for your employees and staffs:

First of all, what you need to do is to arrange for a corporate awards ceremony. You can arrange recognition award event annually, half yearly or quarterly. Corporate award giving event is the great way to celebrate the success of your employees by reward them with engraved crystal awards.


Have fun on your employees birthdays:

You may have hundreds of employees or even thousands are working in your organizations. It is the cheapest and easiest way to celebrate employees’ birthday for a specific month by giving employees engraved crystal gift item. If you show appreciation by arranging birthday party one after another then the rest of the employees will be inspired and motivated automatically as they already knew they will be awarded and their birthday will be celebrated next month.


crystal dome with inset globe
Crystal Dome with Inset Globe Trophy

Blue Crystal Tower Trophy
Blue Crystal Tower Trophy
Optical Crystal Heart Column Trophy
Optical Crystal Heart Column Trophy

Crystal Star Trophy
Crystal Star Trophy


Give Corporate Trophy Awards

This is the very popular recognition options employers could used to honor employees and staffs for their top performances and any of their milestone achievements. For example, you can give your employees 10th year crystal anniversary trophies or crystal years of service awards for working with your organization for long time. Similarly, you can give crystal no. 1 awards to your top sales persons or best sales executives. Furthermore, there are many other wonderful ways you can chose to show appreciation to your top performing employees such as: personalized crystal awards, engraved crystal trophies and recognition crystal plaque awards. There are many different corporate award ideas available to prick as your employee appreciation awards or trophies such as: crystal globe awards, crystal star awards, crystal tower awards, crystal obelisk, crystal heart trophies, crystal circular plaque awards, crystal iceberg awards, etc.


Personalized Appreciation Gifts

If you are planning to gratitude your employees is an easier way then personalized crystal appreciation gifts would be appropriate option for you. You will find many beautiful selection of engraved crystal corporate gifts at affordable price. For example, crystal bookends, crystal clocks, crystal decanter with glass sets, crystal bowl, faceted crystal paperweights, crystal apple appreciation gifts, crystal iceberg animal, art crystal glass vases, etc.


Throw an End-of-Year Corporate Award Event

Throughout the whole year all your employees and staffs doing their level best to move your business smoothly. So, it’s your responsibility to do something for your employees that will make them feeling happy, inspired but more importantly will give them a huge boost to perform even better for the next year. In your gala corporate award event night: you can celebrate whole year’s business success, give employee recognition and appreciation awards, give employee and clients corporate promotional gifts, etc. End of year corporate award event is the most popular choice among other.


Remember Anniversaries

Many of your employees may working with your company for long. What a better idea it would be to show appreciation to employees who are working for you for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and for 30 years by giving them engraved crystal anniversary awards. Furthermore, you can also award your employees with years of service crystal awards. Beside, some employers would like to give their employees personalized crystal anniversary gifts on their wedding anniversary or birthday anniversary. It will put a positive impact on employees mind when you award your employees on their special day.


blue crystal flame award
Crystal Flame Award

personalized crystal car award
Crystal Car Award
crystal owl iceberg award
Crystal Owl Iceberg Award


Award Employees for Achievements Outside of Work

As you know all of your employees have special ability, interpersonal skills and other special personal achievements that are not relating with their job and other responsibilities in workplace which are known as achievements outside of work and that should be awarded. For example, some of your employees may participated volunteer program and won the best volunteer price, some other joined a fund rising marathon tournament and won the trophy for 1st place and so on. When you give them corporate crystal achievement awards for those special outside activities, that make them feeling happy and also will proud of you. These special achievement trophy awards will inspire them a lot which will bring good for them as well as for your business.


Photo Inside Crystal Plaque

Another beautiful way to show appreciation to all your employees which is, photo engraved crystal plaque awards. When a photo placed inside crystal photo plaque, it looks like a gorgeous gift. A photo engraved crystal plaque award can be used as a decorative piece especially for office desk. You can give employees this gorgeous appreciation crystal gift awards as a part of your employee appreciation program. When employees received this beautiful corporate gift awards from you they will feel like that they are the integral parts of your organization.


Crystal Hexagon Award
Crystal Hexagon Plaque Award
photo engraved crystal plaque award
Photo Inside Crystal Plaque Award
Crystal Iceberg Plaque Award
Crystal Iceberg Plaque Award
crystal sunflower plaque award
Crystal Sunflower Plaque Award


List of Employee of the Month Award

Plan for an “employee of the month award” program and put the record onto the crystal wall plaque and put this in a prominent place in your office. This list will definitely inspire other employees to perform even better so that they can placed their name onto this. The employees who got the employee of the month award title will perform even harder with great motivation to achieve this title. On the other hand remaining employees will also work their best to win this prestigious recognition awards for the next month. This such activities will definitely bring good for your business as well.


Collect Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Sometimes you may be looking for unique employee appreciation ideas. As an employer this is really a smart thinking. You can get your desired employee award ideas from many online resources or you can get unique recognition award ides form your corporate award suppliers. In addition, do some research work on your employees very smartly to understand what they really would like to get form you as appreciation gifts. This is simply the very best way to collect some unique appreciation gift award ideas to make the recognition program successful but more importantly it will surely motivate employees with a great deal to getting their desired gift awards for their outstanding performances. Besides, you will feel confident by rewarding your employees and team with something they will value.


crystal art glass owl award
Art Glass Owl Award

crystal art glass tear drop award
Art Glass Tear Drop Award
crystal art glass angelfish awards
Art Glass Angelfish Awards

crystal art glass vase award
Art Glass Vase Award


Choose Creative Awards

There are many several ways you can reward employees for their achievements. You can throw a party, offer a lunch/dinner, give bonus, time-off, etc. As an employer, you always looking for that creative employees and expect them from something creative, unique and innovative. Similarly, you need to be very creative while selecting corporate recognition trophy awards for employees or staffs. If you really thinking of elegant and creative awards then you can choose personalized crystal awards, engraved crystal trophies, recognition crystal plaques or hand blown crystal art glass trophy awards.


Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Appreciation day is the special day of the calendar reserved for staff appreciation. Better to declare holiday on that special day and celebrate employee’s success and achievement by throw a gala corporate award ceremony. Have fun all day with them, hand over awards or appreciation gifts, enjoy gala dinner with them. This special appreciation day celebration will put such a great impressions that all staffs and team members will keep this wonderful memories for a long time.


Say “Thank You” with a Personalized Corporate Gift

“Thank You” is the integral part of employee appreciation. As a boss, when you say thank you to all your employees, staffs, managers for their good job done they will be impressed to receive your honor and gratitude. Furthermore, this modern days, only a “thank you” message sounds a bit cheap. As a boss of large multinational organizations, think about to crystal promotional products that will be sent to your corporate clients and employees / staffs with your thanks you message.


blue crystal bookends corporate gift award
Blue Crystal Bookends Award

optical crystal faceted paperweight gift award
Faceted Crystal Paperweight Award
black crystal business card holder gift award
Black Crystal Business Card Holder Award
Bevel Crystal Clock Gift Award
Crystal Clock Award



As we understand form above, employee appreciation is a great way to recognize your best performing employees for job well done. If you want to expect quality services from your employees, obviously they should be rewarded for their effort. If you able to maintain this culture for long period, very soon, you will start getting benefits for your employee incentives program. You will find your employees working for your company with passion and obviously with huge inspiration.


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