7 Outstanding Letter Shaped Crystal Awards for Employee Recognition and Brand Promotion

7 Outstanding Letter Shaped Crystal Awards for Employee Recognition and Brand Promotion

Market your Brand while Recognizing Employees with the Magic of Crystal Alphabet Letter Awards

Whether it is small company or large multinational company, employee recognition is absolutely essential. Employee recognition is a vital part of the teams and business success. It create happy workspace, keeping every employees motivated and helps business organization to reach its goal. A successful staff recognition program is a powerful tool that help to increase employees productivity and confidence. By giving the right recognition awards, you can make your employees feel valued and appreciated. Employees who feel valued are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover and the associated costs. There are plenty of benefits and advantages your company will get when you able to implement employee recognition successfully. But we are here to disclose one secret of employee recognition. Which is, turn your employee recognition tool into a corporate brand promotional tool? But how? Yes, it is possible! It’s a Big Magic! First of all, we have some questions for you: Are you recognizing employees on a regular basis? Bored of giving old world fashioned or traditional awards to reward employees? Are you getting tired finding out modern, creative and unique recognition awards for employees? If your answers are YES then we are good to move further. We know, engraved crystal awards and trophies are the key of employee recognition and motivation. They are not only beautiful, gorgeous and attractive but also carry a sense of prestige and significance. Specially, personalized crystal awards are very well known for their elegance and timeless design. These can be customized to reflect the particular achievement, making them a memorable symbol of recognition. But selecting the right recognition awards for employees is a critical part for any companies. It involves considering the nature of the business, special achievement and the preferences of the employees and teams. It is important to align them with the company’s culture and brand values when choosing recognition trophies for employees. For example, let’s think a USA auto company named Joel & Justin Autos (brand logo: JJ Automobile USA), is looking to buy awards for employees and auto dealers. In the end they bought round crystal awards for their employees. Look, “special achievement should be recognized with special award”. I would have been better if they bought Crystal Car Awards but it would have been even much better and smarter, if they choose Alphabet Letter J Crystal Award for employee recognition. It is now a very common ideas that many companies would like to design their logos using mixing of letters which is very good thing. So, you can take this idea and implement it to create your own custom awards in crystal letters. Hope you got the answer. Did you ever recognized employees with custom letter shaped crystal awards? If not then you are most probably missing the ultimate advantages of crystal letter shaped awards.


Here are some extra benefits you and your company will get when use letter shape crystal awards in your employee recognition ceremony event. These are as follows:

  • The ideas of crystal letter awards are creative modern and innovative.
  • Alphabet letter crystal awards are really eye-catching and they will make your corporate awards spectacular.
  • Besides recognizing employees, letter shape crystal awards will marketing your brand in the long run which is a good thing.
  • Crystal letter figurine awards are excellent and effective brand marketing tool. They are great for business awards, partner awards, vendor awards, sponsor awards, dealer awards and more.
  • Crystal letter sculpture awards will help you creatively grow your brand.
  • Anyone who receive these custom letter awards in crystal, will definitely love their awards as well as love your brand.


Grow Your Brand Creatively with Crystal Letter Awards

In the modern days, every companies are facing very tough competition so, business owners and CEO’s are spending a lot for the purpose of brand promotions. Many business organizations are also experimenting with new brand promotion ideas. As a owner of your business, you definitely giving extra effort marketing your brand to beat your competitors. What not trying to spread your brand by displaying your logo in grand style with gorgeously designed alphabet letter shaped crystal awards? When you recognized companies and employees with an alphabet letter design crystal awards, it will not only reflect their special accomplishment but also reflect your brand in a stylish way that helped your business grow time to time as long as you using your business emblem or brand’s starting letter in gleaming crystal. CreativeCrystalAwards.com is the USA’s No. 1 supplier of crystal awards and trophies. More than 4 decades, we are proudly manufacturing and supplying custom letter design crystal awards for top brands and vendors. Our crystal alphabet awards category contains exclusive range of optical crystal awards in letter design which includes: capital letter A to Z awards and lowercase letter a to z awards in optic crystals. However, your brand may contains letters in custom fonts or styles. Don’t worry. We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing crystal trophy awards means, we can produce custom made crystal awards in any font or artistic symbol your logo contains. From now on, when you recognize companies or employees with alphabet crystal awards, these will not only impress your recipients but also create a lasting impression for many years. Guests and audience who see this spectacular alphabet designed crystal award will love your brand. This will increase your brand value and make your brand stand out for sure.


From our vast range of crystal letter shaped awards, we hand-picked these

7 Spectacular Crystal Letter Awards Ideas that you can use to recognize employees and promote business at the same time.


alphabet letter shaped crystal awards 

Crystal Letter Awards – Letter Shaped Crystal Awards – Crystal Awards in Letter Shape



1. Crystal Letter X Award

  • We know world’s popular social media website Twitter is rebranded by X and the logo of twitter “t” is also redesigned by “X”. Yes, our alphabet letter X crystal awards is as popular as twitter which is now X.
  • We designed this optical crystal X award for the brand name beginning with letter X or letter X dominating in logo. Like: Xerox, Xbox, Xoom, SpaceX, Xpeng, Exxon Mobil or more.
  • If your company’s first or last character is X then you can pick this stunning letter X crystal award to reward your employees and vendors.
  • This X shaped crystal award is made out of high quality optic crystal. Featuring a clear crystal X figurine placed on a black crystal base.
  • After purchase our crystal X figurine award, we will engrave your X shape award with your logo and engraving text. There is no cost for engraving.
  • Our crystal X shape award is fully customizable means we can make custom crystal X shaped award in your own font style and brand color.
  • This crystal X sculpture award is currently available in our ready stock. Buy this crystal award in X shape and get your engraved crystal letter X shape award in less than 48 hours.
  • Each of these letter X shape crystal award comes inside a premium quality presentation box.


crystal X award 

Letter X Shaped Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Letter Design Awards : Crystal X Awards



2. Crystal Letter M Award

  • Is your logo contains M or you named your business with the letter M like the M brand: Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz or McDonald’s then choose our crystal M award instead of other custom shape crystal awards or plaques.
  • Our letter M crystal award will represent your brand in a grand style. Recipient who get this gorgeous crystal award in M shape, will love their award and your brand forever.
  • This letter M shaped crystal award is hand-crafted from fine quality optic crystal, features a solid pieces of optic crystal cut into the shaped of a M after then M logo deep etched engrave on the crystal M figurine which a placed on a black crystal base.
  • Let us engrave the base by your logo, recipient name, text and date. Engraving is always free.
  • This crystal M sculpture is fully customizable and comes in wide range of colors and sizes.
  • Each of your engraved crystal M shaped award will be supplied inside a gorgeous gift box.


crystal M award 

Custom Cut M Award in Crystal


Best High-End Crystal Alphabet Awards : Letter Crystal Awards



3. Crystal Letter R Award

  • Rolls Royce, Red Bull, Rolex, Reebok, Ray-Ban and Realtor these are the popular brands with letter R. If your company name starts with alphabet letter R then you can impress your recipients by recognizing them with this exquisite crystal R award.
  • Your brand will be remembered every time its recipient look at this brilliant crystal masterpiece.
  • Our letter R shaped crystal award made from top quality pure optic crystal. Featuring a clear crystal R shaped sculpture placed on a clear crystal base.
  • The base can be engraved by the choice of yours.
  • This crystal letter R shaped award can be customized to suit with your needs and budget.
  • Buy this letter R shaped crystal award today and get free engraving, free deluxe gift box with fast shipping.


crystal R award 

Clear Crystal R Shaped Award


Best High-End Crystal Letter Trophy Awards : Crystal Alphabet Letter Awards



4. Crystal Letter A Award

  • Is your brand name start with letter A like: Amazon, Apple or Adidas? Then our crystal A award would be an excellent recognition award for employees. When use this letter A crystal award you are actually going to display your brand in a stylish way.
  • Our letter A shape crystal award is all time favorite corporate award. Made from premium finest quality optic crystal. A solid piece of clear crystal carved into the design of a capital letter A. The crystal A figurine attached with a black crystal base.
  • Let us personalize your crystal A sculpture award with your own engraving text and logo. When personalize it will be a memorable memento to its recipient for many years to come. Your recipients will love to put this brilliantly designed letter A shape crystal award on their desk. It will then catch the eye of your guests means it is advertising your business to them.
  • This crystal award in A shape can also come in lowercase “a” in any font styles or designs.
  • Your engraved crystal A shape award will be individually packaged inside a gorgeous presentation ready gift box.


crystal A award 

Crystal A Shaped Award


Best High-End Crystal letter Award Trophies : Crystal Letter Shaped Awards



5. Crystal Letter E Award

  • Think about these big brands beginning with letter E: ESPN, ebay, Electronic Arts, Exxon Mobil and others. If your company’s logo designed with letter E then you will definitely love to buy our Crystal E award witch is very unique in the corporate awards market.
  • Our alphabet letter E shaped crystal award is one-of-a-kind recognition award which is tall, elegant and stylish with excellent craftsmanship. This letter E crystal award proudly display the skills of our crystal craftsmen that also proves that we can make any letters, characters, alphabets in crystals in any styles and sizes.
  • This crystal E shaped award is fully handmade. Produced from high-quality optic crystal that features a clear optical crystal hand-cut perfectly in the shape of a lowercase “e” in italics. The crystal E sculpture mounted atop a large blue crystal base. The base offers ample area for engraving which can be deep etched engrave with your logo, recipient name, congratulatory text and year.
  • Our optical crystal E shape award is fully customizable and also comes in uppercase E in different colors.
  • Buy this custom crystal E figurine award are get free engraving, free branded presentation box and quick shipping.


crystal E award 

Custom Letter E Shape Award


Best High-End Crystal Letter Shape Awards : Crystal Letter Trophies



6. Crystal Letter N Award

  • Our crystal N award is prefect for the companies logos that start with N like: Netflix, Nestlé, NASA, Nike and others. If your company is planning to buy engraved crystal awards for employees, colleagues and vendors then let us make your special letter N in optic crystal that will create awesome crystal awards helping display your brand in a modern way when hand out awards to employees and individuals.
  • If you need to acknowledge employees performance with awe-inspiring recognition awards then you many won’t find other suitable employee awards for your esteemed brand other than our crystal letter N shaped award.
  • This alphabet letter N crystal award is manufactured from high grade optic crystal. Featuring a thick, solid piece of crystal piece nicely formed in the shape of a capital letter N figurine. The crystal N sculpture sits atop a black crystal base.
  • When engrave it will be a stunning display of your brand for sure.
  • In our collection we have both uppercase N award and lowercase n award. However, you can customize this crystal N shaped award according to meet with your choice, needs and budget.
  • Each of your engraved crystal N shape award will be wrapped individually inside a nice presentation box which is free.


crystal N award 

Letter N Shape Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Letter Themed Awards : Letter Shaped Crystal Awards



7. Crystal Letter F Award

  • If your brand name starting with the letter F like: Facebook, FedEx, Fila, Fort, Ferrari or Brand F? Planning to recognize employees? Then stop thinking of buying regular design crystal awards and trophies. Instead of that you can setup your mind to make your brand F in sparkling crystal and show your brand in an eye-catching way to your employees, guests and audience.
  • Our crystal F award is a brilliant masterpiece designed to create lasting impression.
  • This crystal F shaped award is skillfully contracted by experienced crystal designers. Made from superior quality optic crystal. A tilted clear crystal F figurine sits on a clear crystal base.
  • Engrave the base with your own recognition wordings, employee name, year and business logo.
  • This letter F shaped crystal award can comes in different designs, colors and sizes.
  • Oder this crystal F shape award online at an affordable price and receive free elegant gift box, free setups, free engraving and get your corporate crystal award in F shape at fastest time-frame.


crystal F award

F Shape Crystal Award


Best High-End Crystal Letter Theme Awards : Crystal Letter Shape Awards



At the beginning of the year, you may setup separate budgets for corporate brand promotions and employee recognition. Do you know, you can achieve both in the time at single cost with the brilliant feature of crystal letter figurine awards? Other kinds of employee recognition crystal awards won’t do the same for your brand. The choice is yours but it can be a smart thinking to award employees with customized crystal letter shaped awards. This is a unique tactics to take advantages of brand marketing with the help of custom crystal letter design awards. Beside these above alphabet letter shaped crystal awards ideas, we also have many other unique glass letter shape awards and trophies which are available for sale in our crystal glass letter awards section. However, if you are not seeing your desired crystal alphabet awards or crystal letter designs, don’t worry! We will make that particular letter awards in crystal in your required style and color. Contact us for any of your bespoke crystal letter awards needs.


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CreativeCrystalAwards.com understand the importance of personalization, and that’s why we providing in-house engraving means we are engraving our crystal award plaques and we won’t charge you for engraving. We have highly skilled engraving team can guide you and help to engrave crystal awards and crystal trophies using your logos, congratulatory text, recipient name and event date or year. Our creative graphic designers is here to assist you in creating the artwork in PDF for engraving your crystal award trophies and plaques. They also help you to create your business logo in vector or 3d, choosing the appropriate fonts that truly reflects your brand image. We are not only making excellent quality, sparking crystal awards with highly polished smooth beveled edges but our attention to detail graphic artwork will make sure that your special recipient’s name and achievement brilliantly stands out and is prominently displayed on the shimmering crystal awards. We also prioritize personalized engraving, ensuring that each crystal award is unique and memorable. If you are not finding the right verbiage for your awards then our list of recognition award wording examples can assist you in selecting the perfect words to express your gratitude. All of your custom crystal trophies & awards will be made and engraved in our overseas crystal award factory and will be shipped using international courier companies (UPS/FedEx). Your crystal award items will be landed safely to your door on time obviously in good condition as each of your crystal award piece will be individually packaged inside a luxury gift box with foam insert. These gift boxes can be branded with your logo in gold or silver foil. We are the custom crystal awards manufacturer in USA and can manufacture crystal awards bulk at fastest turnaround. When you make order for bulk crystal awards and trophies you will get big discount or bulk order. However, we are also manufacturing crystal awards in small quantities that meet with our MOQ. Are you in rush and in need of personalized crystal awards fast? Don’t worry, to meet your rush awards needs, we stocked our Florida, USA warehouse with readymade crystal awards, crystal trophies, crystal plaques hand blown and art glass awards witch are very popular on the market. Visit our most popular rush crystal awards section and these rush awards will be personalized by us and shipped on the same day and you receive your rush order awards In less than 48 hours. If you are searching for custom crystal awards manufacturer and want to make custom made crystal awards then you are in right place. We are in the crystal awards business for more than 50 years and we are highly specialized in making bespoke crystal awards. We take immense pride in creating custom crystal trophies and glass awards that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. Contact us today, elevate excellence and celebrate achievement with our stunning crystal awards and trophies. Present our brilliantly crafted crystal awards that will not only create a WOW moment and to inspire and motivate your team to achieve even greater heights but these will also be an excellent advertisement for your brand.