Mandatory To Wear Coronavirus Protective Face Mask

Mandatory To Wear Coronavirus Protective Face Mask

Few countries make mandatory use of Coronavirus Protective Face Mask

Many countries has been made the use of face mask against coronavirus to ease the effect of pandemic for their citizens. It has been also asked to wear the coronavirus protective face mask in mass gathering by the government officials. In addition, many countries are also fining people who are not abide by these rules.


However, it is not yet proven that this measure of wearing face mask would prevent transmission of Coronavirus to person to person. A healthy individual would not need the face mask said by WHO. But they also added those who are feeling sick, having cough or sneeze and attending an infected patient need to wear anti-virus safety mask. On the other hand, when hands are well sanitized with soap or disinfectant, according to WHO coronavirus face masks would be effective then. These two measures would work together to deter the COVID-19 infection. Reports by Al-Zazira.


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Coronavirus Mask is Mandatory for Following Countries

Chez Republic was the first country in Europe who made the face mask compulsory for pharmacy, supermarket goers and public transport users. A government order has been passed on 18th march 2020. To encourage his people, even the president Zuzana Caputova has worn a red mask with her official dress. Bosnia and Herzegovina has also made it compulsory to cover face with cloth or COVID-19 mask from 19th March 2020. Later on wearing mouth mask has been made mandatory by Austrian Government April 6th 2020, particularly during the shopping.


In Northern Africa, a COVID-19 mask has become mandatory for the people Morocco from April 7th 2020. People were also warned to not to break this rule, otherwise they would fine for up to 1300 Dirham or three months sentenced in prison. On the very day Turkey has also ordered it’s people to wear coronavirus face mask in any mass gathering, shopping or any kinds of visits. Each and every family will be provided by best mask for coronavirus protection, a press released by the government. 


Jamaica has been revised their curfew policy on April 21st 2020 along with some new restrictions to fight against pandemic. Wearing coronavirus protection mask in mass gathering become compulsory. Respirator Face mask has become mandatory in all states from April 23rd 2020. People are been order to wear face mask for shopping and using transport. 


Deli, Mumbai, Northern States, Odisha with West Bengal made coronavirus protection mask mandatory for their citizens with the growth of coronavirus in Southern Asia. 


Face Mask has Lost it’s Necessity in Following Countries

There are many countries who are not at all aware of wearing masks against coronavirus disease. Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises US citizens to wear non-medical or cloth mask in the time of going out in April. But the irony is Mr. President Donald Trump said the he himself would not like to by this advice. Switzerland and Sweden has also followed the same path.

Though the efficacy of COVID-19 Face Masks to prevent the coronavirus spread is yet to be decided, many statistics has been published on the uses of coronavirus masks in Austria were the infection rate of infection has been lessened in 90%. Therefore, Chez Republic, Slovakia, Japan and South Korea also succeed to decrease the rate of coronavirus infection by making face mask mandatory for their citizens.


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Costco Shoppers to be Required to Wear Face Masks/Coverings/Shields

On April 29, 2020, a press release has been published on a reliable source that depicts, Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American multinational corporation will soon require its members and guests to wear face masks or coverings while shopping at warehouses.


“To protect our members and employees, effective May 4, all Costco members and guests must wear a mask or face covering that covers the mouth and nose at all times while at Costco,” the company said on its website. Costco says this requirement doesn’t apply to children under the age of 2 or to individuals who are unable to wear masks or face coverings due to medical conditions. Costco added that wearing a virus protective mask/face covering shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for social distancing, and members should continue observing guidelines while in warehouses.


Also effective May 4, most Costco locations and gas stations will return to normal operating hours. This is one of several health/safety measures Costco has taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have implemented a two-guest per member card shopping policy, special senior/at-risk hours and product/food court limitations. Costco is also temporarily giving priority access to its warehouses for members who are healthcare workers or first responders. 


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