Crystal Awards or Glass Awards Which One Will You Choose

Crystal Awards or Glass Awards Which One Will You Choose

If you are a business owner and running your business for a while then probably it’s time to think to motivate your employees the way they deserve. Because you should recognize their potential and hard work and encourage their highest achievements. Besides providing good working environment and other benefits it’s very important to keep them motivated and give to reward best employees for their utmost performances. So a successful employee motivation and recognition awards program will take your business to the next level along with improving brand value and will bring good results in the future too.

While you thinking and planning for an employee recognition programs, there are myriad options available for you like: custom crystal awards, classic wooden plaques, metal trophies, engraved glass awards, metal medals and ornaments. There are so many options out there which might make you confused to choose the right recognition awards. But you need to be very smart in selection because the type of award you select will not only look gorgeous but would also bring good results and works the way you want.

Now it’s time to determine and handpicked the right award for those several options. Here Crystal Awards and Glass Awards stand tall of those other types of awards. Crystal and Glass awards are the most fantastic options to choose. These two category of awards are much classy, elegant in design, attractive, very modern in style and have great versatility when it comes for customization and personalization. Crystal Awards and Glass Trophies bring great value and impression when places in an office reception area or even in your home too. Every employees have a dream of receiving these magnificent awards from their boss. A fine quality award will help them to cherish the memory forever and even will provoke them to perform much better in near future for your organization.

Hopefully now you are convinced and fall in love of the beauty of fine quality crystal awards and engraved glass awards. But the big question is which one is to select to give your employees in the upcoming crystal award ceremony? A Striking Crystal Awards or a Stylish Art Glass Awards?


Here we will help you to distinguish the difference between Crystal Awards & Glass Awards.


Crystal Awards

Each and every one knows about the “crystal”. People know crystal is very precious, elegant, gorgeous and much more valuable than other materials. So if anybody use crystal as a recognition award then it will become more prestigious and meaningful too. A deep etched crystal award and engraved crystal trophies will not only increase brand value but also transfer your corporate image to the next level. With the help of those fine quality crystal promotional gifts you could achieve high respect from your clients too. Crystal has much more quality than glass. On the other hand crystal is much harder and very easy to customize according to the clients requirements.

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Deep etched engraved crystal awards looks more gorgeous than engraved glass awards. So personalized crystal awards will create a long lasting impression among your employees and competitors. But the real beauty of crystal awards is their own flair. Crystal Award shines at night. Crystal Awards create sparkling effect that looks spectacular. That’s why Fortune 500 Companies to large multinational companies such as Chevron, FedEx, Coca-cola, Apple, Google Yahoo, etc. choose Crystal Awards and Trophies to recognize their staffs. Top Merchant brands give their customers Crystal Gift Items as a part of their marketing campaign.


Glass Awards

There is no need to tell anything about “Glass”. Because already we are very familiar about this well-known material. Now-a-days we use glass to make windows and doors to mirror, kitchenware and other household things. Glass is very important material for crafting eccentric glass awards. In modern days business organizations are also using Engraved art glass awards and glass trophies to reward their employees. As glass is much thinner, lighter and sophisticated than other materials so glass awards are less cheap than crystal awards. Small organization especially non profitable Organizations who have small budget for their award ceremony, glass awards, trophies and promotional glass gift items are the best fit for them. However glass doesn’t have any lead or less lead. This is why glass looks very clear. Because of less lead Glass Awards don’t shine or sparkle. Light not reflects and go through very easily. Glass awards are cheaper than crystal awards. Some employees may take glass awards in a negative sense as they feel of being awarded by cheap glass. But hand-blown art glass awards and art glass trophies can attract anybody’s eyes. Engraved Art Glass Awards are truly magnificent in design and looks like crystal items.

Corporate Glass Awards and Tropihes

So now you can make your decision very easily. If you are looking for some very gorgeous, elegant and fantastic corporate awards and trophies and budget is not a big deal then you can go for Crystal Awards and Crystal Trophies.


Let Us Customize Your Awards & Trophies

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